Home Improvement


Whether you’ve just moved into a new house or have been in your home for several years, there’s probably going to be a time when you start wanting to do a few home improvements. A homeowners’ job is never-ending, with the constant need to maintain and upkeep a property. Bigger home improvements, however, usually only happen once in a while and the reason being, they’re expensive!

While the thought of diving into refurbishments and home improvements can be exciting, the financial component can be a daunting one. Whether it’s painting, improving a bathroom or kitchen, landscaping, or replacing the floors, the bills will add up. This makes it important to ensure that you budget the project correctly and make sure that you have the funds before starting. You don’t want to live in a half-finished house for months on end waiting to get more money to finish off the job.

To make the process a bit faster, we’ve listed five creative ways that you can find the funds for your home improvement and get you closer to your dream home!

1. Refinance Your Mortgage

Refinancing your home is one of the ways that you can start stashing extra cash away each month. If you’re lucky, you may be able to refinance at a lower rate and/or for a longer loan term which could lower your monthly mortgage payment. Set the difference aside each month until you’re ready to start your renovations.

It is, however, a big decision to refinance your mortgage, so make sure to consider the cost of the refinance and whether it will be worth it in the long run. You’ll also want to make sure that you find the right lender.

Read more about the best mortgage refinance lenders here:

Going with the wrong lender can cost you thousands in closing costs, hidden fees, and high-interest rates.

2. Crowdsource

If you aren’t keen on going the traditional route of refinancing your mortgage, you can ask your family and/or friends if they can help you out. Some homeowners are lucky enough to have parents with the means to help them jumpstart their renovations fund while others may have to reach a bit further.

Instead of getting gifts for birthdays, Christmas or a wedding; ask your friends and family to contribute to your renovations fund.

3. Host A Yard Sale for Your Old Stuff

If you’ve been living in your house for decades, you’ve probably hoarded a bunch of stuff that you don’t need. Start sorting through your cupboards, garage and storage room and clear out anything that you don’t use/need anymore.

You can either start selling items one by one on online marketplaces, or put them all out on your front lawn one Saturday and host a traditional yard sale.

When you start your renovations, you should also keep a lookout for anything that can be reused – rather than dumping them, try to sell them! You can sell your old carpets, kitchen appliances, cupboards and garage doors. If you’re landscaping your garden, re-pot any plants that you pull out and sell them to interested gardeners.

4. Get Creative with How You Can Start Earning More Cash On The Side

It’s not uncommon to start up a side-hustle while trying to save for a big house project. There are so many ways that you earn a bit of extra money on the side of your 9 to 5 job.

Some include renting out a spare room in your house or renting out your unused parking spot, garage or shed. You could also do dog-walking, babysitting or house-sitting after hours. If you’re more creative, then you can start making and selling homemade crafts, or perhaps some other products.

There are also ample ways that you can make extra money on the internet; from freelancing to online trading and teaching. Depending on your skills, you can find various part-time jobs that you can do during the evenings and weekends.

5. Get Serious with Your Saving

Now that you’ve found a few ways to start gathering extra funds each month, you need to be serious about saving them. Make sure that all of the extra money that you get from selling your old things, gifts, side hustles and the spare money on the mortgage goes into a dedicated savings account. Make a point to also put aside another set amount from your salary each month.

Put the money into an interest-bearing account to start earning interest each month. When you start saving consistently, you’ll reach your goal in no time! Remember, every little bit count!

Just because you read that you shouldn’t do roof repairs, painting, replacement or installation on your own, it doesn’t mean that you should call any roofing contractor that you can find and assume that you have no other homework to do for this project. No, you got it all wrong—you still have some things to research before you do that. It’s a sort of personal assignment before you let the experts take over.

And that’s for your own good actually. We’ve seen many homeowners complained that they are not satisfied with how the project turned out i.e. they complain about glitches and defects in the process. But really, have they asked themselves if they’ve been really hands-on with the roofing project right from the get-go?

As the homeowner, you always have the final say even if you let expert professionals work on your project. With that being said, you also need at least some basic knowledge about it. So, before you call a roofing company, there are some important things that you should note. Read this related article about questions to ask yourself before hiring a contractor for your home improvement projects.

Determine Exactly What Service You’re Hiring Them for

Apparently, one roofing company may be offering a wide range of services while others only provide a limited list. Therefore, it is important that you know exactly what problem you want to resolve. You wouldn’t want to waste time talking with the wrong contractors who don’t provide the set of services that you need.

For example, what if you need someone who can do a major renovation but you realised that the company you’ve found only offer roof installation for new homes? To avoid wasting time, take a careful look at their website and see what services they’re offering.

Your Local Building Codes

Some cities and communities provide a comprehensive list of instructions of what materials should be used in building and renovating residential structures or what colour palette should be used in painting roofs and exteriors. As a homeowner living in that community, you should be aware of these local building codes. It is your own responsibility, though understanding it is also a requisite for contractors.

Another benefit of knowing the local building codes is that you can be as hands-on as possible in the project. For example, you know exactly what type of materials to buy. So, you can feel free to shop around. This way, you can cut back on expenses; unlike if you simply let your contractor do that chore for you. By shopping on your own, you can be surer that the quality of the materials you buy best serves your needs and satisfaction.

State Requirements for Professional Roofing Contractors

That roof repair company you’re looking to hire shouldn’t be the only one who knows the legal requirements of the state for that business to be allowed to operate. Though that is their responsibility, how will you know what licenses and permits you should ask them to show as proof that they are a legit company?

Apparently, you need to know the legal requirements of the state. It is their responsibility as professional contractors, but it is your right as the homeowner to see proofs that they do legal business. In fact, you don’t need to ask them—they will take the initiative to present it to you. Responsible contractors care about the need of their clients to feel secure.

The state may also provide specific laws and regulations regarding insurance. You know for sure that working on roofs is pretty risky. This is why roofing companies are required to provide insurance to their workers. Know what type of insurance the state requires for roofing contractors and ask the company how they are able to comply with this requirement.

Ideal Length of Warranty and What Should Be Covered

For instance, it may take some time before flaws show up after the wrong installation of roof shingles. So, if that ever happens to you, you need a warranty that will compel the roofing company to redo the project without additional costs to you. You might be interested in this too:

Are you a homeowner whose expertise is about roofing-related topics? Why don’t we talk about these interesting topics together? Do share with us what else we need to know before calling a professional roofing contractor. We’d love to know your advice!

Your home deserves better.

Better than having a piece of drawing placed absent-mindedly in some hidden corner of the house or a bit of spray paint here and there. Don’t get me wrong; the use of artworks or paints aren’t bad when it comes to giving your home a new look, but what actually matters is how they are being applied.

Here are some tips on how you can add some glam and colour to your home.

1.    Lighting Matters

A lot of homes are properly styled with mind-blowing decorations but what many homeowners may not realise is that their homes lack proper lighting systems. With a tinge of creativity, you can turn a dimly-lit space into one that stands out! You can even bring your ideas outdoor and apply light sources between trees and plants; creating a beautiful sight to behold.

2.     Black and White Colour Patterns

Vintage and the classic black and white colour pattern is the rage right now. From the walls, chairs, tables, pillows, floor to just about anything, you can choose to have them all follow a particular colour pattern but remember to mix and match them evenly.

3.     An Infusion of Nature

Nature itself is beautiful because it has its own unique vibes and style. By simply having a vase of flowers or a bowl of fruits in your space, it fills your home with a sense of tranquillity and peace that keeps you grounded. Even a hanging pot of plants will do the trick as it changes the feel of the space.

4.     Hanging Egg Chair

The garden is the best spot to have a hanging egg chair, especially if you enjoy listening to music or reading a book at a space that is chill and relaxed.

5.     Galvanised Metal Bucket Flower Planter Display

Want more decor ideas for your garden? Look at this. Creativity simply means creating something out of nothing with just about anything. Recall those old metal buckets in your house? Don’t they remind you of simpler times- that subtle feeling of peace? Arrghh…  such an irreplaceable feeling! They should not be left to rust in the store- should they? Bring them out, use them for the planting of flowers. Even the rusty ones in mom’s backyard would instantly create the vintage look that you are going after.

Have you heard about customs closet Miami? For most people, the major challenge they encounter is bringing out the creative ideas that they have stored inside their minds. It is simply not enough to have these ideas as it is also extremely important that you understand the proper application of these ideas to creatively decorate your home and garden. In such instances, specialised help might be needed and that’s where custom closets Miami come into play because they specialise in helping you to fashion the home of your dreams.

Wrapping Up

Don’t freak out. Those ideas you think that are nowhere near creative could just be very much creative as long as you’re ready to express them. It’s in you so trust your instincts!

Artificial intelligence is gaining rapid attention because it eliminates the necessity for us humans to carry out routine and mundane tasks that cost us time, money, and effort. With artificial intelligence, resource such as time and money can be freed up and allocated to more pressing needs.

What if you could harness the power of artificial intelligence and use it right in your home where you can enjoy personalised comfort, savings on energy usage, and a smart home experience?

With Ambi Climate, you can now enjoy 24/7 seamless thermal comfort right in your cosy home because it upgrades your existing remote-controlled air conditioner with Artificial Intelligence and it does so by controlling your air-conditioner remotely.

How does Ambi Climate work?

Ambi Climate will learn from the feedback that you input via the Ambi Climate app and at the same time, the Ambi Climate Sensor will analyse how the changing ambient conditions affect your comfort. Thereafter, Ambi Climate will then auto-adjust your air conditioner accordingly. But of course, this is not to say that Ambi Climate is entirely accurate because it is only as accurate as the number of feedback that you provide to it.

Traditional air conditioning remotes are based on straightforward temperature settings—but this one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t consider the whole picture because factors such as humidity, weather, sunlight, and time of day can have a noticeable impact on how you experience hot or cold.

With Ambi Climate, there’s no need to reach for your existing remote when you feel hot or cold because it gets to know how different factors affect you and it will continuously auto-adjust your air conditioner to match your comfort level. The Ambi Climate app gathers your comfort feedback – hot, cold or comfortable and its smart sensors measure indoor conditions and even your air conditioner’s performance. Combining online data (time of day and local weather information), Ambi Climate can create your personal comfort profile and auto-adjust your air conditioner with changing conditions.

There are a couple of modes and functions available on the Ambi Climate. To activate the Comfort Mode, simply give feedback on your comfort level – hot, cold or comfortable and from the 3rd feedback onward, Ambi Climate starts learning your comfort level and does the auto-adjusting for you. You can always let Ambi Climate know if your comfort differs from what it estimates for you because the more feedback you give, the better it is able to adjust your air-conditioner/heat pump to match your personal preference.

In the Away Mode, you can set temperature and humidity thresholds so that your plants, pets and clothes are protected from unwanted moisture and extreme temperatures. This mode is perfect for users who work long hours or travel a lot and need a convenient but hassle-free control of the ambient conditions at home.

In the Temperature Mode, you can select a pre-determined temperature and Ambi Climate will maintain your set temperature by either lowering or raising your air conditioner’s temperature. In this mode, Ambi Climate also takes into consideration your room’s ambient conditions and the performance of your air conditioner. This mode is perfect for users who already know which temperature condition is the best for them.

In the Manual Mode, you can control your air-conditioner through the Ambi Climate app without having to use your old-fashioned remote or necessarily being next to the air-conditioner or even have to be at home. This mode is perfect for users who simply want to control their air-conditioner while on-the-go. What’s more, you can even enjoy easy hassle-free automation by setting your preferred radius and allowing Ambi Climate to control your air conditioner based on your location i.e. turn on the air-conditioner when you are arriving and off when you leave.

In Singapore, we have a tropical weather and unlike countries where they have four seasons, our comfort level here is typically influenced by factors such as humidity, warm weather and the monsoon season that brings with it strong winds and heavy showers. As air conditioner consumes large amount of electricity, Ambi Climate effectively minimises overcooling and overheating, saving you up to 30% on energy.

Just so you know, Ambi Climate is compatible with over 50 brands and 1,200 models of LCD-screen remotes. In short, it works with any types of air conditioner with a LCD-screen remote controller.

The Ambi Climate retails for 129 USD and if you would like more information, you can check it out here!

In the United Kingdom, swimmers are used to cold water swimming as the water doesn’t warm to more than 20°C. It’s cold but nice. But what if you don’t have a passion for icy dips? The shiver factor can be high at those temperatures. The weather is perfect for parks but, unfortunately, not warm enough for relaxing by the pool. If you’re anxious about the winter months to come, transform the swimming pool into something that can be used year-round. It’s not difficult at all.

Warm Up the Swimming Pool

Coldwater swimming can be beneficial for health. Taking a jump into freezing water comes with many surprising benefits, such as strengthening your immune system, building mental fortitude, and adding a sense of adventure to your workout. Nevertheless, swimming in cold water can trigger all sorts of physiological responses. A heart attack is just one example. The heart works a lot harder to pump the same amount of blood throughout the body, so blood pressure and heart rate immediately go up. If you’re sensitive to cold water, it’s not a good idea to take a dip in ice-cold water.

If you want to take advantage of the swimming pool in the colder months of the year, select an efficient heating system. you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite activity, i.e. swimming, in spite of the weather. Not only will it be warm enough to swim in, but you also don’t have to worry about loss or damage. The pool heater transfers warmth from the air to your pool, so you can jump into the water no matter what the time of the year is.

Here are some practical tips on how to heat your swimming pool:

1. Take Advantage of Solar Energy   

The sun is a fantastic source of energy and you can make use of this renewable energy by installing solar panels. A solar pump will keep the water at a constant temperature (not to mention that it’ll also be squeaky clean). The solar panels transfer the heat from the sun to the water in the pool. The pump collects cool water from the pool and pushes it to the roof. The heated water is later pumped back into the pool via pipes and valves. This project requires a significant investment, but at least you’ll have a warm and clean swimming pool.

2. Use A Gas-Fired Pool Heater

A gas pool heater may not be as efficient as a solar-powered pool heater, but it’s an option you’ll want to consider. The appliance uses natural gas or propane. Since it operates independently of air temperature, the pool heating allows you to enjoy it during the colder evenings. So, when it starts to get cold, you can continue to exercise. Pool gas heaters with high BTU ratings mean that it can raise water temperature faster as compared to other units of this type. Thus, you can heat up the water on short notice and enjoy a good swim. The biggest advantage of gas-fired pool heaters is they can be used in areas where you don’t get a lot of solar energy.

3. Consider Getting An Electric Pool Heater

Electric pool heaters are some of the most popular pool heating systems in the United Kingdom. The heat pump uses electricity to maintain the water warm during winter. Needless to say, the apparatus can generate heat regardless of the weather or temperature. In addition to the year-round heating capability, we have to draw attention to the compact size and design. An electric pool heater is the perfect addition for small places. If it’s adequately installed and maintained, its lifespan can exceed ten years.

Prevent Frost Damage: Install a Freeze Sensor

It’s important to protect your swimming pool from freezing. Cold temperatures and surface on frozen water can lead to serious damage. The damage may include cracked walls, which in turn could result in irreparable damage to the pipes. If you don’t already have a freeze sensor, get one because it is a neat feature to have. The controller system detects when the water is about to freeze and immediately activates the pool pump. If you don’t want to turn the pool heater on and off all the time, this is the solution that you should seriously consider.

All you have to do is set the temperature that will trigger the pool heater to start functioning. Do note that the freeze sensor should be placed in areas where low temperatures are most likely to cause problems.

Enclose the Swimming Pool for Year-Round Use

There’s nothing better than having a swimming pool. However, you won’t be able to enjoy fun days during the cold months of the year if you don’t enclose the pool. Installing a pool enclosure is the best thing you can do as it will significantly reduce the cost of heating the water. What the enclosure does is to prevent the water from becoming too cold; hence the pool heater won’t have so much work to do. The structure of the enclosure typically comprises of transparent panels which surround the swimming pool, making it look just like a sunroom.

Take into consideration the size of the pool. The bigger it is, the bigger the enclosure will be. Costs vary, which is the reason why you need to do your homework and see what you can get for your money’s worth. Obviously, quality is the most important consideration. The enclosure should be made from materials that can withstand the environmental conditions. The fact is that you get what you pay for, so be ready to dig deep into your pockets. If you love swimming but hate the cold, I’m pretty sure you won’t mind making the investment. Don’t let anything prevent you from enjoying a good time in the pool.

There’s no substitute for a good night’s sleep, but for many of us, this can be hard to achieve and as rare as a pearl in an oyster. Your body and brain need that rest in order to repair and refresh your whole being for the new day. However, if you spend the night wrestling with sleep in close combat, you greet the morning grumpy and ill-prepared for what’s to come.

Vital for your 7 to 9 hours’ rest is a good bed. It needs to offer support for your spine and comfort for your pressure points. Not only this, but it should also be big enough to provide space for you to move as you travel through dreamland.

That’s right. Don’t judge a bed simply by lying on it (online outlets now offer home trials on mattresses for as long as 100 days), you need to know if it will give you ample room to roam during the night.

There are many reasons why you need a bigger bed, not least of all is your own proportions. Here are 4 factors to consider when buying your next mattress:

  1. Your width and length. Amazingly, we tend to settle for less than we need when it comes to a mattress. We take what we see in the showroom instead of finding the ideal bed elsewhere. Considering that a mattress should last you for up to 10 years and you’re going to spend 33% of your life in bed, doesn’t it make sense to invest in something that matches your body size and lifestyle?
  2. Lone sleeper? If you’re on your own, you still need extra space to get comfortable. Nowadays, there are many more mattress sizes than ever before. Check out the guide to see how you can broaden your options on a buying decision. Your mattress should be at least 4” longer than you are.
  3. Couple comfort. A standard double bed only gives each person 2’3” of space – that’s less than a baby gets in a crib! If you both lie on your backs, put your hands behind your head and your elbows are touching, that’s too little room for comfort. You’re going to end up disturbing each other since the average person moves around 60 to 70 times every night.
  4. Family time. What happens when your offspring join you in bed? Those infants can pack a decent punch and usually when you’re least expecting it. So, make sure your bed is family sized. And, remember, those little ones ramble around more than you do at night, you might as well factor that in when making a buying decision.

Since our current lifestyles include bedtime activities from eating to working, it makes sense that your mattress reflects this. Improve your chances at getting a good night’s sleep by getting a bigger bed – your body, brain and state of mind will thank you for it.

Planning a holiday party is not easy because you have to deal with a lot of individuals in your home or backyard, and you have to manage every little aspect of it; choosing a menu, setting everything up, entertaining your guests and potentially, supervising the children. Below is a short list of tips and trick that will help you manage everything easier, in a hassle-free fashion.

Establish a Theme

Regardless of the number of guests you are going to host, you have to decide on a theme. This will set the tone of your party and give the entire event a befitting atmosphere for the occasion. To establish a theme, think of what everybody has in common. Will your guests be only ladies? If yes, try an Easter cocktail tasting experience with your girlfriends and get them to bring their own alcohol.

If you’re getting together with a larger, diverse group, an Easter movie themed party will make everybody happy.

Having kids over? Try a treasure hunt party that will make everybody go crazy over the prizes.

Establishing a theme will make everything easier and you will most probably be able to plan the whole event faster and more effectively.

Make a To-Do List

Throwing a legendary Easter party will involve plenty of aspects that you can easily overlook along the way. To prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed by all the planning, we suggest creating a list and breaking down everything that you have to do based on the answers to the following questions:

  • Where will the party take place?
  • Who are my guests and how do I invite them?
  • Should I serve food? What type of food should I serve?
  • Should I include party games?
  • Who will watch the children if they attend?

The answers to these questions will offer you a better action plan to guide your decisions on. Follow it to simplify things significantly.

Have a Budget and Stick to It

When organising an Easter party, make sure you plan a budget and stick to it because how successfully your Easter party is going to be depends on how you manage your party-planning process. Keep an inventory of things that you have bought and things that you still need to purchase.

Before buying anything, you should take a look at what you already have and develop your grocery and supply list according to that. This will lower some of your expenses and allow you to plan your party professionally.

Here are some easy-to-follow tips:

  • Create a spreadsheet. Categorise all the items and ingredients that you have on hand. Based on your estimations and needs, purchase what you lack.
  • See if you can pull off a potluck party. If you don’t have that much cash on hand, consider a potluck style party. This will bring people together and will offer a great sense of community.
  • DIY giftable centrepieces. Create your own decorations and centrepieces and gift them at the end of the party to your guests. They will be able to reuse them and it is a great way to save some money.

DIY Your Decorations

Easter party decorations can be easily managed at home. You don’t have to worry too much about spending incredible amounts of money on them and you can turn the entire activity into a family activity. Invite your children to partake in it and you will have great family time. Get the supplies that you need. For instance, you can find affordable ribbons and make Easter garlands out of them. Glue some pom poms on them and maybe cut out some bunnies out of colourful paper. This will offer you enough flexibility to create some decorations for children and adults as well.

Make a DIY Happy Easter Sign from supplies that you find at home. Place it on your door or even indoors, to offer a more festive vibe to your party.

Cook in Advance

Preparing a menu ahead of time and shopping for some of your supplies in advance will allow you to avoid the Easter crowd and the high food costs due to the increased festive demands. However, some of your ingredients will still have to be purchased with only a little time ahead. Vegetables and fruits will inevitably go bad if you buy them too early.

To ensure that things don’t get chaotic before your big party, you should consider preparing a big part of your menu in advance. This is entirely manageable if you look for recipes that require similar food preparations as the rest.

Include easy-to-prepare quiches, tasteful loaves of bread and slow cooker dishes. These may be the easiest options that you have at your hand. If you want to exceed your guests’ expectations, you could try some mouth-watering and fancy-looking dishes like the Easy Pineapple Upside-Down Cake.

Plan for Games and Activities

If you have enough guests over, you should consider entertaining them. Board games always make perfect party games. See what you have at home and if you lack such games, ask your guests to bring some over. Easy-to-learn and fun games should be at the top of your list. Research what people have to say on the matter and if you want, you can even purchase some games yourself.

If you want to keep children entertained as well, a treasure hunt type of activity will most likely get them going. Hide small “treasures” like chocolate Easter eggs, chocolate coins and other goodies in your backyard. Create riddles and offer them hints and clues on the treasure’s location and allow them to take home all the goodies found.

Planning the perfect Easter party is not that difficult as it initially seems. However, paying attention to several variables and planning ahead of time is necessary to pull off a fun, entertaining and somewhat fancy event. Make sure that you only invite guests whose presence you will appreciate as you don’t want to end up in a sticky and awkward situation that’s hard to get out off. And even if you lack a generous budget, research for DIY decorations and ideas that will help you make use of simple materials that won’t cost much.

Windows are a key element of every home. On one hand, they allow us to be in connection to the exterior, enjoy the environment ambience that it creates, and fill our house with light. However, at the same time, they must protect us from the inclemency of the weather and not be a reason that makes us lose the heat of our house in winter or the freshness in summer. That is why we must pay special attention when changing the windows and ensuring that we select just the right type of windows for our needs. To do this, it is best to trust the service of a professional and follow their instructions. Today we will leave you with some tips for choosing and setting up good windows for your home.

PVC, Aluminum or Wooden Frame?

Basically, these are the 3 materials that we can choose for our windows. Professional windows installation companies declared the plastic option as the most reliable one. Nowadays, the use of PVC is very widespread since it is cheaper and its properties make it a bad conductor of temperature. What that essentially means is that PVC itself insulates well. However, there are equivalent solutions in other materials such as aluminium (always with thermal break) and even in wood which is outdated material at this moment.

The main difference between aluminum windows and PVC is that, in the case of aluminum, we can have a finer profile. However, in PVC, the profiles (the window frame) are usually thicker, which will leave less space for the glass. On the other hand, if we talk about very large windows, we may be forced to choose aluminum because it is more resistant than PVC and can support the larger and heavier glass.

The Type of Opening

The type of opening of the window is also important if we want to optimise the energy consumption in our home. As a general rule, we should know that the windows with flap closing are more hermetic (air-tight) than the sliding ones. Sometimes, in enclosures that give access to a terrace or an outdoor garden, we may be interested in a solution with sliding door aesthetics.

A good option for these cases is the elevatable sliding, which has a more hermetic closure than the standard ones, although they also have a higher cost. As we have already said, if what we are looking for is good thermal-acoustic insulation, it is best to avoid sliding windows and place swinging, tilt-and-turn or even pivoting windows.

The Type of Glass

The glass is another essential and critical component in a window. Modern windows installation practice shows us that the best solution is doubled glass separated by an air chamber. In places where the climate is not as benevolent as it is in moderate climate conditions, it is not uncommon to find triple-glazed windows. They are even more insulating than double glazing ones. If we want our window to work optimally, we must know that we will at least need a double glass.

In the chamber that is formed between the two glasses, we can apply a noble gas (such as Argon) that will make the window isolate even better; since it is a less conductive gas than the air that is usually found in standard composition. In addition, we can go further and ask for an intercalary or spacer that separates the two glasses. Instead of the metallic option, we can go for the PVC option as it will further reduce the transmittance of the glass. Of course, if we add a third piece of glass, we will reach the most demanding standards regarding the quality of the window, but at a higher cost.

We hope that with knowledge of the 3 essential window properties, it will help you to choose the right type of windows for your housing needs.

As mundane as window cleaning may look to you, it is actually a very important aspect of the care and maintenance of your home. There are professionals who can help you ensure your windows are in the best of shape. Sadly, some folks don’t think this task is important enough to warrant much attention from them, let alone spending some money hiring professionals to do the job.

We will in this article show you why properly cleaning your windows are important and why you may need to consider hiring a professional window cleaning company to help you get this task done.

Importance of Window Cleaning

So why is it important that your windows are properly cleaned? Let’s look at a few reasons:


Surely, a clean window looks a lot better than a dirty one. No one will love to have their windows dirty, at least, to avoid the wrong message and impression it will send to the neighbours.

Aside from this, a clean window adds some aesthetic value to the interior of your home. Talk to any interior decorator and they will tell you how important natural light can be in an interior decorating setup. With a clean window, you can have natural light streaming into your home without it being dimmed by dirt and grime. This adds more color and natural beauty to your home’s interior.


It’s not just about looking good. A clean window improves the health of the occupants of the house. Did you know that a dirty window can contaminate the air you breathe in your home? All that dust and grime can be unhealthy.

As the dust accumulates on the window panes, they will frequently come loose and pollute the air. The longer you are exposed to these dust and other contaminants like mould, the greater the risks will be to your health.

Continued exposure to dust can lead to irritation of the eyes, coughing, sneezing, hay fever and even asthma attacks. For folks with existing respiratory problems, it could even be worse. Keeping your windows clean can reduce this risk. You can learn about the health risks of dust inhalation here.

Preservation of the Windows

Here’s another important reason why your windows should be cleaned. It will save you money in the long run. I am sure many will find the thought of saving money interesting. You see, when dust, grime and other particles gather on your window panes, the window pores absorb some of these particles. Once absorbed, they degrade the panes, causing them to begin to scratch and then crack.

If you want your window panes to last as long as possible, have them kept very clean at all times.

Why Professionals Will Serve You Best

It’s just cleaning my windows right? I can do that myself so I don’t need any professionals. This may be true for some folks but not for others. Before you make a final decision on the matter, consider some of the benefits a professional window cleaner will bring to the table.


A professional window cleaner understands exactly what it takes to get the job done. They have been trained to know what types of products are best for different types of windows. A regular home owner may not know that stained windows require special care as do those treated to be ultra-violet ray proof.

From the choice of products to the availability of the right tools and skill set, the professional cleaner is equipped to handle all kinds of window cleaning needs.

Increased Safety

Although you may not encounter any major safety issues while cleaning windows on the ground floor, how about when you need to clean high windows or even windows on high-rise complexes? Professional windows cleaners have the right equipment and training to handle all kinds of high-risk window cleaning jobs.

Time Saving

Would you rather spend your time cleaning your windows or on something more productive? The time you save from this chore can be spent with your family or handling some other important task. Allowing a professional to handle your window cleaning serves two purposes – the job gets done to perfection and you have the free time to enjoy any way you see fit.

Choosing Correctly

So how do you find the right window cleaning company?

Keep it Local

The first thing you need to understand is that keeping your search local is the best route to go. If you live in Spokane or anywhere else for that matter, focus on finding a company that operates in that locality.

Ask Around for Recommendations

Next, ask around for recommendations. This is a great way to start off your search. If a company has done a great job for one of your friends or neighbours, you can quickly check them out.

Check for Reviews from Previous Clients

You should also take some time to look for reviews from past clients. This is especially important for companies that were not recommended to you by friends or family members.

Compare Prices

Finally, compare prices side by side and the services that will be offered. This will help you choose the company that will offer you the best value.

It’s chilly and snowy outside, but inside your house is the eternal spring. Stable furnace system is one of the things that makes every house a warm and cozy home. And we literally mean it. But while you enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and summer temperatures in the middle of the winter, the heating system suddenly stops working. Now what?

If a certified handyman installed a heating system in your house and if the parts are original, the probability of a breakdown is minimal. In order to prevent furnace issues, you have to do regular maintenance and servicing of the system. The manufacturers of stoves and other parts of the heating system recommend doing this at least once a year. If you don’t take care of your furnace, failures can become more frequent.

Good news – you can fix the majority of common breakdowns without calling the furnace repair experts. These bugs do not require a lot of tools and knowledge, but you need some skill and determination. Even if you’re not quite sure of your handyman skills at the end of it all, you can always hire a professional.

Thermostat Issues

Maybe the problem in your heating system is right in front of your nose. The thermostat is the first thing to look at if the furnace doesn’t work well. Sometimes, the thermostat doesn’t show the right temperature, or it does not send a signal when you set the heating. Because of the wrong thermostat reading, you are afraid to raise the temperature inside your house even though you’re freezing.

Modern heating systems have thermostats with many functions. First, check all the settings. Then, check the battery, and replace it as needed. While doing this, experts from Maple Ridge furnace repair services suggest wiping the inside of the device. Sometimes the collected dust can cause a problem with the thermostat. Finally, do a detailed inspection of the wires connecting the thermostat with the furnace. Electrical cloves and tape are a great first aid to standby if some minor wire is interrupted.

Clogged Filters

If you have filters in furnaces, check them regularly. Try to remember when they were replaced or cleaned. Although it doesn’t seem like a big deal; old and clogged filters can make a huge mess. Dirt and dust will reduce the airflow, which causes the stove to put in more effort while trying to warm your house unsuccessfully. This can cause damage to the circuit breaker and eventually cause a problem with the fan.

The solution is to change or clean filters, at least monthly during the winter months. Pet owners and families with kids should do this maintenance more often because dirty filters are the ideal place for collecting the bacteria.

Regular Cleaning of Stove and the Area around It

You’ve probably noticed that dust and dirt are the biggest enemies of your heating system. Most house owners usually place stoves in basements or separated rooms and forget about them. But it is equally important to clean these areas regularly. The same goes for the chimney and air blowers.

Do not use the room where the stove is located to store things. The area around the furnace must be tidy because it is easy to flare up something flammable. Clean the furnace before the heating season and after you finally turn the heating off. Besides being warmer inside your house, regular maintenance of the heating system can bring you significant savings.

More helpful tips on how to spare money find on this webpage:

Check the Drains and Ducts

Some heating systems use water that circulates through the pipes and thus enable heat emission. If you have this kind of heating system; sediments, mould, and dirt can deposit inside drains and ducts. This creates a blockage that prevents water circulation through the system.

If you suspect that pipes in your heating system are clogged, you should flush them. If the water inside them is muddy and stinks, you can use bleach or special chemicals for cleaning the drains. Use these products according to the manual.

As for the bleach, dilute it with water in a ratio of 1 to 4 (1 scoop of bleach and 4 scoops of water). Inject the mixture into the tube, and let it work for a few minutes. Rinse with clean, hot water and repeat the procedure if the deposits are stubborn to remove.

If you notice that some room in your house is cold even if the heating is on, there may be a failure in the water flow. Check the pipe system and if you find some gaps, close them with a special metal duct tape. You must know that this is a temporary solution and it’s useful only in the event of an emergency. Just to be sure it won’t cause further failures in your heating system, you should call the professionals in to fix the problem.

You don’t have to be an expert in housework to fix your heating system. For starters, it’s enough to understand how the furnace and its essential parts work so that you know what and where to look for in the event of a breakdown. Also, you’ll need some basic tools that every one of us should have in our garage. Thankfully, you can find a lot of useful stuff on the Internet so, if you don’t want to pay for the furnace service, you can always ask Google for help.