In celebration of the International Year of the Family (IYF), NDP 2014 and the Ministry of Social and Family Development [MSF], has launched a Big-Hearted Family Awards contest to appreciate and recognise the acts of service by those within our community!

This year, IYF seeks to encourage big-heartedness within the community. It hopes for everyone to share the warmth of their family with others around them. As such, through the Awards, members of the public will have a great opportunity to express their heartfelt thanks to those who have made a difference in their world!

From 5 May to 16 June 2014, everyone can submit a Big-Hearted Story of a person or family that has made a difference in their lives. Both the nominators and nominees will stand a chance to win NDP 2014 actual and preview tickets!

Planning to submit your personal short story of someone or a family that has inspired you with their care and concern? You too can take part in the Big-Hearted Family Awards but hurry though as the closing date is 16 June 2014 [today]!

Well, I am going to share my personal short story of someone whom has inspired me with her care and concern.

I first met her in January 2011 just before my trip to Genting Highlands with a friend of mine. That meeting took place at Serangoon NeX and despite me being a total stranger whom she only met for the very first time face-to-face, she was quite concerned about my trip to Genting Highlands and unexpectedly, packed me some medicine in case I got a cold.

That extra mile she took led me to believe that she was the one for me. Ever since our first meeting, we kept in touch and even though I was serving my National Service and could only spend time with her during the weekends, she never fails to help me prepare for my next book-in. Even when I was sick or injured myself during training, she would nurse me back to health. Whenever I was feeling down and wanted to quit because of the tough training, she would be there to offer words of encouragement.

Well, the fact is, I wasn’t the only one that she cared for. She also cared for everyone in my family and it is quite evident as she would always be the one to take the initiative and buy meals for my family and get gifts for their birthdays. Her selfless thoughts and actions have inspired me to not only care for people I know but to go the extra mile for them.

Fast forward to the present, we have been together for 41 months now and even till today, she has never stopped caring for me, my family, or even the community. Whenever she is free, she would volunteer her time to serve others; whether it be taking photographs or doing logistical and administrative work.

She… is none other than Jacqueline, the co-founder of this blog and the brainchild behind all the photographs that you see in this blog. In all honestly, this blog would not have existed if not for her and yes, we will be getting married next year in May [sponsors are welcome :P]. For all that she has done to care for others beyond herself, I am nominating her for the Big-Hearted Family Awards.

I hope this short story would inspire you and if you have been inspired to serve the community, you might want to check out the Care and Share Fundraising Portal and see how you can contribute to the community!


Melvin is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner. He holds an EMBA and he is a passionate and engaging teacher, known for his unique combination of science, research, and spirituality.

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