No, I am not making a phone call nor am I receiving a phone call but this blog entry definitely has got something to do with the phone.
I’m not sure if anyone has heard of this but 313@Somerset recently launched the first mall-branded, location-based, mobile app known as Tring 313 and with this app, you can receive information such as current promotions that the stores at 313@Somerset are having and also the latest events happening at 313@Somerset.

From Tring 313 2012

In case you’re wondering, Tring 313 is only available on the Apple App Store and there are plans in the pipelines to develop an Android version of the App.

So how does Tring 313 works?

Well, Tring 313 is designed to send push notifications to shoppers within a 500 metres proximity of the mall and shoppers can choose to “follow” selected brands in 313@Somerset which will allow them to receive notifications of the brands’ promotions even when they are outside the defined proximity.

In conjunction with the kickoff of Tring 313; Forever 21, HMV, and Malones Irish Restaurant & Bar are having exclusive offers where shoppers can download the coupons via the Tring 313 app and redeem it by presenting the coupons at the respective retail stores.

From Tring 313 2012

Some of the interesting exclusive offers are as follows:

•High street fashion brand Forever 21 is featuring exclusive offers till 31 Dec 2012! 10% off all shoes and a Lip Gloss Bundle Buy going for 3 at $7 (U.P. $9).

•HMV allows music lovers to save $3 with every $25 spent from 29 Nov – 31 Dec. Alongside this, free exclusive HMV mobile phone screen cleaners are also up for grabs without any minimum spending! Shoppers only need to present the coupon for redemption.

•Wine and dine at Malones Irish Restaurant & Bar – from 29 Nov – 31 Dec, shoppers will be able to enjoy any 2 full pint Archipelago beers at $18++ (U.P. $28).

What We Think of the App:

As we frequently shop online and offline, we personally feel that more could be done to improve the app. In fact, only selected brands are listed in the app and not all brands/stores are included; thus, posing somewhat of a limitation. Some of the paid coupons do not really appeal to us either. With that being said, there really are rooms for improvement. Some of the improvements could be having more brands/stores listed, have a loyalty programme where shoppers can “check-in” to the brand/store and gain points which they could use to redeem for vouchers, or even better still, have a feature where shoppers can take a snapshot of their receipts and from there, convert their spending into points which they can use to redeem for goodies at the Information/Concierge Desk.

The Difference Between Transactional Coupon and Non-Transactional Coupon

From Tring 313 2012

All isn’t that bad though. The current exclusive offers by Forever 21, HMV, and Malones Irish Restaurant & Bar are worth checking out and if you happen to frequent Orchard/Town, do download the Tring 313 app and see if you could find any other exclusive offers!

Stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!


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