The Singapore outpost becomes the world’s first Skyline Luge to transform into a musical extravaganza, with monthly musical themes and special guest DJ playlists to create a fresh and immersive experience for all

Night owls, music lovers and thrill-seekers, this one’s for you! Skyline Luge Singapore — one of Sentosa’s most beloved and popular attractions — is proud to unveil Ride the Beat, a new sensory experience that brings the well-known Skyline Luge experience to a whole new level of fun! As the first Skyline Luge site in the world to bring music onto its exhilarating tracks, Ride the Beat is a new experience that invites you to go on a musical joyride. Ride the soundwaves and zip down dazzling neon-lined tracks to the rhythm of popular music and beats every Friday and Saturday from 7pm – 9pm!

The launch of Ride the Beat will also be accompanied by a collaboration with AFTERLIFE by AIKO Collective, the nightlife arm of one of Singapore’s hottest new event agencies. EDM expert DJ Hamez brings the club to the tracks with a specially curated playlist that will be played throughout February, setting the mood for a rager of a night that will hype up your rides and have you grooving from pole position to the finish line! 

Keep a look out for other exciting musical and DJ collaborations at Ride the Beat throughout the year, with rotating musical themes and DJs promising to keep the experience fresh every time.

Ride the Beat: A Mesmerising Fusion of Music, Lights and Action 

Music is the heart of the new Ride the Beat experience! As you set off from the starting line, be enthralled by high-energy beats that amp up the dynamic rhythm of the ride. Whether it’s the pulsating bass that accentuates sharp turns, or the dynamic melodies that accompany smooth descents, each note becomes an integral part of the Ride the Beat experience — all with a visual feast of neon lights as your backdrop! 

Pick your path and get set for an adrenaline-fueled ride through twists, turns and pure excitement! Skyline Luge Singapore offers 2.6km of downhill fun split between four thrilling Luge tracks. Each track has specially designed features that include curvy corners and exhilarating tunnels that will have you grinning from ear to ear. Choose between the Expedition Trail or the Jungle Trail for the best musical experience during your ride. The moment you push off from the starting point to embark on your chosen track, you’re instantly enveloped in a sensory symphony that electrifies the air. The neon-lit tracks carve through the darkness, casting a mesmerising glow that guides your descent.

Since its opening in 2005, Skyline Luge has become one of Sentosa’s most beloved attractions by both tourists and locals alike. In the 19 years since its opening, the attraction 

has undergone continual upgrading and improvements to ensure that each visit is not just fun, but also promises a fresh and exhilarating ride each time. Now, with an exciting musical twist infused into the famous attraction, Ride the Beat gives visitors and locals alike a whole new immersive and dynamic experience that they’ll keep coming back for — once is never enough!

Exclusive Promotions with Shake Shack

In collaboration with Shake Shack’s Sentosa outlet, discover exciting launch promotions from 1 February to 30 April to complete your memorable evening at Skyline Luge!

Get a free box of Cheese Fries from Shake Shack with every purchase of Night Luge’s 3 Ride Combo. Grab your friends and create unforgettable memories at Sentosa with adrenaline-pumping rides and beachside gatherings.

Ticketing Information

Tickets to Night Luge Ride the Beat are now available for sale at Skyline Luge’s Ticketing Counter — or skip the queue and purchase tickets from the official Skyline Luge site here

Night Luge Ride the Beat Prices
Individual – Flexi$36

The Ride the Beat experience transforms the Skyline Luge as you know and love it into a thrilling visual and auditory experience. Gather your friends together, because Ride the Beat promises to be a breathtakingly fun and unforgettable experience!

For more information and for the latest updates on the Night Luge Ride the Beat, visit Skyline Luge Singapore’s website here

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is getting ready for the opening of World of Frozen, the world’s first and largest “Frozen” themed land, on 20 November. Inspired by the Walt Disney Animation Studios’ films, ‘Frozen’ and ‘Frozen 2’, which are among the biggest animated films of all time, World of Frozen will transport guests to the cinematic and living land – Arendelle. Guests will delve into this immersive travel destination, with its captivating stories, beloved characters, culture, stunning landscapes, enchanting music, and cutting-edge technology for the first time in forever by celebrating Summer Snow Day and enjoying the fun-filled attractions such as Frozen Ever After and Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs.

Explore the Living Land of Arendelle and Celebrate Summer Snow Day

Summer Snow Day commemorates the day that Anna saved Elsa and the kingdom with an act of true love. Guests are invited to visit this whimsical realm and rejoice in the lively festivities!

World of Frozen puts a number of iconic scenes in the ‘Frozen’ movies to life. Some of its signature spots include the North Mountain, with its peak as the highest point in Arendelle; the Ice Palace where Elsa unleashes her icy powers freely for the first time; Arendelle Castle, home of the royal family; the Bay of Arendelle, featuring the small fishing boat that Anna fell on when she met Prince Hans, Clock Tower where Anna danced with Prince Hans; and Friendship Fountain where Elsa uses her magical powers to freeze its water into beautiful snowflake ornamentations.

Image Credits: Hong Kong Disneyland – Friendship Fountain

Guests can also immerse themselves in the joy of the Summer Snow Day celebration by taking a Frozen Ever After journey to meet Elsa at her Ice Palace that is open to all for the first time, embarking on a wondrous adventure on Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs, enjoying a unique interactive play experience with Anna and Elsa at Playhouse in the Woods.

Image Credits: Hong Kong Disneyland – Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs

To prepare for the Summer Snow Day celebration, guests can immerse in the enchanting festivities with a special outfit. Wear rosemaling patterned clothes, add glittering ice-inspired face paint, and style the hair like Elsa or wear a cape like Anna to show the love for the royal sisters.

No visit to Arendelle would be complete without indulging in its exquisite cuisine and exploring its charming shops, which are deeply rooted in Nordic history and culture. Do not miss Golden Crocus Inn and Bayside Wharf for a taste of local delicacies inspired by traditional Nordic dishes, grab a bite at Forest Fare or sweet treats at Northern Delights.

Image Credits: Hong Kong Disneyland – Golden Crocus Inn Main Course

Visit Tick Tock Toys & Collectibles and Traveling Traders for a delightful shopping experience, where guests can find the perfect souvenirs to bring home cherished memories. Complete the magical Arendelle journey by staying at one of the enchanting resort hotels and participate in themed recreation activities that will make the Arendelle experience truly unforgettable

Pushing the Boundaries of Creativity to Bring ‘Frozen’ to Life
World of Frozen is the next level of immersive storytelling like never before. The world-class expertise of Walt Disney Imagineering pushed the boundaries of creativity to bring Arendelle, the home of Anna and Elsa, to life through extensive research with inspiration from Norway.

Image Credits: Hong Kong Disneyland – World of Frozen Map

To promote the enchanting beauty of Arendelle, Olaf has been appointed as the global ambassador by Anna and Elsa to extend a heartfelt invitation to all corners of the globe for the Summer Snow Day celebration in Arendelle!

Key Highlights at World of Frozen

Image Credits: Hong Kong Disneyland – World of Frozen
  • Perfectly Blends the Unique Natural Landscape of Hong Kong – World of Frozen seamlessly integrates with Lantau Island’s natural landscape and the design of North Mountain, providing guests with expansive views of both. The seamless transition between artificial landforms and natural surroundings embraces guests entirely in World of Frozen.
  • Integrates Inspiration from Norway to Create a Must-visit Travel Destination – Inspired by, Norway the themed land features a town that allows guests to discover Arendelle. The scenery, architectural design, clothing and cuisine, are all infused with rich Norwegian elements, including “Dragestil” (dragon style) architectural style, Balestrand’s asymmetrical architecture, and rosemaling floral decorative paintings.
  • Dances between Reality and Magic through Enchanting Music – The team worked with award- winning composer, Andrew Cottee, to rearrange the iconic music from the movies for World of Frozen, with various tunes played in different locations throughout the land, to tell stories with strong emotional connections. The cinematic music builds the perfect ambience for guests to feel the story of Frozen with different senses.
  • Re-creates Cinematic Features with Meticulous Craftsmanship and Extensive Research – Disney Imagineers spent over three years in concept and design, working in partnership with artists and storytellers from Walt Disney Animation Studios, to accurately depict cinematic features in World of Frozen. The team analysed ice textures, colours, and how these relate to Elsa’s emotions to recreate her Ice Magic. Attention was paid to every detail including various forms of ice and snow, and different materials were studied and experimented to truly represent the Ice Palace and icy ornaments.
  • Brings ‘Frozen’ Characters to Life through Advanced Technology – Frozen Ever After is the first attraction at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort to feature Walt Disney Imagineering’s most advanced, all-electric Audio-Animatronics® figures, which bring to life characters like Anna, Elsa and Kristoff with amazing realism.

Hong Kong Disneyland Appoints Klook Travel as the Designated Booking Platform for World of Frozen Launch

Hong Kong Disneyland is thrilled to announce the appointment of Klook as the designated booking platform for the highly anticipated launch of World of Frozen themed products in the Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore. As part of this exciting collaboration, a series of unique World of Frozen experiences and products will be made available exclusively on Klook Travel. This collaboration will enable the resort to continue enchanting fans worldwide with Disney magic, inviting guests to embark on a journey to the kingdom of Arendelle, and become part of the beloved Frozen story, found only at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Guests who book through Klook Travel will have the exclusive opportunity to be among the first to explore World of Frozen with a special hotel package on 4 November 2023 before its official gate opens on 20 November 2023. In addition, guests can also purchase the “One-Day Ticket with Early Park Entry Pass” to enjoy a hassle-free experience. Passholders can enjoy early park entry, allowing them access to the park 1 hour before the official opening time.

Image Credits: Hong Kong Disneyland -World of Frozen In-Room Celebration

To learn more details, please visit hong-kong/ and book your trip to this whimsical realm now.

As an avid traveller myself and having been to 23 countries across 5 continents, this post is something that I strongly resonated with and I hope to share with all parents and youth travellers because it is true that we are more likely to take risks during our travels and endanger ourselves. For example, during our trip to Hua Hin, Thailand and Batam, Indonesia; I went Paragliding and Parasailing (not fully understanding the risks sometimes), rode an electric scooter with my Mrs as pillion in Kenting, Taiwan (which was fun but scary and now come to think of it, probably foolish) and went on a Glacier Hike with my Mrs in New Zealand.

Youth travellers have a lower risk cognitive level and are more likely to adopt risk-taking attitudes in their travels, based on several studies such as from Akritidis et al., Cui et al., and Han et al. With the rise of international travel over the last year, International SOS has announced a podcast series to address health and safety concerns related to youth independent travel, to guide them on good habits and tips to travel safely.

Titled “Safeguarding Tomorrow’s Future”, experts from International SOS will share their insights on travel risks that youths may be more susceptible to, and how to prevent or mitigate these risks. The six episodes will be launched on a weekly basis, starting from 15 May 2023.

Lim Hui Ject, International SOS’ Managing Director (Singapore & Brunei), says: “We recognise the many risks associated with youth independent travel and we are glad to be able to step in and offer guidance through our subject matter experts. We have seen a rise in international travel with international trips in the last eight months surpassing the average monthly number of international trips in pre-COVID times. With the overall increase in international travel, we also expect this to include an increase in youth travel as well. With COVID-related restrictions preventing youth from travelling for so long, we worry that their excitement may cloud their decision making when it comes to their travel plans. As a pioneer and leader in international health and security risk management, we would like to act to help guide young travellers, as they begin exploring travelling independently.”

Youth travellers are less likely to think through the potential risks of their travel plans in depth and are easily influenced by social media. Studies by Condor Ferries, a ferry and cruise company in the UK, found that 90 per cent of them have their international travel decisions influenced by social media content. Furthermore, many youths will be travelling for the first time without their parents or teachers to look out for them. Their lack of exposure in travelling independently results in them having less experience in managing any potential risks by themselves.

Dr Low Kiang Wei, Medical Director (Singapore), International SOS adds: “As highlighted in International SOS’ Risk Outlook 2023, looking beyond COVID-19, emerging global issues, such as rising levels of social unrest and the growing impact of climate change, are an additional dimension of worry for youths exploring independent travel. As these issues are likely to stay for the long term, we must equip our youths with the necessary capabilities to deal with these issues.”

The podcast will also feature local university students who have recently gone on overseas trips and are willing to share more about their travel experiences. The series will cover six topics with relevant subject matter experts addressing the risks associated with these topics.

Bala Selvam, Regional Security Manager, International SOS, adds: “By getting the youths to highlight their own experiences and concerns over six different topics, it allows the subject matter experts to address real risks based on the youths’ authentic experiences. It also ensures that youths are provided with holistic advice through the different topics and episodes. This helps the youth to address their checklist of concerns as they plan for their first independent trip.”

To help youths explore travelling independently in a safe manner, the six episodes will cover the following topics:

  1. Staying Safe While Saving Money – Dissecting traditional and shared economy options for travel accommodation and transportation with the focus on how young people can balance staying safe while saving money.
  2. How Extreme Weather Puts Your Trip At Risk – What you need to know about health and safety risks of natural disasters and extreme weather
  3. Caught Up In Crowds – Keeping yourself safe in crowded environments, know the signs and how to protect yourself.
  4. Let’s Party Safely – The medical and security risks of substance ingestion, such as alcohol and drugs, while overseas.
  5. Mental Wellness While Abroad – Unpacking the emotional journey of going abroad to a new environment – how one can cope and seek support.
  6. When Sharing Becomes Dangerous – The potential dangers of sharing of personal details and itinerary while abroad, both online and offline.

Do tune in to the podcast series and I am very sure many will find the topics helpful and insightful for safe travels!

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, has a rich history and culture, making it a popular destination for tourists. One of the most famous attractions in Seoul is Gyeongbokgung Palace, a magnificent example of traditional Korean architecture.

This palace was built in the 14th century and was the main royal palace of the Joseon dynasty. Visitors can explore the palace grounds and see the changing of the guard ceremony, which takes place every hour.

Seoul is also famous for its street food, a must-try for anyone visiting the city. From savory dishes like tteokbokki and hotteok to sweet treats like bingsu and churros, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to its cultural and culinary attractions, Seoul is also a shopping paradise; no wonder, you can easily find hotels in Seoul for tourists. The city is home to numerous shopping districts and markets, where visitors can find everything from traditional Korean goods to high-end fashion brands.

Best Hotels in South Korea

1.     LOTTE City Hotel Myeongdong

Address: 362, Samil-daero, Jung-gu, Jung, Myeongdong, Seoul, South Korea, 100-220

Price: starts from SGD 241

The LOTTE City Hotel Myeongdong is a great choice for travelers looking for a comfortable stay in a convenient location. The hotel is situated 0.76 km from the Seoul Subway. In addition to its convenient location, the LOTTE City Hotel Myeongdong is close to the Sejong Cultural Center (1.15 km) and the National Theater of Korea (2.03 km). Get set for a stay with deluxe amenities and personalized service.

2.     Marigold Hotel

Address: 112, Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Hongdae, Mapo, Seoul, South Korea, 121-893

Price: starts from SGD 116

The Marigold Hotel is a hotel that can be found in Hongdae, which is known for being a pleasant area. The distance between the hotel and Seoul Station is a mere 4.43 kilometers. Not only is the Marigold Hotel in a convenient location, but it is also one of the hotels that is located near the Sejong Cultural Center (5.49 kilometers away) and the National Theater of Korea (7.14 kilometers away).

3.     Migliore Hotel Seoul Myeongdong

Address: 115 Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Jung, Myeongdong, Seoul, South Korea, 100-011

Price: starts from SGD 185

The Migliore Hotel Seoul Myeongdong is a hotel in a desirable location, as it can be found in the Myeongdong district of Seoul. The hotel is about 0.2 km away from Seoul Metro due to its location. Not only is the Migliore Hotel Seoul Myeongdong in a convenient location, but it is also one of the hotels that is located close to the Sejong Cultural Center (1.49 kilometers away) and the National Theater of Korea (1.69 kilometers away).

4.     Brown Suites Jeju Hotel & Resort

Address: 94, Goseongojo-ro, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo, Jeju Island, South Korea

Price: starts from SGD 60

When visiting Seogwipo, staying at Brown Suites Jeju Hotel & Resort is a great choice. Because of its convenient location near numerous services, this motel is easy to locate. Get set for a stay you will remember, thanks to the hotel’s deluxe amenities and personalized service. The front desk is open around the clock to help you with everything you might possibly need, from checking in to leaving. Be bold about asking the front desk for additional services (i.e. such as late check-out) if you need it; they’ll try their best to meet your needs.

5.     Hotel Leo

Address: 14, Sammu-ro, Jeju City, Jeju Island, South Korea, 690-813

Price: starts from SGD 88

Hotel Leo is a hotel that can be found in Jeju City and is situated in a pleasant neighborhood. The hotel enjoys a very convenient position, as it is only 2.41 kilometers from Jeju International Airport (CJU). Not only is Hotel Leo located in a convenient spot, but it is also one of the hotels that is located close to the Folklore and Natural History Museum, which is 4.38 kilometers away, and the Jeju Education Museum, which is 4.66 kilometers away.

You can check out these hotel recommendations while planning a trip to South Korea. Some of them are hotels in Jeju if you are looking for the best accommodations in Jeju. So, pack your things now and get ready to have a wonderful time in South Korea with Traveloka.

When thinking about what kind of experience you’d like to have in Singapore, the Lion City’s top attractions may be the first things that come to mind. Famous mainstay attractions like Marina Bay Sands and Universal Studios Singapore are certainly worth visiting any time of the year. But if you’d like to experience the spirit of Singapore in unique ways, consider putting one of its spectacular festivities on your travel itinerary.

Since Singapore is a multi-ethnic society, the locals have plenty of opportunities to celebrate their rich culture and tradition. Let’s take a look at eight of Singapore’s annual festivals that are worth adjusting your travel schedule for. Time your visit to the city, book a room in one of the hotels near Singapore airport, and head to these events with an open mind, heart, and stomach.

Singapore Food Festival                                                          

The Singapore Food Festival is perfect for travellers who come to the city hungry for Singapore’s delectable cuisine. This festival showcases the city’s multicultural Chinese, Malay, Indian, Eurasian, and Peranakan heritage through its diverse food options, from timeless traditional cuisine to modern favourites.

Aside from treating festival goers to delicious food, this event also provides international chefs with a platform to flaunt their culinary skills. Patrons can also get cooking lessons and learn how to cook some of Singapore’s popular dishes the Singaporean way.

Entry to the festival is free, and patrons will only need to pay for the things they’ll purchase. The festival is held all over the city-state, but if you want to go to the best spots, Clifford Square and Chinatown are the places to be. The Singapore Food Festival is typically held in July, but the exact event date is subject to change.

Singapore HeritageFest

Singapore HeritageFest (SHF) is celebrated to empower and inspire Singaporeans to keep their heritage alive. Each year, the festival highlights a certain aspect of Singapore that has made the city what it is today. Some of these subjects include the city’s public transportation, natural heritage, and ASEAN connections.

During this festival, people are treated to various exhibitions, guided tours, workshops, and digital offerings that tell the story of Singapore’s rich heritage. The Singapore HeritageFest is usually held in May. If you are free that month, consider going and celebrating the festivities with the locals. 

Dragon Boat Festival

One of the most exciting festivals you can attend in Singapore is the Dragon Boat Festival. This festival honours the famous Chinese scholar Qu Yuan, a highly-regarded minister of state who was known for his honesty.

People celebrate by watching or participating in the dragon boat races, as well as eating copious amounts of glutinous rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves. The Dragon Boat Festival is held on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. You can catch the festival at Bedok Reservoir, Kallang River, or DBS Marina Regatta at Marina Bay.

Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival marks the end of the autumn harvest, and it’s also the time when people give thanks to the gods. This festival is held on the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar’s eighth month (between the middle and end of September), which is also when the moon is shining at its brightest.

Most of the festival’s celebrations occur when dusk falls. Once the city is bathed in moonlight, its streets are lit with thousands of lanterns and filled with the sounds of people enjoying mooncakes and sipping tea. Locals also host moon-viewing parties to celebrate the festivities with their friends and relatives.

What’s more, people can enjoy traditional Chinese storytelling and cross-talk performances at Esplanade, one of Singapore’s popular performing arts centres. If you’re a tourist headed to Singapore in autumn, don’t miss the Mid-Autumn Festival there.

Hungry Ghost Festival

During the seventh month of the lunar calendar (August to September), the Chinese in Singapore celebrates the Hungry Ghost Festival. As per Chinese custom, it’s believed that the souls of the deceased roam the earth during this time of the year. Thus, to appease them, people give them offerings by burning joss sticks, food, and paper money.

Observing these festivities will provide visitors to Singapore a way to understand how deeply connected Chinese Singaporeans are to their Chinese heritage. It also gives travellers a chance to experience getai (Chinese opera) performances, which are held to entertain guests and wandering spirits. 


For the Tamils in Singapore, Pongal is a revered celebration that offers thanksgiving to Surya, the Sun God, for a bountiful harvest. In India and Sri Lanka, Pongal is officially celebrated over the course of four days. However, Pongal in Singapore is celebrated throughout the month of Thai or the tenth month of the Tamil calendar (mid-January to mid-February).

During this month-long celebration, people can enjoy a series of song and dance performances, workshops, and hands-on activities in Singapore’s Little India.

Hari Raya Puasa

Hari Raya Puasa marks the end of Ramadan, and for Singapore’s Muslim community, it’s a time to seek forgiveness and to strengthen bonds among family and friends. During this holy festival, Singapore’s Muslim community feast on good food and don new clothes, giving people a glimpse of how they celebrate their faith.

During Hari Raya Puasa, people of all religions can enjoy the halal foods and wares that are offered in bazaars such as Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar, Kampong Glam Bazaar, and Sembawang West Bazaar Ramadan. Partake in the joy of Eid al-Fitr and celebrate Hari Raya Puasa in Singapore.

Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in Singapore. This festival begins on the first day of the first lunar month in the Chinese calendar, which falls between the last week of January and early February.

During Lunar New Year celebrations, people can expect Singapore’s streets to be lit up in colourful lights and adorned with striking red decorations. Traditional lion and dragon dances can also be seen in Chinatown, and at both the quays along the Singapore River. Locals and visitors alike can enjoy traditional Chinese sweets like long xu tang (Dragon Beard candy) and be amazed by the various products being sold in the night markets.

Singapore is more than just the city where you can find the Merlion statue, Marina Bay Sands, and the Singapore Flyer. It’s also a city that houses a melting pot of cultures and traditions that have been kept alive by its people. Thanks to the numerous festivals held each year, travellers and locals can partake in the joy, gratitude, and celebration of culture that characterise life in Singapore.

Hong Kong, a vibrant city known for its bustling streets, skyscrapers, and delicious cuisine, is a must-visit destination for travellers. With the covid restrictions in Hong Kong eased, my family and I seized the opportunity to explore this fascinating city and enjoyed its unique blend of cultures, history, and modernity.

We chose to fly with Singapore Airlines, and it was a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The flight was smooth, with friendly and attentive service from the flight attendants. The in-flight entertainment was excellent, with a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and games to choose from. As we brought our children along for the trip to Hong Kong, we did not have the luxury of time to enjoy the in-flight entertainment.

Singapore Airlines offers a range of services and amenities for travellers with children to make the flight more comfortable and enjoyable for both kids and parents. These include kid-friendly meals, entertainment options, and activity kits with games and toys to keep little ones occupied during the flight. There are also baby changing facilities on board, and the crew is happy to assist with any special requests, such as heating up baby food or providing extra blankets and pillows.

Throughout our trip, we stayed at the Royal Plaza Hotel, which is located in the heart of Mong Kok. This luxurious hotel offers spacious rooms with stunning city views and amenities, including a fitness centre, swimming pool, and multiple dining options. The hotel’s central location made it easy to explore the city, and we like how convenient and accessible it is.

One of the attractions we visited in Hong Kong was the Cup Noodles Museum. Located in the Kowloon Bay area, the museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the history and production of one of the world’s most popular instant noodle brands. We even created our custom cup noodles to take home as souvenirs. However, if you have been to the Cup Noodles Museum in Japan, you might consider giving this a miss.

Another highlight of our trip was exploring the vibrant Mong Kok Street. This bustling district is famous for its street markets, which sell everything from clothes and electronics to street food and souvenirs. We spent hours wandering through the narrow alleyways, admiring the colourful neon signs and soaking up the lively atmosphere.

We also visited Fung Ying Seen Koon temple. The temple is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit, offering a unique glimpse into Hong Kong’s rich spiritual traditions. Nestled amid lush greenery, Fung Ying Seen Koon features intricate architecture and artwork. We enjoyed the peaceful ambience and the chance to learn more about the history and traditions of Taoism.

Our trip to Hong Kong has been a memorable and enriching one. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or delicious food, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city. Travelling with two young kiddos was fun but tiring. Here are some tips that we have if you’re planning to travel to Hong Kong with young children:

  1. Pack plenty of snacks and drinks to keep your children fueled throughout the day. Hong Kong is a busy city, and you may find yourself on the go for hours at a time.
  2. Bring comfortable shoes and clothing for both you and your children. You’ll be doing a lot of walking, and the weather can be hot and humid.
  3. Consider bringing a stroller or carrier for younger children. Hong Kong’s streets can be crowded and uneven, so it’s important to have a safe and comfortable way to transport your child.
  4. Plan your itinerary with your children’s interests and energy levels in mind. Hong Kong has a lot to offer, but it’s important to pace yourself and prioritise the activities that your children will enjoy the most.

Psst. If you recently won yourself a round-trip Cathay Air Ticket to Hong Kong or planning a trip to Hong Kong this coming Easter, we have some exciting news for you!

Pirata Group, the city’s undisputed leader when it comes to memorable dining experiences, is taking things one step further with a variety of egg-citing promotions across all venues. From tandoor towers and unlimited sushi to all-you-can-eat chocolate dessert stations and limited-time Easter brunches where kids eat for free, there’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy before or after partaking in the many kid-friendly activities around town. So, hop to it and start making those Easter memories with Pirata Group’s guide to the best things to see, do and savour in Hong Kong this holiday season!


Victoria Peak, otherwise known as The Peak, has always been a must-visit Hong Kong destination for its iconic views and historic funicular railway. After a major upgrade that was completed last year, The Peak Tram now offers an even more exciting and efficient experience with new, larger-capacity green-coloured tramcars and an array of entertainment zones showcasing the area’s intriguing history and wildlife. Once at The Peak, be sure to check out Monopoly Dreams, the first Monopoly-themed attraction in the world that features an array of AR and other interactive experiences. Then, make your way to Sky Terrace 428, which at 428m above sea level is the highest viewing platform in Hong Kong. From here, the whole family will be wowed by 360-degree panoramic views across the city and harbour, which are impressive morning, noon or night! 

“SomeBunny Feed Me!” Easter brunch menus with free-flow champagne and all-you-can-enjoy chocolate buffet at Chaiwala & TokyoLima, 7–10 April 2023

Once you’ve worked up an appetite, it’s just a quick tram ride back to Central for a special Easter-themed dining experience. Fans of modern Indian cuisine won’t want to miss Chaiwala’s “SomeBunny Feed Me!” brunch feast (HK$388pp, HK$398pp champagne free-flow, HK$198pp classic free-flow) complete with a trio of chaat for sharing, choice of vegetarian or mutton biryani, a tandoor tower and dosas for sharing, and choice of six curries. A children’s menu is also available for HK$50. For a taste of innovative Japanese and Peruvian fusion food, head a few blocks north to TokyoLima and its adventurous take on “SomeBunny Feed Me!” (HK$398pp, HK$398pp champagne free-flow, HK$198pp classic free-flow). Designed for sharing, the brunch feast begins with a selection of appetisers including causa and ceviche before moving on to the Weeknd Salad, Edamame Hummus and Pop Ki-Mo-Chi, and finishing with a choice of mains such as chicken katsu with aji panca rice or pan-fried mackerel with potato puree and Nikkei escabeche. Both brunch menus are available 7–10 April 2023 and include an extravagant all-you-can-enjoy chocolate buffet – so be sure to leave some room!

Sheung Wan

Tsim Sha Tsui & West Kowloon

Just a short ride on the Star Ferry or a quick trip on the MTR from Hong Kong Island and you’ll find yourself in the always-buzzing Tsim Sha Tsui commercial and entertainment district or the up-and-coming West Kowloon cultural district. Must-visits on this side of Victoria Harbour include the new M+ Museum showcasing some of the world’s foremost collections of 20th- and 21st-century visual culture. The Herzog & de Meuron-designed building and surrounding outdoor spaces are worth a visit even on their own. After admiring the architecture, budding builders should definitely check out Legoland Discovery Centre. The ultimate Lego indoor playground is designed for children ages 3-10 and features workshops, play areas and even Hong Kong’s top attractions built out of bricks. Finally, burn off any residual energy at Kids Kids Car indoor electric-vehicle driving playground. The 20,000 sq ft space has three different themed zones where kids can zoom around and even experience various occupations. 

Enjoy limited-time Easter specials at Pici & The Pizza Project, 5–10 April 2023

Cap off your Kowloon adventures at neighbourhood Italian spot Pici, which from 5–10 April 2023 is offering two limited-time additions to everyone’s favourite pasta bar brunch. The new specials are available all day and include the lavish Truffle Carbonara (HK$190), a tagliatelle with black truffle, guanciale, pecorino and Japanese egg yolk; and the Coppa Malu (HK$140) a velvety mousse dessert for two made with 70% chocolate, whipped cream and almond meringue. The famous, much-loved Italian treats are available all around the city, with more branches in Lai Chi Kok, Sha Tin in the New Territories but also buzzing Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, and Central amongst other prime locations. Another must-try Italian Easter dining destination for the whole family is The Pizza Project in Central – check out the two limited-time specialsDown the Rabbit Hole (HK$160), a pizza with a red hot chili cheddar stuffed crust, testa di coppa, black garlic pesto and fior di latte; and Bu-Nana (HK$65), a sweet treat consisting of banana and chocolate ganache stuffed gnocco fritto, dusted with icing sugar. 


Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city? Let’s head over to Stanley for a lovely seaside stroll with your little ones. The Stanley Bay promenade is a picturesque boardwalk overlooking all the small boats parked at the bay – this is a scene you can’t find in other parts of Hong Kong. With a backdrop of colonial heritage buildings, lots of locals come here to walk their pets and enjoy a peaceful afternoon. 

Looking for a seaside cafe to enjoy the view? Pirata has got you covered! Located on Stanley Main Street, Pane e Latte will celebrate Easter with spring specials across three weekends from 1–16 April. Feast on Bomboloni al Torroncino (HK$48), a nougat cream-filled doughnut covered in chocolate couverture; the Gnocchi di Pasqua (HK$158), a dish featuring spring vegetables, ricotta and poached eggs; and the Easter Egg (HK$78), a sweet treat made with lemon madeleine, strawberry jam and fromage blanc. A giant, eye-catching Easter basket and eggs will also be installed at the bakery for the ultimate holiday experience. 

Don’t miss the limited-time Spring specials at Pane e Latte, 1–16 April 2023!

Easter is an incredible time to enjoy Hong Kong’s fine weather, fun attractions and friendly hospitality. Hop over to to start planning your mealtime celebrations and make this year’s holiday your most memorable one yet!

Have grand plans to start the new year with a burst of optimistic energy? Let ‘Viva Magenta’, Pantone’s Colour Of The Year for 2023, energise you for the year ahead — and even guide you to some incredible destinations around the world.

Viva Magenta is said to signify courage, strength and power, encouraging experimentation and self-expression without restraint. Rooted in nature, the sight of this audacious hybrid shade of crimson, purple and pink brings vibrancy and excitement to anyone who views it.

Luxury travel operator Scott Dunn is well-versed in finding stunning locations around the world — and planning for exceptional journeys. Below, discover Scott Dunn’s top picks for where you can discover the incredible shade of Viva Magenta and more on your next adventure. 

Adventure through Mexico’s Ancient Yucatan Peninsula

Laguna Rosada is Yucatan’s beautiful, lesser-known pink lake 

Yucatan is known for its tropical rainforests and jungles, and for being home to the ancient Mayan people. These highlights come together in Scott Dunn’s paired tour of the Yucatan and Riviera Maya. Guests will be given insider access to famed archeological sites like the Chichen Itza, accessing areas of ancient Mayan structures and viewing remarkable restoration areas that are not open to the general public.

In the Yucatan Peninsula, guests will also discover the incredible pink lakes of Las Coloradas. Located at the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, these lakes are an incredible, ethereal sight of brightly-coloured waters spanning across a dreamlike landscape.

Scott Dunn’s travel guides can also arrange for a unique way to experience the region: Visit another of Yucatan’s cenotes in a spectacular private horseback tour. Follow the traces of ancient narrow-gauge railroad tracks that covered Yucatan to reach Kankirixche cenote, where you can take a refreshing bath, or snorkel in its clear waters.

Witness a Brilliant Display of Birdlife in Kenya

Lake Nakuru of The Great Rift Valley, where millions of flamingos gather each year

Kenya, the iconic heartland of safari, is home to big cats, endangered rhinoceros and rare species of zebras. With its great plains and vast wildlife, magenta seems like an unlikely colour to encounter. But at Kenya’s very own Lake Nakuru, the most brilliant show of birdlife occurs as thousands of flamingos gather and the intense sea of fuchsia and magenta plumage contrasts against the deep blue alkaline waters. The flamingos feed on the abundant algae thriving in the warmth of the lake. Lake Nakuru National Park is also home to a whole array of wildlife including white rhinos, lions, giraffes, impalas and more.

With just nine rooms, Loldia House, one of Kenya’s oldest colonial farms, is situated on the lush green shores of Lake Naivasha in the Great Rift Valley. For proximity to Lake Nakuru, Loldia House is an excellent base: There, you get to observe The Great Migration of wildebeests in search of grazing, learn about the life of the Samburu tribe and have breakfast with giraffes.

Discover Monumental Natural Sculptures in Arizona 

Antelope Canyon, the famed slot canyon in the American Southwest

America’s Southwest is a region of extraordinary landscapes, stunning national parks, Native American history, and Wild West folklore. In Arizona, discover Lake Powell’s magnificent Antelope Canyon — so named for the herds of pronghorn antelope that once roamed the area. 

At midday from March through October, the position of the sun creates light shafts that reach the canyon floor and illuminates the pink, red, orange and gold patterns on the canyon walls. Winter colours are more muted but no less spectacular. There are two parts to this monumental natural sculpture: the Upper Antelope Canyon which is easier to hike, and the Lower Antelope Canyon which attracts the more adventurous, requiring hikers to manoeuvre through stairways and ladders to get into the canyon. You may take a captained boat tour on Lake Powell, and get the opportunity to visit some of the unique slot canyons the area is famous for as well. 

For more incredible displays of nature, Scott Dunn’s travel experts can organise a full day guided tour that brings you to Arches National Park. Alternatively, kayak along the Lower Salt River for a beautiful view of the surrounding land. 

Bask in the Serene Majesty of Kyoto

Kyoto’s Daigoji Temple boasts a stunning red and magenta cloak come autumn

Come Autumn, discover the serene majesty of Kyoto, which promises a hallowed ensemble of gardens, shrines and temples, made all the more stunning by the autumn foliage in shades of magenta, red and gold. As the cultural heart of Japan, Kyoto’s temples number in the thousands. One of them is Daigoji Temple, a Shingon Buddhist temple with over 1,100 years of history and a designated world heritage site. The grounds include several buildings and an expansive Japanese garden. Savour a scrumptious dinner with seasonal and local ingredients as you indulge in a magnificent view of dramatic fall foliage and the temple grounds illuminated in the dark.

Warm autumn colours are one of the highlights of Kyoto during the year-end season, but the city offers much more than that. In Scott Dunn’s curated Ultimate Japan itinerary, guests will be taken through some of Japan’s most spectacular regions, including Kyoto — Scott Dunn’s experts are familiar with all the best dining spots and locations, many privy only to locals, and can put together a wonderfully intimate itinerary for guests to experience the traditional Japanese way of life — these experiences include taking a traditional tea ceremony at one of Kyoto’s traditional wooden townhouses, the Flower Teahouse, to experience the meditative, centuries-old art of a Japanese tea ceremony.

Be Amazed by Australia’s Magenta-Coloured Lakes

Western Australia’s dazzling pink lakes owe their colouring to a range of natural phenomena 

Australia is known for its blue pacific waters for surfing and the colourful Great Barrier Reefs, one of the most complex ecosystems in the world. Unbeknownst to many, the island continent also possesses wondrous pink lakes. 

In Western Australia, the country’s largest state, lies the iconic Lake Hillier, Pink Lake and Hutt Lagoon. The Viva Magenta colouring of the water is often caused by the presence of salt-tolerant algae that produces carotenoids, usually in conjunction with specific bacteria, which may vary from lake to lake. While there, Scott Dunn’s seasoned experts can help to plan an adventure of a lifetime: There, you can take selfies with furry quokkas, hit the waves, swim with whale sharks, and snorkel through crystal clear waters. 

One such exhilarating itinerary that the Scott Dunn team can help to plan is the Exceptional Western Australia tour. You’ll get the chance to stay in luxurious homesteads by the beautiful Chamberlain River, offering a million acres of breathtaking, untouched scenery — there, head out on horseback to delve into the bush and spot rarely-seen wildlife like bustard birds, frill-necked lizards, and brolgas cranes.

So, wait no more & start planning your trip for an optimistic start to the new year!

We can all agree that when summer comes, it is vital to have some money in your pockets to enjoy it. The end of the summer term is the perfect time to start a summer job, especially if you wish to reduce codependency when it comes to money you can spend.

You will find numerous summer jobs that will offer you chances to boost your skills and earn money along the way. Of course, you will still have time left to enjoy the hot summer days, which is an important consideration. 

It does not matter if you wish to do it in the UK or to find Summer Jobs Abroad because, in both cases, you will have options available depending on your preferences and needs.

The main idea is to know when and where to look, and so, we have decided to provide you with this guide so that it will help you with the overall process.

The Process of Finding a Job

We all know that job hunting can be a daunting and lengthy process, especially if you do not know where to start. That is the main reason why you should follow these tips before you start:

  • CV – It is vital to create your CV from scratch. You can find numerous resources online that will help you create the best CV that would be fit for purpose. We recommend you to use an EU outline, which will help you fill it up with ease.  
  • Start Early – In the best-case scenario, you should start as soon as you can. If you wait until June, you may end up getting leftovers because the best positions will already be taken. Most companies start to recruit for summer at the start of the year, which is why you should think about it before the summer comes.
  • Online Resources – You can find numerous online resources that will help you find the best summer job. There are even some jobs where you can work virtually, such as writing or handling social media pages. We recommend that you check out websites created especially for Freelancers and based on your skills, you can then decide on the best possible choice for your summer job. On the other hand, you can also find a job by checking out the newspapers or ask someone you know for reference or advice. You should check here to learn the process of finding a summer job with ease. 
  • Apply In Person – If you wish to work in the retail sector, we recommend that you apply in person because that is the most effective way to get a retail position. The main idea is that you will try to take your time to talk with different employers, which helps in putting a face to the CV, and it will benefit you compared to online applicants. There are often numerous retail stores that put up recruitment ads on their shopfront, so be sure to look out for it whenever you’re out at the malls.
  • Networking – This is highly useful for both part-time and full-time employment because the process of networking will allow you to meet more people within a specific industry niche so that you can improve your chances of landing a full-time job after obtaining a degree. 

Leisure and Retail Jobs

Generally, most students nowadays choose this particular route, so the best way to start finding a retail job is to apply as early as possible because the positions are highly competitive.

Keep in mind that adverts will start popping up in April and May, especially since most retail shops will train their applicants before the summer season arrives. You can also check out large shopping malls or their websites for a higher chance of securing a summer job.

It would be best if you also tried shops that are close to airports and high street stores because they tend to employ seasonal staff to handle rushes that could happen during the summer season.

Festivals and Large Events

If you enjoy live music, get free food, and meet new people, among other things; you probably will enjoy working at a festival. If this is your thing, you should check out your favourite festivals and see whether they are recruiting for volunteers. 

Check out this site: and you will learn everything about part-time opportunities in general. 

Of course, you can also apply to event staff agencies who are recruiting for part-time jobs at festivals and large events! 

For all you travel lovers and globetrotters, Decathlon has something special just for you! As part of the brand’s Back To Travel campaign, Decathlon Singapore will be running a photo contest in collaboration with Nikon Singapore. 100 lucky participants will be chosen to snap the best pictures or videos that feature themselves using the Forclaz Trekking 40L Backpack provided by the Decathlon team, to stand a chance in winning this exciting reward!

From today to 30 September 2022, stand a chance to win either a Nikon Coolshot 200 GII worth S$248, a S$500 Decathlon Gift Card, or the grand prize of a Nikon Z30 worth S$1,679! As the lightest and most compact Z series to date, the Nikon Z30 is made for your inner videographer. From teasers and reels to stories and streams, stand a chance to win this reward and begin your content-creator journey with the Nikon Z30. What’s more? Chosen submissions will also be featured on Decathlon’s Back to Travel campaign across Decathlon’s marketing channels!

To join, simply follow the guidelines below:

  1. Complete this form and stand a chance to be part of the 100 selected participants.
  2. Upon being selected, a Decathlon Singapore representative will be in touch to help you with the facilitation of bag collection.
  3. Upon receiving the bag, participants will have to:

    a. Capture 3 visual content, photos or videos, and upload them on Instagram or TikTok with #DecathlonTogether, #nikonsg and tag @decathlonsg

    b. Shortlist 1 photo as your Key Visual for contest submission before 30 September 2022.

*Contest ends on 30 September 2022, 2359.

Submissions will be independently reviewed by Decathlon, Nikon, and The Secret Little Agency (TSLA) panel of judges. Winners will be announced on 7 October 2022, on Decathlon Singapore’s social media platforms.

Terms and conditions apply.* This contest is open to Singapore residents only.

Now that the world is reopening more widely, many have started to plan for upcoming adventures and journeys. Considering the idea of a winter getaway? We’re excited to share some highlights from Jean Tay, a travel specialist from Scott Dunn, who recently embarked on a thrilling adventure in March this year to experience the wintery magic of Sweden for herself: 

“My trip was truly epic and a great way to come out of two years of zero travel. It was such an incredible experience to finally see the elusive Northern Lights in person and while I’m no speed junkie, I had so much unexpected fun exploring the frozen wilderness on a husky sled and zipping through the frozen lakes on the snowmobile. I also had the opportunity to make my own candy canes, which I’m sure the little ones will appreciate and enjoy, and I learned a lot about Sami culture and their food. I got to sample really interesting local food, from moose meat to nettle soup, sweets made from local blueberries and dandelion honey! 

For those of you that are looking to catch the Northern Lights or are searching for a little more adventure for an upcoming winter getaway, there’s something for everyone here and I would highly recommend Sweden.”

Read on to find out more about Jean’s pick of stand-out properties as well as some highlight experiences that would make for a fantastic family adventure or romantic winter getaway. We’ve also included some insider tips that may come in helpful for those planning or considering a trip to Sweden in winter. 

Best Time to Visit

If you’re looking to catch the Northern Lights, the best time to visit would be from October to April. The shoulder season, either in March or at the end of September more specifically, is when the skies are clear allowing full visibility of the awe-inspiring display, and it is also not freezing cold. In winter, the temperatures could dip to –35°C. 

What to do in Sweden

If we’ve piqued your interest, here are some unique experiences that Scott Dunn can include in a carefully curated itinerary to Sweden just for you. 

  1. Ice Sculpting

Built to a new design each winter, Ice Hotel in Swedish Lapland is literally one of the coolest places to stay in the world – made entirely from snow and ice with every room flaunting its own unique theme and design. Inspired by the ice architecture of the hotel? Try creating your own ice sculpture out of pristine, natural ice that’s been harvested from Torne River. Guided by a skilled sculptor, this class educates guests on the origins of the crystal block, an introduction on how to use the tools, and the techniques of basic ice sculpting. It is actually quite a therapeutic experience!

Jean recommends: After ice sculpting, make time to visit the Ice Bar where the bar and seats including the cups are made of ice. Each drink comes with a time limit (approx 45 minutes) as the cup melts if you don’t finish your drink in time. More reason for a bottom’s up!

  1. Wilderness Ice Dining 

A truly romantic and one-of-a-kind dining experience, venture out onto a frozen lake under the moonlight by snowmobile to a tipi tent with its own fireplace right atop the frozen waters. Inside, you’ll be served a delicious three-course candlelight dinner with a fireplace to keep warm and. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights dancing in the skies above! 

  1. Sami Culture & Reindeer Visits

A kid friendly activity, learn more about Sami culture and the magical emblem of Lapland; the Reindeer. The Sami people are an indigenous group who can be found across the Northernmost regions of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia. The Sami people in Sweden centre their livelihood around reindeer herding and on this guided experience, you’ll understand how the deer are integral to their daily life.  As well as enjoying a cosy and delicious traditional lunch, you will also learn about the history and traditions of this formerly nomadic tribe.  

Where to Stay

Sweden specialises in building properties in harmony with the natural surroundings. For a truly unique experience, we suggest splitting a stay between properties as they complement each other with its distinctive characteristics and varied location – providing a great snapshot of this wonderful part of the world. Our travel specialists would be delighted to advise our guests on which accommodation to choose for the perfect holiday getaway. 

  1. For those looking to get off-the-grid in style: Loggers Lodge

Surrounded by scenic forests and completely off-the-beaten-track, Loggers Lodge offers the ultimate in terms of exclusivity and privacy making it a luxurious and cozy hideaway for two. Having recently undergone some renovations, the property now includes an additional glass cabin (for 2 more guests) that will provide incredible views of the snow-covered trees and breathtaking scenery. You’ll be well taken care of by private guides and will be able to tuck into traditional Lappish meals, made with local organic ingredients, courtesy of your private chef.

Insider tip: While here, sign up for front-row seats of the Northern Lights and admire the panoramic frozen vistas while seated in a state-of-the-art heated glass carriage pulled by a snowmobile. 

  1. For group-travellers or families: Brändön Lodge

Located on the Luleå archipelago, this cosy lodge is perfectly set up for families with private two-bedroom log cabins overlooking the sea. Brändön Lodge makes an ideal base to explore the Lappish wilderness anytime of the year – offering guests their own space and privacy with a plethora of extraordinary experiences such as guided foraging and seal safaris, ideal for bigger groups. 

Insider tip: For a truly unique experience, enjoy a hovercraft adventure across the frozen waters of the Luleå Archipelago. Encounter towering icebergs, fields of pack ice and incredible views as you journey across the frozen sea to the outermost islands.

  1. For those looking for wilderness adventures: Arctic Retreat

Hidden away deep in the forest, the exclusive and intimate Arctic Retreat is located in one of the most stunning spots in Swedish Lapland – offering 3 duplex log cabins with a truly exclusive, authentic, and personalised experience. Warm up in your private hot tub  while soaking up the incredible views of the Lappish wilderness. For the adventurous, experience everything this magnificent area has to offer including husky sledding, snowshoe walks, hiking, snowmobiling, ice fishing, and Nordic skiing. This great escape is the perfect location to enjoy the most relaxing experience with almost complete silence and serenity. 

Insider tip: Taking all 3 cabins would be perfect for a group or a large family travelling together – offering a completely exclusive experience.

Jean’s Top Tips:

  1. Immerse yourself in local culture as you mingle and dine with the local Sami. Sami, also known as Laplanders, is a local tribe in Finland and Norway whose typical livelihood involves reindeer herding. Through my journey in Sweden, I met Anna who is a reindeer herder, and Eva Gunnare who harvests and incorporates nature’s gifts such as flowers, vegetables, and herbs in her cooking. I highly recommend her nettle soup with dandelion honey, her candies which are made of blueberries, lygon berries, cloudberries as well as mushroom focaccia which was absolutely delicious. For the more adventurous meat eaters, I also recommend trying some moose meat delicacies which are especially delicious and nutritious owing to the mooses’ diet of nutritious forest plants.
  1. Bring a Swimsuit for the Sauna and Ice Dips. You never thought you would need a swimsuit in freezing cold Lapland. But you must try cold bathing, which involves ice dips along the coastlines and at the edges of inland lakes after a sauna. Cold bathing has been long thought to have healing abilities. In fact, the region is known for many health retreats. The Arctic Bath Hotel’s spa and ice bath is a must-visit for me.     
  1. Stay an Extra Night in Stockholm. Most travellers only stay one night in Stockholm on the way to Lapland. I think it is worth spending another night here to explore the numerous attractions, restaurants and (e.g. Mathias Dahlgren, a 2 Michelin stars modern gastronomic restaurant), cocktail bars (e.g. The Terrace Bar at Lydmar,  the perfect spot to enjoy cocktails and live music). 

For families, I would recommend including experiences such as a visit to a candy factory and checking out museums (e.g. ABBA The Museum or the VASA (ship) museum). If you’re visiting around late November to Christmas time, you’ll have the chance to wander round some of the most colourful Christmas markets and try Swedish delicacies from glögg, a spicy mulled wine, to traditional gingerbread and polkagriskola (peppermint toffee). 

  1. Opt for Aurora Wake Up Calls. Most hotels will alert their guests when the Northern Lights are visible. However, if you want to be extra vigilant, I recommend downloading the Aurora forecast app on your phone to determine the best daily timings to catch any light activities. 

Also, I’d like to add that the lights may not be very visible to the naked eye so I highly recommend taking along a professional camera to capture the lights well. The lights come in varying shades from yellowish green to blueish purple and can be very pretty to photograph. But it is quite a phenomenal experience to just settle beneath the ever-changing lights and watch the sky do its magic.