If the time has come to sell your car; then you will know how important it is for you to make a good return on it. After all, the money you get from your old car may be going towards your new one, and if you are not careful, then you may end up losing more money than you anticipated.

Wax on- Wax Off

If your paint job is super faded, don’t try and spend a fortune in getting a brand new one done. Instead, get out your wax and polish. When you do this, you can easily add value to your car and even make it look newer as well. If your car’s paint job is so faded that you can’t even remember what it looks like; open the door and look inside the frame because this part of the car seldom gets exposed to sunlight or even harsh chemicals. This will give you a good idea of what your car used to look like. You might also want to invest in a car ceramic coating too.

Bright Lights

Dingy headlights can make your car look way worse than it actually is. There are a huge number of headlight cleaning products out there for you to choose from and you can easily brighten up your car this way. If you have tried window cleaners but they just don’t work for you; then you should know that headlight cleaner is a completely different product that is worth looking into.

Shiny Wheels

Shiny wheels that look new can really improve your car’s appearance. It can also boost the potential value as well. You don’t have to replace your tyres or anything else like that. All you have to do is get down there and clear out any dirt and grime. You should also invest in some tyre shine as well. This will help you get that new car shine and make it look shiny clean.

Inside the Car

If you have any removable floor mats, take these out. If they can be cleaned, then make sure you clean them. If they have huge gaping holes in them, then either throw them out or buy some new ones. A new set of floor mats shouldn’t cost you too much at all and they can make all the difference to someone’s first impression of the car. This is especially the case if you think that the potential buyer is going to be taking the vehicle on a test drive, so do keep that in mind.

Glass Cleaning

Don’t use household cleaners on your car. The materials inside your car are very different from the things that make up your furniture. For this reason, you should only invest in high-quality cleaning products that are meant for the car only. The same concept applies to glass cleaner as well. You’d be surprised at what a difference using a car glass cleaner can make when compared to standard window products.


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