Dubai Marina is very famous for offering the most relaxing, exclusive and demanding lifestyle in the UAE. 

Located at the heart of Dubai, Dubai Marina is perfect for living and spending time, complemented with an amazing view and fresh air from the sea.

A place for both expats and locals, Dubai Marina offers the perfect night out in terms of location and its variety of restaurants. It is also where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of high-rise buildings, yachts, lights and sea view after sunset.

When you visit in the evening, the cafes and restaurants tend to be full and coupled with the shisha smoke and lighting, it showcases the perfect blend of modern and traditional Dubai.

Dubai Marina

Visit Dubai Marina in the evening and you will realise the beauty and the atmosphere of this place.

Dubai Marina is also good to enjoy during the daytime with plenty of European-styled restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. Just so you know, there are more than 20 average-priced cafes and restaurants that you can enjoy with friends and family. The major attraction for children is the dancing fountain where they will want to match their tiny footsteps with the rhythmic water of the fountain. If you are a fan of water sports, Dubai Marina offers plenty of activities that range from eating to fitness and pleasure.

Easily accessible via the Dubai Metro, Dubai Marina is located near Sheik Zayed Road Interchange 5 and has ample parking spaces available.

The Dubai Marina Walk should also be on your list and it is an experience that you shouldn’t miss. The Dubai Marina Walk, which is in the water centre, adds further beauty to the area. It is the perfect place to enjoy fun activities, high-class shops, and different restaurants that offer seafood, grill, Indian, Japanese and Thai cuisines. You may even want to set aside some time to visit the beauty salons, spa, and coffee shops. What’s more? You can hire a boat at the marina to have some fun with friends and family on the sea.

Here are Some Highlights of the Dubai Marina that You Can Enjoy:


The Marina Mall in Dubai is good for shopping, relaxing and spending time with friends and family, both as a visitor and a resident. The mall has 4 levels with more than 140 shops of brands, supermarket, dining, cinemas, and kids play zone.

Skydive Dubai is very famous around the world and it is where one can enjoy life like a free bird. Here, you will come out of the plane at an altitude of 4000 meters, experience the thrill of free-falling for 1 minute, and then enjoy the breathtaking scenery during the 5-minute descent when the parachute is deployed.

You can have the most amazing dining experience at Dubai Marina Pier 7. The 7 different outlets at Dubai Marina Pier 7 offer a unique culinary experience with a variety of food choices. The 7 outlets are Asia Asia, Fume, O Cacti, The Scene, Cargo, and El Wahab and Atelier M.

Global travel authority Lonely Planet has today revealed its 2018 Best in Asia list – an agenda-setting collection of the continent’s 10 best destinations to visit in the year ahead.
For this third annual Best in Asia list, Lonely Planet’s in-house Asia experts have named “eclectic” and “vibrant” Busan, South Korea, as the number one destination; while the jewelled architecture and ancient cities of Uzbekistan are in second place; and in third comes Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, “a supercity that somehow keeps getting cooler”.“Asia is such a vast and diverse continent for anyone dreaming of an escape,” Lonely Planet’s Asia-Pacific Media Spokesperson Chris Zeiher says. “Our experts have combed through thousands of recommendations to pick the best destinations to visit over the next 12 months.”“From Nagasaki in Japan, to Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka,” Chris says, “this is a line-up to inspire a multitude of travellers – whether they’re based in Asia, or maybe they’ve already visited some of the region’s heavy-hitting destinations.”Lonely Planet’s Best in Asia 2018 is available online, with accompanying articles to each destination, at

  1. Busan, South Korea


“A stunning confluence of scenery, culture and cuisine…Busan packs an eclectic offering of activities to suit all travellers: hike hills to Buddhist temples, settle into sizzling hot springs and feast on seafood…at the country’s largest fish market. Poised to steal the spotlight, Busan is East Asia’s Culture City for 2018 and will be at its most vibrant with…colourful events showcasing the country’s cultural heritage, from street art festivals to traditional dance shows.

2. Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan’s historic treasures are now more accessible than ever
Uzbekistan’s historic treasures are now more accessible than ever © Andrii Lutsyk / Shutterstock

“Change is afoot in a country that has remained largely closed off to the wider world due to tight control following the end of the Soviet era. Uzbekistan has long held sway over travellers’ imaginations, with its dreamy mosaic-clad mosques and Silk Road lore…and in 2017 took huge strides in opening up to tourism, announcing visa-free and e-visa schemes, new air routes and extensions to its shiny high-speed rail line, making access to its arsenal of jewelled architecture and ancient cities easier than ever”.

3. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

This slick supercity is in no danger of going out of style.
This slick supercity is in no danger of going out of style. ©Dung Pham/500px

The southern supercity of Ho Chi Minh City somehow keeps getting cooler. Ageing apartment blocks are being colonised by vintage clothes stores and independent coffee shops, innovative breweries arefuelling one of the best craft beer scenes in Southeast Asia, and…eclectic venues are strengthening the local music scene. Add in long-standing attractions The War Remnants Museum and a pioneering street food scene…and this buzzing Asian megalopolis is in no danger of going out of style”.

4. Western Ghats, India

Rare flowers, steam trains and quirky hill stations are all on offer in the Western Ghats
Rare flowers, steam trains and quirky hill stations are all on offer in the Western Ghats. © Nate Hovee / Shutterstock

“The Western Ghats offer…an atmospheric mirror to Shimla and Darjeeling, with added jungle appeal… coffee, tea and spice plantations, charmingly dated colonial outposts, thundering waterfalls, and a steam-powered mountain railway. These rugged hills are Unesco listed as one of the top spots for biodiversity in the world, protecting the neelakurinji flower, which blooms only once every 12 years and will be painting the hills in purple livery from August to October 2018”.

5. Nagasaki, Japan

Nagasaki’s identity transcends one violent act
Nagasaki’s identity transcends one violent act. © SeanPavonePhoto / Getty Images

“For most, Nagasaki is synonymous with the tragic atomic bombing of August 1945…but remarkably, the city has converted the catastrophe into a call for peace, exemplified by the tranquil Nagasaki Peace Park and the Atomic Bomb Museum. However, Nagasaki’s identity transcends one violent act…visit a new foreign-trade museum housed in Japan’s oldest church, or pass the verdant harbour towards the hiking routes that snake through the surrounding volcanic hills”.

6. Chiang Mai, Thailand

A new energy has enveloped ancient Chiang Mai, evident in its innovative culinary scene
A new energy has enveloped ancient Chiang Mai, evident in its innovative culinary scene. ©Kseniia Ivanova / EyeEm/Getty Images

“This former capital of the Lanna Kingdom feels plucked from the pages of history, where visitors browse stalls of antique jewellery…among archaic alleyways…yet despite this, a young, creative population has taken up residency in Chiang Mai bringing an exciting buzz…alongside majestic chedis (stupas) are cafés known for their latte art, mural-walled fusion cuisine restaurants and the newly-opened, award-winning MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum”.

7. Lumbini, Nepal

Change is apace in sleepy Lumbini
Change is apace in sleepy Lumbini. © AlexFox / Getty Images
“For decades, Lumbini was somewhere travellers flashed through en route from India to Nepal, unaware they had passed within yards of the birthplace of the historical Buddha. Today, Lumbini is on the ascendancy…a new international airport is under construction offering a safer route into Nepal, and ever-more aweing temples are springing up”. Despite these developments, “the town’s cardinal draw will remain its tranquillity”.


8. Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay boasts a laid-back vibe and surf breaks for all levels
Arugam Bay boasts a laid-back vibe and surf breaks for all levels. © Shanti Hesse / Shutterstock

“This surf town on Sri Lanka’s east coast…has managed to retain its cool as holidaymakers swarm the rest of the country’s ancient citadels and hiker-strewn hill stations. Barefooted boarders sprawl outside vegan cafes…but if the turquoise swells can’t tug you in, Arugam has grown its onland offering with…beachside bars and makeshift music festivals; plus a handy proximity to Kumana National Park, home to leopards, elephants and crocodiles.

9. Sìchuān Province, China

Sìchuān is a microcosm of China, with a selection of ancient and modern attractions
Sìchuān is a microcosm of China, with a selection of ancient and modern attractions. ©akedesign/Shutterstock

Far-flung villages, towering skylines, giant pandas and fiery cuisine; Sìchuān Province is a microcosm of modern China…gain perspective surveying the Lè Shān Grand Buddha or climb Éméi Shān to absolve a lifetime’s sins…ride the first section of the Sìchuān-Tibet Railway to visit time-frozen Tibetan villages…or spot the mushrooming of luring brewpubs and boutique hotels in cosmopolitan Chéngdū.”

10. Komodo National Park, Indonesia

While glimpsing a dragon is a highlight, Komodo is home to a wealth of other wildlife attractions
While glimpsing a dragon is a highlight, Komodo is home to a wealth of other wildlife attractions. ©Anna Kucherova/Shutterstock

“New flight connections have made Komodo National Park more accessible than ever. Aside from laying eyes on the illustrious Komodo dragon, visitors to this cerulean-silhouetted archipelago can hike to hallowed viewpoints on Padar, sample laid-back beachside living on Kanawa and dive with a mind-boggling array of marine life in the reefs. A nature enthusiast’s nirvana”.

Visitors to also have the opportunity to enter a competition for a chance to win either a trip for two to Busan, South Korea, or a camera drone package from DJI. Terms and conditions apply.

For those that love the hustle and bustle, and bright lights; there’s nothing quite like a city break or escape. You’ll never be stuck for something to do and if you’re an energetic or restless soul who just loves to stay busy; a city getaway could be just what you need.  Sometimes, you just need a change of scenery and new experiences to unwind, relax, and have a great time. Vacations don’t always have to be a plane journey away and involve a beach. There are some great deals to be had on city escapes and it’s always worth keeping your eyes peeled for something that’s close by so that you can hop in your car and be there within an hour on a Friday night to enjoy a long weekend of fun.

There’s bound to be so much to do and see, so, you’ll need to make a plan beforehand so that you can squeeze as much of the fun stuff into your trip as possible. You don’t want to arrive and feel totally lost for a few days before heading home again. Therefore, it’s time to get your notebook and pen out, and start writing a list of the places you want to visit, shop, eat and drink, and where you’ll need to book. The following are some ideas and inspiration surrounding the benefits of a city break for those who don’t want to have to travel far for a weekend of nothing but fun.

Getting There: ASAP!

The best thing about heading to your nearest city is going to be the ease of getting there. Utilising public transport or driving your Ford there will always work out far more affordable than a flight. Choosing your nearest city to make the most of over your weekend will also keep travel and insurance costs down as you’ll be avoiding any lengthy road trips. It’s worth checking out different insurance companies before you leave to ensure that your car is covered for everything city life might be throwing at it. If you’re enjoying regular local city trips, you’re bound to cut down the mileage in your car along with the amount of gas you’ll use; so getting there will never break the bank. It’s also worth checking out if your chosen accommodation has secure parking or if you can find a carpark that will offer a deal for the duration of your stay. Sorting out parking beforehand will save you a lot of cash as city parking is renowned for being expensive.

It’s Time To Eat!

Whether you’ve travelling by public transport or car; you’re bound to be hungry after your journey. Stock up on snack and drinks for your journey, especially if you’ve booked some self-catering accommodation. However, if you’ve decided to fully enjoy what your city can offer in the way of places to get full; some snacks and bottles of drink will get you there without anyone getting hungry. With so many city-based deals on offer online; you’ll always be able to find somewhere to eat at a discounted price. Therefore, it’s worth taking a look online the week leading up to your trip and make the most of saving some cash that you can spend on something else when you’re there. Book into any popular restaurants, and plan that brunch or afternoon tea you’ve always wanted to try in the latest Instagram-worthy cafe.

See The Sights And Do All The Things!

As previously mentioned, you’ll never be stuck for something to do in a city setting, and, you’re only there for the weekend, right? So, it’s time to fill each day, evening, and night up, with something memorable and fun. There’ll always be a new restaurant or bar, or an exhibition in the gallery or museum to see. Heading into new and vibrant settings and experiencing different food, culture, and sights will enrich your life in the space of a couple of days and nights. Do plenty of online research and read an array of reviews so that you can discover some of the best things to do in your chosen city. Give yourself a budget; it’s too easy to overspend in a city setting so prioritise the things that you really want to do, see, eat, and drink. You can condense a lot of learning, discovery, and excitement into a short space of time when you’re staying in a city, thus ensuring that you don’t need to fly overseas for a fortnight to have the best getaway ever.

India is one of the places that have some heartening sights and mesmerising views. So, selecting of the vacation destinations in this country seems to be really infinite starting from various scenic destinations and different culturally and historically soaked sites to the cities bustling with confusions and chaos and the destinations that offer relaxed and laid-back stays. Among all the destinations, there is always the dilemma of selecting the destinations which are actually worthy of visiting. So, to help you out, here is a list of top 10 destinations in India that you must visit.

#1 Kye Monastery, Himachal Pradesh

The Kye Gompa is considered to be one of the ancient monasteries in the Himalayan range. This is also a sacred old place where the lahmas are being trained for thousands of years. Situated at the height of 13,668 ft in the Lahaul-Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh, this is a famous lamasery in India. There are three main floors in this monastery. One of these floors is located underground and it is mainly used as storage. Besides, there is also a room, known as Tangyur and this includes richly painted murals. The Kye monastery is very well known for the collection of old books and murals including several images of Buddha. The ground floor of this monastery includes beautifully decorated cells for monks and the Assembly Hall.

#2 Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh 

Located in the valley of the Tawang River, the Tawang Monastery is the largest monastery in the northwestern part of Arunachal Pradesh. Also known as the “Celestial Paradise on a clear night”, this place is popular for its true divine beauty. This monastery is developed like a mansion and the interior part of this monastery includes murals of saints and divinities painted on those that adds more spirituality to this monastery.

#3 Dawki River, Meghalaya

Dawki is a small town located in the West Jaintia Hills district located in Meghalaya and this town is also located on the border between Bangladesh and India. The Dawki River is the center of attraction of this town. The translucent water of this river captivates the minds of the tourists. The Dawki Bridge on this river offers a beautiful photographic view of this river.

#4 Dzuluk, East Sikkim

Situated in the rugged terrain of the Himalayan ranges, this place is now gaining loads of popularity among the tourists. In this place, a wonderful view of the eastern Himalayan Mountain range entices the minds of the travelers as well as their harmonious feelings.

#5 Cola Beach, Goa

This place is considered to be the “hidden paradise of Goa” and this place is also really difficult to reach. Although reaching to this place is tough, the beauty of this place would make the tourists fall for it. In fact, this is a secluded destination that obtains the beauty from the crystal clear water of the ocean and the scenic view of the place. Besides, this place has some serene surroundings where the tourists can enjoy a beautiful experience in the beach tents.

#6 Ladakh & Leh 

Apart from being a beautiful destination, Ladakh is a famous tourist destination among the bikers due to the marvelous roads that come with some infinite views. In fact, it is the dream of every biker to ride on the roads of Ladakh. The way to Ladakh also includes some amazing and ancient monasteries that add more color to this heavenly place. Apart from Ladakh, its capital Leh is also one of the most beautiful destinations in India that one must visit. The Royal Palace of Leh is the must visit here.

#7 Dal Lake, Jammu & Kashmir

This is one of the most popular tourist attractions of India with a crystal clear lake and colorful homes at the banks with the background of mountains. Going for a boat ride in this lake is actually a wonderful feeling that can move the tourists from inside.

#8 Andaman and Nicobar Islands

This is one of the union territories of India and this place is also the group of islands located at the juncture of the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Although this place is a secluded one, people prefer this place as one of the leading destinations in India because of the beauty of the place. This place comes with a beautiful shoreline that makes it a popular tourist destination. Besides, the beachside shacks of this place offer some delectable seafood.

#9 Pangong Lake, Ladakh

Also known as the high grassland lake of the Himalaya, this lake is the most beautiful place that you would ever see in your life. This place is so beautiful that it is just impossible to keep off the eyes from it. The lush blue water can take over the minds of the tourists completely. Besides, with the background view of the Himalayan range, it makes this place the perfect backdrop for some wonderful images.

#10 Lakshadweep

Also known as “a thousand islands” in the Sanskrit language, this place is the archipelago of three reefs, twelve atolls and five submerged banks with the total number of 39 islets and islands located in the southern part of India. The best thing about this place is that this place is entirely isolated. Things like warm water, untouched archipelago lagoons, and also the pure beauty of the coral reefs make this place heaven for both nature lovers and divers. The main islands of Lakshadweep are Agatti, Kavaratti, Amini, and Minicoy.

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A vacation is something you look forward to all year long, so it’s frustrating when something goes wrong. When your dream vacation turns into a nightmare, it can ruin your experience and make all the money you’ve spent feeling like a waste.

Many vacation horrors can be prevented by taking the right precautions and making sure you’re prepared. To help ensure you have the best vacation experience possible, here are some common vacation nightmares and tips on how you can avoid them.

Your car lets you down

If you’re setting off on a road trip, or you need your car to get to the airport, etc. you don’t want to take any chances with your vehicle. Make sure that you get it serviced before your trip and get any funny noises checked. Your nearest auto repair shop will be able to check your car and make sure everything is in good working condition before you set off on your trip. Make sure you pack some emergency supplies in case of a breakdown and make copies of all of your important documents.

You forget insurance

Travel insurance might seem like an unnecessary expense, especially if you haven’t claimed before. The truth is, you’d be kicking yourself if you were to get sick or have your items stolen during your vacation. The cost of medical treatment abroad can be astronomical, so it’s not worth the risk to travel without insurance. If you travel often, it might be worth taking out an annual travel insurance policy to make sure you’re covered wherever you go.

You get sick

Illness can ruin a trip, and many of the illnesses you pick up can be avoided. If you’re travelling out of the country, check that the place you’re visiting doesn’t require any special vaccinations and if they do, book them well enough in advance. Other things to bear in mind include drinking bottled water as opposed to tap water and be sure to cover up during peak sun hours. Pack a first aid kit and suss out where the local pharmacy and doctor are ahead of your visit.

You run out of money

Running out of money can be disastrous for your vacation. It’s easy to be feel excited and get caught up in the thrill of being away; but if you’re not careful with your budget, you might find yourself having to be frugal for the rest of your trip. Setting a budget per day and putting your money into labelled envelopes can help you to manage your money throughout your vacation and ensure you stay on track. Another thing you can do is to experience an all-in-one vacation and know that once you’ve booked your trip, you won’t have to spend more money while you’re there.

After working hard all year, you deserve a great vacation. Make your travels as simple and hassle-free as possible through careful planning and preparation and avoid those common vacation nightmares.

For a lot of people, travelling the world is a dream which always seems to be just a handful of jobs away. With the busyness of life, it can be quite hard to find the time to book flights, hotels, and transport, let alone do all of the research which has to come along with it. This is a shame, as it stops a lot of people from being able to achieve their travelling aspirations. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring all-in-one package vacations, and how they could be your ticket to a hassle-free vacation.

The Transport
When you are embarking on a package like this, you don’t have to do any of the complicated time balancing which comes with flights and transport. Instead, when you book the hotel, you’ll also be booking your plane tickets and transfer to the hotel. This saves loads of time without diminishing the experience you have once you get to your destination.

The Refreshments
Spending time or money on getting drinks when you’re on a vacation isn’t something you should have to do. A lot of package vacations include drinks for the duration of your stay, along with all of the food you’ll need on the trip. Over the last few years, options like this have become so affordable that eating out doesn’t feel like a waste of money. This gives you loads of flexibility along with the added ease.

The Luxury
Along with getting your hands on all of the food and drink you could have, a lot of these sorts of packages are hosted by resorts which are luxurious and they give you access to a wide range of amenities and facilities.

The Locations
Finally, a lot of people assume that breaks like this will limit your choice of locations. Nowadays, you can find hotels all over the world which can be booked with package deals. From a place like Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach, to the Broadmead Marriott Hotel, Bristol; you can find the most suitable accommodation that will suit your travel needs. The world is truly your oyster when you decide to go down a route like this.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start looking into the idea of a package vacation for your next break. While you might not get quite as much choice with an option like this, most people will find that the added ease makes it all worth it.

Travelling solo as a woman can be rather daunting. But the reality is, there are many women who travel solo and are more independent and confident because of it!

Courtesy of YOTEL Singapore, here are the top 5 must-dos for ladies who are embracing solo travelling for the first time:

1.  Stay In Touch & Connected

When you’re travelling alone, it’s always important to keep your loved ones updated on your whereabouts. Dealing with a bad connectivity or limited internet access can be frustrating, especially during talk time, so be sure to check your lodging’s internet capabilities. YOTEL Singapore, for instance, offers unlimited and super-strength WIFI for all guests – so, you won’t have to worry about the internet being patchy when you on a video call with mum.

(Image by Bruce Mars)

2.  Location! Location! Location!

We all know that picking a good location to stay is important, but even more so when you’re travelling alone for the first time. Staying in a city centre can definitely help you feel more secure, and it’s a great spot that’s typically walking distance from public transport. Take YOTEL Singapore for example, it’s situated in the heart of Singapore’s shopping district and just minutes away from buses and trains – easy peasy!

(Image by Kaique Rocha)

3.  Be A Smart Packer & Pack Light

Packing light doesn’t mean looking like a hobo, you can still take your cute outfits along, but striking a balance is key! Pack a good mix of clothes and shoes suitable for activities that you’re planning to do – adventures, nightlife or a trip to the museum – and bring pieces that you can mix and match to wear them in more than one way. Rolling your clothes instead of folding them is also another great way to save on baggage space. And of course, apart from a girl’s beauty essentials, skip the shampoo, soap and conditioner which hotels like, YOTEL, readily provide.

(Image by

4.  Always Have A Plan B

Ask any seasoned traveller and they’ll tell you that nothing ever goes to plan. Be it getting lost or going to a museum that happens to be closed, it’s always important to be prepared and have a Plan B so that you don’t waste time researching during your trip. Also remember to always keep important names, addresses and numbers on hand – grabbing the hotel’s business card at the reception is a quick way to do this and it certainly comes in super handy if you don’t speak the local language.

(Image by @theoccasionaltraveller)

5.  Embrace Meeting New People!

Travelling solo doesn’t have to be lonely. There are always plenty of opportunities to make new friends while you’re exploring a new city. The best place to start could even be in your hotel lobby! Have a chat with them and who knows, maybe you’ll end up exploring the city together. You could also join a tour to mingle with other tourists or join online travel communities like Meetup or Facebook groups to see if they organise events in the area that you’re travelling to. By the end of your trip, you’d have met a whole new bunch of people!

(Image of Mission Control, by YOTEL Singapore)

Last but not least, always trust your gut. If you’ve got a sinking feeling that something isn’t right, then it probably isn’t, so always be on your guard!  

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March is the best time to explore Hong Kong in an artsy way. For the entire month of March this year, Hong Kong’s flourishing arts scene will be showcased through an inspirational spectrum of arts events planned in various neighbourhoods across the city. With events ranging from world-class art happenings downtown and performing arts programmes from around the world, to unique and exciting arts offerings in local communities, there is something for everyone during Hong Kong Arts Month.

Acclaimed International Art Events in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Arts Festival (HKAF) will be the premier event to kick-off Hong Kong Arts Month. From 23 February to 24 March, the 46th HKAF will feature over 1,700 international and local artists in 130 performances. This year’s highlights include Whipped Cream by the American Ballet Theatre, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by the National Theatre of Great Britain, and Debussy’s Pelléas et Mélisande staged by the legendary Welsh National Opera.

Another highlight is Art Central Hong Kong, which will be staged at the Central Harbourfront Event Space from 27 March to 1 April, with a VIP preview and inauguration event on 26 March. The fourth edition will return with 30 galleries participating for the first time and over 100 international galleries — of which over 75% are from Asia-Pacific — making it the largest edition in scale by far. Art Central Hong Kong’s dynamic week-long programme also includes interactive installations, performances and a panel discussion.

 Art Basel in Hong Kong, now in its sixth editionwill take place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 29 to 31 March. The world-famous international art fair will feature 248 leading galleries from 32 countries and territories, with 28 of them from Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Americas participating for the first time. Art Basel will offer an expansive view of its diverse arts vision, historical materials and cutting-edge works by established and emerging artists.

Savour Distinctive Arts in Local Neighbourhoods

Authentic and inspiring arts happenings in local Hong Kong neighbourhoods are also gems to be discovered. Sham Shui Po, a local neighbourhood which offers one of the most heritage-rich experiences in Hong Kong, is one of the highlights in this edition of Hong Kong Arts Month. The HK Urban Canvas community art project, organised by the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation, has brought talented local artists and students together to create 10 shutter artworks that tell the stories of local shops in the Sham Shui Po neighbourhood. Visitors are encouraged to join weekend 2 tours from late-March to mid-April to learn more about the art project and the neighbourhood. Free guided cultural tours conducted in Cantonese and Mandarin are available on a first-come, first-served basis. (Please visit HK Urban Canvas’ Facebook Page for more details.)

If you are visiting Art Basel, consider gallery-hopping in Wong Chuk Hang as well. The South Island district, which includes Wong Chuk Hang, has been an upcoming arts hub in Hong Kong thanks to the opening of the MTR South Island Line in late 2016. On South Island Art Day on 29 March, around 16 art galleries and studios in the South Island Cultural District will open their doors to host exhibitions and performances. Free guided tours are available for reservation at, or on-site on the event day. (Please visit for more details.)

Hidden within industrial buildings in the New Territories is Fo Tan, another up-and-coming art neighbourhood that is lesser known to visitors. Since year 2000, it has been transformed from a predominantly industrial district into a vibrant artistic community, due to the more affordable rents in the area. With pottery, sculpture and Chinese calligraphy to contemporary art pieces, visitors will definitely find something of interest in the neighbourhood. On 31 March, Fotan Open Studios will offer a great opportunity for those interested to meet and exchange ideas with local artists, and be inspired by them (For more details, please visit

A Comprehensive Range of Events Not to be Missed

During Hong Kong Arts Month, there will be a lot more to explore in key art and cultural spaces, such as the PMQ, the Fringe Club, and various hotels and malls like K11 and Pacific Place. Special mention must be made of Hong Kong’s first international sculpture park — the Harbour Arts Sculpture Park — which will showcase museum-quality sculptures at the Victoria Harbourfront from 22 February to 11 April. This admission-free event will be staged at the Central and Western District Promenade and will feature sculptures by over 18 emerging and renowned local and international contemporary artists. The event offers a unique opportunity for visitors to get up close with the art pieces at the edge of the iconic Victoria Harbour.

Another highlight is ArtisTree’s Notating Beauty That Moves — Music at an Exhibition at Taikoo Place from 3 to 29 March, which will present musical scores in the classical and contemporary hands of composers from the past and present, artworks of various forms, as well as concerts by top-notch musicians. 


Is it a place you currently have on your bucket list of countries to visit?

With some of the most beautiful destinations and places to see and experiences to have, it’s easy to understand why so many people would like to go there at least once in their lifetime. There are of course other popular destinations such as Jakarta or Bali that many of us would have already heard of but while there are other places to see and many things to do in the region; here are some tips that could come in handy if you ever decide to visit Indonesia. So if you are looking for everything that you would need to know about your next holiday to Indonesia, read on to find out more.

The Places To Visit

Indonesia as a region may have been on your bucket list, but where should you go? 

There are many popular destinations within Indonesia that are worth considering. From beaches to city vibes, I thought I would share with you some of them.


If you think Indonesia, chances that the next word to pop into your head will be Bali. One of the most popular destinations in Indonesia, Bali really needs no introduction but I am going to tell you a little bit about it anyway. Bali has long been a place for people to take vacations, thanks to the wonderful luxurious resorts that adorn the sparkly shoreline. Even then, there are also many backpackers and tourists who are on a shoestring budget but still taking in the beauty of this destination. Bali is certainly a place that rocks many buckets lists for sure. If you are looking for a more ancient Bali vibe, heading north will give you all of the thrills.


Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia that is home to more than nine million people, is a sprawling city. Many people use Jakarta as a pit stop for a few days of fun and sightseeing before heading off to some of the more remote islands or the popular resort of Bali. The Kota Tui Old Town in Jakarta is definitely worth a visit. If you are planning to buy a property in Jakarta, websites like might be helpful. Jakarta is definitely worthy of a stop before heading somewhere for a bit of relaxation, but don’t forget that it is also a great hub for business and investment opportunities.


Gili Islands

Want a tropical paradise, then look no further than the Gili Islands. A trio of islands between Lombok and Bali, these little gorgeous nuggets of tranquillity are not to be missed. The two smaller islands, Gili Air and Gili Meno, are quite secluded and laidback whereas the larger of the three, Gili Trawangan, is a much livelier place to see. A real hive for backpackers, the rustic bars at Gili Islands is filled with a mix of cultures and people from all over the globe.


Hate following the crowds? Then Lombok is the next best alternative to the ever-popular Bali. Despite its growing popularity in recent decades, most of the Eastern Island in Lombok is still underdeveloped, which makes it a real beauty for some tranquillity. With less of the commercialised bars, clubs and restaurants, and more of the rustic and simple features, Lombok is a great place if you are after some time of pure thinking space with no distractions other than the beautiful weather and ocean. 

When Should You Travel To Indonesia?

One of the big considerations when travelling to Indonesia is the weather; thus make sure you travel during the best season. The best time to visit Indonesia is between May and September where the days are dry and sunny. Websites like are especially helpful should you need more information about the current local weather in Indonesia.

The Best Things To Do In Indonesia

For some people, a holiday is often just about finding a decent sun lounger with a bar close by in a great beach resort. There is nothing wrong with that and as we have already pointed out, destinations like Bali would suit that kind of holiday style. However, if you want to see and do some of the more popular things, here are some suggestions:

Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is part of a collection of volcanoes that are active and is part of the Tengger Massif. It isn’t the tallest of them, but it is certainly one of the most well-known and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Indonesia. Sitting at 7,641ft high, it is certainly something to be marvelled at and definitely worthy of a visit.


If you are looking for something cultural, then look no further than the heart of Bali. Nestled against the stunning terraced rice fields, which are also a sight to behold, Ubud holds dance and musical performances in the city daily. If you want to learn about the Balinese culture, Ubud is definitely the place.


Finally, no trip would be complete without heading to the world’s largest Buddhist temple, Borobudur. Built in the 9th century during the reign of the Sailendra Dynasty, the temple design follows Javanese Buddhist architecture, which blends the Indonesian indigenous cult of ancestor worship and the Buddhist concept of attaining Nirvana. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Borobudur is Indonesia’s single most visited tourist attraction.

While some people may be put off from travelling as far as Indonesia for a holiday, it is certainly worth the long journey. With so much to see and do, you may end up feeling like one holiday there won’t be enough. Couples, backpackers, students on GAP years or even families will all benefit from some of the amazing things this region has to offer. I certainly think it should definitely be a place for you to consider visiting in the future.

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All times local.