Weddings are one of the most expensive events you ever have to coordinate and sometimes, it literally pays to find ways to lessen this cost wherever you can. Many people these days are considering a DIY wedding as a way to achieve this. The reason for this is apparent; everything surrounding weddings has become such a slick industry that you are likely to be overcharged for almost everything you do. Take a wedding cake as an example; a simple iced cake cost $15, but a similar 3-tier cake, i.e. a wedding cake can be upwards of $500 when the real cost should be less than $50.

The Location

Dedicated wedding venues offer an all-inclusive service which is excellent if you are looking to save yourself some time. The downside for this convenience is that it can be extremely costly; often in the tens of thousands, as some wedding venues are known to cost almost $15,000 on average

An alternative is to rent a community hall or space and decorate it yourself for a few hundred dollars. Though this might be a fair amount of work, it is well worth the effort.


Wedding cars are another area where the cost can seem excessive and considering that they are only seen twice (when you arrive and when you leave), is the high cost justifiable? 

Consider this alternative, ask a friend who has a nice car and it can look just the thing once you put a couple of ribbons on it. Even if you do not have a friend with a nice car, a day’s car rental will be so much cheaper if you get it from a normal hire place rather than a wedding car specialist. 


The food is one thing that needs to be right. A tasty wedding feast can be knocked up without professional caterers. However, as a word of warning, this can be very time consuming, and it might be one area that you do still hire a professional. Make sure you get an excellent creative catering firm that can make it a special occasion.

The Wedding Dress

Now, this is the one that you are going to want to get right. You will usually have a firm idea of what you want, and this is the first starting point. You can find a few ways to save money that can still look awesome than a pricey new dress. You can buy vintage or second hand from many places, and even a family dress from your mother or grandmother can give a classy and personal touch. 


Floral displays can be put together by you and your friends, and they can be a great, memorable and special moment between you and your bridesmaids. This can save you a fortune as it’s easy to get hold of flowers wholesale and put together all of the bunches yourselves. Although it takes time, this can be a memorable time that is well spent, and it will give you something to do rather than just sitting and waiting to get going.


Once the vital part of the wedding is concluded (ceremony, speeches, and the dinner); there is the matter of the entertainment to be considered. I know of one couple (who are very close friends of mine) whose cousin was in a band, and they hired them to play the wedding. Although it was not as slick as a professional wedding band, it added a special touch to the wedding. If you don’t know a musician in the family, many musicians are looking to make a living from music that you can find someone quickly.

The Cake

We mentioned the cake as a prime example of a wedding item that you can be easily ripped off for. As we said, it’s much easier to get a different cake and re-purpose it as a wedding cake. Alternatively, you can get a relative who could bake and then decorate the cake on your own so that you can get what you want.

Moving in together with your significant other is a massive decision and while many couples struggle through the initial adjustment, there are several ways that you can ease the experience. As the first few weeks will feel quite foreign, you should consider making decisions together right from the start to avoid unnecessary conflicts or minor upsets. You and your partner should both have equal input regarding your new home from how you handle the move to how it will be decorated. The following tips will help you navigate the first few weeks with confidence and ease.

Rely On A Reputable Moving Company

Rather than each of you relying on a different moving company, it would be wise to decide on one together. Relying on a moving company will reduce most of the stress associated with moving as you won’t have to worry about your belongings being transported. Armada Moving offers affordable and quality services that will help set your mind at ease about the first step of starting a life together. However, you should still handle packing yourself as much as possible to ensure your items are packed categorically according to the room and use of items as this will make unpacking less of a tedious struggle. You should also start packing long before the day of the move to be as prepared as possible.

Unpack Together

Rather than deciding to take on rooms separately, you should consider unpacking each room together, starting with the main room. This will be a great method of connecting with your decision to start a life together and there will be less chance your partner ends up moving items in the near future without you realising. Unpacking together means you will both have a say as to how your home comes together.

Continue With Your Regular Routine

Once you have unpacked and you and your partner are able to start navigating a new life together, it is best to continue with your regular routine rather than attempting to create a new one around your partner’s routine. Getting set into a routine just after moving in together is one of the biggest reasons the first few weeks can be challenging. However, by maintaining your regular daily routine, you will be able to feel more at ease a lot sooner. In the event that certain aspects of your partner’s routine is somewhat upsetting or challenging for you, you should shed light on the issues as soon as possible rather than allowing feelings of discomfort to fester. 

Cook Together, Avoid Take Outs

Merging lives can be quite challenging for several realistic reasons and when it comes to mealtimes and preparing healthy meals, many couples find themselves leaning towards takeouts rather than cooking healthy meals as they are simply uncertain of taste preferences and other elements of mealtimes. However, a great method of overcoming uncertainty is simply to handle cooking together as you will be able to ease into a menu of sorts that you are both comfortable with. The more you and your partner do together, the easier it will be to adjust to your new lives as a couple.

While getting married should be one of the happiest days of your life, planning a wedding is probably one of the most stressful times. However, there are things that you can do to ease the pain and make the journey a much smoother one. Continue reading our guide to three things that you should avoid while planning a wedding.

Booking a Venue Before Viewing It

Your cousin’s best friend’s auntie’s hairdresser might have had the most spectacular day of her life in a select country manor house, but that does not mean the venue will necessarily be the right one for you. Everyone has different expectations and requirements for their big day; don’t allow anyone else to tell you that your opinion does not matter. It is imperative to view a venue before even thinking about booking it. Speaking to an in-house wedding planner will not only mean you know exactly what to expect from a certain venue, but it also gives you the opportunity to ask any pertinent questions. Typing ‘West Chester, PA wedding venue‘ into a search engine would undoubtedly bring up plenty of results, but narrowing it down to one will be a tricky thing to do. Viewing is absolutely essential. 

Going on a Crash Diet

Of course, it is natural to want to look beautiful on your big day. However, any kind of crash diet will not necessarily give you the end result you desire. Starving your body of essential nutrients while you are in a heightened state of anxiety will put you into a worse place than where you started. If you are keen to lose weight and tone up, do so in a sensible way. Speak to a dietician about a healthy eating plan for life. This way, you know that you will be eating a balanced diet and you will be putting exactly what you need into that body of yours. Furthermore, engaging in physical activity is also important, especially for toning up. If you are truly dedicated to your mission, speak to a personal trainer who can either devise a plan with specific exercises aimed at targeting your so-called ‘problem areas’ or who can train you, ensuring that you are doing what your body needs you to. 

Dream about a Pinterest/Instagram-Perfect Wedding

Pinterest and Instagram are amazing resources for gathering ideas. However, they have also been known to give an unrealistic view of what weddings should and shouldn’t look like. These decisions should be up to the people getting married. Pressure from social media platforms hit all areas of people’s lives and weddings are no different. If you are happy with a cold buffet at your wedding reception, do not let the canape police spoil that for you. Likewise, if you are happy to have a traditional ceremony without a full orchestra, go for it. It is vital to ensure the expectations of your dream day are actually realistic. You could spend thousands on getting the things you want, but when it comes down to it, love is what really matters. 

Got any other suggestions to add on to our guide? Feel free to comment below!

Many of us have decided to adopt healthier lifestyle habits throughout the coming year. This is why it is crucial to embrace a proper diet at an early stage. Whether you wish to drop a few extra pounds or simply to feel better, the fact of the matter is that a handful of professional suggestions can go a long way.

Let us look at five dietary tips that can help your body receive the nutrients that it requires.

1. Leafy Green Vegetables

It is estimated that approximately 12 percent of the Canadian population has embraced some form of vegan lifestyle. This is largely due to the fact that fruits and vegetables contain an incredible number of vital nutrients. Leafy green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach are particularly potent, as they provide massive levels of folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C. Be sure to include these within a well-balanced diet. 

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Our bodies comprised of more than 60 percent water. Unfortunately, many of us are not adequately hydrated. Most experts recommend that you consume eight eight-ounce glasses of water every day. Water can help to increase brain function, flush toxins from the kidneys, keep your skin looking younger, and promote a healthy heart. 

3. Smaller Portions

One of the reasons why some individuals tend to gain more weight than others involves the size of the meals. The body has a difficult time metabolising large amounts of calories at one sitting. Thus, these calories are more likely to be stored as fat. There are several benefits associated with smaller portions. Not only will you feel less bloated after a meal, but it is much easier to absorb the nutrients themselves. 

4. Ignore That Sweet Tooth

Sweet and sugary foods can be quite tempting, particularly if they are used as snacks between meals. They will help to satisfy our appetite and they can also provide a short-term energy boost. Unfortunately, these very same snacks do more harm than good. Spiking levels of blood sugar will often lead to subsequent sugar crashes and over time this can even increase your chances of developing adult-onset diabetes. Furthermore, snacks high in sugar may lead to tooth decay and weight gain.

Try to replace these substances with fruits if you have a sudden craving for sweets. The simple sugars contained within fruits are much easier to break down and most fruits contain significant amounts of water (which again may help with hydration). They are packed full of vitamins, and more importantly; studies have shown that snacking on fruit may decrease the risk of developing some types of cancer. The good news is that fruits are also quite tasty, so there is no reason to shy away from these alternatives. 

5. Boost Your Protein Intake

Our bodies utilise protein to build and repair muscles, strengthen bones, and boost brain function. Unfortunately, many individuals are not receiving an adequate amount on a regular basis. Let us also keep in mind that some forms of protein are more easily digestible than others. If you find it difficult to incorporate sufficient foods that are high in protein, it may be wise to supplement your protein intake with high-quality protein powders. Not only are these supplements quite tasty, but they are available in a variety of flavours. Some are even sourced entirely from plants, which is ideal if you wish to embrace a vegan lifestyle in the coming year.

There is no better time than the present to make a positive change in your life and these dietary suggestions will certainly come in handy. 

Starting a small construction business is exciting, especially if you think about its potential profitability. However, your business may not always end up being successful, especially if there is intense competition. To help you start on the right foot and increase the chances of success, keep in mind the things we’ll talk about below.

1. A Robust Approach to Dust Management

Air pollution is one of the most serious problems construction businesses need to address. Dust control systems are among the most promising solutions. Misting cannons, for instance, can help to suppress dust right at its source, making sure that it does not contribute to air pollution.

If you are looking for the best dust control solutions to implement in a small construction business, make sure to check out https://bosstek.com/.

2. A Strategic Business Plan

Your business needs a strong business plan at any stage. Especially when your construction company is just starting, a business plan is a must-have. It is not one thing that you can complete overnight. It requires research of your competitors and target market, among others. The plan will provide a detailed roadmap of what you intend to do. It identifies your goals and the strategies that will lead you to the realisation of the latter.

3. Innovative Marketing Strategies

Speaking of the business plan, it should also contain your marketing strategies. Construction companies need to invest in marketing to reach their target audience. This is especially important for new companies that are introducing themselves in the market. Through marketing, it will be easier to manage the competitive landscape. From social media to email marketing, consider the many good ways to promote your construction services.

4. Financial Resources to Sustain Operations

Consider the many ways to finance your business. The harsh reality is that you will need money to sustain your construction business. From bootstrapping to applying for a bank loan, think of the best ways to have the financial resources you will need. Pay attention to interest rates if you intend to apply for a loan. 

5. Reliable Equipment and Manpower

It is important to invest in advanced construction equipment to get the job done right. However, this will be useless if you don’t complement it with the right manpower. With this, construction companies should also focus on hiring the right people to ensure the successful completion of every project.

6. The Best Customer Service

To manage the competition and deliver the highest level of satisfaction, work on delivering great customer service. Pleasing your clients will help to grow the business. Actively communicate with your customers. Go above and beyond in delivering their needs. Exceed their expectations. When they are happy, they will not just be loyal, but they can also help bring more customers.

If you have always wanted to have a small construction company, now is the time to make that dream real! Consider our suggestions above to help you succeed! From having a business plan to making sure that you have the money you need, the tips mentioned above can help you have the right start!

It’s the responsibility of hosts to make guests feel at home even if they’re away from home. To ensure that visitors fully enjoy their stay, hosts must provide a guest room that is inviting, functional, and relaxing.

Creating a guest room that satisfies visitors may seem impossible, but it’s possible to make guests comfortable if you have the following essential guest-room items:

A Comfortable Bed with Extra Blanket and Pillows

Do you want your visitors to have a good night’s sleep? Ensure that your guest bedroom has a good mattress. Some guests may need additional pillows and blankets to rest warmly and comfortably, so prepare those beforehand.

A Bedside Table and Lamp

Some people prefer to read books before going to sleep. To make things easier for them, add a bedside table and lamp to the guest rooms. If guests can conveniently access the items they frequently need, they won’t have to go through the hassle of getting in and out of bed.

When it comes to adding a table lamp to the guest room, choose one with adjustable brightness. This way, guests can easily control the light’s intensity and set the room’s atmosphere according to their preference.

Full-Length Mirrors

Guests will definitely check themselves in front of a mirror before heading out. In that case, having a full-length mirror is a must. Depending on the layout of a guest room, you can mount a mirror to an empty wall, a bedroom door, or a closet door.


When guests settle down and unpack their luggage, they’ll most likely need a bin to throw away their trash. They would dispose of candy wrappers, empty water bottles, and other wastes that they had accumulated during their trip. Instead of having them leave their rooms to get rid of their trash, provide them with a wastebasket.

A slim and nondescript trash can would be a great addition to our guest bedroom. It doesn’t take up much space, and it can easily complement the overall design of the room.

Towels and Basic Toiletries

Sometimes, guests forget to bring their own towels and toiletries. Help them avoid last-minute trips to the nearest convenience store by providing basic toiletries in the bathroom.

If a guest room doesn’t have an adjacent private bathroom, leave some towels in its closet. Guests would appreciate it if they have different towels for their varying needs, such as bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths

Charging Stations and Wi-Fi Details

Nowadays, a majority of Americans own cellular phones, so you should expect guests to arrive with their personal gadgets. It’s also safe to assume that guests will eventually look for ways to charge their phones and to connect to the internet. For their convenience, prepare a charging station and Wi-Fi password details beforehand.

If a guest room doesn’t have enough electrical outlets, place an extension cord near the bedside table. This way, guests won’t have to move furniture or crawl under a table to charge their smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets.


Guests may have a hard time finding the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. They may accidentally hurt themselves while they navigate around unfamiliar surroundings. To prevent guests from bumping their shins and ramming their toes on various objects, install night-lights.

Decorating on a Tight Budget?

Guests will truly feel welcomed when you prepare a warm, comfortable room for them. If you want to improve the look of your guest room without spending a lot of money, follow these budget-friendly tips:

Reuse old furniture. Look at the items you have at home before you buy any new furniture. You may have extra tables, lamps, or other pieces of furniture that can be reused or repurposed for our guest rooms.

Sell your items online. Setting up an online shop to sell unwanted, unused, or preloved items is a great way to earn extra cash. You can use the money to upgrade a guest room.

Try secondhand shopping. Check out local thrift stores and consignment stores for dressers, curtains, and other items that can be used to decorate guest rooms. Some of these shops offer quality furniture at low prices.

If you ever heard the phrase “not all heroes wear capes,” then you should know that it refers to the selfless acts done by the likes of firefighters, police officers, and especially doctors. Whether a doctor is needed for checkups or to help someone recover from a terrible event, they are among some of the most influential people we interact within our daily lives.

Do you want a career as a doctor? If you’re going to become a medical professional, then there are things you need to know.

1. Know What Undergrad Classes to Take

No matter the role you’ll end up taking as a future doctor, it is crucial to take the right classes during undergrad. Here are the basic elements for any pre-medical education you could partake in:

  • One year of college Biology with laboratory. In Biology, you will learn about genetics, cells, and the framework of life, which are the building blocks of medical science and are crucial to succeed in the field.
  • One year of General (inorganic) Chemistry with laboratory: Provides you with a strong basis for understanding acid-base imbalances in the human body and how different medications work.
  • 24 semester hours of Biology and Chemistry
  • One year or 6-8 semester hours of Mathematics: You will want to take Calculus or Statistics. Math is vital for doctors because it will help you to determine the proper medicine dosage for patients as well as read lab results.
  • One year or eight semester hours of General Physics: You will be introduced to key medical concepts, such as laws of pressure and volume, which are essential for cardiology and understanding how forces operate in the body.

In addition to taking science and math courses, there are some classes that will help you start preparing early for the MCAT exam:

  • English: Helps you with your critical thinking, reading and writing skills
  • Biochemistry: There is an increased emphasis on this subject on the MCAT
  • Psychology and sociology: With the added section on the MCAT, you will need a better understanding of these two subjects
  • Medical anthropology or history: Learn about how medicine has changed over the years.

No matter what major you choose during undergrad, you will want to make sure you maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher. Medical school admissions are highly competitive, so the better you do as an undergrad student, the higher your chances of getting into the school of your choice.

2. Take the Time to do Extracurricular Activities, Volunteer Work and Internships

While doing well as an undergrad student is important, it is also essential that medical schools see that you are a well-rounded student. In addition to finding job opportunities related to the medical field, you should have experience with underserved populations. More and more medical schools are looking for passionate students who are compassionate about addressing the health care needs of diverse populations. This experience will allow you to talk first hand about your experience, what you gained from it, and how you can use this perspective as a future physician.

Volunteering is another experience future medical students should have. Look into volunteering at a hospital or clinic to gain exposure to working in a health care setting or Volunteer as an emergency medical technician. Consider working in crisis-affected communities with a medical corps group — volunteer at a summer camp counsellor working with children with disabilities. No matter where you volunteer, commit and stick with it. The length of time you volunteer somewhere will look more favourable versus only doing it for short stints.

As a future doctor, you will want to show medical schools that you have teaching and leadership experience. One of the most important roles a physician plays is being a teacher when they impart information to their patients. You can gain teaching experience through teaching swimming, a musical instrument to a child, or becoming a teaching assistant. To gain leadership experience, consider holding an office in the student government, in an on-campus club, or organisation. Look into mentoring at-risk youth or organise an event on-campus or in your local community.

Whether you volunteer, work in the medical field or take on a leadership role, it is vital that you show medical schools that you are willing and capable of working hard to accomplish any goal you set for yourself.

3. Spend Time Studying and Preparing for the MCAT

All prospective medical students must take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). This computer-based standardised test was developed by the Association of American Medical Colleges and is administered fourteen times a year at the Prometric Testing Centers. The exam takes eight hours to complete and will test your physical and biological sciences as well as verbal reasoning. The four main sections of the exam include:

  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills
  • Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems
  • Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems
  • Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior

When preparing to take the MCAT, you will want to allow at least twelve weeks to study.

Make sure you register early through the AAMC website so you can secure your test date and location. Once you know your test date, set up a study schedule, and make sure you stick to it. Next, invest in suitable study materials that give you the option to take as many practice tests as you can. It’s best to simulate what the actual test will be like, so there are no surprises on your test day.

4. Take Time to Research Medical Schools

Before you narrow down what medical schools you want to apply to, make sure you take your time to research each school. Some things to consider when researching potential medical schools include:

  • What is the cost to attend? Is there access to financial aid?
  • What is the atmosphere of the school? Is it calm and collaborative? Or cut-throat and competitive?
  • What is student life like? Consider talking to current students or alumni.
  • What is the faculty to student ratio?
  • What is the teaching quality like? Ask current students for their perspective.

Think about visiting the medical schools you are considering applying to. This will give you a chance to talk with current students, alumni, professors, as well as the admissions office and ask them questions about the school, curriculum, and life outside of class. While you are at the school, tour the campus and the surrounding area to get a better idea of what it would be like to live there and attend school.

5. Know the Application and Interview Process

When you start the application process for medical school, you need to remember that schools admit students on a rolling basis. This means that spaces in the program are offered to qualified candidates until all spots are filled.

For your primary application, you will submit a single application through one of three centralised application services; AMCAS (for MD admissions), TMDSAS (for Texas Medical Schools), AACOMAS (for DO admissions). Your primary application will provide medical schools with the information that need for the initial screening process. The application will include:

  • Transcripts
  • MCAT scores
  • Information about your most meaningful experiences. This is where you would include extracurricular activities, research, volunteer work, clinical work, etc.
  • Personal statement
  • Letters of recommendation

Make sure to submit your application as early as possible. Applications that are submitted early in the cycle will be reviewed first, which will give you a better chance of acceptance.

There are two possible outcomes after you submit your primary application. First, it could be rejected, or second, the school will send you its secondary application. The secondary application usually includes a variety of essays you must write on assigned topics. 

Once your secondary medical school application is reviewed, you will either be rejected, invited to the campus for an interview, or your application will be put on hold until after the first round of interviews. If your application is placed on hold, it will be reviewed as other candidates accept or decline offers.

Final Thoughts

These five things will help you on your way to becoming a doctor. Start preparing during your undergrad career as you begin your journey to becoming a medical professional.

An event space isn’t a place where people sit to listen to someone talk, or a place where people just dine and share a drink. It’s a significant part of the experience and if you get it wrong, your party could start on the wrong foot. Sure, you want your party to be unique, but using predictable locations will lead to the familiar sameness people are accustomed to. To make your party epic, do something different with the location to add zest.

These tips will give you a hint on where to start.

1.      Add Oomph to Familiar Places

Break the preconceived notion of party location by not following the same standardised ideas. Every party goers want new experiences and doing something out of the norm will make your party rocks. Instead of having it at your house, plan a pool party at your cottage in the woods, or a beach party with friends if you have or can rent a beach house. If you can’t afford to go so far, book a pub with a function space and have your drinks and menu customised. You can have anything from an industrial-style space with raw brick flooring and leather baguettes or a brewery setting complete with massive stainless-steel tanks, Tramsheds graffiti, and classic brewery pictures that create the illusion of a real brewery. Although you will still be at a pub, the different settings will make the difference in creating the ambience while maintaining the familiarity of a party.

2.      Escape Room Thrill

An escape room is a great way to have some stimulation and get your adrenaline running before you hit the club later. You and a couple of friends will have fun figuring out the clues to escape before you run out of time. Find the clues, keys, and codes to aid in your escape. It doesn’t cost much, but if you like some competition and a nerve-wracking experience, this could be it.

3.      Take a Food Tour

A food tour is fun and will have you try different food in various shops and restaurants while hearing about the food and how it fits into the city’s culture. You should expect to walk around, but that’s fine because you’ll have enough time to digest and spread the meals. The multiple course meals are spread out a few hours apart in several locations, mostly between six to seven stops. Don’t overeat on breakfast, and plan to miss dinner because you will be full.

4.      Entertainment Complex

Entertainment complexes are full of game options that you and your friends can enjoy. You will get anything from pool tables, bowling, and arcade games. Entrance is usually free, but you must buy a party park or individual games. Have friendly competition by dividing yourself into groups, and punish the losing team with something fun or dorky.

How your party turns out will largely depend on where you host it, but your friends’ anticipation for a good time will also play a role. Make sure you inform everyone on time, so they are ready for some fun.

The HVAC unit is the environmental workhorse of any home. It performs day and night to keep your home comfortable. However, most homes have an HVAC unit that is at least 10 years old, and any unit that is more than 12 years old should be replaced. Luckily, there are many benefits to upgrading to an energy-efficient unit with modern features and functionality.

Go Green, Save Money

Heating and cooling can cost around $930 a year. According to the Energy Star site, all Energy Star-certified HVAC units use 8% less energy and can save you up to $115 a year. Such devices can save you even more when paired with a smart thermostat. Keep in mind that both the condenser and the blower should be replaced when you upgrade your HVAC system so that it will perform at optimal efficiency. You could save up to 30% on your cooling costs by upgrading to a new unit. While the cost of a new HVAC unit may seem daunting, it’s a worthwhile investment that will pay for itself in savings and comfort.

Fit Your Needs

When choosing a new HVAC unit, select the size that fits your home and needs. Consider the square footage of your home and take into account how many people and pets are in the home. This will help you determine what kind of filters you may need. If family members have allergies, asthma, or other breathing problems, consider adding special features like an electrostatic or high-MERV filter to trap even more airborne contaminants. You can even add a UV light to kill bacteria and mold in the air.

Reduce Repairs

If your existing HVAC unit has been having issues, it may be time to upgrade. Why spend money repairing an old, inefficient unit when you could upgrade to one that is more efficient and better for the environment. The A/C Guys recommend planning a regular maintenance schedule with your HVAC professional to keep your new investment in tip-top shape.

Improve Performance

A new HVAC unit will heat and cool more effectively. Older units may have worn-out parts or may be clogged with dust. With a new HVAC unit and proper maintenance, your home will reach its desired temperature with less energy consumption. Newer units also filter out more contaminants from the air, leading to overall better health.

Make Smart Choices

Don’t forget to update your thermostat while you’re upgrading your HVAC system. A smart thermostat can integrate directly with your new system and be installed by an HVAC professional. Many smart thermostats will learn your preferences and automatically increase or decrease the temperature, according to CNET. Many smart thermostats also let you regulate the temperature via a mobile app when you’re out of the home.

To increase home value, comfort, and savings, consider installing a new HVAC unit. It will work tirelessly to keep your home perfectly comfortable. Plus modern optimisations can do so with less electricity. Remember to keep up regular maintenance to ensure a lengthy life span for your new HVAC unit.

The road to being an entrepreneur is long and tough but it doesn’t have to be if you know where your endpoint is. Some people come out and become an entrepreneur because they are tired of climbing the corporate ladder while others become an entrepreneur simply because they want to be of service to others.

Whatever the reasons for becoming an entrepreneur, the modern entrepreneur must have the knowledge and ability to harness the power of modern technology to run their business.

With modern technology, you can own a mobile virtual office for just less than SGD$10 a month and not worry about paying unnecessary recurring monthly rents for an office space which can amount to the thousands; thus keeping your operating costs really low.

In this article, I will be sharing with you 5 tips on how Google can help you run your business in the most cost-efficient and time-saving way.

Tip #1: Using the G Suite

The G Suite is a set of cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tools, software and products developed by Google Cloud. As an entrepreneur myself, I use Google Office Suite to create documents such as contracts, presentation decks, and financial reports. What I really like about the G Suite is that I can access my files anytime, anywhere and it is entirely web-based. What this essentially means is that as long as I have access to the Internet, I can pretty much get my work done while on the move.

Tip #2: Gmail for Business

You don’t necessarily need to have an email address that ends with @gmail.com to use Gmail. Even if you already have an existing web domain name for your business, you can still use Gmail to send and receive emails.

There are many features that I like about using Gmail but one which really stands out for me is the “Smart Compose” feature that really saves me time when composing an email reply.

Tip #3: Google Calendar

If you’re often on the move and travelling for business, Google Calendar can help you manage your schedule more efficiently. I personally use it to keep track of my appointments and to remind me of important occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. One of the features that I like about Google Calendar is that it works in tandem with Google Maps where I am being sent a reminder to leave for my next appointment and estimates the time for travelling to my next meeting location.

Tip #4: Google Drive for Business

Google Drive is a Gamechanger and I absolutely love it because it is highly functional and it allows for the ease of collaboration with others. With Google Drive, I can easily backup and store all my files in the cloud or share them with others.

Furthermore, the documents, presentation decks, and spreadsheets that I create are saved directly onto my Google Drive and it saves me the hassle of having to bring any additional storage devices around.

Tip #5: Google Photos

Google Photos is a rather nifty service that is part of what the G Suite offers. As I travel a lot for both work and leisure; I do take lots of photos on my phone and that can be a real problem because there are just so many photos to store and organise. With Google Photos, I don’t have to worry about running out of storage space because it gives users free, unlimited storage for photos up to 16 megapixels.

What’s more?

You can store unlimited videos as long as they are below 1080p resolution. Just so you know, Google Photos also uses Google’s image-analysis technology to organise the photos and videos that are uploaded; thus, making them easier to search, share and even edit

Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable and comprehensive option that fosters collaboration with others, the G Suite is certainly at the top of my list.

The G Suite Pricing in Singapore (G Suite Basic) cost SGD$97 per user per year and you can sign up for G Suite with a G Suite Premier Partner in Singapore.

If you are based in Malaysia, the G Suite Pricing in Malaysia (G Suite Basic) will cost RM270 per user per year. However, do note that from 1 January 2020, a digital tax of 6% will be imposed on foreign digital service providers. Hence, it will be worthwhile to sign up for an annual contract with a G Suite Premier Partner in Malaysia before 31 December 2019.