A seafood restaurant is a place that specialises in fish and other seafood dishes and most seafood restaurant owners decorate their restaurants with marine-themed furnishings and aquarium to let the customers know that they specialise in serving seafood. Occasionally, you can find non-fish dishes such as varieties of tofu, beef and chicken dishes on the menu in some restaurants.

Some Common Items on a Seafood Menu

Generally, you can find items such as salmon tartare, clams, salmon, lobsters, mushroom truffle crusted cod, bouillabaisse, sea bass, crab cakes, tuna carpaccio, and a lot more. There are other restaurants that offer what is called a “sea pizza” where frozen or fresh ingredients are served. Various types of seafood such as scallops, clams, shellfish, shrimp, lobsters, squid, and mussels can be used and these kinds of pizzas often lack cheese. Instead, the calamari and squids are served on top of a pizza dough with tomato sauce.

Preparation Techniques

There are many ways of preparing seafood to produce their optimum flavours. Some chefs incorporate the use of new technology to develop their menus. Whether a fish is served fresh or thawed, there are many preparation techniques and if you’re keen to check out the various ways of preparing seafood, you can click this link here.


This is a method where a broth or water is used to transfer heat to the dish. This helps the seafood to soak in the flavourful juices and locks in the nutrients inside of it instead of letting it escape to the surrounding liquid. Chefs usually boost the flavours by simmering white wine, shallots, lemon juices, fresh herbs, and other spices into the liquid.


This is a way to give the fish a smoky flavour and a crisped texture. If done in the right way, the fish meat will be firm and meaty.  The fish fillet is often sprayed with olive oil and salt and pepper are usually used to improve the taste. Some chefs combine herbs, oils, juices, and spices to form a marinade. Some other seafood that is commonly grilled for optimum flavour includes oysters and mussels.


Poaching is a great way to bring out the full flavour of finfish and shrimps. However, this cooking technique is usually used for cooking sturdy fish fillets as the flakier fish varieties can tend to fall into pieces or have a mushy texture when done incorrectly.

Best Pairings for Fish

According to a Maalaea Restaurant, seafood can complement vegetables and other grains well because they bring out each other’s flavour. Some of the best pairings can include broiled fish, zucchinis, bell peppers, avocados, and eggplants. These offer a lot of nutrients and vitamins in the body.

Bean and corn salads can complement a blackened tilapia well and the slight bitterness of kale can be counterbalanced by the sweet taste of a salmon. Whether it be mashed, fried, or roasted; potatoes can make a great side dish regardless of their method of preparation and add greater taste and flavour with cod and other white fish varieties. For a simple mashed potoato reipe, you can add lemon and thyme to the potatoes and mashed them well.

Quinoa is one of the most preferred side dishes because it is full of essential nutrients such as Vitamin B, phosphorous, iron and potassium. The seeds are also rich in fibre, so you won’t have to worry about overeating. For other pairings, get more information on this website:

Getting Started with Seafood Delicacies

There are actually a lot of recipes on the internet that can help you make a perfect seafood dish. An alternative is to try the food first in your local seafood restaurant and recreate it in your home. Since there is a lot of delicious fish out there and a lot of ways to cook them, we’re pretty sure you will enjoy seafood in no time!

You might have heard of Manuka honey as it is getting quite popular for its health benefits.

So what makes this honey different?

Bees in New Zealand, drink the nectar from the Manuka shrub that is indigenous to New Zealand and produce honey that has properties that are unique and unseen in other kinds of honey. These properties are antibacterial and aids in curing common ailments.

If you’re wondering whether Manuka honey can be purchased in Singapore, the answer is yes. Although you can buy it off the shelves, there are a few things you need to consider before purchasing Manuka honey.

Here are some considerations that you might want to look out for:

1. UMF Label

So what is UMF? UMF stands for Unique Manuka Factor. It’s an independent organisation that tests and rates Manuka honey from various manufacturers to check their authenticity. This agency was created for the sole reason to test the quantity of MGO and NPA in each Manuka honey batch. We’ll get to MGO and NPA, a bit later in the article.

Each batch of genuine Manuka honey has a UMF rating that can be traced back to the apiary it’s from. The rating starts from 5+.

If you want the best quality Manuka honey, then 22+ should be your choice. Do not buy Manuka honey if it does not have a UMF label attached to the jar.

The UMF rating and number on Honey New Zealand’s Manuka Honey

UMF hands licenses to genuine manufacturers of Manuka honey and nobody else.

2. MGO – Methylglyoxal

What makes Manuka honey unique is the presence of MGO. Methylglyoxal is the property that the UMF agency is looking for in every Manuka honey. It’s antibacterial and helps in curing many common ailments like sore throats, and ulcers.

The higher the content of MGO, the higher the Manuka rating; and it means that the particular honey possesses more antibacterial properties.

3. Active / NPA

Many Manuka honey jars have the Grade A label in them. So what does this mean? Manuka honey is one of the few types of honey in the world that still has antibacterial elements even when the hydrogen peroxide has been removed; this is NPA or Non-Peroxide Activity.

If you have a jar with Grade A written on it, it means the antibacterial property is present and it is active! So NPA or Grade A means, your Manuka honey has antibacterial qualities that can help with curing common ailments.

These are the three factors that one needs to look into before buying Manuka honey in Singapore.

If you’re shopping around for Manuka honey in Singapore, HNZ Manuka Honey in Singapore is the best of the lot. They have their own apiaries and they make the finest quality Manuka honey in the world.

Chocolate will always be in season, no matter how hot or cold the weather gets. Whether it comes in its traditional milk chocolate bar form, as a refreshing chocolate drink, as a sweet confection, or as something else entirely, there’s no doubt that chocolate will always be among the world’s most popular treats. Here are some chocolatey goodies that should help you beat the heat while satisfying your cocoa craving this summer.

Plant-based Chocolate Milk

When it comes to keeping cool while also getting your dose of creamy chocolate goodness, nothing can get the job done better and in a more delicious manner than a tall glass of ice-cold chocolate milk. No chewing involved; you just pour it out, drink it in, and enjoy!

Of course, there is a downside to this tasty treat, and that’s why full-cream chocolate milk isn’t exactly great for you, especially if you’re watching your weight and waistline. In this case, you should definitely swap your regular, full-fat chocolate milk for a healthier alternative such as Elmhurst’s peanut-based chocolate milk.

Because this particular type of chocolate milk is derived from peanut, it has absolutely no cholesterol and has a very low saturated fat count, in addition to not causing lactose intolerance. Elmhurst as a brand is also known for using no emulsifiers or added food gums to their product, so you can rest assured that you’re only getting what you pay for, with no artificial ingredients.

But does it taste just like regular dairy chocolate milk? It actually does, and it also packs the same amount of protein per glass, which makes it’s perfect as a post-workout drink or as a daily beverage that you can add to a healthy diet. So, if you’re on a chocolate kick this summer, do it the healthy but tasty way with chocolate peanut milk!

Low-Calorie or Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream

Another chocolate-based treat that’s perfect for summer is none other than chocolate ice cream. It’s much cooler than a chilled beverage and just as easy to enjoy; just scoop some into a glass or bowl, add some garnishing like some chopped peanuts or bananas for a deeper and more exciting flavour profile, and you’re all set! Just don’t overdo it, otherwise, you may not only pack on the pounds but also an ice cream headache as well! As an alternative to traditional, calorie-packed ice creams, consider low-calorie choices such as Breyers Delight Creamy Chocolate Ice Cream or Snow Monkey Cacao Superfood Ice Treat, which offers the added benefit of being dairy free.

If you’re a wizard in the kitchen, you can also make your very own ice cream, and a healthier version to boot! Simply swap the full-fat dairy milk you intend to use with a low-fat alternative, such as skimmed milk or nut-based milk. You can also control how much sugar is going into your ice cream, making it even less of a fattening treat to enjoy.

Chocolate Ice Pops

If you’re looking for an extra-cold treat that doesn’t take a lot of effort or work to prepare, then chocolate ice pops could be for you. Simply pour chocolate milk into an ice pop mould, stick it in the freezer to harden overnight, and enjoy it the day after. It’s a treat that kids of all ages—as well as adults —will love. Just remember to eat it quickly, otherwise, it’ll drip all over the floor and make a mess!

You can also spruce up this particular treat by making its fruity version instead. Blend fruits like strawberries or banana into a thick milky smoothie, but use chocolate milk as the base instead of regular milk. Pour this mixture into the ice pop mould to harden just like before, and enjoy!

Chocolate Cake

Having cake during the hottest time of the year may sound a bit counterintuitive – seeing as it’s usually not something you associate with cooling you down—but it works if you chill it first. You don’t even have to deal with the heat from the oven either since there are many non-bake recipes these days that simply require you to chill the entire mixture in your fridge before you can slice out a serving or two.

If you’re puzzled as to what kind of recipe to look for, look for the ones that involve a lot of heavy fudge—those not only taste the best when they’re fresh from the fridge, they’re also so rich that your cocoa craving will be sated after just a few small slices.

There you have it, four chocolate-based goodies to cool you down this summer. Whatever you decide to partake in, however, remember to always follow it up with loads of water, even when you’re outdoors. It’s easy to forget about adequate hydration, especially when you’re enjoying your chocolatey treat!

Bubble tea shops have come a long way and the first bubble tea that I tasted was the Jasmine Milk Tea with Pearls during my secondary school days. Although many bubble tea brands come and go over the last 26 years; tea is still very much appreciated and valued by consumers.

Image Credit: Hi Tea Singapore

Yes, fads will wane eventually but the very essence of tea being a prized commodity will not. As much as I am a coffee person, I am equally a fan of tea too and I find both to be simple pleasures of life that helps take my mind off the busy hustles of life.

Recently, I was introduced to Hi-Tea, a local homegrown tea artisan brand that aims to promote the Chinese tea drinking culture by integrating new tea brewing methods with quality and fresh ingredients to make interesting tea concoctions.

Image Credit: Hi Tea Singapore

With only two outlets (one at Far East Plaza and the other at Northpoint City) in Singapore; Hi-Tea made the headlines when they showcased what could possibly be the world’s first D24 Premium Durian Jasmine Green Tea.

Image Credit: Hi Tea Singapore

I know the idea and thought of consuming Durian Jasmine Green Tea can be quite mind-boggling or even quirky but even if you’re the smallest fan of durian, you will certainly enjoy this creamy beverage that stops short of being a durian smoothie. The strong Durian flavours give way into the delicate sweetness of the tea, which introduces itself in the back of the throat, giving an aromatic aftertaste.

Costing only $6.80, the Durian Jasmine Green Tea is the ultimate fix to your unfounded durian cravings.

Even if durian is not your cup of tea, you should check out Hi Tea’s range of other cold brew fruits tea; my favourite being the Mix Fruit King!

Image Credit: Hi Tea Singapore

While there aren’t any toppings such as pearls and jellies available, the fresh cut fruits are a delight to have and it brings one’s attention and focus to just simply enjoying the tea.

If you haven’t tried Hi Tea yet, make a trip down to Far East Plaza or Northpoint City today! I wish they have more outlets though; then I will have more reason to drink some tea every day.

It is pretty hard to define what a simple meal is nowadays; especially when food options can be overwhelming. Many diners also rather spend more time editing and taking photos of their meal than really enjoying the meal or spending some time with friends and families having great conversations over a meal.

New photo by Melvin Lee / Google Photos

Pizza Hut would like to bring back the simple joy of a piece of piping hot and tasty pizza in this intricate world, making it much easier for all to have a better pizza.

A “Slice of Simple” with the New and Improved Pan Pizza

Pizza Hut has launched launch their new improved Pan Pizza and it is a culmination of customer feedback; a survey gathering inputs from more than 100 participants and as well as intensive brainstorming within the restaurant team’s of what an ideal pizza meant.

New photo by Melvin Lee / Google Photos

The product teams went through repeated product refinement and testing and finally served up the all-new Pan Pizza versions of familiar favourites (such as the Hawaiian, Super Supreme, Pepperoni and BBQ Chicken) with a crispier crust, improved signature sauce and topping close to the edge.

Unlimited Slices of Pan Pizza at Buffet Fiesta

For pizza fans who enjoy an extravagant indulgence and wants to try every flavour of the new Pan Pizza, Pizza Hut is serving 90-minute pizza buffets in selected outlets each week from 25 June to 26 August 2018:

  • 25 June to 8 July: Bedok Mall, Harbourfront Centre, Jurong Point, Lot One Shoppers’ Mall
  • 9 July to 22 July: Bukit Timah Plaza, Causeway Point, The Seletar Mall
  • 23 July to 5 August: Ang Mo Kio, Eastpoint Mall, NorthPoint City (North Wing), West Mall
  • 13 August to 26 August: Bukit Panjang Plaza, Plaza Singapura, Sun Plaza, West Gate
New photo by Melvin Lee / Google Photos

Prices are really pocket-friendly!

Adults can enjoy the buffet at $19.85 on weekdays and $22.20 on weekends, while children, age 5 to 12 years old, can enjoy the buffet at $12.80 on weekdays and $15.15 on weekends. Prices are inclusive of 10% service charge and prevailing GST.

Buffets are available in 2 sessions on weekdays (6:15 pm to 7:45 pm and 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm) and 3 sessions on weekends (4:30 pm to 6:00 pm, 6:15 pm to 7:45 pm, and 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm).

*For this limited time offer, you can make your reservations at

About Pizza Hut Singapore

Started in 1981 with their first outlet at Jalan Jelita, Pizza Hut Singapore is now the largest pizza chain restaurant in Singapore with 60 outlets. They have an unmatched passion and celebration for their pizzas and they aim to deliver not just a wide array of pizzas, pastas and other quality foods that are always fresh, but also a casual atmosphere that is fun and friendly; all these without compromising what good restaurants have always stood- service and customer satisfaction.

Over the years, Pizza Hut’s service, menu offerings and ambience have evolved in keeping up with the times and trends. Since then, they have embraced the affordable casual dining concept where the emphasis is on creating a fun and engaging atmosphere for their customers. Pizza Hut is the favourite place to be at if you are looking to celebrate a special occasion or simply a relaxing time with friends and loved ones. They aim to make every dining experience a truly memorable one for their customers.

Globally, Pizza Hut spans more than 16,000 restaurants, 350,000 team members, in more than 100 countries.

Singaporeans’ love for Japanese food is pretty evident and it doesn’t come as a surprise because we often see long queue lines forming outside Singapore’s top Japanese restaurants. Recently, we stumbled upon IZA, a newly-opened Izakaya Bar in the charming Siglap neighbourhood and we totally fell in love with it.

Open daily from 6 pm till 1 am, IZA offers a casual and unpretentious Japanese-styled bar and restaurant that serves affordable kushiyaki fare and drinks amidst a homey but yet modern ambience.

Designed with plenty of group seating that is perfect for families and communal dining, you can let your hair down, bond and celebrate the day over drinks and an amazingly wallet-friendly food menu.

When we were there, we tried 3 of their new and innovative creations that happen to be the crowd favourites and we were told that they sell out pretty quickly each night. 

Four-Ton Chawanmushi $4.50***

The only one-of-its-kind in Singapore, the Four-Ton Chawanmushi integrates a blend of century egg, salted egg, quail egg and the traditional chicken egg into an indulgent, steamed four-egg delight.

Fresh Whole Seabass with Home-made Chilli $28***

We definitely enjoyed this one. Oven-baked fresh whole Seabass perfectly complemented with home-made Chilli. This dish has the Sambal Chilli Stringray kind of ‘feel’ that we usually get from East Coast Lagoon Food Village.

Otah Tamago $6.90

Otah Tamago which combines Japanese-rolled omelette with fragrant Otah from Muar. The Otah has certainly overpowered the Tamago. We wonder if IZA is up for an even more quirky kind of local creation like Chicken Rice Tamago?

We also had other delectable dishes such as:

Table Treats

  • Grilled Oysters, 3 Pieces ($12)***
  • Grilled Avocado ($5.00)
  • Grilled Pineapple ($2.00)***
  • Stuffed Taupok Special, 1 Piece ($3.00)
  • Deep Fried Chicken Soft-Bone ($6.00)


  • Fresh Prawns ($3.50)***
  • Hand-made Chicken & Pork Meatball ($3.50)***
  • Chicken Mid-Joint ($1.90)***
  • Bacon Wrapped Lychee ($2.80)***
  • Lady’s Finger ($1.90)***


  • Hae Bee Hiam Spaghetti ($11.90)***

***must-try dishes!

We probably don’t have to tell you how good the food is because it is seriously damn good. You just got to try it for yourself to believe.

What We LOVE About IZA

Wallet-Friendly Food & Beverage Menu

For the fresh and tasty food that patrons are getting, the prices are seriously very affordable and furthermore, there’s no service charge unlike most other dining establishments in Singapore. This thus makes IZA an ideal dining place for couples who are on a budget.

Wide Selection of Alcoholic Beverages Including Japanese Craft Beers & Sakes

There’s a wide selection of alcoholic beverages that IZA serves and they include Japanese Craft Beers like Coedo Beniaka (best paired with meat) and Coedo Shiro (best paired with seafood and vegetables). For Sake, IZA serves the Tengumai Junmai Daiginjo and Fudoh Special Junmai.

Warm and Welcoming Service Staff & Ambience

The service staff were really attentive and responsive to our needs. Needless to say, it was such a pleasant dining experience that we will definitely be back for more. The best part of the dining experience? You won’t leave smelling like a grill after dining at IZA!

695 East Coast Road
Singapore 459059

Opens daily from 6 pm to 1 am


For those who are new to the Japanese food culture, here are some definitions of commonly-used Japanese food terms:

Izakaya: a type of informal Japanese gastropub where a variety of dishes and snacks are served to accompany alcoholic drinks.

Chawanmushi: egg custard dish

Kushiyaki: grilled meat or vegetables on a skewer

Kushiage: fried meat or vegetables on a skewer

Sake: Japanese rice wine

Yakitori: grilled skewered chicken

Yakiton: grilled skewered pork

This Christmas and New Year, go merry feasting with Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay at The Square Restaurant!

Presenting a sumptuous buffet spread with a selection of international and local specialities carefully crafted by the Hotel’s Chef De Cuisine, Chef Kishen Ramachanran and his culinary team; be spoilt for choice with an irresistible buffet variety of festive delicacies such as the Salt Crusted Baked Whole Barramundi, Roasted Beef Strip Loin with Grain Mustard Sauce, Roasted Lamb Leg Pepper Crust with Rosemary Sauce, Roasted Honey Glazed Ham with Pineapple & Orange Herb Sauce, and more.

Roasted specialities at the carving station feature Roasted Turkey with Giblet Gravy & Cranberry Sauce, Baked Gammon Ham with Clove and Apple Compote, Baked Black Angus Sirloin in Mustard Sauce.

Novotel Clarke Quay Festive Christmas Buffet 2017

A variety of seafood on ice including Baby Lobsters, Fresh Oysters and Alaskan King Crabs with an assortment of Terrine Platter including Salmon Terrine with Apricot, Smoked Halibut Rillettes, Parma Ham with Rock Melon and more will be served.

End on a sweet note with festive desserts prepared by our Pastry Chef Siak, including Red Velvet cakes, Festive Cupcake Tower, Mini Assorted Macaroons, Panettone and the traditional Merry Festive Log Cake.

Novotel Clarke Quay Festive Christmas Buffet 2017

Buffet Lunch (Mon – Fri)
From $38++ per adult

Weekend Buffet Lunch (Sat & Sun)
From $48++ per adult

Buffet Dinner (Daily)
From $62++ per adult

Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner, Christmas Day Brunch & New Year’s Eve Buffet Dinner with Unlimited House Wine, Beer, and Soft Drinks.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve Buffet Dinner (24th & 31st December 2017)
6.00pm – 10.30 pm
Adult $85++ | Child (5-12 years old) $40++ | Senior Citizen (above 55 years old) $70++

Christmas Day Brunch (25th December 2017)
11.45am – 1.15pm | 1.45pm – 3.15pm
Adult $85++ | Child (5-12 years old) $40++ | Senior Citizen (above 55 years old) $70++

Christmas Day Dinner (25th December 2017)
6.00pm – 10.30pm
Adult $62++ | Child (5-12 years old) $31++ | Senior Citizen (above 55 years old) $52++

New Year’s Day Lunch (1st January 2018)
12.00pm – 2.30pm
Adult $48++ | Child (5-12 years old) $24++ | Senior Citizen (above 55 years old) $32++

* Prices are subject to 10% service charge and thereafter 7% Goods & Services Tax. Reservations made are non-refundable and are subject to availability on a first-come-first serve basis. Prices are not applicable in conjunction with other promotions. Menus will be on rotation and buffet items may be subject to change.

For reservations and more details, you can contact The Square Restaurant at 6433 8790 or visit:

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It was our first time to Cake Avenue and as its name rightly suggests; it is da place for wonderfully crafted cakes that not only look pretty but also Instagram worthy as well. Born out of the passion to excite customers with beautiful and playful cakes, owners Natalie and Chuan Sheng Wong have come a long way since setting up their first humble outlet in 2000.

Cake Avenue New Dessert Menu 2017//

From making birthday cakes designed to look like Bak Chor Mee to anniversary cakes that looked like branded handbags, Cake Avenue makes the impossible possible with their latest all-new dessert menu (created by Cake Avenue’s Head Pastry Chef E.T. Yew) that is designed to mimic the look and feel of classic savoury diner foods such as hamburgers, corndogs, nachos and alphabet soup.

My Personal Opinion of the All-new Dessert Menu by Cake Avenue’s Head Pastry Chef E.T. Yew

Honestly, I have a sweet tooth and I never fail to leave some stomach space for desserts. After what seems like endless servings of desserts, I literally died a happy man with an overdose of sugar in my bloodstream. Out of the 6 dessert items served, my favourite is the Nachos Dulces (SGD$12.90) and it is basically a tex-mex nachos lookalike dish that includes crispy flatbread ‘nachos’ packed with toppings such as chocolate mousse ‘refried beans’, strawberry compote ‘salsa’, julienned peach ‘cheese’, and pistachio ice cream ‘guacamole’. Sure, the Nachos Dulces might seem a little like rojak but I really like the fruity, nutty, and crunchy combination!

Cake Avenue New Dessert Menu 2017//

If quirky is your middle name, you should try the Diner Slider and Fries (SGD$15.90). I swear it is the most mind-boggling dessert that I ever had. Featuring two slider-sized burgers, each comprising of a dark chocolate ice cream burger patty sandwiched between vanilla butter cake buns; the dish is served with a side of warm fries made up of vanilla cake. To top it off, the citrusy passionfruit puree ‘mustard’ and tangy raspberry puree ‘ketchup’ made the whole setup look completely like legit burgers and fries.

Cake Avenue New Dessert Menu 2017//

As for the other desserts that I had, I shall keep mum and leave it a surprise for you to find out how they taste like. After all, with ample dining space and a cosy ambience, Cake Avenue gives you the best opportunity for you to jio all your friends down for some adventurous get-together.

Should you be planning a Christmas party at home or the office, you too can usher in the festive cheer with Cake Avenue’s takeaway options. Prices for the Christmas Set Menus range from SGD$67 to SGD$172 and ala-carte selections are available as well.

Cake Avenue New Dessert Menu 2017//

Whether it is a sweet dessert like the log cake or a savoury dish like the chicken lasagna, there are plenty of choices to choose from and Cake Avenue’s halal-certified too. 

Cake Avenue New Dessert Menu 2017//

Do note that a minimum of 3 days advance notice is required for all takeaway bookings so I highly recommend that you start planning early.

For more information, visit Cake Avenue’s Facebook Page and Website.

Cake Avenue

33 Lorong Kilat, #01-01/02, Kilat Centre, Singapore 598132

Nearest Train Station: Beauty World MRT Station (Downtown Line)

Operating Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 8.30pm
Closed on Mondays


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It is said that if you look up at the moon, you can see the outline of the Jade Rabbit that lives there.

This Mid-Autumn Festival, Häagen-Dazs™ has taken inspiration from the myth of the Jade Rabbit to design a whimsical and contemporary range of ice cream mooncakes featuring new designs and exciting flavours.  Every set is sure to be a crowd pleaser, whether as a gift or to make your family reunion extra special. 


Twinkle Crispy (RSP: S$29.90)

All-time favourite crispy sandwich made with Häagen-Dazs™ ice cream in a wrapping with smooth chocolate and sandwiched between crispy wafers. Each box comes with 5 pieces (Vanilla x 2, Caramel x 2, Green Tea x 1).  Available at both Häagen-Dazs™ stores as well as selected retailers.

Twinkle Night Mix (RSP: S$75.00)

A beautiful set of chocolate-coated ice cream mooncakes, featuring luxurious contemporary designs. Each set contains 6 mooncakes in an assortment of flavours, including Mango ice cream exclusively available in mooncakes (Chocolate x 2, Mango x 2, Green Tea x 1, Vanilla x1).  Available at all Häagen-Dazs™ stores.

Harmony Mochi (RSP: S$75.00)

A totally new experience this season, open this box to find indulgent Häagen-Dazs™ ice cream carefully wrapped with premium soft and chewy Japanese mochi skin. Available as a set of 4 pieces in strawberry and mango flavours. Available at all Häagen-Dazs™ stores.

Lune et Etoiles (RSP: S$98.00, Limited Edition)

This unique set is a bestseller in Hong Kong, and consists of 1 very special ‘moon’ surrounded by 7 ‘stars’.  Each mooncake is coated with dark chocolate and decorated with elegant Parisian-themed chocolate designs. This super premium collection is limited to just 100 sets in Singapore and is exclusive to Tang’s. This set features an assortment of 8 flavours (Yuzu Citrus & Cream, Belgian Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate, Strawberry Cheesecake, Caramel Biscuit & Cream).

Available for pre-orders starting on August 15 and in-store from September 4, hurry to place your order to share these very special mooncakes with your loved ones before they run out! 


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Pizza is loved all around the world. The simple Italian dish of tomato sauce and various toppings served on round dough is a staple of human cuisine. It’s associated with good times as we share it with our friends at a get-together, kids have it for their birthday and it’s an ideal dish when we want something quick yet filling when having a fun day with those close to us. There are countless types, variants, and topping options, which is one of the strengths of this dish. One of the most popular flavours of pizza is Margherita.

Margherita pizza is a Neapolitan pizza traditionally made with San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh basil, salt and extra-virgin olive oil. Its crust is what separates it from other types of pizza, as it should be thin at the base and puffed up at the sides. It is not just a staple of Italian cuisine because of its ingredients or the place it was invented, it’s also because it reflects the green, white and red of the Italian flag.

Margherita pizza is the most famous pizza in Italy and has a long and interesting history that dates back to the 19th century. It was thought to be named after the queen of Italy at its creation. The story goes that The King and Queen were visiting southern Italy in 1889 and was growing tired of French food that was usually given to royals and instead wanted something Italian. The Queen summoned the top chef of Naples and had him make her some pizzas. She passed on garlic and anchovies pizzas but loved the one with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil. The chef would name this pizza Margherita, the name of the Queen and was sent a thank you note from her.

This has long been the story but doubts have risen. Its colours and the fact that it represents the union between north and south Italy can come across as convenient, and the thank you note, which exists to this day, mention the Queen giving her approval for a store, rather than the pizzeria. The royal seal may also be incorrect. True or not, it’s a fascinating story that captures the magic and imagination that this dish brings.

While its components are set and its home being Italy, Margherita pizza has become a dish made and enjoyed throughout the world. Anywhere you will be able to find the necessary ingredients and numerous recipes, while countless places sell it. In Singapore alone, there are many pizzerias to choose which you can visit with friends at any day of the week. You’re also lucky enough to have some of these establishments deliver directly to your home with Deliveroo.

A perfect Margarita pizza is never far away. You can revel in this Italian dish at any time with loved ones, coworkers or alone, as you enjoy a meal (maybe) fit for a queen.