A Winsome Life is a Digital Lifestyle Blogazine that was founded in 2011 by Melvin and Jacqueline. From its humble beginning as a local food blog, A Winsome Life now provides and markets a range of lifestyle services to cater to different lifestyle needs.

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Our Services

Business Consulting & Management

We are passionate about technology and part of what we do for SMEs is to understand their business, modernise and reinvent some of their business processes, and implement technology that can help to ease some of the workflow that will result in cost savings and greater productivity. From website-designing and web hosting to integrating the use of cloud computing services for your company, there is a lot that you can tap our brains for.

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Life Path & Career Analysis

Feeling unsure and uncertain about your life path and career? Need some advise regarding your relationship? Using both Chinese metaphysics and Greek astrology, we can help you to gain clarity about your life path and career. If this piques your interest, send us your burning questions!

Bespoke Personal Concierge Service

We are pretty serious about providing bespoke personal concierge services and what is truly different about us is that we maintain client confidentiality and we are trustworthy and dependable (we have procured gifts that are worth thousands of dollars for our clients). Till date, celebrities, top executives, and business owners are among our list of clients whom we serve.

Lifestyle Courses & Workshops

Want to pick up a skill that is out of the ordinary? From learning how to make your own chocolate truffles to crafting your own perfume, you can even learn how to earn some passive income through value investing! Together with our network of learning partners, we have a curated list of interesting courses that will surely let you lead A Winsome Life!