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today I’m going to do a review about Wanchai Hong Kitchen @ Serangoon NeX.

How We Ended Up At Wanchai Hong Kong Kitchen

Baby and I wanted to try some desserts at Serangoon NeX and there are tons of stores that sells desserts. After walking a few rounds, we decided to give Wanchai Hong Kong Kitchen a try.

What We Ordered

Gingko Nut & Barley


The Gingko Nut and Barley is not very sweet and tastes like the Quaker Oats my mum makes at home. I can’t even feel the beancurd skin on my tongue because it has been blended to a liquid state. In my opinion, its very average and nothing really special. For $3.30, its so not worth it!

Milk Pudding & Fresh Mango Sauce


According to Baby, the Milk Pudding and Fresh Mango Sauce isn’t very fantastic because the taste is very bland. In her opinion, the $3.50 is not worth paying for!

Peanut Butter Toast


This costs us $3.20 and to be brutally honest, its way below my expectations. The toast wasn’t as thick as it claims to be and in fact, even the average coffeeshop can make better tasting toasts than this. I have had better tasting toasts at other Hong Kong Cafes. This dish is simply just CRAP!

Overall Experience

The Whole Unpleasant Experience That Costs Us $10.70


I don’t exactly know how their other dishes like appetisers and main courses taste like as we didn’t order them. But if the simple desserts we had are not even up to our expectations, I highly doubt their other dishes will be any different. All in all, we don’t recommend dining here for desserts as the price and quality are not correlated; You will be better off going for desserts elsewhere.





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