Understanding the basics of guitar, such as its chords, can be essential to your learning process. Those who jump right into learning their favourite songs can certainly practice and improve, but their journey will generally be far quicker and more efficient after getting to grips with the basics.

How many chords are there in total?

There are many different chords and even different groups of them; like power chords, and barre chords. Having a general understanding of these can be important as you learn. Still, as a beginner, you should focus on a specific set before progressing to ensure the best possible chances of success.

How many should I learn?

Since these are the building blocks of songs and harmonies, chords can often be one of the most important things to learn for someone new to guitar. Usually, you don’t need to know all of them to start creating your own riffs – in fact, if you know 8 of the basic ones, you could be well on your way to making music. 

These chords are C – A – G – E – D – Am – Dm – Em. Once you know these, you’ll be able to play a wide variety of songs. In fact, many tunes just use the G – D – Em – C chord progression, so it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge at all for you to start exploring your musical side once you have an understanding of even just these.

Once you feel familiar with the first few, knowing the open chords will allow you to expand and learn more advanced ones too – although you don’t need to stress yourself about those just yet.

Things you should keep in mind when learning:

  • It might be worth beginning with just G – C – D when trying to play songs and then working up from there.
  • Practice your chords daily – it’ll help you to remember them to the point where you can play them instinctively.
  • Press the stings with the tips of your fingers, and make sure that you apply enough pressure
  • Before playing, check each string and try to determine whether or not they sound right – your instrument may need tuning otherwise.
  • Keep your thumb behind the guitar neck, and your fingers as close to the fret as possible. 

Why not use Fender Play?

If you’re looking for an excellent way to get started on your musical journey, Fender Play could be ideal for you. Countless other aspiring artists have used this learning program to further their education and give them a solid foundation to work from. This offers them a chance to become the best guitarist they could be with time and dedication. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about this program, we’d suggest that you take a look at our professional Fender Play review. As experts, we know what to look for in a good guitar learning resource, so you can rest assured that our opinion will be a trustworthy one.

This time last year, we were having a holiday in New Zealand and we really enjoyed the experience so much that we hope to visit again.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it looks like leisure travel is not going to happen anytime soon, and we hope that all of us (globally) will get through this tough time together.

Since travelling out of the country is not possible at this moment in time, the next best option is to check out what is available in Singapore for us to revisit. Although Singapore is not that big a country (in fact, we are smaller than Hong Kong), there are still lots of things that one can do in Singapore.

Whether you are a thrill-seeker, a nature lover or a foodie; there’s bound to be something that you can do in Singapore.


Image Credits: Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is opened for all thrill-seekers and if you need to get some adrenaline pumping, this is the place to go and if that’s not enough, you can head over to AJ Hackett Sentosa to do a Bungy jump.

Nature Lover

There are many green spaces in Singapore that you can explore and if you are up for a challenge, embark on the 36km Coast-to-Coast trail! If you prefer to just chill, grab your beach towel and head to the beach for a simple and relaxing day. You can even organise a simple beach picnic with your family and friends.

Speaking of beach towel, we recently got one from Tesalate and we really love it! There are more than 40 different prints and designs and you get a 10% discount off your first order when you join their newsletter!

Glamping @ Home

We got the, ‘Into The Wild’ design and seriously, the 1.6 m by 0.8 m full-sized beach towel can comfortably fit 3 persons and since we miss glamping out in the wild, we decided to glamp at home.

If you are looking for an ultra-absorbent and compact full-sized beach towel, you should consider getting it from Tesalate.


Brunch @ Lola’s Cafe

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and you can find some of the world’s best cuisines here. Whether it is French, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Italian or Spanish food; there are lots of options available for all sorts of budget.

Got any other places or activities to recommend? Share them with us in the comments section below!

Many people view golf as the perfect refuge from family life — and let’s face it, that’s something all of us need from time to time. However, you may be enthusiastic enough about golf to teach it to your kids as well. If you’re up for some family golfing, we’ve got a couple of tips that will help you ease your children into this activity!

First and foremost, though — if you want to get your kids into gold, you should realize that this isn’t your usual Sunday morning game of golf. That is – if you intend to go to a golf course that’s simultaneously used by other people as well. You should try to limit your family golf sessions to a schedule that doesn’t interfere with others who aren’t bringing kids to the golf course. Evening hours are preferable if you want to be considerate to other golfers — but that’s important for your own wellbeing as well.

Believe us – you won’t have much fun seeing a child of yours go straight for the bunker, not when someone else is nervously waiting in the nearby fairway. Sure, if you’re bringing kids to the golf course, they should learn to respect the average pace of the game regardless of their age. Still, not accounting for inevitable delays due to their play is a mistake.

Excite Them

If you want the young ones to get excited about golf, it has to be about more than the pure gameplay itself. Yeah, we all want our children to avoid becoming fixated with solely material stuff. On the other hand, you need to realize that the children’s fun with golf is everything that’s a part of playing it. Get them a ball sleeve from time to time, tees, ball markers — all of this will make them more excited for the game.

Golf Cart Fun

We arrive at another compromise that you’re bound to make when you decide to organize family golfing with children. Many devout golfers feel that walking across the course is an innate part of the game. Plus, it’s one of the rare things that require a certain degree of physical activity in golf — it’s definitely a welcome form of exercise.

However, once you start playing with your kids, one thing is sure to happen — they’ll fall in love with the golf cart. For the kids, these carts are basically small cars that they can have fun with — something like a ride in an amusement park. Even if you like trekking all over the course, you should lean into the kids’ desire to ride around in the cart. At the end of the day, you’ll find that walking around with your kids the whole time makes you a lot more fatigued than when you’re on your own. Try to contain your inner snob when it comes to this particular kind of playing golf.

Consider The Yardage

We should have probably started with this, but it’s obvious enough that many of you will have probably thought of it already. Naturally, we’re talking about the yardage that you’ll play when you’re with your kids. Sure, you can keep the yards that you usually play — but we have to warn you that this is bound to bore the young ones. You want the course to be kid-friendly and for the game to be manageable. Plus, they’re more likely to actually hit the green from closer markers, providing them with much-needed positive reinforcement. And let’s be honest — they’re going to need it, considering how frustrating golf can be.

Course Etiquette

Anyone who plays golf knows that, while this game is becoming more and more accessible to all kinds of people — there is still a certain etiquette that has to be respected, and all newbies should familiarize themselves with it.

If you want to play the game with your kids, this is another thing they must learn, at least to a certain degree. Though, this brings us back to our original premise — you want to play with your family when your golf course is practically empty. If you do that, there’s less chance that your family will come into conflict with someone else’s game.

Still, teach the children some of the basics — for instance, they need to wait for the proper turn to hit, and they mustn’t goof around in the golf bunkers. On the other hand, you don’t want them to view the game as a set of boring rules; they’ll quickly grow bored of the proceedings. All you need to do is to teach them some basic respect. We hope this guide was useful to you and that you’ve learned something new. Stay safe and have a good one, guys!

It’s 2020, so you’ve probably heard of the expression “spirit animal” up until now. What you may not know is that this is no mere Internet meme — we’re talking about an ancient tradition that goes back to the time of the Native Americans.

For these indigenous cultures, spirit animals represented a unique embodiment of people’s spirits — something of an astral guide. These guides are prone to show themselves in many ways in order to catch our attention. However, they were said to appear most often in the form of an animal that’s familiar to us or carries some other unique trait that makes them close to us.

Most people have a single spirit animal, though there are those that feel like they are communicating with more than one spirit guide. These give you more confidence, faith in yourself and your choice, and more ease during your life in general.

If you’re wondering what your spirit animal is, don’t worry — we’ve got plenty of tips here that will aid you in finding out!

Listen To Your Dreams

There is an immensely crucial connection between your waking life and the spirit world discovered when we dream. That’s why your spirit animal will come to you most often when you’re asleep. With that in mind, try to remember or write down each time you spot a particular animal in your dreams — especially if this animal tells you something and keeps appearing regularly.

Consider Your Past

In many cases, our spirit animals are creatures that have something to do with our past lives. Perhaps you had a favorite animal when you were a kid – or a pet that you simply adored? Heck, it could be an animal from the wilderness or from a favorite cartoon. Still, it’s usually something that’s connected to your past — a creature that represents a specific period in your life.


Finding your spirit animal takes more than merely thinking about animals from the past. You need to look deep into yourself — explore depths that you have not been privy to before. Take some time to meditate, and let your intuition take you where it wills.

At some point, you will simply feel a connection to a particularly significant animal. At that point, strip away all other layers of your consciousness, and ask yourself a single question — is this truly the animal that is my guardian spirit? And if so, think about what kind of message and lesson this animal wants to present to you. Spend some time ruminating on the meaning behind these things.


Of course, many people do all of the stuff that we’ve mentioned above, to no avail. If your dreams, meditations, and thoughts haven’t provided you with a clear-cut answer, there’s something else that you can do — take an online quiz. And no, we’re not joking; there are plenty of quizzes that are designed to give you a more structured perspective on the traits behind your spirit animal. For many, this is just the introspective push they need to figure out what their spirit animal is.

Heed Your Spirit Guide

Once you do find your spirit animal, it’s quite essential to heed its advice. Spirit animals are the flip side of our spiritual being; they are there to teach us things about our mind and soul that we couldn’t figure out on our own.

In many cases, spirit animals emanate those strengths and positive traits that we should try to promote throughout our lives. They can help you stay on the right path and aid you in charting the correct course. That’s one of the reasons why many people actually experience their spirit animal transforming and changing after some time.

Different Spirit Animals

Now that we’ve given you some advice on searching for your inner spirit animal, we’ll provide a cursory glance at the meaning behind most common spirit animals.

If you’ve got a spirit guide in the form of a bear, this is definitely a powerful spirit animal. Most often, it represents someone with an extremely emotional character — as well as a secure connection with the outdoors – and nature in general.

Many people also find that their spirit animal is a cat. This happens most often to people with a strong independent streak, someone looking for adventure and a person who’s forever curious. Additionally, these are usually patient individuals.

A dove is another commonly sighted spirit guide — it signals pacifism, turning a new leaf, and a general love for peace. It’s a spirit animal that’s optimistic and hopeful for the future — which is what it tries to inspire in you as well. And that wraps it up! Make sure you are staying safe and have a good one, folks!

There is something about gardening that relaxes, comforts, and heals. One moment you’re stressed, and the next, you are in the garden, pruning and planting like you have no worries. 

Researchers have done lots of study on the healing power of gardening, but their results only confirm what many already know; the healing power of gardening relieves the stress in your body and comforts your mind. The researchers call it horticultural therapy or garden therapy. 

Unlike traditional therapy where you sit on a couch and discuss your feelings with a therapist, horticultural therapy doesn’t happen in rooms. It happens right at the heart of nature all around you, and with nature itself as your therapist.

You may wonder how the garden heals. What’s therapeutic about gardening? Well, here is your answer.

How Does Gardening Heal?

Here are ways the garden heals you.

1. Garden Therapy Enhances Your Cognitive Abilities

People who have suffered some setbacks in their cognitive performances would find garden therapy to be helpful. The therapy not only stops their conditions from worsening, but it also helps them get better.

And the exciting thing about gardening is that it involves a lot of activities that patients can easily adapt to heal them in the way they want. For instance, those who need to get stronger can concentrate on heavy gardening works like digging and sanding. 

When they do these for extended periods of time and regularly, their muscles get stronger. Individuals who want to socialize can benefit from group gardening where they get to interact with other gardeners.

The ease of adaptation of gardening makes it one of the best therapeutic ways to make your cognitive abilities get better.

2. Garden Therapy Improves Your Sense of Responsibility

Individuals who have suffered low self-esteem and young people with difficulties in learning would find gardening helpful. When they actively take part in gardening, irrespective of how simple their tasks are, it boosts their confidence level. 

It fills them with a sense of control over their surroundings. This could even be helpful for those who have trouble controlling their feelings and emotions.

3. Gardening Helps To Relieve Emotional Stress

Emotional issues affect the daily lives of the individuals who have them in no small way. Those who struggle with trauma, anger, depression, anxiety, and mental issues would find garden therapy very helpful in managing their emotions and helping them to get better.

Gardening often requires focus and concentration, but not a lot of deep thinking. This makes it a perfect diversion from the rather unhappy thoughts of those who have emotional issues. 

4. Gardening Makes You Happy

Even science backs this up. When you are in a space that has a lot of green, it helps your body cut down its stress level.  The release of cortisol, the hormone that has the unfortunate duty of making you feel stressed, is reduced. 

Consequently, stress takes a dip, and high blood pressure follows suit. Although it isn’t restricted to them, it is of great benefit to seniors and they may gain the most from this healing advantage of gardening.

But the garden isn’t only a world of green. It is a combination of colors and smells which are great at helping you relieve your stress and making you happy. 

5. Gardening Rewards You

It could frustrate you to do things repeatedly without getting the results you require. However, situations like this rarely happen in gardening. Gardening rewards you in a lot of ways. 

It serves as a confidence booster for you; it gives you the feeling of self-control; and gives you a sense of responsibility. Add those to the beautiful colors of blooming flowers or the full growth of herbs; what you have is a bounty of rewards in gardening.

6. Even the View Has Its Healing Effects

According to a study by a behavioral scientist and healing gardens expert, Roger Ulrich, merely staring at the garden has its benefits. Individuals who are just healing from physical illnesses could increase their recovery rate by just gazing at the garden. 

Ulrich conducted this research on some gallbladder surgery patients. Patients who had windows that looked out to full trees healed faster than others who didn’t. These patients also didn’t need to take a lot of pain medications.

And of those patients who didn’t have a window that looked out to nature close to them, patients who were shown images of nature also had similar results to the window patients. They healed faster and needed fewer pain medications.

The Bottomline

Knowing the healing power of the garden is one thing. But tapping into it is another thing entirely. You don’t have to wait for a doctor’s recommendation before you start gardening. Get proactive with your well-being today and start gardening!

We live in a society where everybody is trying to get ahead. It appears the early bird catches the worm and the smartest people will always get the better things in life. And it seems that when we are placed in a world where there is this pressure to keep afloat or be gone forever, this can either force us to change our ways or decide to plead ignorance. But we might feel that we try our best but it’s not good enough, that we are limited by our own intelligence or abilities. But while many people think that we are just born with intelligence, that we just have it or we don’t, this is not the case. The key is about treating your brain like a muscle through certain lifestyle habits that help your brain. Intelligence comes in two forms. Crystallized intelligence which comprises your skills knowledge and vocabulary. But there is also fluid intelligence, which is your ability to think abstractly or reason. And there are many ways to increase both.


It may seem obvious but reading stimulates every part of your brain. Because it requires you to pay attention to exercise comprehension visual processing, as well as your working memory reading, is one of the best ways to boost the neural connections between every part of your brain. Reading is something that we need to get into the habit of doing. It’s not just about picking books that are beyond your comprehension. After all, our intelligence increases with age. The very act of reading is something that we need to get into because it will improve our concentration and comprehension while increasing our neural pathways. This means that getting into the habit of reading is a must. If you do not read regularly, think about the best time for you to do it. Many people read before bedtime. But also, think about the right tools that can help you to focus such as glasses which you can purchase here. It’s important to remember that if you aren’t a regular reader and you feel that you’ve got lots to catch up on, you shouldn’t try to read a book in a week. Take it one page at a time and engage with the material. Many people boast that they have read so many books in their life, but reading books passively is completely different from engaging with the subject matter. Reading is not the sign of intelligence, but it is the sign of someone wanting to improve.


It isn’t just about sitting there listening to nothing. Meditating is something that requires a significant amount of concentration. If you’ve ever sat in silence and tried to think of nothing, this is a lot more difficult than it sounds. Meditation is a fantastic way to improve your working memory. While there has been much research on meditation and the results have shown better brain function, speculation on the results may very well be down to the emotional benefits of meditation. But it stands to reason, the more relaxed you are, the more receptive you will be. If you are someone who struggles to learn anything, this may not be down to your own abilities but it could be more to do with your inhibitions or blockages. We may become a barrier to our own success. And if we struggle to get out of our way so we can reap the benefits of learning, meditation may prove to be the key. Meditating is a hard task to accomplish but there are tools that can help such as meditation machines, as well as guided meditation videos and apps.

Playing an Instrument

It’s never too late to learn. It’s something that can be a very creative way to boost our intelligence. If you don’t like the idea of doing crosswords or sudoku, playing instruments involves numerous skills such as recognizing patterns, auditory perception, as well as physical dexterity and coordination. With all of these working together your sensory and cognitive skills are challenged. And when you start to delve deeper into music and think about transposing keys or improvising music in certain keys, this is the mental exercise your brain needs to develop. The great thing about music is that it’s one of the most fun pastimes. The initial lessons may prove frustrating. But learning an instrument to play along to your favorite songs helps you to develop those mental skills and working memory while also having a good time. Whether it’s playing the guitar or the drums, each instrument comes with its own individual benefits. Playing the drums is something that is very good because it engages both sides of our brains, but it’s also very good as a stress reliever.

Other Considerations

Lifestyle is just as important. There are many other components that you should consider if you want to improve your brain function. One of the simplest is exercise. Light exercise promotes activity in the hippocampus which can help to improve your memory. You should also think about sleeping properly, as this helps you to consolidate memories that you’ve created during the day. But you should also think about diet. A small dose of caffeine can improve your attention which can help you to retain information. But also think about foods that are rich in nutrients. We’re talking about the usual culprits here; omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin K, as well as flavonoids. In short: eat your greens! It’s also important to remember that training your brain in ways beyond the norm can help. There are things that you do every single day that enhance your mental abilities. Being sociable can help. If you have found yourself dwindling recently because of the pandemic, find ways to be more sociable online with friends. Now might be the perfect opportunity to focus on improving your intelligence. But many people believe that they have a certain amount of intelligence that they cannot improve on. In fact, it’s about the tips above while also remembering to stay curious. Intelligence isn’t just measured by knowledge of facts and figures; it’s about stimulating your brain in the right ways. 

Electric toothbrushes have been around for a long time and the market has always been dominated by a few brands such as Oral B and Philips. As technology advances, electric toothbrushes are also becoming more accessible to the wider market as prices are now more affordable than previously. 

Before I dive deeper into my review of the Zenyum Sonic Brush, I must say that I personally owned two types of Oral B electric toothbrushes; one being the Oral B Genius 9000 (the most expensive electric toothbrush that I have) and the other being the Oral B Vitality (the most wallet-friendly electric toothbrush). Hence, I am pretty familiar with the use of electric toothbrushes as I have made the switch many years ago. 


The Zenyum Sonic brush costs SGD$39.90 (promotional price with brush head refill subscription plan) and while it is not the cheapest electric toothbrush in an already saturated market, it is also not the most expensive. 

In terms of the operating costs, the Zenyum Sonic brush head refill costs SGD$5.90 and the Oral B brush head refill costs SGD$7. The average brush head can last about 3 months so if you divide the cost of the brush head refill by 3 months; it will be SGD$2 and SGD$2.30 respectively. 

Even if you are using a manual toothbrush, you should still change your toothbrush every 3-4 months because not doing so can result in poor oral hygiene that will cost you even more money when you visit the dentist to get a dental treatment done (yes, I have spent thousands of dollars on dental treatment and it’s not a pleasant feeling & experience at all).

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Whatever electric toothbrush you use, it is definitely going to be a better experience than using a manual toothbrush.  

The more expensive electric toothbrushes like the Oral B Genius 9000 (SGD$179.90) will have more features such as a pressure sensor, a two-minute timer that is divided into 4 segments of 30 seconds, different cleaning modes- routine brushing, whitening, gum, tongue, and even comes with a mobile app to review if you have brushed your teeth properly. 

For the more wallet-friendly electric toothbrushes like the Oral B Vitality (SGD$29.50), it will typically come with a two-minute timer that is divided into 4 segments of 30 seconds and only one single mode of cleaning. 

As for the Zenyum Sonic, it comes with three modes of cleaning and a two-minute timer that is divided into 4 segments of 30 seconds. While the Zenyum Sonic lacks a pressure sensor, it isn’t necessarily a deal breaker and what I really like about Zenyum Sonic is the ability to charge the electric toothbrush using a portable power bank (it comes with a USB cable). The other thing that I like about the Zenyum Sonic is the hassle-free brush head subscription plan where you can choose to have a new brush head delivered to you either every month, every two months, or every three months. 

If you go for the Zenyum Sonic with the Brush Head Refill subscription plan, I would say that the Zenyum Sonic is a good buy especially with the promo price of SGD$39.90. However, if you go for a single purchase of the Zenyum Sonic without any refill plan, it will cost SGD$64.80 and that may be a deal breaker for some people. 

Some Helpful Tips When Using Electric Toothbrush For The First Time 

#1: You just have to hold the brush and guide it to the teeth that you want it to clean. 

#2: You don’t have to scrub your teeth with the brush, just let it glide along the teeth. 

#3: You don’t have to press the brush too hard on your teeth.

#4: Don’t brush your teeth for longer than 2 minutes (yes, even if you use a manual toothbrush).


I am pretty sure a manual toothbrush can do a good job of cleaning your teeth if you’re using it properly but if an electric toothbrush can do an even better job, you should really invest in one.

If it is your first time getting an electric toothbrush and you don’t want to spend too much money, I will recommend that you go for the Zenyum Sonic with Brush Head Refill Subscription instead of the single purchase option. You might feel slightly off when using an electric toothbrush for the first time but I am pretty sure you will get accustomed to using it over time.

Does your job require you to wear protective footwear? As much as you consider work shoes to be unappealing and uncomfortable, such footwear provides protection against foot injuries, twisted ankles, and harsh weather conditions. 

Owing to their extraordinary insulation, waterproof work shoes provide the greatest versatility, comfort, and durability to workers. Most of the protective footwear is also designed to be slip-proof so as to prevent unnecessary accidents on all kinds of terrain. 

Nowadays, there is an extensive variety of mens waterproof work boots for sale, and they are available in various sizes, materials, and designs. 

The following tips will help you choose the best waterproof work boots in the market. 

Consider Toe Protection

One of the initial factors to consider when purchasing a pair of waterproof work boots is toe protection as construction sites, docks, and factories tend to be rather hazardous. There’s always a great likelihood of heavy equipment landing on your feet, thus requiring superb toe protection. 

Therefore, it’s paramount to choose a model with protective toe caps, made of steel, aluminium, or composite material. For instance, steel toe caps are the most conventional form of toe protection despite their heaviness and low thermal conductivity. 

Image Credits: Ever Boots

Conversely, aluminium toe caps are much lighter than the ones made of steel, hence being more comfortable for construction workers to wear. Also, these are more likely to keep the feet warm since they can retain heat. 

Composite toe caps represent a combination of Kevlar, plastic, and carbon filter where each of these materials is unique in its physical and chemical properties. These toe caps are incredibly light and is one of the most convenient alternatives. Read more about the structure, thermal properties, and applications of Kevlar.

Consider Traction

Another important factor to take into consideration when purchasing waterproof work shoes is traction, especially if you need a slip-resistant model. For greater safety, make sure you choose work boots whose outsoles are made of slip-proof material, such as Thermo Polyurethane (TPU) or rubber. 

Additionally, the former is suitable for rough terrains due to its incredible resistance to chemicals and abrasion. The latter is believed to be more versatile, owing to its ability to adapt to dry, wet, and rough surfaces. Boots with rubber outsoles are undoubtedly the best alternative for slippery surfaces as these provide the required traction to prevent accidents from taking place. 

Think About Comfort

Comfort is of essential importance when purchasing waterproof work boots as workers spend most of the day wearing them at construction sites, warehouses, docks, and other hazardous environments. In order to prevent fatigue, you’re expected to choose a model that provides appropriate arch support. This will ensure that your weight will be equally dispersed across the foot, hence providing greater stability. 

Image Credits: Ever Boots

In terms of material, you’re advised to look for leather models, as this fabric provides wearers with amazing flexibility and comfort. Although leather work boots are among the costliest in the market, these are definitely worth the investment due to their durability. The following link,, provides some useful tips about cleaning leather footwear. 

Consider Waterproofing

Waterproofing is an indispensable factor to consider when purchasing work shoes, especially for people who work outdoors. It’s paramount for the boots to be equipped with proper insulation so as to protect your feet against harsh weather conditions. 

Furthermore, the waterproof work shoes you choose are supposed to be made of a breathable material that keeps the feet completely dry. Working in wet environments on a daily basis requires investing in boots with high-quality waterproofing, such as the ones made of neoprene rubber.

Determine Your Budget

Prior to shopping for waterproof work shoes, make sure you set a budget that you’re willing to spend on a pair of footwear. Bear in mind that the price range of such boots is quite wide and it depends mainly on the material, fabrication, and comfort of the model. Additionally, waterproof and slip-proof boots are considered to be costlier than the ones that lack traction and waterproofing. The more money you invest in high-quality footwear the greater the durability. 

Bottom Line

Make sure the boots you purchase are waterproof, slip-proof, highly durable, and comfortable because your feet deserve the best! 

Wearing the right outfit has always been important to us and anyone who says otherwise is only lying to themselves. I’m not saying that we should all be obsessed with always looking our best but I’m simply saying that our clothes often reflect our personalities, and we want to wear whatever feels and looks right in our opinion. When it comes to swimwear, we might even get more worried about appearance, because a big part of our skin is exposed.

In order to find the perfect swimwear for this summer, you’ll have to look at a few different collections, such as the one at

Here are some tips on finding the perfect swimwear. 

Ask Your Friends And Family For Opinions

Everybody uses swimwear and it would make sense to ask at least a few people you know if they are satisfied with the brand they are using and the shops that they got their swimwear from. You just might get enough useful information from them and be ready to go shopping after one simple conversation.

Be careful, though. Different people have got different tastes and different senses of fashion, which is nicely explained on this website. This means that everybody will have different priorities when it comes to buying luxury swimwear. Some will pay close attention to materials, while others will simply go by the colour they like. You should use people’s recommendations as a guiding point and not as a confirmation that it’s a done deal.

Photo by alleksana on

Research Online

After you get a couple of useful recommendations, you should resort to doing some further research on your own. Thanks to the Internet, you can now find anything you want from the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is type in the relevant keywords in your browser and you’ll be presented with a lot of rather useful results.

Make sure to check out the websites of the different suppliers that pop up in your search results. Don’t get carried away with the attractive advertising and try to be as objective as possible when assessing the quality of their swimwear, and as well as the overall quality of their service. It’s your responsibility to penetrate through the marketing and take a look at the real deal.

Read Reviews

Shopping for swimsuits can be rather stressful and you need to find a way to make it less stressful. Reading online reviews can make things much easier, because you’ll get to see what other people think. Their opinion will help you determine which suppliers to avoid and which to take into consideration.

Look out for any reviews and testimonials that previous customers have left. That will help you determine whether people were satisfied with the products and with the supplier.

Compare Prices

Last but not the least, you need to compare prices. Luxury swimwear definitely comes at a price, but that doesn’t mean that you should spend a fortune on it. Try to find a good balance between quality and price.

We hope this article has been helpful and do feel free to comment about your favourite swimwear below!

Google searches for electric bikes have skyrocketed over the past years. It seems that an ever-increasing number of people are interested in making the switch to an electric bike. As the name clearly suggests, an electric bike is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor. The power comes via pedalling. Electric bikes aren’t a new fad. Actually, they have been around for quite some time. The first bicycle to be propelled by an electric motor was invented back in 1897. The model was reinvented and imitated by mostly all manufacturers.

The best thing you can do is ditch your car and get an electric bike. A vehicle is expensive despite the many tax incentives. If you’re a true believer in the decarbonised future, invest in alternative means of transportation. You’ve got nothing to lose. Go from gas-powered to electric and make the world a better place. If you’re still on the fence about getting an electric bike, maybe this will convince you. Here are some excellent reasons to try this incredible transportation technology. 

Maintenance is Easy and Cheap

You’d be tempted to think that maintaining an electric bike is complicated. Far from it, actually. If you don’t have any kind of experience with this kind of transportation mode, know that it’s like having a regular bicycle. You don’t have to do a thing. Electric bikes are designed to be maintenance-free, and they can run for years without servicing. Check the brakes every now and then, clean, lube, and inspect the chain, and make sure the tires are properly inflated. Does that sound complicated? 

If you’re not going to use your electric bike for some time (like in the winter), don’t leave it outside the home. Make sure it’s protected from snow and harsh elements. Next, look after the battery. Don’t charge it too much or discharge it too much as it could lead to a malfunction. It’s essential to keep the electric bike far, far away from moisture. Although the components of the device are water-resistant, you shouldn’t take any chances. 

Lessening Your Impact On The Environment

It’s no secret that cars pollute the environment. They release dangerous CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, which contributes to the greenhouse gas effect. What greenhouse gases do is trap heat in the atmosphere, so it’s no wonder that global temperatures keep on rising. Your car doesn’t even have to be moving to produce a nasty effect on the environment. If you’d like to lessen your impact on the environment, make the transition to an electric bike. 

According to the experts at Scooteretti, an electric bike enables you to reduce your impact on the environment. It’s a zero-emission vehicle, so you have peace of mind knowing that you’re not contributing to global warming. You can go to meet your friends at the local café or head over to the gym and work out. There’s no exhaust, no noise, and, most importantly, no type of pollution. It’s just you and the bike. You don’t have to worry that you’re ruining the environment. The battery is long-lasting, so you won’t have to replace it anytime soon. 

Getting Plenty of Exercise 

The main issues associated with a sedentary lifestyle include heart disease and obesity. At present, we’re living in a car-driven society where walking is deemed to be out of the ordinary. Even when they need to go to the store that’s just round the corner, people hop in their cars. Ownership of cars should start going in reverse. If you want to save time on your commute and get a little bit of exercise, an electric bike is the best solution.  

As far as electric bikes are concerned, pedalling don’t require much effort, but it can help you burn more calories than driving  a car. You’ll notice the difference after some time. If you want to get fit, some intense training will do you good. However, make sure not to overdo it. Figure out how much exercise you need, or want, and keep in mind that the purpose of the motor is to take the strain away and get you from point A to point B really fast. This doesn’t mean that you don’t put in any kind of effort, though. 

Chance to Meet New People 

When do you ever get the chance to go out and meet new people? If you’re like everyone else, you probably live on the go and have a pretty hectic schedule. In short, you barely have time even for yourself. Get on your electric bike and go for a ride. It’s impossible not to come across a dedicated cyclist. Even if the streets aren’t full of bike enthusiasts, it’s expected that all this will change because people are tired of literally doing nothing all day long. Those who have time to spare would instead go for a ride than stare at the TV.

If you’re not so good at making friends, some advice will come in handy. Start with a small conversation and riding is the perfect topic to break the ice. You’ll learn new things and get better at socialising over time. The most important thing is to be yourself. Bike riders are generally very friendly, open, and fun. In other words, they’ll accept you for who you are, so you needn’t worry. Cycling together builds friendships, skill, and let’s not forget strength. 

All in all, an electric bike is a worthwhile investment and it should completely replace your car. There’s no better time than now to start shopping. The market offers all kinds of options, you just have to pick one that suits your needs. If you can’t find one at the local store, don’t worry because that’s what the Internet is for. Go online and order your electric bike today.