Having your pet around would surely help lighten your home’s living environment. Nothing feels better than seeing your dog happy and healthy all the time while being able to continue to bring joy to your household. You’ve probably even tried to teach them new tricks and commands for a more harmonious living, and training won’t be complete without the help of a dog treat.  

A dog treat is a small snack that can either be biscuits or jerky that you give to your pet either as something to nibble on or as a reward for following a command. While they can be a fun treat to your pets, it’ll be best if you get to add in great benefits that help to promote their dental health.  

While there is plenty of dog treats available in the market today, you must be in search of the best dental treats like those from  Greenies Canada as it’ll help to provide excellent dental benefits for your pet’s oral health.  

Match the Size 

Before you purchase the best-reviewed dental dog treats that you came across online, you need to make sure that it’s within the appropriate size for your pet so that they could chew it properly and be able to acquire the benefits of a dog treat.  

Imagine having a golden retriever, and your dental dog treat is the size of a nugget, which only requires them to chew it once and swallow it immediately. While that can be convenient for your pet, they’ll not be getting the right benefits of what a dental dog treat can offer.  

Some companies provide a guide on their packaging with the recommended dog size, which allows them to enjoy the treat and maximize its advantages. However, every dog is different. If your small pet is a fast chewer, consider purchasing a larger one.

Healthy Ingredients 

While a dog treat is intended for your pets to practice and exercise their chewing needs, they might consume too much as they enjoy the taste and the exercise it provides them. While you want your dog treats to be beneficial when it comes to chewing, you might want to search for a treat that has an added benefit in which it includes healthy ingredients.

Since the treats are supposed to be chewed and swallowed, you might want to consider healthier ingredients so that it’ll not ruin their diet and add unnecessary calories to their body. Ideally, you should choose a dog treat containing Vitamin C and E as those are natural preservatives, allowing your pet to be strong and healthy orally.  

Satisfies Your Dog 

While the benefits and advantages are endless for dog treats, the result will rely on how your pet loves the dental treat. This is where the trial-and-error process happens, and you’ll be experimenting to which dog treat your pet should have.  

When it comes to satisfying your dog’s chewing requirements, make sure that it takes them a while before it entirely breaks down and is ready for swallowing. When the dog treat can easily be ripped out and available for eating immediately, it’ll not serve its purpose and would just stand as a snack. Make sure that the treat is hard enough that it takes your dog a while before they can eat it.  

For the maximum treat chewing satisfaction, you may want to provide them with a pet-friendly environment so that not only will they enjoy eating your treats, they get to enjoy hanging around at your home a lot more.  

Serves Its Purpose  

One great way to identify if the dental dog treat is effective for your pet is to check your dog’s teeth and gum health by yourself.

You should regularly check your dog’s teeth to see if there are any signs of plaque. Along with this, you also might want to check how they chew on the dental treat. If it reaches their gums and jaws, you can verify that it’s cleaning them properly and not focusing solely on the teeth.  

Another thing that you could do is to see if your dog is satisfied with how they chew their toy. If they seem to be annoyed with how hard the treat is, consider choosing a softer grind or switch to a chew toy instead.  

One way to guarantee that your dental treats are effective for your dog is to have your dog’s teeth checked during your visit to the vet. They can check your pet’s oral health and suggest different ways to take good care of their teeth apart from giving dental treats. 


Your dog’s oral health is as important as yours. While you want the best and most delicious treats for your dogs, you might want to purchase dog dental treats that allow them to have a better set of teeth, plus great nutritional values. Ensure that you are buying a dental dog treat that’s sized appropriately for their mouth and can fully serve its purpose by allowing your dog’s teeth to be healthier and cleaner by removing any plaques.  


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