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Singapore’s most iconic brew receives a makeover, invites the public to cast their vote, and throws the Unofficial Official Party of SG50!
On our nation’s golden jubilee year and to celebrate the 50th year since Tiger Beer released its first can to the world, Tiger Beer has lined up a slew of events and activities to commemorate this milestone in the nation’s history.

Image Credits to Tiger Beer Singapore Facebook Page

To uncage the nation from the usual celebrations, Singapore’s Unofficial Official favourite local beer will present a fresh take on how National Day is celebrated by throwing its own epic National Day party, replete with surprising and remarkably unusual party elements.

Truly a party for the people, it puts the power in the hands of the people by getting Singaporeans to vote for what they want to see at their party; the wackier the better.

Tiger Beer will kick off the voting period for the Unofficial Official party of SG50 from 22 June, with the release of a video that will encourage the public to cast their votes to see their favourite party highlights come to life, and also offer them the intriguing possibility of contributing new suggestions.

Eschewing the typical SG50 festivities in favour of something fresh, unique and original; party-goers can look forward to party elements that are recognisably Singaporean and reminiscent of the annual National Day Parade, yet completely unexpected. Imagine a parade flypast done by aerial drones, trishaw massage chairs, beanbags for relaxation that look like giant ‘chope’ tissue packets, or even a chili-crab fountain! The possibilities are endless.

Image Credits to Tiger Beer Singapore Facebook Page

Those above the age of 18 can cast their votes at two mobile polling stations located at Knightsbridge on 4 July and One Raffles Place on 9 July, and as well as online via the microsite at tigerbeer.com.sg. Every vote counts and it will directly influence what makes up the party that Tiger Beer will be throwing for Singapore.

Tickets to the party cannot be purchased and only those who participate in the voting process will stand a chance to win tickets to the most coveted party of the year.

Voting will close on 19 July and those eligible to win tickets will be notified. Party-goers will then see the winning highlights appear at the party.

To top this all off, the party will be headlined by two international music acts that will be performing at the party. Audiences can look forward to the catchy party anthems performed by 4-piece indie-rock band, The Griswolds. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, this will be the up-and-coming quartet’s first time performing in Singapore.

The climax of the party will come with the appearance of a surprise international music act. The identity of the celebrated British alternative band will be revealed shortly.

Just so you know, the party will be held at the newly-refurbished Capitol Theatre, itself a beloved Singapore icon and the grande dame of the city’s cultural heritage, and it will be the first event of this scale to be held at the landmark location. Given the Capitol Theatre’s longstanding legacy for entertainment in Singapore, it is the fitting venue of choice.

Image Credits to Tiger Beer Singapore Facebook Page

If you are keen to win some tickets to Tiger Beer’s Unofficial Official Party of SG50, check out Tiger Beer’s Microsite and cast your votes now!

10 days have past since Singapore celebrated her 49th birthday and though all birthdays are somewhat a once-in-a-year affair, you can still be patriotic every other day without all the fanciful fireworks!

In case you haven’t know, Singapore is the birthplace of Tiger Beer, and since 1932, the brand has grown to become an intrinsic part of the Singapore identity.

Going back to the basics of how we have come to adore the quirks and nuances of our uniquely Singaporean culture, Tiger Beer has collaborated with YouTube Stars, “Tree Potatoes” to produce a video entitled, “You Know You’re Singaporean When…”

One-of-a-kind in Singapore’s YouTube landscape, the Tree Potatoes’ core team consists of Aaron Khoo, Elliot Tan, and Janice Chiang; a creative trio who took a gamble to start their own YouTube channel half a year ago. Currently standing as one of the top three YouTube channels in Singapore and one of the local representatives at the 2014 YouTube FanFest, the collaborative video “You Know You’re Singaporean When…” garnered a remarkable 45,660 views within a day’s posting; that’s more than 1,900 views per hour and nearly 200,000 views within a week!

Whether it’s eating at hawker centres more often than you’d like to admit, turning the void deck into a stadium, or even using more than three languages within a single sentence, we all have our little quirks that are unique to having lived on the little red dot.

In commemoration of Singapore’s 49th birthday, Tiger Beer has shed its signature corporate colours to don the national colours on its livery. This is the first time the brand has embarked on such an initiative, in a bid to walk the talk to unleash its pride as a home-grown beer that has gained recognition internationally. The limited edition red and white livery comes in packs of 10 [330ml] cans and it is retailing for the price of SGD$25.60 at all major supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Well, we have some good news for you and that is, in collaboration with Tiger Beer, we will be giving away 3 Packs of Tiger Beer Red & White Livery that contain 10 [330ml] cans each. To participate in this Tiger Beer Giveaway, all you have to do is just submit a photo of yourself in a fashionable red-and-white outfit of the day [OOTDs], creative red-and-white manicures, or even face paints!

You can submit your entries to admin@awinsomelife.org or post it as a comment on this blog post or Facebook post.

The giveaway will close on 23 August 2014, 2359 hours and the three most outstanding/creative entries will be selected to win. Winners will be announced on our Facebook Page on 24 August 2014, 1000 hours

For more information on Tiger Beer’s National Day campaign, do check out Tiger Beer Singapore’s Facebook Page.