LG is all about making life good. Staying true to its core mission, we have seen how LG is making a name for itself in the world of consumer goods through its innovative products; whether it be mobile devices, household equipment, or even the TV.
We were recently invited to check out the world’s first curved OLED TV [Model Number: LG 55EA9800] by LG and it is dubbed to offer superior picture quality. Featuring a gently curved, IMAX-like screen, the stunningly slim 4.3mm thin curved OLED TV offers an immersive viewing experience.

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According to DisplaySearch, a leading global market research and consulting firm, global demand for OLED TV is expected to grow to more than 7 million units by 2016. If you’re a late adopter of technology and you’re wondering what in the world is OLED TV and how is it different from LED TV or even LCD TV, you might be interested to check out this article, “OLED vs. LED: Which is the better TV technology?” by Digital Trends.

With the gently curved screen and LG’s proprietary WRGB OLED technology, the LG Curved OLED TV produces the most life-like colors and an infinite contrast ratio with deeper blacks and brighter whites compared to a conventional RGB display, offering picture quality that is beyond your wildest imagination. To top it off, the screen delivers incredible colour accuracy regardless of ambient light or viewing angle.

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The Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic not only contributes to the extreme thinness but also to the light weight of the LG Curved OLED TV. With LG’s patented Smart Energy Saving technology, the LG Curved OLED TV reduces energy usage by as much as 67 percent, compared to conventional flat panel TVs.

To be honest, what really amazed us was not so much the curved design of the LG Curved OLED TV but the forward-facing Clear Speakers that are unobtrusively incorporated into the almost transparent Crystal Stand.

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This new standard in television viewing experience is set to arrive in Singapore soon and the LG Curved OLED TV is now available for pre-order at the following retail outlets; Audio House [Liang Court], Best Denki [Ngee Ann City], COURTS [COURTS Megastore], Gain City [Marina Square], Harvey Norman [Millenia Walk], and Mega Discount Store [Kallang Leisure Park].

With LG’s groundbreaking curved OLED TV marking the start of a whole new era in home entertainment and putting LG at the frontier of today’s technology, will you be the first to embrace this new technology or will you adopt a ‘wait and see’ attitude?

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The hefty price tag [recommended retail price] of SGD $14999 really puts people off and we reckoned that most people would wait for a few more years for prices of OLED TVs to drop before deciding on their next TV purchase. Then again, if you have the dough, you probably wouldn’t mind spending it on the LG Curved OLED TV and show it off to your envious neighbours. After all, you’re free to do whatever you want with your money. 🙂



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