A Winsome Life is a Digital Lifestyle Blogazine that was founded in 2011 by Melvin and Jacqueline. From its humble beginning as a local food blog, A Winsome Life now provides and markets a range of lifestyle services to cater to different lifestyle needs.

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Our Services

Life Coaching

Change is a constant in life and change can sometimes be difficult. Change can also lead to chaos and confusion and sometimes, all we need is someone who can guide us back on track and hold us accountable. Check out our spirituality column and find answers to the questions that you have about your own life and destiny. If you need a spiritual guide who can help you find some answers, leave us a private message and we’ll be in touch.

Bespoke Personal Concierge Service

We have been providing bespoke personal concierge services in Singapore since 2012 and what truly sets us apart is our track record of maintaining client confidentiality (we have served celebrities, business owners, and C-suite executives), trustworthiness (we have procured gifts that are worth thousands of dollars for our clients), and credibility (we have been in this business for more than 10 years)!

Lifestyle Courses & Workshops

Want to pick up a skill that will help you generate some passive income? From learning how to make your own chocolate truffles to crafting your own perfume, you can even learn how to earn some passive income through value investing! Together with our network of learning partners, we have a curated list of interesting courses that will surely let you lead A Winsome Life!