Man-made objects can never compete with the creations of nature. Nature is majestic, beautiful and raw. If there’s any man-made object that comes close to competing with nature, it’s Gardens By the Bay.  An amalgamation of mankind’s capabilities and nature’s beauty, Gardens By the Bay stretches across 250 acres and has more than 1 million plants.

Who would have thought that there are 1 million plant species in this world?

It’s safe to say that Gardens by the Bay is a marvel. It has attracted over 40 million visitors since its inception and has managed to capture the imagination of all.

Popular Things to do at Gardens by the Bay

There’s plenty to do at Gardens by the Bay and because it’s a massive area, it’s easy to get lost and miss out on certain attractions and landmarks. Apart from fascinating sights like the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest that can catch your fancy; there’s a lot more that Gardens by the Bay offer which can get quite daunting.

Supertree Grove

The Supertree Grove is one of the highlights of Gardens by the Bay. It’s a beautiful piece of architecture with stunning lights in the night. The music light show is gorgeous, breathtaking and absolutely worth its time.

Cloud Forest

The Cloud forest is nature at its finest. The lush green interspersed with bits of color will rejuvenate you immediately. The falling water will take you places and give you the feeling that you’re one with nature.

Using Locomole

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Well, Locomole is a hiking trail app that gives you self-guided tours of popular tourist spots. They focus on finding the hidden gems in every tour; so hidden, even the local won’t be aware of its existence. If you are an avid hiker, you should check out this app which is developed by a Singapore-based company.

Using the QR Code

To make the best of your trip to Gardens by the Bay, head on a Locomole tour using the QR code below.


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