Just last weekend, Jacqueline and I participated in The Music Run by AIA and I must say, it was quite a disappointing experience for us. Even then, over 9000 race participants ran, danced, and partied to the beat of their favourite songs at the first Singapore edition of the The Music Run by AIA at Sentosa.

Image Credits to The Music Run Facebook Page

About The Music Run by AIA

Presenting sponsor AIA, The Real Life Company, has brought this event to three countries across Asia, bringing fun into fitness for everyone as part of its effort to promote healthy living for all members of the family.

Image Credits to The Music Run Facebook Page

The Music Run is one of the fastest growing events of its kind globally; a future focused, interactive, and non-competitive 5KM fun run that puts music at its heart. Offering a unique total music immersion experience amplified by over 150 concert quality speakers lining the entire route, the concept has been making waves in Asia with sell-out crowds in cities like Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok, Yangon, and now Singapore.

Our Personal Opinions and Thoughts about The Music Run by AIA

To be honest, The Music Run by AIA should just be called “The Music Walk” and The Music Runners, “The Music Walkers”.

Just to set the record straight, I have been to a couple of other fun runs [like the Hello Kitty Run and The Color Run Singapore] which has seen a much larger turnout and they have given me a positive running experience but not so for The Music Run by AIA.

Throughout the entire 5KM [4.85KM to be exact], the “Music Walkers” were all walking in big groups; it is as if they own the whole stretch of running path and what made the run even less enjoyable was the fact that the running path was narrow and heavily congested with human traffic.

While I do appreciate the organisers’ attempt to make The Music Run by AIA interesting and exciting, the run is nothing more than just having some speakers [blasting loud music] placed alongside the running route and I personally felt that there wasn’t much of an immersive experience as claimed by the organisers. In fact, if I may be upfront; it would have been better for me to just plug in my Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 Bluetooth Earphones and run the 5KM route instead.

Notwithstanding this, I sincerely believe that a fun run should be a fun run and definitely not a fun walk. To me, a fun run is one where runners [whether individuals or groups] will enjoy running and the running experience that comes along with it. Sadly, The Music Run by AIA failed in this aspect and I do hope that they will improve on the running experience should they continue next year.

On hindsight, one plus point about The Music Run by AIA is probably the post-race after-party.

Image Credits to The Music Run Facebook Page

Were you at The Music Run by AIA?


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