When you own a car, something that you must always think about is how much maintenance that vehicle will require. As well as extending the life of the car and making the most of your money, good maintenance can also help to prevent accidents, and that is something all drivers are going to want. No matter what kind of car you have or what age it is, here are some of the most essential elements to consider when it comes to maintenance. 

Your Tyres 

Something that can certainly put you in danger when you’re driving are poorly maintained tyres. When your tyres are properly inflated, this can stop you from having a blowout which in turn can cause you to lose control of the car – the faster you are going, the more dangerous this will be for you and other road users. Plus, tyres that have worn away are never going to be able to grip the road safely.

It might be that you can opt for tyre repair rather than having to buy new tyres, but this will depend on the problem and what the experts say about it. Some punctures can be repaired but worn treads can’t be. 

Your Brakes 

As you might imagine, having working brakes is always going to be a priority when it comes to your car maintenance. You never know what obstacles or issues you will come up against, and being able to safely and quickly stop your care is vital. Stopping in time can prevent a great many accidents, and even if your brakes work but are old or if it takes a long time to slow down, those few seconds could be the difference between keeping safe and being injured. 

There are many reasons why your brakes can fail, and ensuring that your vehicle is regularly serviced will help to keep them in check. However, it’s also a good idea to test your brakes yourself before you head off on any journey, long or short, to make sure they are working as you want them to. 


The lights on your car are there for two reasons. The first is so that you can see where you are going when it’s dark or when the weather is bad. The second is so that other road users can see you. As you can see, it’s vital that your lights are working in the best way they can to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. If others can’t see you or you can’t see the road and any other obstacles, accidents can easily occur. 

When you start your car, turn on the lights and take a look at them. Are they all working? Remember this includes not just your headlights but your indicators, your brake lights, your reversing lights, and your sidelights too. Wipe them all down so that they are clear and visible, and if you notice any broken bulbs, replace them as soon as you can. 

Nowadays, new cars are coming with outstanding safety, driving features, and more tech options than car models of past decades. 

Let’s face the truth – it can be exciting to trade your beat-up clunker with new features. However, most people are making numerous mistakes when buying cars. For example, some buyers consider rolling over their car debts to get a new loan, leaving them to service a loan for a vehicle that they no longer drive. 

Here are a few tips to help you buy a car the smart way.

Get Loan Pre Approval

It is advisable to get loan pre-approval for a car before visiting any dealership. One of the things you should consider when looking for a SUV for sale is whether you can afford it. Seeing your dream car can tempt you to go for the vehicle even without evaluating your financial status, which can be problematic in the long run.

Getting pre-approved ensures that you understand your creditworthiness. Thus, before thinking about getting a car, it would be wise to ensure you have a high credit score.

Avoid Buying Add-ons at the Dealership

If you have ever bought a car, you know the buying process can be strenuous. You stay there for hours, and then the finance manager comes with offers such as paint protection plans, tire protection plans, or extended warranties. Most dealerships overprice these add-ons, hence, you may miss out on fair prices elsewhere if you are not careful.

It is advisable to avoid buying add-ons at the dealership unless you know how this works. You can get most of these additions, such as the extended factory warranty, later.

Avoid Long-Term Car Loans

Nowadays, most car loans go for more than six years. And that is a problem. Often such long-term loans attract a lower monthly instalment. While this might be attractive to you, it comes with high-interest rates in the long run. 

If you are considering a loan for your car, go for a short-term one. This approach ensures that you don’t pay unnecessarily high interest.

Avoid Overspending on Your Car

When buying a car, the golden rule is to avoid spending more than 20% of your income on your car expenses, including repairs, gas, and insurance. The implication is that you should spend barely between 10-15% on the car purchase itself. 

If you have been saving for a business vehicle and your budget isn’t enough for a new car, you should consider going for the second-best option – a secondhand car. However, make sure that you go for reliability when choosing your preferred vehicle. 

Shop Around

Now that you are clear with your car budget, the loan period to consider, and mistakes to avoid, the next step should be to look for your preferred car. Take enough time to sample various cars from dealerships near you. Look out for reliable car dealers and resources to help you find the best car for you.  

Buying a car isn’t something you can accomplish in a day. Understanding the car buying process can help you acquire the best car affordably and effortlessly. Shop around for the best car loans, evaluate your budget, and go for dealerships with the best car deals.

Car windshields have several functions, the most important of which is safety. Front glasses are typically made from laminated safety glass that is crash-resistant. But that feature doesn’t prevent them from cracks and chips. 

It has been found that drivers usually find cracked windshields after repeated impacts. If the hits were strong enough, they could break the glass entirely. But because of a particular layer, the pieces will stay in one place. That will keep you safe for a while, but the forthcoming repair or replacement is a must.

To know when it’s time to react because of a cracked glass, do check out the article below:

React on Time

The importance of a windshield repair is to protect the passengers from injuries and ensure the vehicle’s integrity. It would help if you repaired or replace the windshield on time to avoid high costs. It’s quite logical that a small chip is much easier to fix than a larger crack. If your windshield is impacted, the chips will likely get larger over time if you do nothing about it. Hence, getting a replacement or windshield chip repair is a must to ensure the safety of passengers and other road users.

Know the Damage

The windshield is designed to protect the driver and occupants from external hazards. When something hits this protective glass, two possible scenarios can happen; either a small chip that does not go anywhere or a much bigger crack that spreads. 

Since smaller cracks can expand rather quickly depending on the influence of atmospheric factors, it’s necessary to solve the problem as soon as you notice it.  If the chips become larger, you may end up with fractures and holes all over the glass. In this case, you can expect to spend a lot of time and money on fixing the damage. Check out this article over here if you are unsure when you should get your windshield repaired.

Prevent the Chip from Spreading


One of the first things you should do if you spot a crack in your windshield is to prevent it from spreading. In the event of a tiny hole that only shows up in a small section, you can clean the area with kerosene or nail polish remover. Once it’s free of glass and dirt, apply epoxy resin from a windshield repair kit that you should always have. 

But do this only if a crack is smaller than a quarter. If it goes all over the glass, you should remove the windshield and inspect it for further damage. The best tip you can get is to take the car to the professional windshield repair shop or replace it.

If you find cracks in your windshield, you should know that you can expect them to get worse over time. These splits are the result of weathering, and they can make the ride dangerous. You can easily find yourself in an accident if the driving conditions are not ideal. If you have a chip in your windshield, you should take immediate action.

If you know how to repair a windshield, you can start your own business, and here’s some reading for you if you’re planning to start a windshield repair business:

When It’s Time for A Replacement

A rock that bounces off the windshield is like a miniature heart attack for any driver. If that happens to you, know that you can expect some cracks to appear even if you hope they are not long and deep. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll spot a few chips that can be fixed with a windshield repair kit. If the repaired chip doesn’t interfere with your vision while driving, you probably don’t need to fix them right away. 

However, you should still know that they are potential causes for cracks, which can cause more serious damage. If you expose the windshield to temperature changes, the cracks will form even faster, and the damage will be so significant that the only solution is to replace your entire windshield.

Repairing a cracked windshield is an easy task when you have the right tools, but you must also know when the right time for the replacement is. Otherwise, you may end up having major problems and having to fork out exorbitant costs.

Finding the perfect accessories for your car can be a challenge as there are just so many different ones out there for you to choose from. From car cleaning tools to special window covers and everything in between, how can you tell which of these are great and which of these are just a complete waste of your hard-earned money?

To help you out, we will be providing you with a list of some top car accessories that we love.

A Cup Holder Bin

If you are someone who chews gum regularly or loves to snack on a chocolate bar from time to time when in the car, the nifty little cup holder bin is an amazing accessory to place in the centre of the car. Though it does not hold much, this is an amazing little gift that you can give to a loved one to help them get into the habit of keeping their car tidy throughout the course of the week.

A Blind Spot Mirror

If you are driving a car that does not have a blind spot camera in a centre console like a modern car then you can purchase some blind spot mirrors and place them on the wing mirror of your car. This will enable you to make sure that you and your family are as safe as possible regardless of where you are driving too. By taking the time to find a mirror of the right size that fits within your existing wing mirror, it allows you to purchase or replace it without overspending.

A Wet And Dry Vacuum

Another car accessory that is right for you to have is a wet and dry vacuum. Not only will this enable you to clean the dust from your car but it can also enable you to clear the car mats from any mud that may get on the carpet and as well as any stains that are on the seats. Whether you take your dog in the car or you have kids that eat in the car, several benefits can come from having one of these vacuums in the house to aid you in deep cleaning your car.

Tile Mate Or Samsung Smart Tag

The final car accessory that you should bring into your life in 2021 is a tile mate or a Samsung smart tag. This can be placed on your keys and it will enable you to find them if they are lost. The GPS element of these tags will enable you to know exactly where it is with little to no hassle. They can be ordered online and are available at different prices; thus allowing you to embrace this technology and keeps you from losing your keys.

Whether you are a first-time driver looking to invest in some gadgets or you are an experienced driver looking to add some of these to make the drive look more enjoyable, there are several options out there for you to choose from.

Which will you be adding into your car?

Ever heard of #vanlife? The movement is sweeping the globe with young people, priced out of the housing market, trading in the traditional goals of owning a home with a white picket fence for the wanderlust of life on the road.

Converting old school busses, vans, trailers or revamping caravans these young people are living on the road and you’ve never seen a caravan look this cool. With fully equipped kitchens, beds, living rooms and, we’ll level with you, a borderline insane amount of fairy lights – these young people have redefined the game. Check out their Instagram and you’ll agree some of these vans are nicer than most city apartments.

So, what’s driving these young people to life on the road rather than a traditional home?

Ever-Rising Rent

The price of rent to live in cities has been constantly on the rise with the average rental price in Sydney coming in at $540 per week. These exorbitantly high prices combined with unemployment and under-employment crisis that see many young people either without work or having to work multiple jobs to afford to pay rent, leaving very little behind for living expenses or savings. The price of rent has seen many young people living with their parents for longer, moving out of the cities or turning to other options like vans. 

Cheaper Costs

Not having to pay rent is a major tick in the plus-column when it comes to the choice between vanlife and city life. As most people in the vanlife community will tell you, the biggest cost when it comes to living in a van is buying the van itself and the subsequent renovations. Luckily, the actual vehicles are often cheaper than you might think. Head to Grays and find the van, caravan or disused school bus perhaps that is ready to be converted into your dream home.

Love of the Open Road

As Jack Keroac would tell you, there’s something romantic about the open road. Whether they were inspired to this nomadic lifestyle like Keroac in On The Road, enchanted by the idea that “there was nowhere to go but everywhere” and that all they “needed was a wheel in his hand and four on the road,” or they just felt a pull towards a life on the move, with no fixed address – the whole thing is incredibly romantic. With so many young people spending weeks and months backpacking, this lifestyle is not foreign to them but, it is far more cost effective! 


For many young people the main draw of vanlife is the freedom of not being tied down to one place, one lease, one job. On top of the extortionate rents in many major Australian cities another thing stopping young people from wanting to sign year long leases is the fact that they have plans to travel for a few months and that dream is financially untenable if they have to be paying for rent whilst also paying to accommodation, flights and everything else that comes with travelling. 

The vanlife lifestyle is often described as perfect for people who want to ‘own less and experience more.’ Married couples like the Armstrongs, the duo behind the popular account Mavis The Airstream said they turned to vanlife when they were tired of the monotony of everyday 9-5 jobs and city life. They now run the popular blog giving advice on van renovations and hacks to others in the community From single people, to young couples, married folk like the Armstrongs, even parents with kids have turned to vanlife, and the freedom is unbeatable!

Many people choose to own a pickup truck because they want to transport their gears around and if you want to know more about the benefits of having a pick-up truck, you can check out this site here. Whether you’re hiring equipment or you want to move furniture from place to place, the bed of the truck is going to be tested for its durability.

Although frequent use of the truck bedliner can damage the surface, there’s protection available for this. All you need to do is to install some spray liners and save yourself from spending extra on repairs.

Benefits of the Spray Liners

1. Protection from the Sun’s Ultraviolet Rays

If you live in areas where summer temperatures can steadily climb, you may be aware of the damages that UV rays can do to any car.

After a long period of time, the truck can look worn out and crack the paint jobs. To prevent this, you may want to know the spray in bedliner cost and see if you can get some to preserve the colors. The spray will prevent them from peeling, and your truck will look newer than ever.

Test results show that the best ones out there can fend off more than 70% of UV light.

2. Maintain Value

Many things can affect your truck’s value, and this factor is significant if you are planning to sell it later on. Huge streaks and visible damages can cause a decrease in the value of your vehicle. You can be smarter when you protect the truck with the best liners available out there.

You can significantly reduce the risks of wear and tear after you’ve put some furniture or heavy equipment at the back of your car with the right coating. Having the right spray will ensure that you don’t lose too much paint, especially in the process of hauling.

3. Protects against Corrosion

Under the paint job, there’s always the metal frame underneath. The paint exists because it’s going to protect the metal against rust from weather elements. There’s oxidation that is the natural process of metals exposed to the air for a very long time. This can start the corrosion process, and it can cause internal damage to your truck.

When you are frequently moving huge pieces of furniture or equipment against the bed, you may be putting unnecessary stress on the paint. As soon as the damage has started, the other areas may begin to peel, and the metals will be exposed to wind and water throughout the day. You need to avoid the rusting process, and this can be prevented with a bedliner. Know more about the bedliners here:

4. Non-Slippery

Hauling larger items like furniture and equipment can sometimes cause damage to the bed of your truck itself. Whenever you drag them around, you want the floors to be protected as well.

As the truck is moving, the spray can act as a non-slip surface that prevents too much furniture movement. This reduces the chance of damaging your goods even if the road tends to have sharp turns and rocky surfaces along the routes. The spray’s non-slip feature will help protect the truck bed, and this quality alone is more than enough reason why you should get this.

5. Vehicle Will Look Cooler 

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Whether you will notice this or not, the fact that the spray can add an aesthetic sleek to your liner can be a pretty cool one. The materials will add a smoother finish, which makes the bed look all the more sophisticated. Ensure that you know precisely how to haul the larger equipment to the bed to maintain the glossy finish.

If possible, avoid the exposures of scars that have resulted from damaged beds. The chipped paint and large dents can create an appearance of neglect to your truck and bed, and it makes the vehicle look more forlorn than ever.

The liner will transform the ragged appearance into a sleek and high-quality barrier. It will protect your truck beds from unexpected scratches and weather elements, and these are the maintenance that you will need for your truck.

Vehicle maintenance is essential to a car’s performance, making it a top priority for car owners. Maintenance ensures you and your passengers’ safety as well as the safety of other drivers. According to 2018 data from IIHS, 33,654 vehicles were involved in fatal car crashes, which could have resulted from inadequate maintenance. So, if you want to know more about keeping your car in top condition, then consider the following points.

  1. Inspect and Maintain Your Tires

Tire maintenance is an essential aspect of car ownership that you must be on top of to maintain your vehicle. Weak tires can cause fires and blowouts, compromise your road grip, and make it harder for you to decelerate. Therefore, you need to care for and check your tires regularly to ensure that they are roadworthy. To do this, several auto maintenance experts suggest regular inspections to determine if your tires need servicing. Check your tire pressure with a pressure gauge at least monthly if you live in average temperatures. Residents in extreme climates should perform these checks more often. Also, keep your tires inflated because flat tires are a hazard for drivers. It would be best if you also changed your wheels and tyres every 5,000 to 10,000 miles to prevent driving around with worn-out tires that can cause accidents.

  1. Wash Your Car

Car washing is perhaps the most popular and frequent vehicle maintenance routine for several owners. Your vehicle is at the mercy of elements such as bird droppings and dust, which deprive it of looking perfect as you go about your daily routine. Therefore, please make time to personally wash your vehicle or send it to a professional car wash to receive a thorough cleaning. Car washing can prevent vehicle damage by flushing away impurities like mud and dirt that damage your car’s paint job. Also, it can improve your safety by removing debris from your windshield, side mirrors, rear window, and tires. Regular car washing also preserves your vehicle’s value by preventing dull paint job, rust, etc., and can contribute to you getting a great deal on your car should you decide to sell in the future. Prioritize washing your vehicle at least weekly to maintain its aesthetic appeal and value for optimum results.

  1. Change Your Oil

It would help to prioritize regular oil changing because it is crucial to your car’s proper functioning. Consider checking your oil monthly and replacing it based on your car owner’s manual recommendations, typically after 3,000 to 5,000 miles. You can check your oil personally or take your car to a service center. Should you opt for a personal check, learn all the necessary and proper fluid draining steps, set oil at the correct level, and dispose of old oil. Inconsistent and improper oil changes can cause you to fill up on gas more often, so prioritize consistent oil changes to better gas mileage. Also, oil change reduces engine wear and buildup. Excess dirt and sludge buildup in engines are standard with car usage, so change your oil to make your engine cleaner and more smooth-running. Oil changes also lubricate your engine and extend its life. So prioritize regular oil changes on your car maintenance checklist. 

  1. Change Your Air Filter

Your vehicle’s air filter prevents debris and sand from entering your engine from outside. Therefore, regularly changing your air filter can increase fuel efficiency. Some studies indicate that changing a dirty air filter can boost the mileage on older cars by up to 14%. New air filters can also increase acceleration in most modern vehicles by 6-11%. You also benefit from reduced emissions by changing your air filter. New filters improve airflow to your engine, reducing fuel consumption, emissions, and efficiency. Several mechanics suggest swapping out your air filter every 15,000 miles, although this varies based on your location and how often you drive. As such, replace your air filters regularly to maintain your car by prolonging its engine life and efficiency.

  1. Check and Replace Other Fluids

Aside from your engine oil, it would help if you kept several other fluids at appropriate levels to keep your car functioning properly. These fluids are your coolant, power steering, brake, and transmission fluids. Your vehicle’s coolant works to keep everything cool in your engine by absorbing heat from combustion and friction and dissipating it through the radiator. Experts recommend checking this fluid every 50,000 miles for leaks to maintain the correct coolant level that prevents overheating. Brake fluids also need checks because several modern car brakes are hydraulic, so fluid connects the pedals to the brakes. This brake fluid gets contaminated with water, which makes brake lines rust. So change this fluid every two years to prevent abnormalities when bringing your car to a halt. Your power steering fluid, which allows you to steer easily, also needs replacement every two years to get rid of dust and debris. Finally, your transmission fluid lubricates and cools components inside your transmission. This fluid’s corruption causes strange noises and rough shifting in your gears, valves, and clutches. As such, check your transmission level with a dipstick to inspect the fluid level and change it if it is dark, cloudy, or gritty for optimum vehicle maintenance.

  1. Regular Professional Servicing

Automobiles come in varying brands and types with several tricky parts, designs, and structures. Therefore, although you can handle some minor car issues at home, several others require an experienced and professional eye to address. Your mechanic visits are a preventive maintenance measure. That’s because you are being proactive about keeping your car in top shape instead of reacting to problems that need solving before they arise. Many automobile experts agree that this proactivity can save you from extensive and costly repairs in the future. Also, having the mechanics service your vehicle is a more convenient option than personal servicing if you don’t have the time. It would help to schedule mechanic visits at least once every six months to keep your vehicle in optimum condition.

Owning an expensive sports car is a waste if you do not know how to take care of it. It is never just about having fun as you drive. You need to know what to do with your car when you face a possible breakdown as you drive. While it may cost you a fair amount of money to purchase and maintain, you cannot let the car sit in the garage and gather dust.

It is amusing how a driver changes from the first moment they receive the keys to their supercar. At first, the experience can be one of awe as other road users admire your vehicle as you get on the road. However, you begin to sober up after a short while on the road, and your concern changes to trying to avoid causing any dents and scratches on the car since it is expensive.

While your dream may have been to drive at neck-breaking speeds, you quickly abandon that thought and adopt measures that will make your supercar last for a long time. If you are not sure what to do to take care of your sports car, here are a few steps you can take.

Regular Maintenance

A supercar is very similar to any other vehicle. You need to conduct routine checks and ensure that everything is working the right way. Inspect the tire pressure, and replace those that need replacing. Ensure that the oil level is in good measure in reserve. It should also be the same for the power steering fluid and coolant.

Additionally, inspect the brakes and ensure they are functional before setting off.

Keeping Its Look

Sports cars are always noticeable to anyone while passing. Therefore, you should ensure that it is always presentable with its paint in good condition. As such, you should clean your car regularly to prevent dirt from settling on it.

Moreover, avoid making any scratch on the surface since chips can ruin its pristine look. When not in use, keep the car under a cover to prevent any wear or damage.

Interior Care

The interior of a sports car is just as important as the exterior. Therefore, it is best to avoid eating or drinking from inside the vehicle. Also, clean the seats regularly and avoid getting into the car with muddy shoes. Do not let too much dust settle on the dashboard by cleaning it regularly to make it appear new. Use leather wipes for your car interior while cleaning. Still, remember to condition the leather occasionally as it prevents the development of cracks.

Care for Car Engine

Most people buy supercars for their speed and acceleration. As such, you should use the highly reliable Honda K20 engine. Its tuning potential and power are reason enough for you to switch out your engine to a K20.

Be sure to learn about the manufacturer’s maintenance policy and their services and cost before purchasing. Some dealerships offer a maintenance package with fixed prices for a set of time and such services may help you maintain your vehicle.

Before buying a sports car, you should do proper research on what you need to do to maintain and improve your car performance. You should also ensure that you are getting a good deal from a reputable source that offers a maintenance package that is not too costly. Still, you have to be willing to accept that to maintain your sports car; you may have to spend a fair amount of money.

In the USA alone, there are nearly 300 million vehicles in use. Most people use a car to get to work, to go to the store, to hit the gym and do a variety of other things. It is undoubtedly one of the most convenient ways to get around.

While everyone wants their car to work well and operate the way it should, they also want it to look great. A big part of a car looking great is the paint being in pristine condition. Unfortunately, there are many things out there that can damage the paint of your vehicle. As a result, it is crucial to protect the paint of your car from taking an unnecessary amount of damage.

With that in mind, let’s go over a few of the best ways to protect your car paint for longer.

Consider Using Ceramic Coatings

One of the best ways to protect the paint of your car from the elements is to use a ceramic coating. Ceramic coating is essentially a second layer of protection over the paint of your vehicle. It is clear, won’t harm the paint and will protect your paint against most of the things that could damage it. These types of coatings can often preserve the paint of your car for months.

If you are in the market for some ceramic coating or want to learn more, be sure to check out this link: CarPro | Ceramic Coatings Made Simple: Best Step-by-Step Guide in 2020

Keep Your Car Waxed

Waxing your car is another reliable way to protect its paint. Waxing helps to create a barrier between your car paint and anything that may touch your vehicle. It can help your vehicle have a beautiful shine as well. You can consider waxing by yourself, but it isn’t a bad idea to consider having a professional take care of it as well. While it can vary depending on who you ask, it’s generally a good idea to have your car waxed every three months or so.

Quickly Clear off Debris

Some of the biggest potential causes of damage to your paint are things like bird droppings, dust, tree sap and dirt. If you notice any of these materials or debris on your vehicle, it is a good idea to clear them off instantly as they are often easier to get rid of when they are fresh. The longer they sit on the surface of your vehicle, the more damage that they can do.

Wash the Car Often

How to Keep your Car Clean!

Simply washing the car can also help to keep the paint looking fresh. Of course, be sure to be using the right type of products that will be gentle on the paint of your car and not damage it. When washing, be sure to take your time and be thorough, and also be sure to rinse the vehicle thoroughly (and dry it off) to make sure it is looking its best. In general, you should try to wash your car in a shady and cool place, if at all possible.

Utilise Some Paint Sealant

Paint sealant is another product designed to help protect the paint of your vehicle. It only needs to be applied once or twice a year and can have some incredible results. Think of it as a synthetic type of car wax that can last multiple times as long. Be sure to follow the application and removal steps to ensure the best results.

In conclusion, we hope this article has been able to help you learn some great ways to protect your car paint for longer.

Your car has been your good friend on roads leading to known and unknown destinations. If driving your vehicle has been an experience full of sheer joy for you, you must thank the tyres for connecting you to the roads you have travelled. However, even after utmost care, there may come a time in your car’s life when its tyres might need replacing. If you are anywhere in Singapore and you are unsure of finding the right car tyre shop, here is a brief guideline that could be of help.

Read on to learn more about brands, average prices, sales, and other recommendations for your next car tyre purchase in Singapore.

Goodyear : The Recommended Tyre Brand in Singapore

When purchasing tyres, choosing the right brand is important. It is easy to get confused between so many different brands of tyres. Fortunately, there is a brand that is known worldwide for its premium quality, which is Goodyear Tyres. The American tyre manufacturer is over a hundred years old and since 1964, it has maintained a reliable subsidiary in Singapore and they sell their products in most tyre shops in Singapore. 

The brand uses cutting edge technology to provide your car the stability and grip it deserves on any kind of road. These tyres are highly responsive to your slight touches on the steering wheel, making driving a real pleasure. The company ensures their tyres go through stringent safety tests so that you have a peace of mind when on the road. Whether you have a commercial vehicle, a truck, or a race car; there’s no need to worry because Goodyear makes tyres for all kinds of vehicles.

Price of Tyres in Singapore

As you zero in on the brand of tyres and prepare to buy them, budget becomes a cause of concern. Prices of tyres could vary depending on the type of tyres, such as summer, winter, all-season tyres, the size of tyres, and the type of vehicle itself (such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans, and so on). 

On average, in Singapore, you could find Goodyear tyres for as low as $120 and the highest-priced ones may cost more than $900. You could go for other brands that have a slightly cheaper range but you must strike a balance when it comes to price and quality. Spending a little extra on good quality Goodyear tyres could mean that you may have to replace tyres less frequently.

Tyre Sales in Singapore

If you are not in a rush to change your tyres (unless it’s an emergency), it makes sense to look out for tyre sales where you could shop on a shoestring budget. Most tyre manufacturers offer end-of-the-year discounts, so the holiday season is a great time to replace your car tyres. A tyre shop in Singapore typically allow users to purchase tyres online and providing good deals on reputed tyre brands. Feel free to check their website as you could end up with a lucrative offer that enables you to save 20-30% percent on new tyres. Always choose reputed tyre sellers to get good pricing quotes on quality products.

Drive Safe

It does not matter whether the road to your destination is long or short. It also does not matter whether you own a high-end luxury car or a hatchback. What matters is that the right tyres must be paired with your vehicle to make your drive safe and worry-free. Continue to monitor the health of your tyres and only choose the best when the time comes for replacement. Buy branded and reliable car tyres in Singapore at affordable prices and enjoy your journey with an ease of mind.