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My weight has been quite crazy this year. I currently weigh 82 kg as of 12 May 2021 and the last time I had a similar weight like this was 9 years ago after a surgery that kept me from doing any exercise.

Well, this time around, I don’t have any good/valid excuse for not exercising and I have put on so much weight due to accumulated stress and frequent snacking. I feel super clumsy/lazy and even lack the energy/willpower to go for a simple run.

After doing some research and fuelled with a tinge of motivation, I decided to start taking action to address my weight issue. I came across Keto Actives, a dietary supplement that supports weight loss and I bought a 3-month supply which cost me $140. Since I read that the weight-loss pills work best for those who are on a Keto diet, I started to research the kind of foods I should consume or avoid.

Staying off carbs (rice, noodle, and bread) and sugars is an extremely difficult thing for me to do especially since I have a sweet tooth but I am committed to making sure that I get back on track to being healthy. To stem my craving for something sweet, I gotten Monk Fruit (Lo Han Guo) Sweetener as a substitute sugar.

Hence, this post will be the beginning of my Keto Diet and Weight Loss series where I document and track my progress. I will be updating this series on a weekly basis so if you’re interested to know how I’m doing, I will be posting updates on this same post.

The Preparation Phase
As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Hence, to get myself prepared for this journey, I went to the supermarket to buy some groceries and some items that I bought included bacon, tuna, salmon, sardines, asparagus, avocado, pistachio milk, and almond milk.

I also bought Ketone Urine Strips to test whether my body was going into ketosis.

The Beginning, 12 May 2021

I started taking the Keto Actives pills and I experienced the following:

  • Bad Breath
    Known as the keto breath, it is a common side effect when ketosis kicks in. Thankfully, keto breath is temporary the odour will subside as the body adjusts to a lower carb intake.
  • Heavy Perspiration
    Sweating and frequent urination happens in the early stages of ketosis. When the body adapts to changes in the diet, these symptoms normally go away on their own.
  • Warm/Spicy Stomach
    I guess this is only expected since the Keto Active pills contain ingredients thermogenic compounds such as caffeine, bitter orange, and etc.

On a more positive note, I was able to resist and curb my appetite for snacking and that really helped to reduce my calorie intake. As the Keto Active pills that I am taking contain 150mg of caffeine, I am avoiding coffee for the time being. Just so you know, a single shot of espresso contains about 63mg of caffeine. I am also staying off beer and wine.

As the Ketone Strips that I bought is taking some time to arrive, I wasn’t able to test if my body is in ketosis mode. But from the side effects that I have experienced, I guess my body is entering ketosis mode. Also, I haven’t done any exercises to burn off extra calories yet and it would be something that I am considering doing if I can find time for it.

18 May 2021
I did a weigh-in and here are the stats:

  • Weight: 81 KG
    I have dropped 1 kilo after 6 days.
  • Body Fat Percentage: 28.6%
    8-20% is considered to be in the healthy range and I’m still quite far from the ideal range.
  • Visceral Fat 14
    1-12 is considered to be in the healthy range and I’m nearly there.
  • Body Muscle Percentage: 31.5
    The ideal percentage range for body muscle is between 40 to 44%, I’m still quite far off and as we all probably know, an increase in muscle mass will also increase the rate at which our body burn energy (calories).

29 May 2021
I felt like my weight has somewhat plateaued and although I have shaved off another kilo, my metabolic rate seem to have decreased somewhat. I am also getting tired of the Keto diet because staying off carbs is super tough! I will see how this goes and whether I need to make some changes to my diet. As I haven’t incorporated any exercise into my daily routine, perhaps this might just be the answer that I am seeking for.

  • Weight: 80.1 KG
    I have dropped 0.9 kilo after 11 days.
  • Body Fat Percentage: 28.7%
    8-20% is considered to be in the healthy range and I’m still quite far from the ideal range.
  • Visceral Fat 14
    1-12 is considered to be in the healthy range and I’m nearly there.
  • Body Muscle Percentage: 31.3
    The ideal percentage range for body muscle is between 40 to 44%, I’m still quite far off and as we all probably know, an increase in muscle mass will also increase the rate at which our body burns energy (calories).

6 June 2021
My whole Keto diet has been thrown out of the window as I could not sustain without taking any carbs but where I could, I stayed off carbs during lunch. I also included some light exercises where I run 5km at least twice a week. That might have contributed to the decrease in my body fat percentage but I’m not entirely sure yet as my weight has remained stagnant.

  • Weight: 80.1 KG
    My weight has remained stagnant since 29 May 2021.

  • Body Fat Percentage: 28%
    8-20% is considered to be in the healthy range and I’m still quite far from the ideal range. The only consolation is that my body fat percentage has decreased by 0.7%.

  • Visceral Fat 14
    1-12 is considered to be in the healthy range and there is no progress in this aspect.

  • Body Muscle Percentage: 31.9
    The ideal percentage range for body muscle is between 40 to 44%, I’m still quite far off and as we all probably know, an increase in muscle mass will also increase the rate at which our body burns energy (calories). On a more positive note, my body muscle percentage increased by 0.6%.

Words are generally used for creating meaning; pictures amplify the meaning created while videos give life to it. This is why most brands and individuals use videos to reach out to their customers and audience. Videos are effective communication tools, and hiring a good company ensures that you get a nice visual production.

Most people desire original content due to its ability to entertain as well as engage the viewers. However, finding a video production agency that combines creativity with originality can sometimes be difficult. 

With a good video production agency handling your project, they will convert your concept to exciting video content that will generate the desired response from the viewers. It will not be easy to find a good agency, especially if you don’t have a guide. If you need recommendations on reputable companies to work with, you can visit: to learn more about how to go about it. 

Video Production

Video production refers to the creation of visual content. It comes in different forms, such as video blog, product demo, customer testimonials, and social video. Producing an original video is effective in creating awareness for a brand and also generates new business leads.

A videographer is someone who is saddled with the responsibility of recording live events as well as small-scale video creation. Videographers usually focus on productions like live events, documentaries, short films, weddings, legal depositions, birthday parties, training videos, and commercials.

Reasons to Hire a Video Production Agency

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Here are some reasons to hire a video production agency:


Working with a company that hires professional videographers produces a top-notch result, especially when compared with using a random cameraperson. The output of a good company is usually high-quality, and it is prepared to conform to the ideals of the client’s business. 

Additionally, production companies understand the need for vast views and ideas; hence they involve an entire team in creating a client’s video. If a good team handles a production, you will notice the combination of creativity and originality that will result in a great concept. 

If you are looking for tips to help you with learning videography as a beginner, you can check here.

Saves Cost

Working with a good company saves you from spending on several productions before getting the desired result. A good production agency takes time to deliver a versatile output to clients. You can use this video for different campaigns even after a long while. With a good budget, you can reach out to them and explain your concept, turning them into reality.

Some business owners prefer to purchase recording equipment and have their staff handle the production. While this may be economical, it may not be a good initiative as the output is usually below what a professional can offer. This is because they lack the requisite training for good production and may not fully understand the use of high-end equipment. 


Video production companies are regularly contacted by clients to handle their creatives, making them constantly seek ways to satisfy their needs with unique content. They monitor trends in the social space, and they understand the business terrain in a way that helps them identify the creative needs of a client.

Occasionally, they also engage in field research to know the best way to trigger a good response from the general public. With all these, you will get value for the funds spent.

How to Find a Good Video Production Company

The following are some tips to guide you:

Search Online

Checking online to find solutions to problems is fast becoming a normal practice. With your favourite search engine, you can search for reputable companies around you or see a list you can easily choose from. It is advised that you do thorough research before working with a company. You can also check to see if the site is fake before you get in touch with them.

If you lack ideas on how to know a fake website, you can read up articles online to learn more.

Check Your Local Area

You can also check your local area to know if there are companies that can meet your needs. The advantage here is that you can always go to them if there is an issue to resolve. You can also ask people in your vicinity who have used their services in the past to help with more information.


Every great business concept needs amplification and the best way to achieve this is through the use of good visual productions. We have outlined some tips to help you find a good company as well as some reasons why you need their services. Please feel free to check them out.

If you’re planning and hosting an event, especially if it’s the first time, you may find yourself worrying about all kinds of details in order to make sure that it is a success. And in worrying about some details, you may not need to be concerned with, often you may forget about other, much larger plans that fly under the radar until the big day arrives. When this happens, it is a sure-fire way to set the day up for disasters, and you may lose control before you even realise it. So, if you have found yourself worrying about hosting an event, then you have come to the right place. Here we have pulled together our top 3 tips you should keep in mind when hosting your event!

1. Make an Impression with Your Hosting

When you’re hosting an event, the most important tip we can give you is to ensure that you create an atmosphere that is sure to leave a lasting impression for your guests. Do this by creating a display out of this world, either by making the venue an explosion of colour or why not go more literal with huge inflatable planets hanging from the ceiling? Whatever you choose, by creating a show-stopping display, guests will be in awe as soon as they step foot into the venue and be encouraged to snap as many pictures as they can and post them all over social media. Take advantage of this by creating your own hashtag for the event which will only encourage more people to share and interact with the venue both in real-time and online.

2. Don’t Skimp on Planning

Of course, taking it back a step, we can’t forget about one of the most important aspects of any good event, which is planning. How much time you spend on planning your event will have a lasting effect on the day itself, and your guests will be able to pick up on this too. The secret to any well-oiled machine is a team of people putting their plans to action together, so make sure you sit down with your fellow event planners and make sure you have all the details ironed out. Our top tip for successful planning is to set out a list of goals you want to achieve with your event and how you will go about this. As long as you feel you tick off all of these once the event is finished, then you can consider it a job well done!

3. Capture All the Best Bits

Another top tip you need to remember is to make time to actually enjoy your event and not to spend too much time overthinking anything that you can’t change. If you don’t enjoy your own event, how can you expect your guests to relax enough to enjoy it as well? Energies in the room help to shape the atmosphere, so have fun and make sure you’re there to see all of the fantastic activities, speakers and entertainments you have planned for the day. Plus, why not capture all of the best bits and put together a video of highlights from the event that you and your team can look back on? This is also a great idea for any promotional materials for fundraisers or business events to use again and again to spread the word of your team’s fantastic work.

Whether you’re brand new to the sport or are a keen angler who is trying to keep packing down to a minimum, there are a few things that make up the staples of your fishing kit and can make the difference between an unsuccessful day at the bank and even making your best catch yet. Carrying too much gear can make it tricky and bog you down; thus, finding the perfect balance can make for a much smoother process and ensure you don’t get caught short without the essentials you’ll need during your day. Regardless of age groups and experience levels, keeping the 5 factors below in mind when you are packing up your kit will help you to avoid forgetting any must-haves.

Let’s Start with the Basics

Of course, no fishing trip is doable without a rod. When you’re packing your equipment, consider the type of fishing trip you are heading off to and ensure that your rod, reels and line match the fishing type. Many anglers like to bring a spare rod along in case of any mishaps, thus preventing the trip from being cut short.

Comfort is Key

When you’re spending a whole day at the bankside, making sure you’re sat comfortably will make the day much more pleasant. A seatbox offers multipurpose uses, giving you a place to sit throughout the day but offering handy storage within. Ideal for keeping your small bits and bobs, the handy compartments can be used for things like scissors, hooks and feeders so you can quickly grab them when needed. If you’re staying overnight and looking for a bit more comfort, a bedchair is perfect and offers a cosy place to relax.

Dress Prepared for the Weather

Dressing appropriately for the occasion will help you stay comfortable throughout the day and protected from the weather. Layers are key; dressing in multiple thin pieces will allow you to add and remove layers as and when the weather changes. We always suggest bringing along waterproofs for any rains spells, a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun, and some appropriate shoes which have good grip and wet-weather protection.

Prepare for Any Little Mishaps

We’ve all found ourselves making clumsy mistakes, so being prepared with a small first aid kit is worthwhile. Getting a hook caught in your finger or slipping in the mud are common during fishing trips, so having some waterproof plasters and antiseptic spray on hand can always come in useful.

Bring Along the Right Bait

Depending on the type of fishing trip you are packing your bag for, being kitted out with the best kind of bait will help boost your chances of success. For carp fishing, preferences differ amongst anglers with some opting for sweet bait and others savoury; there are so many colours and sizes available and the recommendations differ based on the conditions you are heading into. Doing research into the depth of the water and knowing whether it is murky or clear will help you make an informed decision and grab the perfect bait.

Got any other fishing essentials that you feel we should add to the list? Feel free to share with us by commenting below!

For those who understand just how perfect riding a motorcycle is, it’s hard to imagine that there is anything that could make it better. Riding along, feeling free, enjoying the open road, going wherever you want to whenever you want to… it’s an incredible feeling. Yet, as hard to believe as it might be, there really are some things you can do that will make your motorcycle riding even better. Read on to find out what just some of them are. 

Wear Cool Clothes 

Choosing to ride a motorcycle rather than drive a car or ride a bicycle or even walk is a personal choice, and it already shows off quite a lot of personality. However, to improve your motorcycle experience and your ride in general, why not choose some truly cool clothes too? Unlike when you’re in a car, people will be able to see and admire what you’re wearing, and although the clothing does need to be specifically safety clothing to keep you protected should you have an accident, you can wear whatever style works with your personality and tastes. 

You could choose something classic and cool like original BMW motorcycle accessories, for example. This will be fun to wear, match with your personality, and, because it’s made by BMW to wear on a motorcycle, you know it will keep you safe too. 

Visit A Motorcycle Show 

It’s always fun to meet up with other motorcyclists and discuss something you truly love with like-minded people. With this in mind, look out for motorcycle shows that are in your local area. These are like conventions that are specifically for bikers, and when you go to one you will meet all kinds of different people and learn lots of new things about your bike, your riding technique, and even the history surrounding your favorite brands. 

You can also pick up some cool accessories and maintenance packs and souvenirs to make the day even better. These events are a lot of fun and can open up your eyes and mind to a lot more besides the one motorcycle you ride. 

Try A Different Kind Of Motorcycle 

There are many different types of motorcycles out there and life is short, so why not try as many of them as you can whenever you have the opportunity? Once you know how to ride a motorcycle, the world of bikes will open up to you and this is a lot of fun. 

If you’re planning on going riding for the day, how about hiring a different bike to the one you usually ride? A different make and model or even a different style can make your day much more fun, especially if your usual bike is one you associate with commuting to work and normal, everyday chores. 

You might even choose to do something entirely different and try off-road riding or dirt biking. This will need to be done under supervision while you’re learning, and it’s best to find a place where you can be taught and ride in safety, but the thrill and exhilaration you feel will definitely make your ride a better one. 

Choosing the right moving company in your area can be challenging. After all, there are so many of them, and it can be hard to determine which one will fit your needs best. This is a massive undertaking that homeowners seriously need to consider because it involves the contractors getting access to their house and moving their valuables.

With these said, what you need is a company that is known as trustworthy and reliable. The best ones will give you a full package, and they will help your life become more manageable. You can check the website of Padded Wagon Los Angeles and see more about their shipping services. The legitimate companies will help you with the movers, and they can be well within your budget.

Choosing the Right Company

How to Fold a Moving Box in 5 Easy Steps |

Know How Long They Have Been In The Industry

If you see a business that has just opened near your place yesterday, it’s best to avoid them. For one, you wouldn’t appreciate it if you become a laboratory rat for their first job. Another possibility is that you won’t be able to find out more about their credentials and see if they have proven themselves from their previous clients.

For international transfers that are more complex, you may want to contact a company with over ten years of experience in the industry. For one, they can assure you that your belongings will be safe with them, and another is that they have spent a lot of years in planning and execution that a simple relocation is a breeze for them.

If you need an in-house or local move, you wouldn’t have to worry about engaging new start-up companies. You can give them a chance if the work is not too complicated and they seemed to have adequate tools to do the job. However, you do have to pay attention to the details and see if they work efficiently. It would be best if you considered the quotes/estimates and the questions that they are asking you. When they ask you about your needs, it shows that they are concerned and care about their clients.

Insurance and Licenses

You can decrease the risks when it comes to moving when you employ insured and licensed professionals. The licenses will prove that they are allowed to drive around the state, and they are recognized by the local council in the industry that they are in. When they have licenses to operate, it just shows that they have undergone adequate training, passed the council’s standards, and have proven themselves to their clients. Read more about licenses when you click here

You can see if their license is still valid when you go to their company website. You can check the About Us section, check the Department of Transportation’s list for companies registered as movers, and ask about their insurance information. If you’re still suspicious about how they operate, you may want to contact the Business Better Bureau for more details.

With insurance, the trusted movers can guarantee the safety of your belongings. In case something happens during the transfer, they can reimburse you with the number of broken plates or crystals while doing the job. Of course, the right ones will ensure that everything is well packed, and that fragile items are not going to break when they are transporting to the new location. These companies are also concerned with their reputation and image, and the insurance can help you get the peace of mind that you need.

Services and Packages Being Offered

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You need to understand the overall scope and work span that the company will perform on your behalf. Some of the experts will offer a complete package for you. First, they will go to your house for inspection and make a list of the things that you need to relocate. The second step is to give you quotes and arrange the moving date if you agree with their pricing. They will also ensure that they have a valid license to drive to another part of the state.

Thereafter, they will send enough workforce on the day of the transfer, and these people will take care of the packing. They will put everything in cardboard boxes, tape them securely, cover the fragile ones with bubble wraps, and label them accordingly. Learn about the checklists and other things that you need aside from boxes here: If you have pieces of big furniture that you need to relocate, the pros may send dollies and other special equipment to make the job faster. 

Other homeowners may need to move their pianos, hot tubs, pool tables, gun safes, and more. If this is the case with you, it’s best to notify a mover first during the quotation phase. Another thing is that if you have special requests and need other services like estate cleaning, decluttering, and storage, you may also want to tell the professionals to accommodate you on the day of the transfer.

What you need is a company that can offer you the full package that you need. This way, you won’t have to spend extra money and time doing all the packing. Ask the moving company if they can provide you with the packages that you’re looking for to ensure that you don’t do the bulk of the work.

The best ones will ensure that you don’t have to lift a finger when they are working, and they will ask questions whenever there’s an urgent need. Otherwise, you can leave them to their own devices and do other essential things like calling your bank or internet service providers to make arrangements.

Checking the Online Reviews

When deciding about the company you’re planning to hire, it’s best to read reviews about them. This way, you can get a good idea of how they’re going to perform when working on your things. Visit sites like Facebook, Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, or BBB and read reviews from legitimate customers.

You can always see ratings from one to five, where 5 is considered best, and 1 is terrible service. The ratings are usually an indication of whether you’re going to be dealing with an excellent company or you have to look somewhere else. It’s unrealistic to expect that a specific company that has been in the business for so long will have perfect scores. Working with movers who have ratings above the 4-star mark is already reasonable, and this will tell you that they are generally doing excellent work.

You may be tempted to ignore a company based on a single review, but it may not be fair. You may want to avoid reading the 5- or 1-star ratings and get the most insights on a 3-star rating. These customers are often fair, and they may have good and bad things that they observe during the job. What you need is to get an overall perspective through reviews of a specific mover so you can choose wisely.

Finding the Service Area

What you need is to find a service area where the movers are allowed to transport your things. You may want to verify this first by letting them send you a map of where they operate. If the movers are unwilling to travel a great distance, then they may not be the right one for you.

Ask if they have specifically worked in the area where they are moving and know when you should expect your things. They should be familiar with the new place’s climate, the site, maps, laws, and other things to make the relocation as seamless as possible.

Know More Information about their Equipment

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You may have come across various companies offering a wide range of services to their customers. Some have national franchises that make moving to another state an effortless feat. These are the larger corporations with many people and larger fleets of trucks at their disposal.

In many situations, you may also encounter independent contractors who rent trucks for a single job. To get a good idea about the kind of company that you’re dealing with, it’s best to ask about their tools and equipment.

Some may need cranes, industrial forklifts, and other specialty equipment to facilitate the move. These are all fine as long as the specialists know the kind of machines that they would use to accommodate your needs. If you prefer contractors who rent trucks, you may have to expect that they may not be accessible all the time because they need to consider the availability of the vehicle.

National Moving Networks

You may need someone who has connections with the right people so they can pull off the job spectacularly. If they have more extensive franchises of trucks, you may want to consider them, especially for long-distance relocations. If you’re moving locally, you need someone who can provide you with the tools and boxes that you need for the relocation. Specialty and long-distance moving may involve national moving networks to pull more weight and manpower.

Many people choose to own a pickup truck because they want to transport their gears around and if you want to know more about the benefits of having a pick-up truck, you can check out this site here. Whether you’re hiring equipment or you want to move furniture from place to place, the bed of the truck is going to be tested for its durability.

Although frequent use of the truck bedliner can damage the surface, there’s protection available for this. All you need to do is to install some spray liners and save yourself from spending extra on repairs.

Benefits of the Spray Liners

1. Protection from the Sun’s Ultraviolet Rays

If you live in areas where summer temperatures can steadily climb, you may be aware of the damages that UV rays can do to any car.

After a long period of time, the truck can look worn out and crack the paint jobs. To prevent this, you may want to know the spray in bedliner cost and see if you can get some to preserve the colors. The spray will prevent them from peeling, and your truck will look newer than ever.

Test results show that the best ones out there can fend off more than 70% of UV light.

2. Maintain Value

Many things can affect your truck’s value, and this factor is significant if you are planning to sell it later on. Huge streaks and visible damages can cause a decrease in the value of your vehicle. You can be smarter when you protect the truck with the best liners available out there.

You can significantly reduce the risks of wear and tear after you’ve put some furniture or heavy equipment at the back of your car with the right coating. Having the right spray will ensure that you don’t lose too much paint, especially in the process of hauling.

3. Protects against Corrosion

Under the paint job, there’s always the metal frame underneath. The paint exists because it’s going to protect the metal against rust from weather elements. There’s oxidation that is the natural process of metals exposed to the air for a very long time. This can start the corrosion process, and it can cause internal damage to your truck.

When you are frequently moving huge pieces of furniture or equipment against the bed, you may be putting unnecessary stress on the paint. As soon as the damage has started, the other areas may begin to peel, and the metals will be exposed to wind and water throughout the day. You need to avoid the rusting process, and this can be prevented with a bedliner. Know more about the bedliners here:

4. Non-Slippery

Hauling larger items like furniture and equipment can sometimes cause damage to the bed of your truck itself. Whenever you drag them around, you want the floors to be protected as well.

As the truck is moving, the spray can act as a non-slip surface that prevents too much furniture movement. This reduces the chance of damaging your goods even if the road tends to have sharp turns and rocky surfaces along the routes. The spray’s non-slip feature will help protect the truck bed, and this quality alone is more than enough reason why you should get this.

5. Vehicle Will Look Cooler 

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Whether you will notice this or not, the fact that the spray can add an aesthetic sleek to your liner can be a pretty cool one. The materials will add a smoother finish, which makes the bed look all the more sophisticated. Ensure that you know precisely how to haul the larger equipment to the bed to maintain the glossy finish.

If possible, avoid the exposures of scars that have resulted from damaged beds. The chipped paint and large dents can create an appearance of neglect to your truck and bed, and it makes the vehicle look more forlorn than ever.

The liner will transform the ragged appearance into a sleek and high-quality barrier. It will protect your truck beds from unexpected scratches and weather elements, and these are the maintenance that you will need for your truck.

Our homes and office spaces usually have some things that are unnecessary and they take up a lot of space. These stuffs are usually better kept in storerooms. However, sparing an entire room for additional things is not always possible and renting another room along with the office space can be quite costly.

Well, one simple solution to this problem is self-storage services.

Self-storage is a facility where you can rent a small or big space depending on your needs and keep your belongings there. There are many advantages to choosing a self-storage unit. You can read more about these services here.

Here are the pros to using a storage service.

  1. A Secure Place For You To Keep Your Things

The first advantage is that these units give you a safe and secure space to keep all your things. From machines that are unused to furniture, documents, and even your vehicles, these facilities can be used to store all non-perishable things. 

The facilities are safe and secure and usually have multiple security features such as on-site guards and CCTV cameras. Additionally, the customers are given passcodes to access their units, thus making the environment a safe and secured one.

  1. Declutter Your Space

With these facilities, you will be able to easily declutter your space and make it look more presentable. It is not always possible to throw or give things away and hoarding becomes inevitable. So, most people leave these rarely-used things laying around the house. 

In the offices, there are many machines and furniture items that are not regularly used and they also take up space. All of these when moved to storehouse facilities can make the space look much organised and neater. 

  1. Convenience and Flexibility

The storehouse facilities have rooms in different sizes as per the need of the users. From small lockers to large rooms, you can rent as much space as you want. The best way to know how much area you need is to measure up all your belongings and then go visit a storage facility to have a clearer idea. Also, time is flexible. This means that you can use the space whenever you want. Most of the places give 12-24-hour access to the users.

  1. Makes Travelling Stress Free

When traveling to another place for a long period, most people want to leave their rented apartments and not pay unnecessary rent. In such a case, you can store all your things at these units and pay one fourth or even less. It is also a good option for college students who cannot take all of their belongings home after every semester. Here are the benefits of self-storage when moving: 

  1. Makes Renovation Easier

When undergoing a renovation, you can rent self-storage units for a few days and save your furniture and appliances from getting damaged. A unit can be rented for a week, a few days, or even for months and years. 

  1. Affordable

Storehouse spaces are very affordable. You will be able to find a unit that is suitable for your budget. It is important to note that the more services you take, the higher the cost of these facilities become. Also, the best thing is that you only pay for the space you need. So, the price is also customizable.

  1. Climate Control Storage For Delicate Things

Many facilities provide climate control services. Climate control means that the unit will not get too hot or too cold because there is a climate control system installed in them. A lot of facilities such as Storage Plus offer this service. This is the best option when you want to store furniture that can get damaged or machines and appliances that can also be damaged because of temperature and humidity. However, you might have to pay extra for climate control. 

Self-Storage Tips

If you want to keep your belongings in a self-storage unit, here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Always choose a unit that can fit all your things. Before moving your stuff in a unit, make sure that you calculate the length and breadth needed to store all your belongings.
  • Always make an inventory of the things that you have kept in a unit. This will make it easier for you to stay organized and remember everything that you have stored and where they are.
  • Categorize your things and put each of them in labeled boxes so that it becomes easier to look for them when you want.
  • When you arrange your goods in storage, make sure to keep the things you need immediately at places where you can easily reach them. Also, it is helpful that you use the vertical space of the unit to place your belongings. This will make the space less crowded.
  • Since the things will remain in the space for some time, you need to make sure that each item is wrapped properly. 
  • Never forget about the insurance from the storage services in case any of your goods are damaged because of their fault.
  • Even if your unit has enough security, take all personal measures to keep your stuff safe. This will include buying stronger locks and also having difficult passcodes.
  • Always read the terms and conditions provided by the company so that you know how much you have to pay for each facility. Some companies provide a flat rate for everything and some places will charge you different rates for extra services such as climate control and electronic locks.
  • Find a storage unit that is closer to your office or home so that you can easily move your things.
  • Always research the unit before you put your belongings there. Safety should be your biggest priority.

Storage unit services can be helpful for people who are looking to store their belongings but do not have enough space to do it. Just keep the above tips in mind and also go for storage units that are trustworthy and offer you insurance. 

While this worldwide pandemic created menace all around the world, the only good thing it’s done is to compel people to seek creative gateways to survive it all. Thousands of people reconnected with nature at different levels and discovered joy in simple pleasures of gardening, bird feeding and doing little things that they couldn’t manage time for in their regular schedule.

Birds and insects like honeybees and butterflies are natural pollinators and a happy garden needs them too. If you are brainstorming for some innovative gifting ideas this season, you can check out a painted birdhouse as a gift for your friends or family members. Shopping from a reliable store can ensure high-quality products, ensuring that your loved ones cherish every moment they spend in their yards hosting chirpy birdies.

Serving a Dual Purpose

Your birdhouses can act as a bird feeder as well. With a plethora of options to buy from, you can always pick and choose one that befits your needs and preference. If your friend or colleague is an admirer of nature, you can also look for models that are curated from waste materials. From the ones that are designed as birdbaths and feeders to the hanging houses, you can opt for a design, size and colour that you think would make the best gift. 

You can try the handmade models that are designed with recycled materials as these are eco-friendly and don’t easily chip or fade. From contemporary styles to vintage designs, you can pick any design that complements the garden décor. 

Explore Options 

It would be a good idea to check out a few models before deciding on the model you would like to gift your near and dear ones. Birdhouses make a smart gifting idea not just for house warming parties, but can also be gifted on birthdays, anniversaries and many other occasions. 

There are birdie home models that come with free nesting materials. Not all birds are natural cavity dwellers. For your friends who have yards covered with tall trees, a bird home can house all the species that prefer building their nests on trees and shrubs. Those like the house finches, blue jays, cardinals, robins would love this gesture. 


There’s nothing like a personalized gift, and something crafted with your hands add that magic to your gift. If you have a creative bent of mind and want to customize your gift, you also have the option of creating a DIY piece. 

There are several tutorial videos on social media that you can check out to tailor-make. Just make sure that you use natural and appropriate materials that appear welcoming to the birdies. A birdhouse with a comfortable environment for the birdies is likely to not only invite them but also house them for a longer time. 

Just refrain from using materials with dyes as it can be harmful to hatchlings. Also, for older nestlings, these may not be safe to use unnatural materials. You can pick raffia, strings or Spanish moss. It is recommended that you stick to using only two or three inches of the moss. Anything over this can get entangled in the birdie’s feet endangering it. Check out simple ways to grow moss indoors at

DIY offers the liberty of crafting the birdhouse just the way you want it. So, you can add protective layers such as coco liners or extra moss for the nest. This will make more cushion and also ensure that blue jays steer away from the hanging nests. Avoid using dryer lint. Although these may be soft and fluffy the fibres may contain dye. 

In warmer areas, birds start looking for nesting spots as soon as the temperature rises and so is that for colder regions as well. A perfect home designed to meet the basic resting and nesting of the birds can allow them to settle conveniently. 

If your gift recipient is one who likes the hummingbirds fluttering in his/her garden, you can suggest them to simply start by offering all the materials that attract the winged creatures. A great idea to allow the birds to take over is to simply provide nesting materials around the birdhouse. This will enable them to decorate their nest just the way they like it. 

Did you know that birds like the goldfinches, blue jays, robins or even the cardinals adore natural nesting materials and quickly build their nests with the materials you provide them with? 

Green Roof DIY Birdhouse | Backyard Projects - Birds and Blooms

Be it the window grill, lawn, balcony or your backyard, a bird nest is always a welcome addition for most garden enthusiasts. From sparrows, tits to any other bird that can easily nest in smaller cavities, such bird homes not only provide shelter to the nestles birds but also protect them from other predators. Good quality of nesting boxes is easy to install and thus make it a good gift. 

You can pick models that are handcrafted and hand-painted. Durable woods always have an advantage. If it’s a box, you can ask your recipient friend to leave the side door open so that birds can find their way in. Also, this will make it easy for you to clean every season. Some birds may take a while to locate the nest and find their way through. 

A birdhouse box can be mounted higher than the fence posts as it can prevent any predator from quick spotting or even climbing up to the nest. Removing any perches on the birdhouse is also a good idea. 

Birdhouses aren’t difficult to maintain as they need seasonal cleaning. Yards naturally make a good habitat for such nest boxes. Yes, it will be good to ensure that they are installed away from areas with herbicides or pesticides as these can be harmful to the birds and also impact the natural food source for other cavity-nesting species. 

Log cabin birdhouses, hanging birdhouses to tower-houses, you can be sure that your friend or family that you gift the birdhouse will enjoy watching different bird species at leisure. 

There are designs equipped with modern features that can increase both the show and functionality of the birdhouse in many ways. So, why wait, just find the best piece and place an order right away!

You may have a severe cough or an injury that takes place during the wee hours and if so, the first thing that you may probably think about is to visit the emergency rooms in hospitals so that you can get the treatment that you need. However, historically, you may have to wait for hours even if you only require a few stitches.

The current times contribute to the expensive costs of healthcare, and even a quick visit to the ER may require you to pay costly bills in one day. If you have a non-life-threatening emergency, what you can do is to give prompt care clinics a call in Augusta. Doctors are running these facilities, and you can get urgent care speedily.

About the Clinics

If you want to get blood tests, x-rays, laboratory results, stitches, and other medical care, then the healthcare providers in urgent care clinics can help you. They have lots of medical assistants, nurses, and doctors that are all qualified to deal with medical issues regardless if it’s a walk-in or the visit was made by appointments. There are also senior care and pediatrics available to cater to patients of all ages.

It’s essential to remember that these facilities are specializing in the treatments of non-life-threatening conditions. They will do the necessary check-up and tests but if they see that you require more profound medical intervention because of cancer, arthritis, and other diseases; they will refer you to a specialist in this area.

If you have asthma, bronchitis, gastrointestinal problems, allergies, and flu symptoms, urgent care clinics can cater to your needs and give you some prescribed medications to improve your conditions. Some also handle sprains, back pain, bug bites, and other issues with muscles and bones. Read more on when to go to an urgent care clinic or an ER on this site here.

Some clinics would work with you to know more about your condition. If you need a comprehensive diagnostic test for work or school, they can provide you with drug tests, blood tests, and x-rays for your convenience. The staff can consist of technicians who will analyze the samples you’ve given to get a full report within the day.

They are Ideal for One’s Lifestyle Today

Many people have hectic lifestyles, and some don’t even want to go to the hospitals because of the fear of getting infected with many diseases. With that being said, clinics can help patients to recover by giving them the medicines that they need quickly.

They diagnose, check, and treat the conditions that are sometimes beyond what a typical doctor’s office can do. One of the serious advantages that they can offer for children who go to school and working parents is their availability after hours. 

Many people won’t have to miss their jobs or their recitals because they can always go to a clinic during the weekends or holidays if they want to have a check-up. Other facilities have pharmacies in place, so you won’t need to make several trips to buy medication.

Spend Less

Cost, Health, Medical, Money, Health Fund, Us-Dollar

Many people would appreciate the fact that they are going to spend lesser in clinics than in hospitals. The facilities often partner with several insurance providers so that they can get more clients. There are also financing options for people who are not covered with insurance or any healthcare plans. Know more about insurance here:

It’s sometimes a fact that many ER bills could add up to thousands of dollars even if you have just stayed inside for two days. The good thing about the urgent care clinics is that you can get the same services without too much waiting and only a fraction of the costs. They sometimes even offer concierge options and memberships that allows you to co-pay lesser than the traditional family insurance package you currently have.

As many patients find out, they can rely on these centers to treat their medical conditions in the shortest time possible. While they are not in the industry to replace the primary care given by physicians, they are still excellent alternatives if your doctor is not available. If you need a non-life-threatening medical service, visit a clinic in Augusta and see their website for the available services that they can do for you.