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The Lunar New Year is fast approaching and if you are scrambling to straighten your plans and prepare for the festive season, you should consider getting the #cnygoodies from ONE°15 Marina because they taste really good and is perfect for gifting!

No Chinese New Year celebration is complete without the quintessential cookies and snacks and ONE°15 Marina has added modern touches to traditional favourites to give them a unique taste.

ONE°15 Marina’s traditional all-time favourite Organic Pineapple Rolls is both savoury and sweet in taste. With generous flakes of Himalayan pink salt sprinkled on, the Organic Pineapple Rolls is a treat for folks who enjoys a good time at the cinema with their sweet and salted popcorns mixed together.

Traditional Organic Pineapple Rolls

The selection by ONE°15 Marina also includes a limited edition spicy Hei Bee Hiam Pineapple Tarts, which features crusty pastry made with luxurious Elle & Vire butter from France and topped with organic pineapple paste flavoured with bird’s eye chilli and dried shrimps. Among the three treats, the spicy Hei Bee Hiam Pineapple Tarts is my personal favourite and it has an Assam-like taste. Although it says spicy Hei Bee Hiam, I honestly do not think it is spicy at all. With a unique combination of sweet, spicy, sour, and sweet tastes; the spicy Hei Bee Hiam Pineapple Tarts tops my list.

A European take on Chinese New Year snacks, the Parmigiano Reggiano Cookies is made with premium French butter and 24-month aged Italian Parmigiano Reggiano cheese that gives it a rich, sharp and nutty flavour. I personally found the Parmigiano Reggiano Cookies super cheesy and it has a very distinct flavour which cheese connoisseurs will appreciate. With a crunchy bite, the Parmigiano Reggiano Cookies has a balanced savoury and sweet taste and is a treat to behold.

24-Month Aged Parmigiano Reggiano Cookies

If you are not able to decide which of the three to get, you can order The Auspicious Trio, which is a bundle of all three cookies including the Organic Pineapple Rolls, spicy Hei Bee Hiam Pineapple Tarts, and 24-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano Cookies at just SGD$78+. But if you plan to just get one, I highly recommend the spicy Hei Bee Hiam Pineapple Tarts which costs just SGD$28.80!

Spicy Hei Bee Hiam Pineapple Tarts

Place your orders here – today!

Do note that orders will be taken between 3 January 2022 and 15 February 2022 and they must be made three days in advance. Self-collection is available from 10 January to 15 February 2022.

Enjoy free delivery island-wide with a minimum order of SGD$60 but do note that delivery is available from 10 January to 15 February 2022, except 31 January and 1 – 2 February 2022.

Flowers are a beautiful element of nature. There are many kinds of flowers and they are different in shape, color, and fragrance. They enlighten your mood the instant you look at them and more often than not, you will feel some positivity and liveliness with them. Hence, it’s good to surround yourself with flowers because they make you feel light and fresh.

Flower Symbolism

Generally, flowers are a symbol of fascination, attraction, happiness, and love. However, different colors of flowers convey different messages or feelings. The most commonly known are red flowers that show deep love and affection. White flowers are a symbol of pure love and faithfulness (that’s why they are used in weddings). The kind of flower also matters i.e. mostly red roses are used to express love or passion. So, flowers express feelings and convey positive or caring messages.

How are Flowers Used?

Everyone is attracted to flowers because of their color and beauty and they are used in many ways. Flowers and their petals, leaves, stems, and other parts are used for a variety of purposes.

Some uses of flowers are as follows:


Flowers are widely used for decoration. At home, people plant them in the garden. To enjoy the colors and beauty of flowers, some people keep flower pots inside their homes and they adorn their houses by preparing a bouquet of flowers and putting them in a vase. Flowers are also used in many other events like weddings, birthday parties, welcome or farewell parties, and other occasions. Flowers not only adorn the place and spread their beautiful fragrance but also gives the whole atmosphere a positive vibe.


Flowers are used for greetings. Like when you meet someone for the first time, you might offer them flowers. Likewise, when a baby is born; when someone is hospitalized; when you want to congratulate someone; when you welcome someone or say goodbye; a flower bouquet is most often thought of as a suitable gift.

You can rely on Floristique for fresh and beautiful flowers. Being one of the top florist in Singapore, they provide different kinds of bouquets, flower stands, and bags of flowers for greetings. For same day flower delivery, you can order online at 


The aroma of flowers is very calming and pacifying. The fragrance of flowers is often extracted to make perfumes or scents. They are also used in air sprayers to freshen the environment. Nowadays, aromatherapy is used by many people and it is also recommended by professionals because it can bring some positivity and calm a person. Flowers used for aromatherapy include rosemary, lavender, rose, and lavender.


Flowers are also used in medical labs to make medicines. It’s not only beautiful on the outside but it also has many other benefits which can treat diseases. Valerian root is very famous because it treats anxiety and relieves stress and headaches. Some mouth sprays contain flower essence that is used to relieve sore throat. Hence, flowers are not only appealing to the eyes but can also be used for treatment.


Other uses of flowers include crafting, colour-dyeing, and more. Crafter uses flowers in numerous ways and some flowers are used to make dyes. In a nutshell, flowers add beauty, color, and life to the environment and a world without them is certainly dull.

Basket plants are popular, and they are well-known indoor plants that require little maintenance. You don’t need to set up a special place for them because they can grow with little care. This is a plant that’s common in Argentina and Brazil, and its name means graceful flower.

In spring, you will see blue and adorable flowers which grow to a diameter of two inches. They tend to wither at the start of the summer season before turning into seed pods. The Callisia Fragrans is often a favourite and prized plant for individuals who are growing it because the seeds are produced in huge quantities. They require bright and high temperatures with indirect sunlight to achieve more growth and produce a lot of florals.

They are hardy, and they are fine with light frost. However, they tend not to tolerate an irregular water schedule, and when they begin to drop their leaves, you know it is time to water them. They grow well with various light conditions as long as they are not placed under direct sunlight.

The height can reach one foot, and people who are propagating the plant find it a pleasant surprise when they form in the least expected way. Their leaves can be about six to eight inches, and they tend to be darker and glossier compared to the flowers. The edges are serrated, while the leaves tend to be round and large.

More Information about the Flowers

Their foliage may include vibrant greens, golds, and reds, and they can look exotic. Homeowners find them an excellent addition as they also adapt well to the climate outdoors. When they are put in the right conditions, these basket plants and flowers can withstand the outdoors because they are hardy.

The flowers look like they are forming inside a cage, and this is why they are great for homes that don’t have enough space. With well-lit and bright areas, they are incredibly gorgeous, with their striking gold and green leaves as well as their thicker stems showing off into the light.

The colour is profoundly contrasting with deep greens, white stripes, yellow, and bright reds that will surely cheer up your day and add a more serene ambience to your room. The leaves are very thick and glossy, and they emit a pleasant but strong aroma. Know that extreme cold can make them wither, so they are best suited to an indoor climate. 

Although they are usually found in the forests of Brazil, there are many growing in various parts of the world. They are also found in central Africa, and Australia classified them as weeds. Read more about this plant on this page here

How to Care for Your Plant?

Close-up of a plant

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Callisia is a stunning plant that adds charm to your outdoor or indoor space. Because it can thrive in tropical areas, it’s best if you don’t expose it to temperatures that are below 36 degrees Fahrenheit. When you’re keeping them inside your home, they should be able to receive an indirect amount of sunlight and do ensure that you’re keeping them away from drafts. 

Regular misting and ensuring that the soil is moist will help. However, avoid exposing the baskets to standing water. One of the best tips when it comes to caring for your basket plant is to try and expose them to extreme temperatures in a very slow manner. Others include trimming off any damages they may have in their leaves. 

Growing Them

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Callisia means beautiful lily in Latin. Although you may see that the flowers’ appearance is similar to that of a bromeliad or a lily and they grow like spider plants, the species actually belong to the family of inch plants. They are low-maintenance and easy to grow.

Similar to that of a spider plant, know that the Callisia basket flowers are sending out tiny plantlets that you can snip off. Use these plantlets to propagate new ones, and you’ll have foliage filled with fragrant and small white flowers. 

Part of their care includes hanging them into medium light. The watering schedules should be every two to three days as you see fit. During the seasons of fall, summer, or spring; the basket may need a fertilizer applied monthly. Stop the fertilizer during winter and water them in a less systematic way.

Growing for Health

Know that these beautiful indoor flowers can help purify the pollutants inside your indoor space. Some parts are used as herbs to treat various ailments, and they are edible. Mature leaves may be snipped right off, and you can chew them to relieve digestive problems or stomach issues. Callisia is considered to be a natural anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-biotic.

Countries like Russia use the leaves by mixing them with vodka. They act as a tonic for heart problems, colds, varicose veins, arthritis, upset stomachs, and inflammation. Although scientific studies are needed to determine more of their effects, there are still lots of anecdotal records about their benefits and advantages. When you infuse Callisia with oil, it can become a joint rub that can ease the pain in your muscles. 

Diseases and Possible Issues

Close-up of a plant

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The plants don’t experience lots of diseases all year round. However, when you overwater them, they will be in a condition known as root rot. Get info about root rot on this site: You should avoid leaving them in standing water like saucers and let them all drain. 

Overwatering may also cause the leaves to become brown. You’ll see the brownish colour at the tips of the leaves, and they may become unappealing. While you can always trim them, it’s best to avoid them in the first place.

There are also pests like mealybugs, but they can be rare. If you see them showing up, just dip a cotton swab in alcohol. Apply this to the pest so it will immediately come off the plant. Use neem oil or insecticidal soap to prevent them from reinfesting the flowers.

The ISSA 3 by FOREO Sweden is a game-changing toothbrush and it has made my daily cleaning regime so much more enjoyable ever since. I say this only because I have had many experiences with other electric toothbrushes and though I have my usual go-to electric toothbrush before the ISSA 3 landed in my hands, I sometimes do find it very annoying when I have to charge my electric toothbrush every week in order for it to work.

Since I received the ISSA 3 at the start of October, I did not have to charge it for more than 3 weeks now and though it is too early to tell if one single charge can last for one year (because this is what FOREO claims), I guess only time will tell.

The brush head of the ISSA 3 by FOREO is another feature that I must mention because the unique hybrid wave brush head is made with PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) bristles at the core and surrounded by a ring of ultra-soft silicone bristles that are extremely gentle and non-abrasive on teeth and gums. The hybrid brush head can also last for up to 6 months and this is twice longer than the brush heads of most electric toothbrushes.

Now, I have been using nylon brush heads all my life and I do have a very bad habit of brushing my teeth so hard that it causes my gums to bleed. This is probably the reason why as a child growing up, I have very sensitive teeth and it hurts so much whenever I consume ice cream or have some icy-cold soda.

ISSA 3 has truly made sensitivity and receding gum lines a thing of the past because with its revolutionary brush head design, it has literally made it impossible to brush too hard.

Those on the manual toothbrush camp will say that manual brushing feels more natural while those on the electric toothbrush camp will say that electric brushing is cleaner. Regardless, whether you are using a manual toothbrush or an electric toothbrush, applying too much strength will cause bleeding and that is not healthy for the gums and teeth.

I am sure we have all seen advertisements about how electric toothbrushes are better than manual toothbrushes but what if you can brush your teeth manually and still get electric toothbrush results?

Well, that is what you get with the ISSA 3, a natural manual brushing gesture that you are most familiar with your whole life combined with perfect electric brushing results. An added advantage is the soft silicone bristles which are gentle on the gums and cannot be found on any other electric toothbrush.

Featuring a whopping 16 intensities, ISSA 3 offers a wider range of intensities and speeds than any other toothbrush on the market, so you can customise your brushing experience to suit your preference and oral care requirements.

10,000x more hygienic than nylon-bristled brushes; 100% waterproof and free of BPA & phthalates for health and safety; lasting up to a whopping 365 days on a single USB charge, with a travel lock and case for ease on the go; and featuring a built-in timer, and a brush head that lasts up to 6 months before it needs to be replaced; there is so much to love about the ISSA 3.

Get the FOREO ISSA 3 today!

The future of food is going to change and whether this change is going to be temporary or permanent, it looks set that cloud kitchens are here to stay.

For those of us who do not know what a cloud kitchen is; a cloud kitchen is a delivery-only restaurant that has no physical space for dine-in. It relies entirely on online orders placed through online food aggregators or an online ordering-enabled website or mobile app.

In a bid to live a healthier lifestyle, I embarked on a 5-day long gastronomic journey with YoloFoods and received daily flexible deliveries of YoloFoods’ tasty and healthy pre-packed meals that include mains, sides, snacks and tea that are tailored to my own personal fitness and wellness goals i.e. weight loss.

Weighing a hefty 80kg due to many factors such as binge/stress eating and a lack of physical exercise, my goal to lose weight has been put on the backburner for some time. Therefore, one goal that I hope to achieve from this gastronomic journey with YoloFoods is to eat healthily and live healthily.

YoloFoods offers two options for their weight loss meal plan; a 1000 kilocalories weight loss meal plan and a 1400 kilocalories weight loss meal plan. Since weight loss is a primary objective for me, I decided to go for the weight loss meal plan where the total number of calories that I get from lunch, snack, and dinner will amount to 1000 kilocalories (kcal).

Obviously, just controlling the amount of calories that I take in is not going to help me lose weight because the food that I consume also needs to be of high nutritional value as well. What is really reassuring to me is that YoloFoods’ nutritionally balanced power-meals are developed in collaboration with internationally acclaimed Dietician and International Olympic Committee qualified Sports Nutritionist Jane Freeman,  and is founded on the simple but powerful philosophy of “good food that’s good for you”.

The Five Day Meal Plan

Day LunchSnack Dinner


Beef Bulgogi with Sweet Potato Noodles, Spinach and Shredded Carrot Peanut Butter Cookie
Gong Bao Chicken with Brown Rice, Spicy Eggplant, Garlic Bok Choy


Herb Chicken with Roasted Potato, French Beans, Harissa Sauce Mango Chia Seeds Pudding Beef Bolognese with Pasta, Mixed Mushrooms and Green Peas


Rendang Chicken with Coconut Basmati Rice, Roasted Cauliflower Banana Bread Fresh Herb and Lemon Barramundi Fish with Cajun Roasted Sweet Potato, Herb Veggies
4 Salmon Chicken Balls with Quinoa, Baked Spinach Egg, Broccoli, House Made Chilli Sauce

Low Fat Cheesecake

Peri Peri Chicken with Cauliflower Rice, Braised Purple Cabbage
Lamb Kofta with Couscous, Mint Yoghurt, Cucumber and Tomato Salad

Peanut Butter Energy Bites

Basil Minced Chicken with Brown Rice, Soy Egg, Kailan

The above menu was what I had from 18 to 22 October and YoloFoods changes their menu often to ensure that customers are never bored and always have a variety of power-packed meals to choose from.

The 5-day meal plan that I went for costs $179.50 and it works out to $35.90 per day. This means that each meal costs $17.95. However, if you decide to go for a full month, the cost per meal will go down to $15.45 and this price is pretty competitive when compared to other providers who have a similar offering.

Whether it is eating clean for a balanced diet, weight loss, retaining muscle mass with low carb and high protein meals or aiding a personal transition into a vegetarian diet, YoloFoods brings delicious and wholesome meal plans that are not only exciting but tastes familiar and comforting. Their most popular pre-packed meals include the best-selling Cauliflower Rice with Herb Chicken & Spinach Egg, Herb Chicken & Roast Potatoes, Rendang Chicken with Brown Rice & Curry-Roasted Cauliflower, and Thai Basil Minced Chicken with Brown Rice.

In terms of the overall meal experience that I had and what I think of the quality and taste of the meals, I actually find the meal experience quite comparable to the inflight meal experience that airlines served (5 stars customer service experience and everything was neatly packed and organised), and there were more positives than negatives (meals on some days were really great although there were days when I felt it could be better).

The pre-packed meals also make it easy and convenient for me to just heat up and have nutritious and tasty meals on the go.

Will it be a gastronomic journey that I will continue?
Yes, it will be until I achieve my ideal weight.

To subscribe to YoloFood’s meal plan or to check out the a-la-carte items that are available, you can do so here.

Have you ever visited a friend’s home, used their massage chair and wished you had one at home too? Well, that was definitely me up until recently. Last week I received the Cosmo Zero Massage Chair and it is safe to say, it has been the most relaxing week I have had in a while. I have been using the massage chair for around an hour a day, trying out all its features and different massage settings.

Here is my review on what I think about it.

The appearance has a cool stylish look. It has a glossy black exterior, plush PU leather seats and it blends seamlessly into my home. I honestly expected the chair to be much bulkier, so I am very glad it is of a good size and would not be turning into a white elephant in my house.

Sitting into the chair, it feels sturdy and comfortable. As for the features, there really are a whole lot of them. It has voice control, compression and heat therapy, Bluetooth, body scanning to customize the massage experience and so much more. There are so many massage positions that I have yet to test out, but some which I really liked were the stretch massage which loosened up my tense body, lumbar massage, Japanese massage and sleep massage. There is even a senior massage option, so I got my parents to be the judge of that. They have been thoroughly enjoying it, along with the other massage modes. Even though the technology of the chair is pretty advanced, it is still user-friendly enough that they are able to navigate the settings on their own.

My parents easily feel soreness or discomfort in their feet after walking too much so this massage chair at home has really helped to relieve the soreness. I am sure the Cosmo Zero Massage Chair will have something for the needs of each of your family members as well.

Now, you may think a massage chair is just a luxury product, but did you know there are also many health benefits? The different settings of the Cosmo Zero such as heat therapy, zero gravity position, experiential music therapy and even detox massage setting, all help to promote blood flow, lowering of blood pressure and reduced muscle tension.

Overall, if you are considering getting yourself or your family a massage chair, I highly recommend the Cosmo Zero as it is reasonably priced and has great value. The whole experience of buying the chair is also made smooth and seamless, starting with a free 30 minute trial at their showroom. If you find the chair is not for you, you are able to get 100% of your money back. No frills and no commitments. Additionally, they offer a 10-year warranty which is much longer than other brands and free 24hr delivery too. Check out their website at

People everywhere on the planet send flowers to gift to their loved ones. Different flowers convey different messages and emotions, and the sender has to choose the right flowers to convey the message that he or she wants to the receiver. This makes flowers the best gift for all sort of occasions.

Whatever the occasion, online flower delivery Singapore is a good option for sending flowers.

Floristique allows customers to send flowers and make a good impression for various occasions. They also have special bouquets for different occasions to convey your feelings to your loved ones.

Reasons to Choose Online Flower Delivery

There are various reasons why people use online flower delivery services to send flowers to their loved ones.

One major reason people use this service is that they have a wide variety of flowers, which they can choose from through the Floristique (flower delivery Singapore) website. They offer far more variety of flowers available online than a local florist. Online flower delivery services Singapore have local as well as imported flowers. They also provide a wide range of bouquets for different occasions. This makes it very easy for customers to choose the perfect floral arrangement according to the occasion and message they want to convey.

The other reason why people choose online flower delivery services over local ones is their convenience. People do not have to worry about going everywhere to select the flowers they want. In online flower delivery, they can select the flowers they want and make all arrangements for delivery to their specific address without going to their homes. Furthermore, these online services are available 24 hours.

People also choose online flower delivery because of the low prices Floristique offer. Moreover, there are many special offers and discounts online, which allow people to save more money. In online flower delivery, they can send elaborate bouquets without worrying about high prices.

Online flower delivery services allow customers to set the time for the delivery of flowers, which is why people prefer to use them to deliver flowers to their loved ones. Timing is crucial for delivering flowers on special occasions like birthday celebrations, anniversaries, etc. Therefore, customers can choose online flower delivery services, which allows them to choose the time for the delivery.

There are also many other reasons people choose online flower delivery rather than the traditional ones for the special occasions of their loved ones, but these are the major ones. If you want to express your feelings to someone and create an impression, send them flowers through an online flower delivery service.

If you are looking for a gift to get for your loved ones, do check out Floristique as they have a wide variety of gift options that are available.

It was International Women’s Day six days ago and there were many promotions that were specially meant for women (although I’m pretty sure the men would also get to enjoy some of the residual benefits as well).

Although International Women’s Day is not widely celebrated in Singapore, it is starting to gain popularity for many good reasons and to celebrate this special day, I brought the Mrs out for a simple lunch that she had been craving for and to sweeten the day, we had a bouquet of flowers and a chocolate banana cake that was specially delivered by Farm Florist, a top florist in Singapore.

The bouquet of flowers from Farm Florist was fresh and it looked exactly like the one that they had displayed on their website. The value bundle which included a cake was truly unique and special. For the price of SGD$80, the bundle is definitely value for money and wallet-friendly. If you are looking for a gift to get for your loved ones, do check out Farm Florist as they have a variety of gift options that are available!

Well, the past few weeks have been a really challenging period for us because we encountered many obstacles and setbacks. From Mikayla’s hospitalisation due to an episode of bronchitis to an unfortunate event that happened in our personal lives, we found ourselves not in the best of spirits but the small little gesture from the folks at Farm Florist has certainly warmed our hearts.

Although the year has not started out well and my health has taken a beating, I am positive that things will eventually get better. One of my goals this year is to become more spiritual and to go back to basics. I will be deepening my spiritual practice and I will be documenting some of my innate thoughts and learnings in the Spirituality Column of this blogazine so do keep a lookout.

On a more positive note, I am so glad to have completed the Full Stack Development Programme that I started last August because what is outstanding right now is the EMBA programme that I will be completing this coming April. Following my graduation in May, it would be about time that I take the backseat and focus on self-care and personal restoration.

Meanwhile, stay calm, keep safe, and be happy!

While this worldwide pandemic created menace all around the world, the only good thing it’s done is to compel people to seek creative gateways to survive it all. Thousands of people reconnected with nature at different levels and discovered joy in simple pleasures of gardening, bird feeding and doing little things that they couldn’t manage time for in their regular schedule.

Birds and insects like honeybees and butterflies are natural pollinators and a happy garden needs them too. If you are brainstorming for some innovative gifting ideas this season, you can check out a painted birdhouse as a gift for your friends or family members. Shopping from a reliable store can ensure high-quality products, ensuring that your loved ones cherish every moment they spend in their yards hosting chirpy birdies.

Serving a Dual Purpose

Your birdhouses can act as a bird feeder as well. With a plethora of options to buy from, you can always pick and choose one that befits your needs and preference. If your friend or colleague is an admirer of nature, you can also look for models that are curated from waste materials. From the ones that are designed as birdbaths and feeders to the hanging houses, you can opt for a design, size and colour that you think would make the best gift. 

You can try the handmade models that are designed with recycled materials as these are eco-friendly and don’t easily chip or fade. From contemporary styles to vintage designs, you can pick any design that complements the garden décor. 

Explore Options 

It would be a good idea to check out a few models before deciding on the model you would like to gift your near and dear ones. Birdhouses make a smart gifting idea not just for house warming parties, but can also be gifted on birthdays, anniversaries and many other occasions. 

There are birdie home models that come with free nesting materials. Not all birds are natural cavity dwellers. For your friends who have yards covered with tall trees, a bird home can house all the species that prefer building their nests on trees and shrubs. Those like the house finches, blue jays, cardinals, robins would love this gesture. 


There’s nothing like a personalized gift, and something crafted with your hands add that magic to your gift. If you have a creative bent of mind and want to customize your gift, you also have the option of creating a DIY piece. 

There are several tutorial videos on social media that you can check out to tailor-make. Just make sure that you use natural and appropriate materials that appear welcoming to the birdies. A birdhouse with a comfortable environment for the birdies is likely to not only invite them but also house them for a longer time. 

Just refrain from using materials with dyes as it can be harmful to hatchlings. Also, for older nestlings, these may not be safe to use unnatural materials. You can pick raffia, strings or Spanish moss. It is recommended that you stick to using only two or three inches of the moss. Anything over this can get entangled in the birdie’s feet endangering it. Check out simple ways to grow moss indoors at

DIY offers the liberty of crafting the birdhouse just the way you want it. So, you can add protective layers such as coco liners or extra moss for the nest. This will make more cushion and also ensure that blue jays steer away from the hanging nests. Avoid using dryer lint. Although these may be soft and fluffy the fibres may contain dye. 

In warmer areas, birds start looking for nesting spots as soon as the temperature rises and so is that for colder regions as well. A perfect home designed to meet the basic resting and nesting of the birds can allow them to settle conveniently. 

If your gift recipient is one who likes the hummingbirds fluttering in his/her garden, you can suggest them to simply start by offering all the materials that attract the winged creatures. A great idea to allow the birds to take over is to simply provide nesting materials around the birdhouse. This will enable them to decorate their nest just the way they like it. 

Did you know that birds like the goldfinches, blue jays, robins or even the cardinals adore natural nesting materials and quickly build their nests with the materials you provide them with? 

Green Roof DIY Birdhouse | Backyard Projects - Birds and Blooms

Be it the window grill, lawn, balcony or your backyard, a bird nest is always a welcome addition for most garden enthusiasts. From sparrows, tits to any other bird that can easily nest in smaller cavities, such bird homes not only provide shelter to the nestles birds but also protect them from other predators. Good quality of nesting boxes is easy to install and thus make it a good gift. 

You can pick models that are handcrafted and hand-painted. Durable woods always have an advantage. If it’s a box, you can ask your recipient friend to leave the side door open so that birds can find their way in. Also, this will make it easy for you to clean every season. Some birds may take a while to locate the nest and find their way through. 

A birdhouse box can be mounted higher than the fence posts as it can prevent any predator from quick spotting or even climbing up to the nest. Removing any perches on the birdhouse is also a good idea. 

Birdhouses aren’t difficult to maintain as they need seasonal cleaning. Yards naturally make a good habitat for such nest boxes. Yes, it will be good to ensure that they are installed away from areas with herbicides or pesticides as these can be harmful to the birds and also impact the natural food source for other cavity-nesting species. 

Log cabin birdhouses, hanging birdhouses to tower-houses, you can be sure that your friend or family that you gift the birdhouse will enjoy watching different bird species at leisure. 

There are designs equipped with modern features that can increase both the show and functionality of the birdhouse in many ways. So, why wait, just find the best piece and place an order right away!

I recently gotten the Sudio ETT and it is one of the best tech gadgets that I have received till date. The Sudio ETT is not my first wireless earbuds and there are in fact two other wireless earbuds brands (Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphone 2 and Jaybird Run XT True Wireless Buds) that I personally own.

Although the Sudio ETT is Sudio’s most expensive audio product at SGD$239, it is relatively affordable if you are looking for wireless earbuds that has both Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Wireless Charging (WC) features. These two features alone make the Sudio ETT an audio product that is truly value-for-money.

Audio Quality

The audio quality is above average and it is pretty decent given the price tag. Ballads and acoustic music (Ed Sheeran, Tyler Ward) sound really crisp and warm. Therefore, if you listen to classical, acoustic, and pop music more than anything else, the Sudio ETT is going to give you a natural and immersive audio experience.

On the other hand, heavy metal and punk rock music lovers (Blink 182, P.O.D) will likely be disappointed with the audio quality on the Sudio ETT because the bass lacks some serious punch and it will not give you the pump that you were hoping for.

Battery Life

The playtime is listed as up to 30 hours and 20 hours with ANC but this is based on the battery capacity of the charging case to recharge the Sudio ETT for about 4 times. On a single charge, I was able to clock about 6 hours of usage (probably just enough for a mid-haul flight from Singapore to Japan/Korea). Do note that turning on the ANC feature does drain your battery really fast.

IPX5 Rating

In addition to the ANC and WC features, the Sudio ETT has an IPX5 rating. What that essentially means is that the Sudio ETT is perfect for your outdoor runs or indoor gym sessions but you definitely cannot bring them to swim or shower.

The Cons

There are just two things that annoy me when it comes to the Sudio ETT. The only way you can turn on the Sudio ETT is by taking them out of the charging case. This can be quite annoying especially if you want to leave them aside after using it and not put them back into the charging case to charge.

The other thing that really annoys me is the fact that although the Sudio ETT can remember up to 8 paired devices, it will automatically connect to the device that it last connected to. Hence, if I wanted to reconnect to any of my previously paired devices, I got to disconnect it from the device that I am currently using before reconnecting it to my other device.

Having said that, the cons aren’t exactly deal-breakers especially when they have two features (active noise cancellation and wireless charging) that I am specifically looking for in wireless earbuds.


One thing that really sets the Sudio ETT apart is not just the attractive pricing but also the fact that it is available in 5 different colours (green, white, black, pink, and anthracite). This bonus feature is something that not many other wireless earbuds brands can beat because most of them usually come in just 2 standard colours (black and white).

With awesome features, attractive pricing, and many colours to choose from; this makes Sudio ETT the perfect companion for music lovers.


Sudio is currently running a promotion and the Sudio ETT is going for SGD$174.47. If you use the promo code => awinsomelife, you can get an additional 10% off for the Sudio ETT and it will cost just SGD$157.02. This is quite a steal so don’t miss it!