People usually start thinking about their heating and air conditioning systems once they begin malfunctioning. If that’s you, I’m really sorry, but I bet you will solve your problem quickly with my tips. You can find some additional info here as well.

Wow, So Many Choices! Oh, No! Too Many Choices!

If you are not an expert on this topic, you need to find someone who is. 

Lucky for you, there are a lot of companies to choose from in Fredericksburg, Virginia. 

Unfortunately for you, though, there are A LOT of companies to choose from in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Let’s say you want to get a haircut. You look up some of the best studios on Google and Google points you to the ones that are near you. However, each website you visit claims to give you the best possible service and that’s not surprising since everyone probably strongly believes that they are the best in their business.

The same logic can be applied to your HVAC service providers, and since you know nothing about what it takes to become an HVAC technician, or what you can expect to get from a good one, it’s relatively easy to dupe you.

Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo?

There are essential things to consider when choosing the right company and here’s what you need to take into account when making a choice.



The first thing you want to know about an air conditioning repair Fredericksburg VA company is how qualified their team is. If their team all go through extensive training both before and after being hired, that is a good sign. It wouldn’t be very wise to go for a firm that employs just anyone, without doing any background checks. After all, those are the people who will be inside your home.

Learn how an HVAC technician is educated/trained:


In addition to undergoing training and being educated, it is also a good idea to inquire about the experience of a specific company’s technicians. The more experienced they are, the more likely your problem will be solved quickly. I suppose you will want to get it fixed as soon as possible and not spend too much time with a malfunctioning system.


Speed is another crucial aspect to keep in mind. Choose a local company. Why? It’s not only to support the local economy, but it’s also because the locals in your vicinity will be able to respond to your needs quickly. That plays an integral part in the overall service.


While you are visiting a website and searching for an ideal firm to do the repairs on your HVAC systems, it would be a good idea to check their ratings. The Internet offers this option, so use it to your advantage because all that matters is that you get a perfect service.

Finding a gift is not always easy, and it becomes even harder when having to choose the best gifts for sports fanatics.

For this reason, we will go through the best gifts for the sports-loving customers to win them, thank them, and ultimately, strengthen the relationship with them.

Other than giving a sign of appreciation to them from time to time, it’s a fantastic way to build stronger professional relationships, and that’s why it’s essential to choose a gift that matches what they like.

Whether you’re looking for sports gifts for men or personalised gifts for football players, you’re in the right place.

Parkland Lookout Small Fitness Bag – $34.99

The Parkland Small Bag is a beautifully designed bag in which your customers will be able to fit everything they can think of when going to the gym.

It is available in different colours and styles, which is great for both ladies and is one of the best sports gifts for men.

Also, Parkland offers a lifetime warranty on this bag, and it was made from 10 recycled plastic water bottles.

Bull and Stash Market Notebook – $45.00

A notebook is often seen as an office gift for customers. However, it can be one of the personalised sports gifts for him.

In fact, you can do many things with a notebook and it is much more useful than we might think. For instance, your customers could use this notebook to write football results, fitness programs, and much more.

What we really like about Bull and Stash notebook is the fact that it is made from real and high-quality leather and that it has 2 card slots.

Kinto Travel Tumbler – $37.00

A travel bottle is actually one of the best gifts for sports fanatics because it allows them to bring water, water-soluble vitamins, or even energetic drinks when going to the gym. Rest assured that your customers will actually use your gift!

This will also save many plastic bottles and that’s just great for the planet!

Le Cord Earphones – $39.00

If there’s one thing that motivates the sports fanatics when exercising, it has to be music.

Whether your customers go hit the gym, play a football or basketball match or simply go for a run outside; this is one of the best sports gifts for men and women.

Apart from being a good gift, it has remote functionalities such as skipping tracks, answering calls, and pausing the music, which makes it even more exceptional for workouts.

It also comes with a storage bag so your customers won’t have to worry about where to put their brand new gift. Who doesn’t want to listen to their favourite music on Soundcloud while working out?

Naxa Waterproof Action Camera – $43.43

On a more different note, the Naxa Waterproof Action Camera is actually a fantastic gift for sports fanatics.

With the influence of collecting memories and sharing on social media nowadays, having a portable action camera could be very practical.

The Naxa comes at a much cheaper price tag and the quality is still good. For instance, other than capturing 4K footage, it also shoots slow-motion and 16MP images!

Fitbit Charge 4 – $169.95

Fitbit is one of the best gifts for guys who love football but also for women who like to practice Yoga or fitness.

It is undoubtedly one of the best corporate gifts to give and it is so practical that your customers won’t want to leave their house without it.

Firstly, it has a built-in GPS and a 24/7 heart rate that’s very useful to track your activity all day long, and your quality of sleep during the night. Just like the other Fitbit products, it can be synchronised with the smartphone app to see your workout all the way till the end.

Secondly, it is water-resistant which is one of the best gifts for sports fanatics because your customers will be able to wear it while swimming.

Lastly, its battery lasts up to 7 days which is really impressive for a smartwatch of such a size.

Monbento Original Lunch Box – $42.00

The Monbento lunch box is an excellent gift for sports-loving customers when they are at work. Unlike the other items, it is handy to take with them to the office.

Whether they want to lose weight or gain muscle, they’ll be able to fit some delicious and healthy meals to work.

This is one of the best personalised company gifts with its many different styles available and it is also microwave and dishwasher safe.

Why Give a Gift to Your Sports Loving Customer?

Just like Gemnote mentioned it several times, it is important to give gifts to your customers to keep a pleasant and smooth relationship.

Of course, it is not mandatory and it’s certainly not something that you should be doing regularly. However, a gift is a powerful tool to win customers and you should definitely send them some freebies from time to time.

Other than winning customers and building a stronger relationship, a gift for your sports-loving customers will also remind them of you every time they go and hit the gym, which always plays in your favour.

How badly will COVID-19 hit us? Have we prepared ourselves for a time such as this? What can business owners do to stay afloat? Will a mass retrenchment exercise happen? When will this ordeal end?

These are valid questions that we may have asked ourselves in the last couple of days/weeks and honestly, not every question has an answer because there are just so many unknown factors at play.

One question that continually weighs my mind is, “When will we humans ever learn from history?” When times are good, we become complacent, arrogant and laugh at others. When times are bad, we become fearful, uncertain, and even selfish. There have been many crises in the history of mankind, and our true colours show during such times.

COVID-19 is a test for all of us, regardless of our wealth, our race, our status, our language, our religion. Whether we pass this test with flying colours or not depends very much on how prepared we are for it.

The companies we see and hear of today may not even exist anymore after COVID-19, and this is why it is so vital for businesses to diversify and have sufficient reserves for a rainy day. The advantage that a small business has over big corporations is that a small business is nimble, lean, and can quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

Here are 5 ways that you can continue to keep your small business afloat or put food on the table (if you’re a freelancer).

Tap On Available Government Funding

The Resilience Budget that was recently announced by the Government aims to support workers, stabilise businesses, and protect livelihoods. There are a couple of schemes (such as the Enhanced Job Support Scheme and Enhanced Wage Credit Scheme) that your business can apply for. If you are a self-employed person (SEP), you might be eligible for the Income Relief Scheme and Training Support Scheme that can help you tide over this tough time.

Reduce Your Business’s Operating Costs

There are a couple of ways you can reduce your business’s operating costs, and one key thing that you can do is to look at your business’s fixed costs and see if you have any fixed costs that you can reduce or remove entirely to free up some cash flow.

For example, if the rental is a fixed cost that takes up a bulk of your operating costs; you might want to consider downsizing or moving to a virtual office. However, this might not be possible if you run a retail shop or a food & beverage restaurant (and that probably mean you will have to look at reducing your staffing or inventory expenses).

To reduce staffing and/or inventory expenses, your business has to be efficient and operating at an optimum level. For this to happen, you may want to consider automating some of your business processes that can save you time (time is money) and allocate your resources (inventory and staff) more effectively.

Regardless of how you intend to reduce your business’s operating costs, don’t forget to tap on the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) and Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)!

Upskill/Upgrade Yourself By Learning A New Skill

With the economy going into recession and an increasing unemployment rate, this is an opportune time to take some time off to upskill/upgrade yourself and learn a new skill. The one-off $500 SkillsFuture Credit top-up (for Singaporeans aged 25 and above in 2020) and an additional $500 SkillsFuture Credit top-up (for Singaporeans aged 40 to 60 in 2020) can be used to subsidise or pay for course fees. Here are some SkillsFuture Courses that you can utilise the SkillsFuture Credit for.

Also, if you are a National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) union member, you can utilise the Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) training benefit to defray training costs. NTUC members enjoy 50% *unfunded course fee support for up to $250 each year when they sign up for courses supported under UTAP.

Keep An Open Mind To Whatever Opportunities That Come Along

During these uncertain times, you really can’t be choosy, and you got to seize whatever opportunities that come along so that you can continue to put food on the table. Whether it is going to be a short term work contract or temporary work assignment, do whatever it takes (legally) to keep the cash coming in.

If you have recently been retrenched or out of job and you are looking for short-term, temporary jobs with immediate opportunities, visit

Stay Healthy And Practise Good Hygiene Habits

Health is everything. Without good health, you won’t be able to work, and if you aren’t able to work, you can’t get the income you need to sustain your livelihood. This is why you must keep yourself healthy and practise social distancing and good hygiene habits during such times.

It may seem bleak now, but we will definitely get through this rough patch and see the light at the end of the tunnel!


Starting a small construction business is exciting, especially if you think about its potential profitability. However, your business may not always end up being successful, especially if there is intense competition. To help you start on the right foot and increase the chances of success, keep in mind the things we’ll talk about below.

1. A Robust Approach to Dust Management

Air pollution is one of the most serious problems construction businesses need to address. Dust control systems are among the most promising solutions. Misting cannons, for instance, can help to suppress dust right at its source, making sure that it does not contribute to air pollution.

If you are looking for the best dust control solutions to implement in a small construction business, make sure to check out

2. A Strategic Business Plan

Your business needs a strong business plan at any stage. Especially when your construction company is just starting, a business plan is a must-have. It is not one thing that you can complete overnight. It requires research of your competitors and target market, among others. The plan will provide a detailed roadmap of what you intend to do. It identifies your goals and the strategies that will lead you to the realisation of the latter.

3. Innovative Marketing Strategies

Speaking of the business plan, it should also contain your marketing strategies. Construction companies need to invest in marketing to reach their target audience. This is especially important for new companies that are introducing themselves in the market. Through marketing, it will be easier to manage the competitive landscape. From social media to email marketing, consider the many good ways to promote your construction services.

4. Financial Resources to Sustain Operations

Consider the many ways to finance your business. The harsh reality is that you will need money to sustain your construction business. From bootstrapping to applying for a bank loan, think of the best ways to have the financial resources you will need. Pay attention to interest rates if you intend to apply for a loan. 

5. Reliable Equipment and Manpower

It is important to invest in advanced construction equipment to get the job done right. However, this will be useless if you don’t complement it with the right manpower. With this, construction companies should also focus on hiring the right people to ensure the successful completion of every project.

6. The Best Customer Service

To manage the competition and deliver the highest level of satisfaction, work on delivering great customer service. Pleasing your clients will help to grow the business. Actively communicate with your customers. Go above and beyond in delivering their needs. Exceed their expectations. When they are happy, they will not just be loyal, but they can also help bring more customers.

If you have always wanted to have a small construction company, now is the time to make that dream real! Consider our suggestions above to help you succeed! From having a business plan to making sure that you have the money you need, the tips mentioned above can help you have the right start!

Did you know that people can judge your performance just by how you dress? Most people wonder why some guy in the office got that promotion and someone more qualified did not. The reason could be how that guy dresses because when you look dapper, you feel more confident and it oozes all over everything you do.

With that in mind, here are the top 4 office dressing tips for men that may come in handy:

Tip #1 Always Stand Out

When you look like everybody else, nobody notices you. Your style should make a statement about you. It should say you pay attention to detail and you care about how you look. This doesn’t mean that you should be wearing neon-green suits to work so that you can stand out though. What it means is that you can add something to your navy blue or black suit and make a statement. Lapel pins are becoming increasingly popular among distinguished men. Choose a metal lapel pin for formal wear and flower pin for weddings and corporate events.

Tip #2 Add Some Statement Pieces

Over and above wearing a well-fitting suit or casual wear, you can add something to bring the entire look together. A bold formal watch and beautiful cufflinks are some of the things you can wear to work without looking like you are trying too hard. If you are wearing a jacket for a business casual look, you can add a pocket square like Steve Harvey and look like a million bucks. Tie clips are also excellent if you wear ties every day.

Tip #3 Match the Colours

It’s imperative to stay within the neutral range when going to the office. That means wearing blue, grey and black unless you are very daring. However, you can add a brown shoe which must match with the belt.

Another secret is to match your socks with your trousers and avoid those with weird colours and whimsical motifs. If you choose to wear a tie, make sure it goes well with the shirt that you’re wearing. You can have an idea of whether a tie matches the shirt by laying them together on the bed before you dress.

Lastly, choose a shirt that goes with the colour of the suit. For example, grey suits do well with light pink shirts while blue suits go well with either white or light blue shirts. If you’re unsure, stick to white as a universal principle.

Tip #4 Stay Within the Office Dress Code

Every office has got a dress code. Some prefer that you wear business formal from Monday to Thursday while others are more relaxed. The worst injustice that you can do to yourself is to wear a full suit complete with a tie every day in an office when everybody else wears business casual. You will look weird and you might be seen as trying overly hard. Aim to stand out but make sure you are still within the dress code.

Gone are the days when style was a female thing. Today, every man has to compete with hundreds of other good-looking professionals in the office where style is concerned. With these dressing tips, well-kept hair, shining shoes and mild cologne, the sky is the limit for your professional career growth.

Professional dress code and work uniforms have certainly become the mode of dressing in the business world. Since the initial move to wear uniforms within the workforce, there has been a gradual shift over time from traditional wear to workwear that is more casual. However, while many companies have chosen to follow contemporary trends in workwear, professional uniforms do have their benefits.

What Are These Benefits?

Wearing uniforms at the workplace can boost your company’s image in terms of brand awareness. It can create a professional brand image, endorse company loyalty, promote team building, and ensure workers’ protection, and getting rid of any dress code problems at the workplace. Work uniform have its advantages and corporate clothing companies within the clothing industry can help you maximise on these benefits.

While the benefits of adorning your employees in workwear may not be presently obvious, it is nonetheless an option that employers should consider. Many workers prefer to wear uniforms because they don’t have to dig into their own pockets to purchase them.

The costs of work clothing are the company’s responsibility. However, the company can reap huge benefits, which will eventually place the business in a better position of promoting brand image. Workwear can also influence employee on-the-job performance positively.

This article is designed to highlight the major benefits to be had from wearing uniforms at the workplace.  

Creates Brand Awareness

Corporate clothing is usually used as advertising tools for businesses and as such will increase brand awareness. Regardless of the size of your business, whether you’re just a start-up or you’re well established, small or large; uniforms can really help consumers to notice you. Many well-established companies are easily identified by the uniforms worn by their employees. So, if you are a start-up company, you can use uniforms to boost your brand. As your employees wear these uniforms, they will also be helping to market your brand.

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding has an enormous effect on a business and adding uniforms can double the effect as well. Through work uniforms, customers can connect with your business. This will make it much easier for customers to recognize your brand. Customers’ recognition of your brand will build trust and establish company loyalty among your clients.

Corporate identity is of extreme importance to any business. A business logo, visual design and messages in multiple presentation and marketing strategies are all significant to corporate branding. It is through corporate identity that customers will be able to connect to your company. Company workwear can be the means by which customers are able to connect with your business when the branding is displayed on the uniforms.  Corporate clothing will generate consumers’ interest in your brand while establishing and promoting your brand at the same time.

Promote Your Company

Investing in corporate clothing has become the choice for many businesses because workwear is one way to promote businesses. Branded workwear or outfits help to establish a sense of professionalism among employees, which can be easily identified by consumers as well. For branding to be an effective marketing tool, it must be subtle, not overpowering.

Your company’s logo and colours designed on the work outfits your employees wear can be a portable advertisement strategy that gets you noticed from place to place. Mind you, you don’t have to go for a complete outfit; a polo shirt or branded T-shirt can do the trick. If your business is in the food industry, for example; a cap or an apron can be a powerful advertising tool once your business logo and name are designed on it.

Company Pride

When your employees wear attractive work outfits, they are identifying with the company. By wearing these attires, your workers will understand that they are agents of the brand. This will allow them to own the responsibility of maintaining a strong company image. Therefore, because they are ambassadors of the brand, they will ensure that they display the right attitude at all times. The right attitude will help to foster consumers’ confidence in the brand.

Team Spirit

There is a sense of kinship shared between people who are dressed in the same work outfits. Regardless of the locations, these persons will experience a sense of solidarity among each other because they all share something in common. Instant connection and bonding are established and the team will willingly work together to build the company’s image. In addition, workwear act as a positive stimulus for a team-oriented working environment, which can be beneficial to everyone in the company. Uniforms also can act as an agent of equality among persons regardless of their levels of experience. Read more about workwear here.

It is not that easy to create a brand image that is strong and positive.  Hence, you will need to focus primarily on how consumers view your company. As a business owner or manager, you may have the mindset that providing employees with workwear will ultimately protect your brand image. While this may seem like it, you should understand that your workers must not only maintain the look but be sociable as well.

To protect the visibility of your brand, you should ensure that everything that embodies your company is highly maintained. If the vehicles that belong to your company are dirty then you’ll be creating a bad impression. Therefore, the uniforms your employees wear need to convey an image that rightly represents the brand. Employees must ensure that the work outfits they wear are clean and fitting because they are ambassadors of the company.

Customers will evaluate your business according to the appearance and image of the workers. As customers see your friendly staff, appropriately attired in workwear within or outside the work setting, they will form an impression that will last for a long time. Boosting your company’s image is definitely a big bonus. When you add corporate wear in the mix, you’ll be able to create a brand that can withstand the competition.  

The goal of marketing is to inform as many people as possible about a product or service. Various strategies have been developed over time and they are all aimed at utilising efficiency in time and cost to deliver accurate and effective information. Digital marketing is not only one of the latest but it is also the most efficient and cost effective way to market a product or service.

In recent times, small enterprises have started to adopt digital marketing after witnessing its impact on large businesses. However, small business managers often arrive at a point where they wonder if it is even necessary for their business to tread into digital marketing and how doing so would impact them. As a manager of a small business, here is why your business needs digital marketing:

Digital Marketing Facilitates Equal Opportunities for All Businesses

Just like big corporations, small businesses now have equal chances of reaching customers and making sales on the digital platform. This can be attributed to technology advancements such as the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT has granted users access to the digital market using various electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, smart televisions and smartphones. Small businesses can now reach their target audience with convenience and cost effectiveness. Small businesses can access the digital market without the need for large investments unlike before. Traditional marketing largely relies on your financial prowess and assets.

It is a Cost Effective Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Small businesses operate on a limited budget. Digital marketing will help you maintain your marketing costs within the budget limits.

A Study by IPOS confirms that small businesses using digital marketing register a revenue growth that is more than twice than businesses without digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Optimises Conversions

Traditional marketing methods such as banners or newspaper advertising struggle to register return on investment. Digital marketing works as a process where traffic to your website or app is converted to leads, sales or even subscribers.

The digital world has developed tools and techniques to ensure that your conversions reach an optimum.  An example of a tool to look up is split-testing also known as A/B test. Techniques to optimise conversions include email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and search Engine optimisation. 

Digital Marketing Has Proved to Facilitate Revenue Increase

Successful conversions end up as sales that register a revenue. The result you get after using digital marketing tools and techniques is an increased revenue. For example, social media helps businesses generate 78% more revenue than businesses that does not use social media.

Small Businesses Can Target Audience with Digital Marketing

Digital marketing helps your business to focus on delivering content to a specific niche. Targeting the specific niche will result in interactions between you and your customer. Digital marketing lets you interact with your customer on a personal level for e.g. through email marketing and direct message chats.

Digital Marketing Facilitates Customer Interactions and Feedback

Your business will be able to engage with customers at low cost and also get the feedback that you need to make future decisions. Amid this interaction, you will also be able to learn market trends and updates. Customer interactions via digital marketing grants your business an effective way to establish your customers’ needs. What’s more, it is a basis for building a relationship with your customers. A strong relationship with your customers will inspire trust and loyalty in your clients, thus, allowing your business to stay ahead of your competitors and generate even more business deals.

Digital Marketing Enables Mobile Access to Your Content

Mobile gadgets such as mobile phones and laptops enable remote access to the content of your small enterprise. These gadgets are dominating the current digital age and culture. Statistics show that the number of mobile phones exceeds the entire global population and in the near future, just about everyone will own a mobile phone. It is vital that you employ digital marketing tools and techniques that will convert mobile users into leads, sales and eventually subscriptions.

Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is all about customers’ perspective of a brand in your business. Customers can interact with your brand, review it and see what others think via a digital platform. You can develop a brand from information and feedback you collect from your customers on a digital space.

Digital marketing also facilitates ease of promoting your products or services. Your product or service gets more viral as more people get to know it and use it. This results in brand awareness. As you continue to maintain good product and service standards to your clients, you build a good brand reputation.

Digital Marketing Exposes You to Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a type of digital marketing where you enlist the services of an online influencer to create brand awareness. An influencer is someone who has many followers on any digital or social media platform and an influencer’s followers represent a prospective market that your small enterprise can tap into. Influencers use Call-To-Actions to influence positive action towards your brand. What’s more, these followers also have followers and friends to whom they may share information about your brand. 

Digital Marketing Ensures that Your Small Business Survives Online

Digital marketing tools and techniques are geared to ensure that web traffic converts into leads, sales or subscriptions. More often than not, the lack of conversions is registered as a failure on the online market because having visitors merely visiting your website is not enough to ensure the survival of your business on the online platform. Hence, having the right digital marketing strategy when using an online platform to market your products or services will ensure that you reach the right people that will generate positive results.

How to Get Started?

People are embracing digital marketing at a rapid rate. Your starting point could be something as simple as running a social media page. From there, you can then go on to build your own website as your brand awareness increases. Dedicate time to study the digital marketing tools and techniques that are available and choose one that works best for your small business.

If you are based in Malaysia, you can even consider hiring result oriented digital marketing agency in Malaysia.

With the advancement of e-commerce today, choosing the best payment gateway is crucial for the growth of your online business. It gives convenience to the transaction process and helps to lessen the chances of credit or debit card fraud. A payment gateway is a merchant service provided by an e-commerce application service provider that authorises credit card or direct payments processing for e-businesses, online retailers, bricks and clicks, or traditional brick and mortar stores. All credit or debit card transactions go through a payment gateway for authorisation purposes.

Opting for the right payment gateway needs to be done with some requirements. Merchants cannot blindly choose their payment gateway service without checking what the certain payment gateway service offers. This is when Mobiversa comes in handy for everyone who plans to start up an online business. The features provided by Mobiversa are meant to serve merchants with a hassle-free transaction process for any kind of business.

With Mobiversa, you can tick off your checklist easily as their payment gateway is accompanied with many essential features. You do not have to be bothered with paying extra fees as transaction costs are low. Mobiversa is also complemented with a world-class security function and it is mobile, flexible, provides easy access to the merchant portal, and has a quick approval process. These features will surely help you to have a trusted, easy, and safe business transaction online.

The benefits you can get by choosing Mobiversa as your payment gateway service are efficient business growth, access to international payments from any countries, and instant payment. Since most Malaysians nowadays prefer to do cashless payments, you should never think twice on choosing Mobiversa as your payment gateway system. To date, they have more than 1,500 merchants from all backgrounds of businesses registered with them and their overall service rating is satisfactorily rated at 4.4 out of 5.

Most of Mobiversa’s clients commented that Mobiversa is easy to manage and is efficient and fast. There is no need to worry about paperwork or documentation procedure as their payment gateway is ready to serve a systematic transaction process at your fingertips.

As a one-stop solution for online payments, Mobiversa’s services include EZYWAY, EZYAUTH, EZYMOTO, EZYWIRE, EZYREC and MOBIPASS. Each service carries out different functions. If you wish to discover more, just browse through their website to find out the details. It only takes a few simple clicks to start using Mobiversa. Enjoy a convenient online payment gateway service for your business.

Bid goodbye to the payment problems that you have faced before by letting Mobiversa solve them for you today!

The chances are high that you use a smartphone on a daily basis to speak with friends, to look at the weather forecast and to access your email. You could very well be employing this very same device to purchase products and services throughout the online community. The rise of digital sales has become one of the most important industry trends throughout Singapore and this movement is expected to gain pace in the coming years. This brings up an interesting question. Might there come a day when physical retail outlets are no longer viable options for the average consumer? What does this mean for the entire marketplace and how might this impact your finances? These are all very important questions that deserve a bit more clarity.

Let’s take a look at what some of the experts have to say.

The Rise of the Digital Sales Experience

There is no doubt that virtual sales solutions are on the rise. It is now possible for you to purchase a product with a swipe of your finger. Transactions take place within seconds and the presence of massive online shipping services such as Amazon ensure door-to-door deliveries within a timely fashion.

Of course, all of these trends are very attractive to the average consumer. There are two main reasons for this observation. The first involves an undeniable sense of convenience; especially for those who lead busy lives. The second is associated with cost benefits. As the amount of online competition continues to grow, the average retail seller will be forced to cut prices in order to retain his or her client base. These very same entrepreneurs will employ modern e-commerce platforms such as Shopify Singapore to create a seamless consumer experience. This is why customers are taking advantage of what the online community has in store.

Getting Back Down to Reality

All of the observations mentioned above are quite compelling for those who believe that brick-and-mortar sales may soon go the way of the dinosaur. However, this hardly signifies that such establishments will disappear overnight. The fact of the matter is that countless consumers still prefer a hands-on experience when purchasing a product or committing to a service. This is why we are likely to witness another interesting trend.

Traditional retail establishments will be looking to bridge the proverbial gap between a digital presence and their physical outlet. In other words, they will take advantage of online promotional tools in an effort to entice clients to visit their store. This double-pronged approach should produce stellar results and many owners will be able to vastly increase their existing client base. The Internet is not nearly as much of a threat as some of us have been led to believe.

We are nonetheless living in extremely interesting times. The notion of virtual sales was fictional only 20 years ago. This is why it is rather difficult to predict what the future may have in store. Either way, those who are able to stay ahead of the curve should enjoy success.

People purchase shipping containers for different reasons. Depending on the purpose of purchase, some people prefer a new or almost new container while others simply want something functional and wouldn’t really mind the physical condition and attractiveness of the container as long as it is able to serve its intended purpose. But in all cases, pricing is always a factor and it is important to know how pricing is determined and some tips that will help you save money when checking on shipping containers for sale online.

As far as shopping for shipping containers is concerned, pricing varies from one seller to the other. However, how much you would have to pay for a container depends on a number of factors and the most important factor that influence container price is its condition. Generally, one would expect that a newer container in terms of age would sell at a higher price compared to an older one. However, you would soon find out in the world of container sales that this isn’t always the case. A container’s condition is first a subject of how much wear and tear it has had to endure and how much damage it has resulted from its use. Thus, you might find a new container that is badly damaged after a single use, will sell less than an older one that has been kept in great condition.

20′ is one of the two most common sizes of containers (the other being the 40′ size). While size is one of the main deciders in pricing, there will be other factors that need to be considered in order to accurately determine correct pricing.  Thus two 20′ Conex or metal container will have different values depending on the following:

  • Age
  • History and current condition
  • Additional costs such as the cost of delivery and permit fees.
  • Other customised features

If you plan to purchase a shipping container, the following is a basic guide that you can use to get a rough indication of how much shipping containers will cost:

Are you on a budget and looking for the most affordable option?

Steel Container on Container Dock

If your budget is a constraint and you want the most affordable shipping container options out there, then you can go for “as is” 20′ containers (otherwise called handyman containers). These are containers that have been badly damaged from use and might require you to do a little bit of restoration to get it into shape and in working condition again. You might have to repair doors, fix dents in the floor or roofs and repair holes caused by mechanical or even chemical accidents during previous use.

Generally, how cheap these types of containers come for depends on how much repair has to be done to get it back into shape. The cost of handyman containers can be as low as $1,400. With some days of work by a handyman or if you are a handyman yourself, you can get a good deal on a worn-out container and get it back into shape in no time. However, be sure you are paying just the right value for the container. If the total cost of purchase and repair is going to end up being enormous, it will be a better decision to go for something more midrange.

What are your mid-range options?

Pile Of Intermodal Containers


If you are looking for something temporary, can’t spend time and extra cash on repairs, and still want something affordable (or in this case mid-range); then renting a container is an idea that you can consider. This way, you not only get something convenient and still affordable, but you also don’t have to worry about where you will haul the container once you are done using it. Usually, a local supplier will charge you between $75-$200 monthly. What you pay depends largely on the condition of the container and extra features if any. Some suppliers will also carry out occasional maintenance on the container for an extra fee.

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Buy a used container

Another way you can save money on container purchase is to go for a used container instead of buying a brand new one. As far as used containers are concerned, you will find many great options if you decide to go for it. Most used containers will serve basic storage purpose as long as they have not been badly damaged. Conex and Metal containers have a long lifespan and will still serve you well for some years when you purchase them.

Used containers provide an affordable yet good quality alternative. Used containers can cost as low as $1400 to $2600. This price will vary based on the dealer you are buying from and the condition of the container as at the time of purchase.

What are your options when you have enough to spend?

The other types of containers discussed earlier are for buyers who are constrained by a budget or whose reason for purchasing a container allows them to go for containers that are in “not-so-perfect” condition. However, if qualit is a must for you and you are not constrained by a budget, then a new or one-tripper container is the best option for you.

One-trippers are newly manufactured containers that have been shipped down with their very first cargo load. Thus, they are in pristine conditions with no damage done to them at all. Depending on the size and other factors, a one-tripper can cost about $3000 to $5000.

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Purchasing or selling a container depends on both your budget and working condition of the container. How much you are willing to spend will largely determine the quality of the container you are able to buy at the end of the day. At the same time, how much a dealer will list a container for sale is also subjected to its quality as at the time of purchase. Understanding these pricing and selling points is important in determining which 20′ shipping container to purchase.