Google searches for electric bikes have skyrocketed over the past years. It seems that an ever-increasing number of people are interested in making the switch to an electric bike. As the name clearly suggests, an electric bike is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor. The power comes via pedalling. Electric bikes aren’t a new fad. Actually, they have been around for quite some time. The first bicycle to be propelled by an electric motor was invented back in 1897. The model was reinvented and imitated by mostly all manufacturers.

The best thing you can do is ditch your car and get an electric bike. A vehicle is expensive despite the many tax incentives. If you’re a true believer in the decarbonised future, invest in alternative means of transportation. You’ve got nothing to lose. Go from gas-powered to electric and make the world a better place. If you’re still on the fence about getting an electric bike, maybe this will convince you. Here are some excellent reasons to try this incredible transportation technology. 

Maintenance is Easy and Cheap

You’d be tempted to think that maintaining an electric bike is complicated. Far from it, actually. If you don’t have any kind of experience with this kind of transportation mode, know that it’s like having a regular bicycle. You don’t have to do a thing. Electric bikes are designed to be maintenance-free, and they can run for years without servicing. Check the brakes every now and then, clean, lube, and inspect the chain, and make sure the tires are properly inflated. Does that sound complicated? 

If you’re not going to use your electric bike for some time (like in the winter), don’t leave it outside the home. Make sure it’s protected from snow and harsh elements. Next, look after the battery. Don’t charge it too much or discharge it too much as it could lead to a malfunction. It’s essential to keep the electric bike far, far away from moisture. Although the components of the device are water-resistant, you shouldn’t take any chances. 

Lessening Your Impact On The Environment

It’s no secret that cars pollute the environment. They release dangerous CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, which contributes to the greenhouse gas effect. What greenhouse gases do is trap heat in the atmosphere, so it’s no wonder that global temperatures keep on rising. Your car doesn’t even have to be moving to produce a nasty effect on the environment. If you’d like to lessen your impact on the environment, make the transition to an electric bike. 

According to the experts at Scooteretti, an electric bike enables you to reduce your impact on the environment. It’s a zero-emission vehicle, so you have peace of mind knowing that you’re not contributing to global warming. You can go to meet your friends at the local café or head over to the gym and work out. There’s no exhaust, no noise, and, most importantly, no type of pollution. It’s just you and the bike. You don’t have to worry that you’re ruining the environment. The battery is long-lasting, so you won’t have to replace it anytime soon. 

Getting Plenty of Exercise 

The main issues associated with a sedentary lifestyle include heart disease and obesity. At present, we’re living in a car-driven society where walking is deemed to be out of the ordinary. Even when they need to go to the store that’s just round the corner, people hop in their cars. Ownership of cars should start going in reverse. If you want to save time on your commute and get a little bit of exercise, an electric bike is the best solution.  

As far as electric bikes are concerned, pedalling don’t require much effort, but it can help you burn more calories than driving  a car. You’ll notice the difference after some time. If you want to get fit, some intense training will do you good. However, make sure not to overdo it. Figure out how much exercise you need, or want, and keep in mind that the purpose of the motor is to take the strain away and get you from point A to point B really fast. This doesn’t mean that you don’t put in any kind of effort, though. 

Chance to Meet New People 

When do you ever get the chance to go out and meet new people? If you’re like everyone else, you probably live on the go and have a pretty hectic schedule. In short, you barely have time even for yourself. Get on your electric bike and go for a ride. It’s impossible not to come across a dedicated cyclist. Even if the streets aren’t full of bike enthusiasts, it’s expected that all this will change because people are tired of literally doing nothing all day long. Those who have time to spare would instead go for a ride than stare at the TV.

If you’re not so good at making friends, some advice will come in handy. Start with a small conversation and riding is the perfect topic to break the ice. You’ll learn new things and get better at socialising over time. The most important thing is to be yourself. Bike riders are generally very friendly, open, and fun. In other words, they’ll accept you for who you are, so you needn’t worry. Cycling together builds friendships, skill, and let’s not forget strength. 

All in all, an electric bike is a worthwhile investment and it should completely replace your car. There’s no better time than now to start shopping. The market offers all kinds of options, you just have to pick one that suits your needs. If you can’t find one at the local store, don’t worry because that’s what the Internet is for. Go online and order your electric bike today.

Nurses are among some of the essential people in our society today. This is because of the great work that they do in our hospitals, and the job involves a lot of sacrifices that nurses have to endure so that they can deliver excellent service. For this reason, some measures have been taken to help nurses feel a bit more comfortable on the job and these include designing their own special shoes that they can put on while working. 

Imagine that you have to work for long hours with narrow shoes. By the time you are done with your shift, I’m quite sure you won’t be liking the feeling that your feet are experiencing. 

There have also been cases where nurses reported having back pains, shin splints and numbness because they were working with shoes that don’t fit them quite well. This is why it’s vital to get the right shoes as a nurse and below are a few tips that can help you out. 

See for more details.

Weight and Comfortability 

Weight and comfort are often key factors to look at, especially if you are going to spend a whole day in the shoes. You need to put on shoes that will offer you a great back and ankle support so that you can avoid pain in your foot and back. 

If not addressed early, the said problems can develop to cause more complications in future. 

Slip Resistance

You wouldn’t want to be working with slippery shoes, and as we all know, hospital floors can be rather slippery and sliding/falling on it can be quite a disaster. This is why you need to get yourself a pair of shoes that are slip-resistant. 

Shape and Design

When it comes to choosing the best shoes, you need to keep in mind that they come in different shapes and sizes. This is so that they can accommodate different types of feet and various medical conditions. 

Nurses are often encouraged to wear shoes in the following categories; athletic sneakers, clogs, running shoes, tennis shoes or crocs. Each type of shoes have their own advantages; depending on your foot’s medical condition and the type of surface that you are going to work on. 

Before choosing a particular type of shoe, you should ask your colleagues about the kind of shoes they are wearing and their experience with them. These are among a few things you should look at before purchasing a pair of shoes.

Work Functions

It is vital to pick a pair of shoes that will suit your regular daily routine. As a nurse, some of the questions you can consider asking yourself include; are you going to spend more time seated or standing up? Will you be involved in carrying heavy items? Or do you have any specific medical condition? 

To help with some of these questions, you can consider having a chat with a podiatrist as he/she can help you choose what might turn out to be the best pair of shoes for you as a nurse. You might have seen some nurses coming to work with different pairs so that they can switch them in between their shifts (depending on the tasks they will be performing). 

If you are going to be sitting most of the time, you should look for soft and comfortable shoes. But, on the other hand, if your work will involve a lot of movements, go for the slip-resistant type as you are going to need more protection.

Price and Warranty

The price of an item is largely determined by the number of features it comes with. 

Some higher-priced shoes might be worth every penny you spend but for some others, you probably will be paying for their brand name. If the shoes provide you with more pros than cons, don’t be afraid to spend a few extra bucks for them. 

Also, some of these shoes often last longer when compared to their cheaper counterparts and it is a plus when they come with a warranty period as well. Click here to read more.


Having great shoes might make a big difference for the kind of work that you are doing. For nurses, the best shoes will mean working comfortably and producing the best results. There are a lot of things that you might want to consider when shopping for the best shoes for nurses and I hope that these few tips will start you off on the right foot.​​

Weddings are one of the most expensive events you ever have to coordinate and sometimes, it literally pays to find ways to lessen this cost wherever you can. Many people these days are considering a DIY wedding as a way to achieve this. The reason for this is apparent; everything surrounding weddings has become such a slick industry that you are likely to be overcharged for almost everything you do. Take a wedding cake as an example; a simple iced cake cost $15, but a similar 3-tier cake, i.e. a wedding cake can be upwards of $500 when the real cost should be less than $50.

The Location

Dedicated wedding venues offer an all-inclusive service which is excellent if you are looking to save yourself some time. The downside for this convenience is that it can be extremely costly; often in the tens of thousands, as some wedding venues are known to cost almost $15,000 on average

An alternative is to rent a community hall or space and decorate it yourself for a few hundred dollars. Though this might be a fair amount of work, it is well worth the effort.


Wedding cars are another area where the cost can seem excessive and considering that they are only seen twice (when you arrive and when you leave), is the high cost justifiable? 

Consider this alternative, ask a friend who has a nice car and it can look just the thing once you put a couple of ribbons on it. Even if you do not have a friend with a nice car, a day’s car rental will be so much cheaper if you get it from a normal hire place rather than a wedding car specialist. 


The food is one thing that needs to be right. A tasty wedding feast can be knocked up without professional caterers. However, as a word of warning, this can be very time consuming, and it might be one area that you do still hire a professional. Make sure you get an excellent creative catering firm that can make it a special occasion.

The Wedding Dress

Now, this is the one that you are going to want to get right. You will usually have a firm idea of what you want, and this is the first starting point. You can find a few ways to save money that can still look awesome than a pricey new dress. You can buy vintage or second hand from many places, and even a family dress from your mother or grandmother can give a classy and personal touch. 


Floral displays can be put together by you and your friends, and they can be a great, memorable and special moment between you and your bridesmaids. This can save you a fortune as it’s easy to get hold of flowers wholesale and put together all of the bunches yourselves. Although it takes time, this can be a memorable time that is well spent, and it will give you something to do rather than just sitting and waiting to get going.


Once the vital part of the wedding is concluded (ceremony, speeches, and the dinner); there is the matter of the entertainment to be considered. I know of one couple (who are very close friends of mine) whose cousin was in a band, and they hired them to play the wedding. Although it was not as slick as a professional wedding band, it added a special touch to the wedding. If you don’t know a musician in the family, many musicians are looking to make a living from music that you can find someone quickly.

The Cake

We mentioned the cake as a prime example of a wedding item that you can be easily ripped off for. As we said, it’s much easier to get a different cake and re-purpose it as a wedding cake. Alternatively, you can get a relative who could bake and then decorate the cake on your own so that you can get what you want.

We are constantly looking for new input. It’s not because we don’t know how to live our own lives but it’s more like we just need some assurance before making any important decision. This way, we can minimise the number of regrets that we encounter later on in life.

What am I talking about?

Well, this can go with a lot of things – from shopping tips to dating ideas, and even advises on how to resolve family problems and such.

Thankfully, we have all sorts of avenues to help us answer some of life’s biggest and most curious questions.

Here are some daily questions that you should ask yourself on this website.

Well, maybe not the existential type of Q and A’s but more of the questions that we ask ourselves on a daily basis. Like, what meals should you plan for the kids to make sure that they get the best nutrients? Or, how you and your other half can keep the love in your relationship alive through the years?

None of us is an expert in all areas of life so all we can really do is to learn from each other’s experiences – no matter how trivial it may seem.

If you can see where I’m going with this, then that’s good. It would seem like we share similar hobbies and interests. Otherwise, it’s okay. I’m pretty sure that I can introduce you to the wonderful world of editorial sections and lifestyle magazines without fail!

That’s right.

Today, we are going to discuss why you should check out Lifestyle Brands on websites like The Melior Buzz. If you’re not into reading fashion and lifestyle tabloids yet, you’re missing out on some really good stuff and it’s about time you catch up too!

Who Needs Mags If You’ve Got Tabs?

You’ve got to admit; people are less likely to get papercuts these days.

And why is that?

It’s because they hardly use paper media anyways!

Ever since the Internet was introduced to the curious public, the need for prints has been growing less and less as the years go by. After all, why would you opt for a paper mag that cost so much if you can get the exact same information that you’re searching for on the Internet?

Thus, we come to the realisation: Who needs mags when you’ve got tabs?

The best part about online tabloids is that you can access them anytime and anywhere. With paper media, you either have it in your bag or you left it somewhere at home. However, with virtual magazines, as long as you have a device that can connect to the Internet, you can access the material or information whenever you want.

Now, this is what I call nifty and practical.

Also, the fact that you can bookmark your favourite reads is remarkable. You can go back to reread it again and again, or whenever the need arises.

With a physical book or mag, the minute you lose it – you’ll never get your hands on the same information again; unless you buy another copy.

But hey, I’m already assuming that you like reading about this stuff. If you don’t, I think I should start with convincing you to get into it, right?

Why Check Out Lifestyle Brands On Online Tabloids Like The Buzz?

Be honest with yourself.

I’m pretty sure that there are times when you think to yourself that an outsider’s opinion can really help you arrive at a decision.

After all, you can easily fall into your own bias (or the bias of others you know), and that can cloud your judgement in terms of selecting and buying products.

In the end, you regret your choices and think about your “what ifs.” Like, what if someone was there to guide you better? What if you were able to come across some important information at an earlier time?

Maybe, just maybe, you could’ve prevented some things from happening.

Well, this is the kind of input that online tabloids can give you.

Just like in magazines, the people who write about lifestyle brands are real individuals who’ve experienced a product or service first-hand. It’s either they loved something so much or hate it enough to make it known to the world.

These people who view brands objectively have no reason to share biased opinions with you unless they’re paid to influence you (like us). They have no reason to deceive or make you buy the wrong things. They’re just there to state their own opinions and guide you to making better choices or better purchases perhaps.

Whenever you’re in doubt or you’re having trouble with understanding the latest fads and trends, you can always check out what these websites have to say and come up with your own conclusion about things.

It’s not just limited to purchases too.

These websites can also give you some inputs when it comes to making lifestyle choices and important life decisions. Reading them is like talking to a best friend you haven’t met yet. The only difference is that this one can’t give you any sass; just genuine help.

There are many lifestyle-oriented websites on the net but I wouldn’t say that they’re all equally good. You should carefully select and curate which resources to follow because some of them might actually do you more harm than good.

Online reviews and recommendations can help you out with this part but even then, some might just very well be fake.

Choose your sources wisely.