In today’s society, most men work in offices and boardrooms. A typical male is refined, handsome, and rugged. He is an influential figure in any field that he is in, and he projects a powerful aura with the help of a suit and tie. You can know more about suits when you go to this informative website.

For many men, not just any suits on a random rack are enough. Some of the many splurges of men are watches and tailored suits. Note that any person can go visit his local department store and “stumble” on an outfit that is enough for his daily wear. He can pull any suit off the rack out of the department store in New York, and that’s it. But it takes more than that to have the aura of power and dependability.

Someone serious enough to make a hard-working and charming image in a company will go to the tailors for his needs. Here are some of the reasons why.

Why Go to A Tailor?

  1. Get Excellent Quality of Materials and Suit

Some people can attest that wearing low-quality and cheap suits spells trouble in the long run. The problem is that one needs to wear the outfit on a weekly or even daily basis. The cheap materials will not be able to withstand too much use, and they can start to look old in a short time.

Some people who buy low-quality ones say that after just a few washes, the colours start to fade. The part on the elbows will start to fray. Along with the fading stitches, the wear and tear can also cause a man to have low self-esteem in the workplace. The truth of the matter is that cheaper is more expensive in the long run.

Some of the fashion designers in the industry gave a quote that dressing well is a form of good manners wherever you are. You must put your best foot forward no matter the situation.

When you go to the tailors, you can choose which fabrics will fit your needs best. A custom tailor in NYC can let you choose from many high-quality fabrics. These clothing will not quickly wear out regardless of the frequency you use them. You might even get some sheen or lustre when you are impeccably draped with this kind of attire.

Another thing is that you will have an outfit that is unique to you, and you can’t find any other varieties. On the other hand, the ones that are machine-made on the assembly lines have the same patterns, colours, and threads. When others are wearing the same suit as yours in the office, you sometimes might feel like you want to hide in a corner because it can be embarrassing.

  1. Have Better Fit

For many people, fitting is their number one concern when it comes to an outfit. Some with leaner bodies can adjust to the off-the-rack suits. But note that one can never substitute the measurements made by a skilled tailor. Every inch is measured, and the result will fit you perfectly.

If you have more muscles in your body or if you have a leaner frame, the tailored coat will reinforce your canvas. You will look better even from afar. The clothes will not hang lopsided and baggy from your shoulders. You can accentuate and build on your features, and at the same time, hide the imperfect ones.

Another thing that you need to consider when going to a tailor is that the pants will be hemmed, and they will hit your shoes at a perfect angle. They are the right length, and every stride that you make is more powerful and confident. The overall appearance can be compared to that of an excellent and sleek automobile that everyone admires no matter where it goes.

About Thin Slicing
To emphasize the importance of a better fit, the Business Insider article recently talked about thin slicing. This is a habit that everyone makes, and this involves quick assumptions. Many people will make their first impression on someone within seven seconds. The study was conducted, and it included groups of men that were rated based on their attire.

Most of the men in the photos wore suits. Some of them wore custom-made and bespoke ones. Others are the standard off-the-rack ones that can be bought from the local department stores. The men wearing tailored clothing naturally received favourable ratings. This experiment clearly shows that men should purchase more bespoke clothes as this can enhance their image in more positive ways than they can imagine.

  1. Better Fashion Sense

The ones that one can buy inside a department store can look the same. They might be the trending ones today, but they were made in a cookie-fashion way. If you want to take advantage of and gain an edge, you need to have custom suits.

Some of the benefits include the fabric being made from premium materials, and you will always be on-trend. The number of buttons, lapel widths, vents, and cuffs can be customised according to your appearance and preferences.

You can showcase your personality and your fashion-forward views when you have a well-tailored suit. You can decide whether to wear the pinstriped or the plaid ones. You can have bold colour choices for special occasions.

The opportunities and possibilities are endless. All bespoke and customised suits can fully express who you are and cater to your needs.


Melvin is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner. He holds an EMBA and he is a passionate and engaging teacher, known for his unique combination of science, research, and spirituality.

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