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I have received tons of emails with questions relating to the breeding of Triops and in this blog entry, I shall attempt to address some of the frequently asked questions.

If you have noticed, I haven’t put up any updates with regards to my Triops and that’s because my entire Triops have been wiped out by ammonia and harmful bacteria. Would I purchase another Triops kit again? Probably not, unless someone wants me to conduct an educational lesson on the breeding of Triops.

For now, here are some of the frequently asked questions about breeding Triops.

Question 1.

Will Triops be able to lay eggs?

Answer: yes, Triops are able to lay eggs and multiply given the right condition.

Question 2.

What kind of condition is suitable for Triops to breed and lay eggs in?

Answer: your tank set-up must have sand for it to dig into and lay eggs and the water used must be normal water free from any chlorine or other chemicals.

Question 3.

What kind of sand should I use and can I use bottled mineral water purchased from the various supermarkets and mini-marts?

Answer: you can use beach sand or sand purchased from the aquarium shop. Do not use decorative coloured sands as they contain chemicals which will be harmful for your Triops. Also, avoid using playground sand as they may contain harmful bacteria and cause a plague in your Triops tank. Yes, you can use bottled mineral water purchased from the supermarkets.

Question 4.

What should I feed my Triops?

Answer: should you run out of Triops food which comes with the experimental kit, you can actually purchase dried brine shrimp and grind it into power form to feed your Triops.

Question 5.

Should I introduce live food to my Triops?

Answer: you can choose to feed your Triops live food although it is generally not recommended as it will pollute your tank and cause a buildup of ammonia in the Triops tank.

Question 6.

How long can Triops live up to?

Answer: well, they can live up to a few weeks depending on how you take care of them. My longest living Triops was 3 weeks!

So the above are common questions that people have emailed me about and I hope that those of you who are intending to breed Triops would find it useful. Till then, there will not be any more updates about Triops unless someone wants me to document the process of breeding Triops! Cheers~!


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