Gift Ideas


Gift giving is one of the best ways to show someone how much you appreciate and love them and it should absolutely not feel like a chore. The moment you see a product and think that it will put a smile on the face of the receiver when opening it helps you know that you have just found the best present for that person. However, for some people, trying to find the ideal gift for a friend or a family member, or at least something that won’t end up in their trash, is one of the biggest sources of pre-holiday anxiety. But why does holiday gift-giving make us feel anxious and pressured when giving presents is supposed to make us happy? Psychologists say that some people are awful gift-givers precisely because they spend too much time trying to be considerate. So, if you are a bad gift giver; before you struggle to sort through the likes, dislikes, and wishes of the people on your holiday gift-giving list, here are a few tips to help you become better at buying gifts.

The Art of Thoughtful Gift Giving

Many people consider that sometimes the ideal gift isn’t about how much you give but how much love you put into it. Thoughtful giving is closely tied to compassion, love, and gratitude that you want to show to your loved ones. So, all you have to do is to swap the stress and anxiety of purchasing the perfect present for the true pleasure of generosity. As long as you share the gift from the bottom of your heart, it is very unlikely for your gift to end up in the trash of the receiver. Even a heartfelt note can be a gift itself as long as it reminds someone how much you care about them and cherish them. The easiest way to achieve mindful gift giving is to personalize each gift to the recipient and their values. Recall what they are passionate about, what makes them laugh, or what valuable memory you share with that person.

Pay Attention to What They Say

Sometimes, buying the ideal gift is actually easier than you think. If you are buying a gift for a person that you are very close to, it is very likely that he/she has mentioned what they wish or don’t wish for in one of your conversations. You can get a lot of inspiration from what that person says. For example, if your friend keeps whining about something that they constantly used but stopped working, all you have to do is to buy that thing that will solve their regular problem in their life.

Take A Look at Their Social Media Feed

Who would have imagined that you can actually do more with social media than chatting with your friends and liking their posts? You can actually become a spy for a little bit and go through the likes and hearts of your loved ones on their social media accounts. On their profiles, you will be able to see a whole list of places and pages that they have an interest in. From there, it is easier to find something that they would like to have.

Give the Gift of An Experience Rather than An Object

As mentioned before, psychologists believe that some people are bad at giving gifts because they think too much about the reaction the receivers will have when opening their gifts. However, as long as you know for sure that there is something in the world that would make the person that you are buying the gift for to laugh, cry out of joy, or hug you, then you should definitely go for it. Depending on the person, some people would rather like to receive an experience that makes them feel intense emotions. For example, you can buy them tickets to things that they are interested in, such as a concert of their favourite band, sports events, comedy shows, cooking classes, and the list goes on.

Give Them A Little Bit of Yourself

Giving is actually sharing something that you know it will make your loved ones happy, so share something that is meaningful to you. Therefore, if you have an item that has completely turned your life for good and you enjoy it a lot, there is nothing wrong with buying one for your friends or family as well. So, if you are absolutely in love with a book, a blanket, or a cosmetic product, then go ahead and give it as a present to share the things you love with them.

When in Doubt, Ask

You might be thinking that gift-giving should be a surprise and the person that you are buying for shouldn’t suspect anything. However, if you have absolutely no idea what they would wish for, then it is better to ask them than to buy something that they don’t like. Although they won’t look surprised while unwrapping the gift, you will know for sure that it is something that they have definitely wished for. 

Don’t Overdo the Gift Wrap

Gift wrapping is another tip you need to keep in mind.  Wrapping the present in a plain brown paper or decorating it with a beautiful satin ribbon is good enough to make it look classy and fashionable. Pretty wrapping can raise expectations for a gift and increase the disappointment of the receiver if the present does not live up to them.

Simple and Practical is Good

Sometimes, when shopping for gifts for our loved ones, we tend to think that a fancier and more expensive gift will be more appreciated when in fact, receivers can actually be happier with cheaper and more practical presents. It is wrong to think that things like price and the effort that you put into a gift matter when the person you are giving it to does not see the work or price tag. They will only focus on how your present will fit into their lives and become a useful tool. So, do not think that you have to go to the other end of the world and pay a fortune for a present, believing that it will be appreciated more. Instead, choose something that would actually be useful and meaningful for your friend or family member.

Despite the fading and resurfacing fashion trends and brands, lapel pins have gained more popularity in the fashion industry. Their trends continue to adapt based on consumer behavior and fashion interests.

Fashion has been a prominent, individualistic aspect of popular culture for many centuries. Therefore, lapel pins instil a personalised style, stirring up your fashion. It’s all about totting up your signature qualities to any appearance.

They were initially made to symbolise one’s affiliation to groups like club memberships or political parties or certain aristocracies for the past centuries. The norm is still in use from one generation to another. It’s because lapel pins are the easiest way to add flair to an outfit.

How Unique are they?

Due to their growing popularity, the demand for lapel pins has grown tremendously over the past years. There are very many companies that specialise in making beautiful and new styled label pins each day.

They are vintage products. Their revival not only brought them back but promoted manufacturing of more classic lapel pins.  When in an office suite, it’s usually difficult to show off your personality. A simple lapel pin is a remedy to the situation.

Lapel Pins

They’re an effortless way to show off your style. Besides, vintage pins will definitely bring back a piece of history. That is the thing you want if you’re lucky enough to get one. They merely stir up your fashion in their own unique way.

Below are different types of pins and their unique style that they inspire. 

1. Stick Pins

Stick pins are one of the vintage pins of all time. They’re normally unique and most conventionally popular style. When worn, it adds that vintage flair to one’s look.  You can attach them to any outfit. They are very secure too.

Stick pins possess a tiny needle. It usually slides up and down. Thereby, it secures the pin itself or free it. If you want to add them to your clothes, just fix the needle inside the hole that is present on the other face of the pin and they’ll be firmly secured.

2. Butterfly Clutch Pins

They’re quite popular among the military personnel. They were originally made and meant to distinguish between units in the military profession. Butterfly clutches possess sharp points which are attached to them.

When pressed they will most likely free their clutches. People sometimes refer to them as clutch backs. Their size is typically small. The reason is not to bring a lot of attention. However, you should wear it with some other army pins at the same time.

3. Magnetic Grip

It includes two magnetic disks that are attached and the magnets ensure that they stay secure.

They’re beautiful and functional; designs can vary in shapes and sizes. They’re more suitable for anyone who’s fearful of piercing a crack into their own outfit. The main disadvantage is that their magnetism can wear off over time and they become loosely attached.

4. Screw and Nut Pins

They’re easily the most secure pin types. The needle/nut screws in and holds the pin firmly in place. 

5. Boutonnieres and Floral

The making of a boutonniere lapel pin includes the use of a real flower. They were highly popular even before the new lapel pins’ inception. Their position is usually on the top left side.  The flower size should be small, quick to be noticed but not too pronounced. 

Floral pins, on the other hand, does not include the use of an actual flower but the fabrication of materials like silk or cotton. They’re small with a beautiful color or design touch, with a much longer lifespan than the real flower.

6. Badges

They’re helpful to denote an extraordinary accomplishment and are mostly a symbol of authority granted by taking an oath either in the police forces or fire-fighting department. They are in use since the medieval ages and have probed the creation of modern lapel pins.

They also portray political affiliations or memberships in certain clubs. Moreover, the military domain also uses badges. Many of the old army badges are vintage pins. They’re usually tiny and less intrusive. They provide more room for creative designs that won’t clutter a suit. 

7. Collar Pins

Collar pins look similar to the regular safety pins. They have identical functions to lapel pins. However, the only difference is that collar pins are attached to the collar. Besides this, they foster great aesthetical look on your outfit. Furthermore, they inspire more formal look than the average lapel pin.

8. Long Stem Pins

Perhaps the most modern lapel trend, long stem pins are attractive enough to bring attention. Their attractive designs can vary a lot. It can differ in anything from plain geometric forms to pointers and anything that comes in between. These pins typically include the use of solid metals such as bronze, silver, or sometimes gold. For the more stylishly adventurous man, you can add these pins to your repertoire. 

Long Stem Pin Badges

When Should You Wear One?

Lapel pins always look fantastic when worn for specific events like weddings or fundraisings; or just for everyday wear/work.  Pin one on your suit before you go to work. You can wear one on your jacket before going out at night. They’ll make your outfit exquisite. However, choose appropriate and formal lapel pin design for your workplace. 

Vivipins is a company that specialises in making pins. The above-discussed pins can be ordered online and you get the final look for your custom lapel pin. The ordering process is straightforward; with simple guidelines to precisely describe the artwork you would like them to deliver. They produce the best quality pins and your design is confidential and copyrighted.

Wrapping Up

Lapel pins are back and for an excellent reason. They are helpful to depict your unique personality by adding stylishness to your outfit. It is such a subtle detail but it goes a long way in regards to fashion and style.

From butterfly clutch pins to the elusive collar pins, play around with them. Experience the unique flair that they portray and use them as a conveyance to express the best in yourself so the world can see it. 

Everybody deserves some love this Valentine’s Day. Regardless of whether they’re single or not, giving a gift as a friend, as a child, as a sibling, or as a parent is a wonderful way to remind them that this special day isn’t just for lovers. Shower them with well-thought-out gifts that say “I appreciate you” in a unique way.

Gift giving isn’t exactly everybody’s strong point, and if you’re like most people, you’re either stuck by the lack of or overwhelmed by the number of options at your disposal.

Worry no more!

This gift guide is curated to give you spectacular Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your special ones, whether that be your best friend, your significant other, or your parent.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

It’s wonderful to give gifts to kids. Their reactions are always genuine, and even if they end up not liking what’s inside the present, they always find opening presents really fun. However, presents are optional.

There are plenty of precious Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your kids that will not only get you a kiss on the cheek but also help nourish your bond as mother (or father) and child and help cultivate a culture of love right at home. Some fantastic Valentine’s Day gift ideas for kids include the following:

  • A trip to the park
  • Plushies
  • This absolutely adorable kawaii box of goodies
  • A trip to the ice-cream shop
  • A new kitty or puppy (only when they are ready)
  • A cookie-baking session together
  • A card-making session together
  • A craft session together

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Siblings

It’s easy to gift siblings, especially because you probably know what makes them tick. In fact, they can be the easiest people to get a gift for. You can make it funny or silly or thoughtful and simple. Regardless, they will surely appreciate the gesture.

Some great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your siblings include these:

  • An item related to their favorite hobby (like a video game or a skin care set)
  • A quirky book
  • A custom tee
  • A matching bracelet
  • Homemade goodies
  • Nostalgic treats
  • Personalised travel accessories
  • A custom Valentine’s Day card with a meaningful message

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Grown-Up Kids

As a parent of grown-up kids, you probably rarely see your kids, especially if they’re off to school in another state or country or are living with their own families. Still, this does not mean you can forget about the little gestures that tell them how much you miss and appreciate them.

Calls can be too direct and practical. Text messages and social media can be too ordinary and insincere. Take Valentine’s Day as a great opportunity to strengthen family ties. Simply sending them a meaningful message is already enough to put a smile on their faces and remind them that, no matter what happens, in life, you’ve always got their back.

Other delightful Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your grown-up kids are these:

  • Their favorite childhood dish
  • Home-baked goodness
  • Good books
  • Personalised items
  • A custom Valentine’s Day card with photos
  • A bouquet of flowers

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other

You will never run out of gift options for your Valentine’s date, and regardless of whether you choose to go out or have a simple, romantic dinner at home, your Valentine’s Day gift should be the bomb.

Make it extra special by putting in plenty of thought and effort to your Valentine’s Day present. Remember that it does not have to be expensive. A simple trip to the gift shop for a little trinket, chocolate, or a bundle of flowers will be enough to let them know you appreciate them.

Because choosing a gift for your spouse or special someone can be the most pressuring aspect of your Valentine’s Day gift-giving escapade, here are some tips that should help you decide on the right gift material:

  • Never skip on a Valentine’s Day gift. No matter how much you trick yourselves into thinking it’s just another day for capitalism, you will just end up feeling a bit envious and morose seeing all those other couples swooning over each other at the end of the day.
  • Do or get something simple, but don’t overdo it. Your gift should be commensurate to the stage of the relationship you are currently in. You don’t want to scare off the other person by giving the wrong message.
  • Get them a gift that they will enjoy, not what you or what you think they should enjoy.
  • Pick something thoughtful.
  • If you can’t spend much, be creative.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Parents

Regardless of the family structure you grew up in, your parental figures have sacrificed a lot in raising you to become the person that you are today. So finding opportunities to give back the love they deserve is always a great idea.

They don’t really expect much, and you really don’t have to spend thousands to make them happy. For parents, your surprise presence or a simple call or message will be enough to let them know you still remember and appreciate them, despite not being with them constantly.

If you know your parents well, it shouldn’t be hard to pick gifts you know they will like. For moms, for example, a simple day at the spa to help them feel good and relax is a marvelous Valentine’s Day gift idea. Shopping day together is a great one too. Other gift ideas include the following:

  • Jewelry
  • A journal
  • Baked goods
  • Leather tote
  • Gift cards
  • Runners
  • Home decors

For dads, you can spoil the inner child in them by gifting them awesome hand tools (if that’s their thing) or items that directly address an enduring hobby (like a soccer game) or simply spending the day with them. Other potential cool gifts for dads this Valentine’s Day are these:

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

You want nothing but the best for the person you know will tread hell or high water just to give you support and advice at whatever you do. So take this special Heart’s Day as an opportunity to let them know how much you love them for who they are and for what they stand in your life.

Here are some thoughtful gifts that will surely put a smile on their face:

  • Personalised home decor best friend prints
  • Skin care set
  • Steam games
  • Custom face socks
  • Personalised bracelets
  • Tumblers
  • A great book
  • A shopping day together
  • Chocolate fix
  • A day out with the pack
  • A comfort item
  • Custom tees about friendship
  • Gadget accessories
  • Food!

Final Word

Valentine’s Day is not just a lover’s holiday. It’s a celebration of love in all its forms. So don’t let the people you love feel left out (especially if they’re single!), and thank them for their presence in your life by giving them well-thought-out gifts that speak love in the most “you” way.

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  • Nakamichi Signature sound with Bluetooth V.4.1 APTX
    Nakamichi’s Dynamic Driver; engineered to provide honest quality music
  • 6mm Driver, producing clear bass music
  • Sweatproof technology, with IPX4 rating
    Designed to be used while you exercise, even when you perspire heavily, the earpiece will be able to keep up with your exercising regime

What’s In the Box:-

  • 1 X Earphone
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  • 1 X Earphone Pouch

Technical Specification:-

  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Bluetooth 4.1 APTX
  • Speaker Diameter: 6mm
  • Connect 2 devices simultaneously
  • Wireless Working Distance: 10m
  • Play/Talk Time: 6 hours
  • Standby Time: 18 days
  • Microphone Sensitivity: -42dB
  • Battery Charge Time: 2 hours
  • Product Weight: 20g

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you! I’m not sure how many people would actually remember or have an inkling of this famous love poem but I do remember using it quite often whenever I write letters to my friends or fill up my profile on my friend’s autograph book.

Yes, this was pretty much how “the Facebook of my time” looks like when I was in primary school 2 decades ago and we usually “create” our profile on our friend’s autograph book at the start or end of the school year. One other thing that I would also do is to buy Christmas gifts for my friends and write Christmas wishes on greeting cards to send to them. Those times were indeed old-fashioned or even traditional but you know what, the principles and values of gift-giving are truly timeless.

Image Credits: Blog To Express


The act of gift-giving has been carried out since the medieval times and the word, “gift” comes in the form of a noun (thing or object) or a verb (action word). A gift is a thing given willingly to someone without payment i.e. a present; and when you engage in gifting, it essentially means that you are giving (something) as a gift, especially formally or as a donation or bequest.

Gifts come in many forms and sometimes, it can be really hard to pick the right gifts for a person that you have in mind. When you get a gift for someone, here are some questions that you probably want to ask yourself:

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

Knowing how much you want to spend can significantly widen or narrow down your choices. Price is a major factor for consideration when you want to get a gift for someone else and usually, you wouldn’t mind splurging on your loved ones unless you’re on a tight budget.

Are There Any Existing Promotions/Discounts?

There are a lot of great deals and sales that take place throughout the year and for the online shopaholic, the best times to shop has to be black Friday, 11.11 and 12.12. The cost savings that you get from online sales will certainly go a long way if you’re planning to get gifts for a lot of people. One of my favourite e-commerce site to shop is definitely Lazada.

Is the Gift for a Lady or Man?

There are unisex gifts and gender-specific gifts. Just don’t mix the two up. Typically, some gifts that are suitable for a lady will include a bouquet of roses from Roses Only, a box of exquisite chocolates, a plushie, and a designer handbag. Man will typically receive a cologne, wallet, tie or cufflinks.

What does the Person Like and Dislike?

I’m pretty sure you will want to receive a gift that you really like instead of receiving one that you dislike. Similarly, knowing what a person like and dislike is super important because it really narrows down and zooms in on the choices of gifts that you can get for the person.

What are the Favourite Colours of the Person that You’re Getting the Gift for?

It is sometimes useful and helpful to know the favourite colours of the person that you’re getting the gift for so that you will save the hassle of having to do an exchange at the shop. If you’re getting an apparel or footwear, be sure that you know what is the shirt/shoe size of the person before you make that purchase or better still, bring the person down to the shop.

How Are You Related to the Person that You’re getting the Gift for?

I’m pretty sure you will spend more on the person who is closest to you but if you’re getting gifts for your family members, friends, and office colleagues; what you get for them can vary greatly from person to person.

What is the Occasion?

Last but not least, it is equally important to know what the occasion is that you’re giving the person a gift for. There are different types of gifts for different occasions. Shopping for a graduation gift or Christmas gift, for example, can be quite different from shopping for a birthday gift or even an anniversary gift. Know why you’re giving what you’re giving.

I hope that this article has been helpful and if you haven’t got the time to do your Christmas shopping, here’s where Mel’s White Glove can help you! Mel’s White Glove can help you to procure suitable gifts, offer you some gift recommendations, make gift purchases on your behalf, and hand-deliver the gift for you!

Unlike film and television productions, visual art is something that is relatively foreign to most people. Therefore, artists have to truly display unparalleled skill and technique, in order to transcend time and gain prominence in the public’s eye.

Today, to be esteemed as a true master of the arts, one not only needs to display sheer talent and brilliance, but an artist must also have the ability to create stunning pieces that stand out amongst the thousands of other works of art that are constantly being created. works relentlessly to bring classic masterpieces from the middle ages all the way through to modern art, to art lovers around the world.

In their collection, you can find masterpieces from some of the world’s most famous artists which have been displayed for centuries in some of the most prominent galleries on the planet. From New York’s Museum of Modern Art to the Guggenheim museums in North America, Europe and the Middle East, they strive to provide their customers with stunning oil painting reproduction that are sure to impress anyone who sets their eyes on them.

Famous Artists Across History

Below, you’ll find just a few of the famous artists whose masterpieces can be reproduced by our skilled artists to become the next addition to your collection.

Read more on the risks of buying art reproductions here.


Not only was Michelangelo a skilled painter, he was a renowned sculptor who created the David and Pieta and also a talented architect who designed St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Italy. Furthermore, while unbeknownst to most, Michelangelo also wrote poetry and is credited with the design of Pope Julius II’s tomb, which was completed in 1545.


As one of the world’s most prominent Dutch artists, Rembrandt was an exceptional artist who created many stunning masterpieces such as Belshazzar’s Feast (1635) and The Night Watch (1642). He was also a draughtsman and printmaker who is acknowledged for his incredible ability to extract the feelings of his subjects and transpose those emotions into his works.

Pablo Picasso

With a name that has become synonymous with contemporary art, Picasso is known around the world as one of the most famous artists of the 20th century.

According to most art experts, Picasso overturned the entire field of art with his radical introduction of the Cubism movement, which singlehandedly destroyed the traditional representations of matter and paved the way for all contemporary artists to come.

Henri Matisse

Born in Le Cateau-Cambresis, France, Henri Matisse was not only an innovative artist but also a skilled printmaker, draughtsman and sculptor. Most of Matisse’s work focuses on the delights of playfully bright and flashy colours, as well as the idea of symbolism, which has brought the artist to international fame.

Read more on Henri Matisse here:

Vincent Van Gogh

Known mostly for his mental instability, Van Gogh has managed to transcend time and has become one of the world’s most famous and beloved artists. His technique used an innovative and unique style of frantic brush strokes, which gave his work a very different appearance from most of the art being created during his time. Without a doubt, Van Gogh’s works have inspired countless generations of artists and will continue to do so well into the future.

Jackson Pollock

At first, Pollock was a rather conventional painter and he was plagued with addiction problems, self-doubt and a nearly debilitating case of awkwardness. Fortunately, between the years of 1947 and 1950, Pollock managed to use his weaknesses to create original works of art that would eventually lead to his fame spreading around the globe.

His technique involved laying his canvases on the floor and then dripping or throwing household paint onto it. This created radically original pieces that left a clear record of Pollock’s movements while he was in the creation process.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Da Vinci is considered to be one of the greatest minds of his time and is regarded by many as the original Renaissance Man. Not only has he gained fame and was internationally renowned for his masterpieces, such as The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa; Da Vinci is also credited with designing many avantgarde technologies such as the flying machine, steam tanks and automobiles.

Claude Monet

Monet is credited as being one of the founding fathers of Impressionism and is known for his use of bright vibrant colours and as well as painting using short, quick brush strokes. He was known for his love of nature and often used his gardens as inspiration for his works, which can be seen in his most famous collections of paintings, Water Lilies.

Edvard Munch

Although Munch’s artistic career was far more than just one single painting, he is most often known for his anxiety-ridden masterpiece, The Scream. Munch is known for his use of pastel colours, which give his works a certain touch of surrealism and adds to the feelings expressed in his work.

Although the Scream was painted more than a hundred years ago (in 1893), one of Munch’s variations of the painting was sold in 2012 at an auction for the jaw-dropping price of $120 million US dollars.

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The past month has been really crazy because it was so busy! But busy is good because that means everything’s going smoothly. Then again, the downside of being really busy is the lack of time for healthy exercise and healthy eating. I went to do a weigh in recently and I wasn’t surprised that my weight has gone up to 75kg from 70kg. This means on average over the last 5 months, I have been putting on at least 1kg a month!

Then again, when we’re busy and stressed up with work, we tend to eat at irregular hours and snack endlessly. At least this was what happened to me as my input was more than my output.

Doki Juice 2018

Hence it was really timely when I was introduced to Doki Doki’s range of superfood juices (Doki Juice for short) because in the midst of the busyness, I was really craving for sugar and as we all know, over-consumption of sugar leads to a whole load of other health problems and one of the best options to get a healthy dose of sugar is through fruits.

Doki Juice is a unique superfood product on its own. Think of it like your 3-in-1 instant coffee. Unlike many superfood products that come in the form of processed powders; Doki Juice comes in the form of a purée and there’s no artificial colouring nor artificial sugar added. In fact, one of the best things that I like about Doki Juice is the fact that I could enjoy it in a variety of ways!

#1: Straight from the Pack

Well, if you like things to be concentrated, the Doki juice can be consumed straight from the pack. It might be a little too sweet for some people but yes, it is so good that you can eat it on its own.

#2: With some Mixer such as Soda or Ice Cold Water

This is my personal favourite. I like to combine cold soda/carbonated water with the Doki Juice and concoct what I call a sparkling fruit juice. You can even use Perrier sparkling water for an exquisite and premium taste.

#3: Freeze it like an Ice Pop or Blend it with some Yoghurt

Doki Juice is also perfect for making some healthy wholesome desserts. If you’re feeling the hunger pangs and you need some snacks; make some ice pop with the Doki Juice or blend it with some plain Yoghurt!

Doki Juice 2018

Just so you know, Doki Juice comes in 5 different flavours:

#1: Blueberry with Acai Berry

#2: Passion Fruit with Camu Camu

#3: Calamansi Ginger with Sale

#4: Soursop with Chia Seeds

#5: Dragon Fruit with Chia Seeds

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You might have heard of Manuka honey as it is getting quite popular for its health benefits.

So what makes this honey different?

Bees in New Zealand, drink the nectar from the Manuka shrub that is indigenous to New Zealand and produce honey that has properties that are unique and unseen in other kinds of honey. These properties are antibacterial and aids in curing common ailments.

If you’re wondering whether Manuka honey can be purchased in Singapore, the answer is yes. Although you can buy it off the shelves, there are a few things you need to consider before purchasing Manuka honey.

Here are some considerations that you might want to look out for:

1. UMF Label

So what is UMF? UMF stands for Unique Manuka Factor. It’s an independent organisation that tests and rates Manuka honey from various manufacturers to check their authenticity. This agency was created for the sole reason to test the quantity of MGO and NPA in each Manuka honey batch. We’ll get to MGO and NPA, a bit later in the article.

Each batch of genuine Manuka honey has a UMF rating that can be traced back to the apiary it’s from. The rating starts from 5+.

If you want the best quality Manuka honey, then 22+ should be your choice. Do not buy Manuka honey if it does not have a UMF label attached to the jar.

The UMF rating and number on Honey New Zealand’s Manuka Honey

UMF hands licenses to genuine manufacturers of Manuka honey and nobody else.

2. MGO – Methylglyoxal

What makes Manuka honey unique is the presence of MGO. Methylglyoxal is the property that the UMF agency is looking for in every Manuka honey. It’s antibacterial and helps in curing many common ailments like sore throats, and ulcers.

The higher the content of MGO, the higher the Manuka rating; and it means that the particular honey possesses more antibacterial properties.

3. Active / NPA

Many Manuka honey jars have the Grade A label in them. So what does this mean? Manuka honey is one of the few types of honey in the world that still has antibacterial elements even when the hydrogen peroxide has been removed; this is NPA or Non-Peroxide Activity.

If you have a jar with Grade A written on it, it means the antibacterial property is present and it is active! So NPA or Grade A means, your Manuka honey has antibacterial qualities that can help with curing common ailments.

These are the three factors that one needs to look into before buying Manuka honey in Singapore.

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Swag bags, also known as race packets, are loot bags that are given at the beginning of races or running events. They can be quite predictable as they almost always have the same items, like a shirt with a logo of the event, race number bib and safety pins to attach it with, course information, and flyers from sponsors and for upcoming races.

Race packets can attract more participants to the event and present organisers and corporate sponsors with an opportunity to market their brand and products. Unfortunately, the recipients find too little use for many of the items in the bag and end up tossing a lot of promotional items even before the race starts. To avoid this, it’s important to consider how the participants can benefit from the contents of the bag. It’s also a good idea to add a fresh twist to its contents to make the bag—and the event as a whole—more memorable. Here are a few items that will make good additions to your race packets:

1. Wearable Items with the Race Logo

While cotton or technical shirts are a common choice for such an occasion, participants who have been to many races may not like them too much since they already have a lot of shirts in their closet. As an alternative, you can use towels, headbands, socks, and rubber or silicone wristbands designed exclusively for the race. You can also add bonnets and mittens to your list of options if the race will be held during the colder months. The participants don’t have to wear these items during the race itself, but they can use them while training for the event or doing everyday activities.

2. Discount Coupon for Massages

Running is a physically demanding activity. After weeks or months of training and, finally, completing the event, the participants will want to relax a bit and pat themselves on the back for a job well done. Nothing can be as relaxing and as rewarding as a massage or a trip to a spa after competing in a race. A discount voucher to a spa is something that your participants will certainly appreciate and remember the event for.

3. Reusable Water Containers

In the same vein, runners will need something to drink while traversing the course. Because of this, bottled water is often included in the race packet. However, you can take this a step further and make it more environment-friendly by using reusable water containers instead of disposable ones. A tumbler can be used before and after the race and won’t directly contribute to the waste the event will generate.

4. Sample Products

Brochures and flyers from sponsors are often ignored and end up getting thrown into the trash. Instead of distributing paper, why not give away sample products that will truly capture your target’s attention? Give away items that will allow your participants to discover your sponsors’ products and see for themselves if they want it or not. Most people will appreciate items like anti-chaffing creams, sunscreen samplers, hygienic and skincare products, and even foodstuff in their race packets.

5. Reusable Bag

Finally, the swag bag itself can be a freebie. Pack the items in a cost-friendly drawstring bag that the participants can use as a gym bag after the event. Choosing a reusable item to package the freebies with is proof that your event cares about the environment. And just like other wearable items, a bag bearing your race’s logo can serve as a free marketing tool for next year’s race.

A swag bag is more than just a gift to the race’s participants; it also serves as a souvenir that participants can use to remember your event by.

What’s in your swag bag, and how can you relate it to what your event stands for?