Our Services

A Winsome Life is a digital lifestyle blogazine that was founded in 2011 by Melvin and Jacqueline. From a humble beginning as a local food blog, A Winsome Life now provides and markets a range of lifestyle services that cater to different lifestyle needs.

For more information about Melvin and Jacqueline, you can read more about them here.

Our Services

Yacht Charter

Planning for an exclusive event out at sea? Well, we can help! Whether it is a birthday party, an informal gathering of friends, or even a wedding proposal; we have what it takes to make your event a truly memorable one without burning a big hole in your pocket.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

In this modern digital world, there is a necessity for businesses to get online and be found by their clients. Having an online presence can boost a company’s image and make information more readily available to potential clients. Ready to advertise? Check out our lifestyle blogazine now and discover the opportunities!

Personal Concierge & Errands-Running

Like it or not, time waits for no man and time is a finite resource that once utilised can never be gotten back. How would you like if someone could help you run your errands while you’re away at work? Contact us and find out how we can help you with your household chores and errands!

Lifestyle Courses & Workshops

Want to pick up a skill that is out of the ordinary? From learning how to make your own chocolate truffles to perfume, you can even learn how to earn passive income through value investing! Together with our network of learning partners, we have curated a list of interesting courses that will surely excite you!

Student-Centric Leadership Training & Development

We believe that it is important to equip young people with essential life skills that are necessary to thrive and overcome future challenges. Through customised programmes and workshops, we hope to bring out the best in young people and help them to realise their potential. Contact us to find out more about the programmes that we offer.