It has been a tough start to the New Year and I really miss the carefree lifestyle that I had when I was in Thailand last December. No worries, no stress, and no complicated problems to solve. Just simply living and living simply.

One of the highlights during our recent trip to Bangkok, Thailand was visiting Kashikiri 49 Soda Onsen and Spa, and we spent close to 4 hours at the spa just to unwind and pamper ourselves. Just so you know, Kashikiri has two locations but the one we went to was the one located in Sukhumvit.

If you are heading to Bangkok for a vacation, you might want to read on and find out what we think of Kashikiri 49 Soda Onsen and Spa and why you should give this spa a visit.

Atmosphere & Ambience

Kashikiri 49 Soda Onsen and Spa offers guests a very luxurious, private, and exclusive atmosphere and ambience. From its name, you could probably derive that the spa is a Japanese spa but what is surprising to note is that the owner of the spa is actually a Thai.

Although we have yet to visit Japan, the authentic Japanese furniture and fixtures made us feel like we were in Japan. There are 3 aromatherapy rooms, 1 suite room, 1 Thai massage room and they are all very spacious.

The Spa Experience

From the moment we stepped into the spa to the moment we left, the entire spa experience was a pleasant and welcoming one. We were warmly greeted by the therapists and the level of service provided was way beyond exceptional.

We chose the Kashikiri Signature Ultimate Therapies treatment which consist of a 30 minutes private onsen, 60 minutes body scrub and mask, 75 minutes aroma hot oil massage with bamboo muscle relaxant, and a 60 minutes anti-aging facial treatment.

The aroma hot oil massage with bamboo muscle relaxant is a kind of skilful massage treatment where the therapist makes use of warm bamboo poles to massage the body. As for the anti-aging facial treatment, we honestly thought that it would be a full-scale facial treatment with the removal of blackheads and all but rather, it was somewhat like a facial massage instead.

For this particular treatment that we chose, the price is 4,950 baht (about SGD$200) for one person and it is the most expensive spa treatment on the menu. If you are on a shoestring budget and would like some wallet-friendly options, Kashikiri 49 Soda Onsen and Spa has many other affordable options like the Back, Neck, Shoulders, and Head Massage which cost just 800 baht (SGD$32) for 1 hour of massage, which is half the price of what you would be paying for in Singapore.

Having opened for less than a year, Kashikiri 49 Soda Onsen and Spa is relatively new and the facilities are all in pristine condition. Treatment wise, it was very fulfilling and we could only hope that the session was longer as we enjoyed the treatment process.

Keen To Visit?

Kashikiri 49 Soda Onsen and Spa is located at 84 Sukhumvit Soi 49 and it is about 1.2km away from Phrom Phong, the nearest BTS (Bangkok SkyTrain). Be sure to make a reservation before you head down to avoid any disappointment.

02 – 258-7902


Operating Hours
Monday – Sunday


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