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Hello Everyone,
today, I will be blogging [in detail] about my dining experience at Paradise Inn @ GreenwichV.

Personally, I have frequented Paradise Inn [Serangoon NeX and GreenwichV] a couple of times but I haven’t got the chance to really blog about my dining experience there except for a short write-up during the GreenwichV Blogger’s Amazing Race.

So, here’s how my dining experience went.

The dinner at GreenwichV Paradise Inn was planned for quite sometime already and it was hosted by Baby’s sister, Jasmine. When we were there, many tables have already been reserved so it is strongly recommended that you make a reservation in advance, especially if you are planning to dine in big groups. What I really like about the Paradise Inn Outlet at GreenwichV is the Alfresco dining area because it is quite scenic given the green surroundings. Even the dining wares have a certain elegance and class to it.

From Paradise Inn 2012
From Paradise Inn 2012

The brand of dining wares they used are known as Luzerne [similar to the ones that even five-stars hotels use]

From Paradise Inn 2012

Well, for appetisers, we were served a small dish of braised peanuts and I don’t really have any comments on it because I personally felt that the taste was quite standard.

From Paradise Inn 2012

Besides chewing the peanuts while waiting for our dishes, we got so bored that we decided to take photos of ourselves.

As always, when I eat, I always look very “buay song” until…

From Paradise Inn 2012

I find something better to do [like checking out Facebook] when waiting for my food.

From Paradise Inn 2012

The photographer of the day is none other than Baby herself!

From Paradise Inn 2012

Baby with her Sister.

From Paradise Inn 2012

Promoting Paradise Inn’s Rather Classy Menu.

From Paradise Inn 2012

Here are the 11 dishes of food that we ordered for a table of 6 people.

Seafood Fried Rice [with Roe]

From Paradise Inn 2012

Wasabi-Mayonnaise Prawns [personally, I find this dish rather unique and I quite like the Wasabi-Mayonnaise. However, comparing this with the Salted Egg Prawns, I would prefer the Salted Egg Prawns.]

From Paradise Inn 2012

Salted-Egg Prawns [I highly recommend this dish if you are looking for something that is unique in taste.]

From Paradise Inn 2012

Stewed Dong Po Pork [this dish was quite flavourful but is also quite fattening too.]

From Paradise Inn 2012

Boiled Apple Pork Soup [I’m not sure if its apple or pear that they boil that made the soup slightly sweet in taste.]

From Paradise Inn 2012

Crisp-Fried Shrimp Paste Chicken [this is one of their specialties but to be honest, I find it quite salty for my liking.]

From Paradise Inn 2012

Steamed Cod Fish with Sauce [this is absolutely quite a healthy dish and it is highly recommended to those who fancy Cod Fish.]

From Paradise Inn 2012

Hot Plate Tofu with Minced Pork and Mushroom [quite average I would say.]

From Paradise Inn 2012

Cai Xin [vegetables were slightly tough to chew and looks rather green.]

From Paradise Inn 2012

Fried Ngoh Hiang [fried to perfection and is easy to chew on. Very flavourful and goes well with the sweet sauce.]

From Paradise Inn 2012

Fried Noodles [not really that fantastic but it’s still edible.]

From Paradise Inn 2012

At the end of the day, despite the hefty bill of $248++, we totally enjoyed the companionship of one another. However, much could be done to improve on the food quality because either they are too salty or they are just average. The service was excellent and the service staffs were very polite and helpful.

If you’re looking for a suitable restaurant [that serves Chinese cuisine] for your family gatherings/reunions, you might want to consider Paradise Inn. They have 13 outlets at various locations all over Singapore so do check them out.

Stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!

Hello Everyone,
today I’m going to do a review about Wanchai Hong Kitchen @ Serangoon NeX.

How We Ended Up At Wanchai Hong Kong Kitchen

Baby and I wanted to try some desserts at Serangoon NeX and there are tons of stores that sells desserts. After walking a few rounds, we decided to give Wanchai Hong Kong Kitchen a try.

What We Ordered

Gingko Nut & Barley


The Gingko Nut and Barley is not very sweet and tastes like the Quaker Oats my mum makes at home. I can’t even feel the beancurd skin on my tongue because it has been blended to a liquid state. In my opinion, its very average and nothing really special. For $3.30, its so not worth it!

Milk Pudding & Fresh Mango Sauce


According to Baby, the Milk Pudding and Fresh Mango Sauce isn’t very fantastic because the taste is very bland. In her opinion, the $3.50 is not worth paying for!

Peanut Butter Toast


This costs us $3.20 and to be brutally honest, its way below my expectations. The toast wasn’t as thick as it claims to be and in fact, even the average coffeeshop can make better tasting toasts than this. I have had better tasting toasts at other Hong Kong Cafes. This dish is simply just CRAP!

Overall Experience

The Whole Unpleasant Experience That Costs Us $10.70


I don’t exactly know how their other dishes like appetisers and main courses taste like as we didn’t order them. But if the simple desserts we had are not even up to our expectations, I highly doubt their other dishes will be any different. All in all, we don’t recommend dining here for desserts as the price and quality are not correlated; You will be better off going for desserts elsewhere.




Hello Everyone,
today I am going to introduce to you this restaurant called, “Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant” or “?????” in Chinese.

How We Ended Up At Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant?

As Baby and I decided that we would be heading to the Flea Market at the Singapore Arts Museum after our dinner, we decided to walk around Plaza Singapura in search of a good dining place for dinner. Initially, we wanted to go to Lao Beijing to eat but due to the overwhelming queue, we decided to head one level down and ended up at the shop front of Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant. Though we still had to queue, we didn’t mind as we were second in line and the food looked pretty tempting. In fact, we waited for about less than 10 minutes when we were brought to our seats.

That’s Me


That’s Baby


Some Interesting Information About Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

To preserve the culinary standards of Nanxiang in Shanghai. their kitchens here are helmed by veteran Chefs from the original restaurant in Cheng Huang Temple! The restaurant offers a unique interior decor theme that features the iconic Chinese bamboo baskets used for steaming buns.

Restaurant Service

The level of service rendered by the service staffs were average. Upon showing us to our seats, the waitress asked if it was our first time dining there. We said, “Yes!” and the waitress then proceeded to explain to us how we could go about ordering our food and even recommended us some of their well known dishes.

The Dishes that We Ordered

Our Appetiser


Peanuts that cost $1. You can choose not to have it if you don’t want it.

Homemade Beancurd


This dish is a recommended dish by the Chef and we decided to place an order for it. The beancurd was nicely fried and the fillings inside the beancurd were very fragrant. To me, it seemed and tasted like another kind of Dim Sum but really, we found this dish to be quite unique.

Pan-Fried Dumpling


I have tried many pan-fried dumpling from many Chinese restaurants and I must say, the pan-fried dumpling that Nanxiang serves is pretty good. Usually, when I dine at other Chinese restaurants to try their pan-fried dumpling, their dumpling either ends up over-fried or under-fried, but for Nanxiang, their pan-fried dumpling is fried just nice. Over-fried dumplings are very hard to chew and the skin is hard while under-fried dumplings tend to be overly-glazed with oil.

Crabmeat Steamed Bun


This dish is also recommended by the Chef and YES, YOU HAVE TO ORDER IT! When the steamed buns arrived on our table, we could smell the lovely aroma of the buns and we started to salivate. As we all would know, “xiao long bao” is a very delicate food and it must be handed with care so as to savour the natural juices of the filling in the bun. For this particular dish, the juices that ooze out of the fillings were very tasty and flavourful.

Minced Pork Noodles


The minced pork noodles is cooked with black bean sauce and the taste of it reminds me of home. Why so? After eating a big mouthful of noodles, it really reminded me of the black bean fish that I always eat for dinner at home. If you are looking for something that taste rather homely and light, you might just want to try this.

Golden Fried Rice


This is really a sweet and spicy tasting dish. In fact, I have to admit that this have to be one of the best-tasting fried rice I ever had. The servings of pork floss were very generous and the fried rice was extremely fragrant. Although the fried rice might have a “sambal” taste, there really isn’t any sambal added to it. The sweet taste comes from the pork floss while the spicy taste comes from the powdered chilli. This dish is perfect for those who wants something filling and good-tasting.

In Summary

In total, we spent $47.79  and because there is a 10% discount for DBS Cardholders, our final bill was $43.47. Its definitely a pretty reasonable price to dine here.



For more information about Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant, you can visit their website <– here or follow their facebook group <– here.

Bon Appetit!