Last week, we were invited to an exclusive preview of, “Under The Dome Season 2- Heads Will Roll” and we had a really thrilling and spine-chilling time watching this science fiction television drama series!

Under The Dome Show Information

Under The Dome, based on Stephen King’s bestselling novel, tells the story of a small town that is suddenly and inexplicably sealed off from the rest of the world by an enormous transparent dome. It’s been two weeks since the dome descended upon the sleepy town of Chester’s Mill, whose inhabitants are still struggling to survive with resources running low as their search for answers to what the barrier is and where it came from continues. The post-apocalyptic conditions intensify while the residents must decide who to rally behind as new faces emerge and Big Jim continues to battle for the town’s trust and allegiance. With survival hanging in the balance, can the residents of Chester’s Mill work together to protect their uncertain future?

In the season premiere “Heads Will Roll”, Barbie’s fate lies in Big Jim’s hands, and the Dome presents a new threat when it becomes magnetized. Meanwhile, Julia seeks out the help of a stranger to save the life of a mysterious girl who may hold clues to origin of the Dome.

Our Personal Review Of Under The Dome Season 2

Under The Dome has got to be the best sci-fi television drama series to date! To be honest, we were pretty clueless about what we could expect from the show because we haven’t got the chance to read the novel, “Under The Dome”, by Stephen King. Having watched the special recap episode of Under The Dome Season 1 and the first episode of Under The Dome Season 2, we were literally hooked to the show!

If you are a fan of sci-fi television series, we highly recommend you to watch Under The Dome Season 2 and if you would like to catch up on Under The Dome Season 1, you can check out Under The Dome’s Official Website and watch it on Amazon Instant Video.

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Under The Dome Season 2 will premiere on RTL CBS Entertainment HD [Singtel mio TV Ch 318 & Starhub Ch 509] on 3 September 2014, Wednesday, at 9:55pm. A special recap episode of Under The Dome Season 1- Inside Chester’s Mill, will also be aired on 27 August 2014, Wednesday, at 9:55pm as a teaser prior to the premiere.

For a thrilling and spine-chilling time, be sure to watch Under The Dome Season 2 on RTL CBS Entertainment HD [Singtel mio TV Ch 318 & Starhub Ch 509] on 3 September 2014, Wednesday, at 9:55pm!


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