OSIM is the global leader in branded healthy lifestyle products and it is the name you can trust for a healthier lifestyle and overall well-being. This year, OSIM is proud to be the Official Prize Sponsor for the Marina Bay Countdown Singapore 2014 and if you have participated in the photo competitions that was organised, you might just be the lucky winner to walk away with some really awesome prizes from OSIM.
Here’s a list of prizes that winners can look forward to for the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2014 Photo Competition:

1st Prize
uDivine (worth S$5,488)

2nd Prize
uAngel (worth S$2,688)

[Image Credits to Our Princess Dana]

3rd Prize
uPhoria + uPixie (worth S$1,036)

[Image Credits to OSIM Inspiring Life]

[Image Credits to OSIM Inspiring Life]

5 x Merit Prizes
uSlender + uPixie (worth S$506)

[Image Credits to OSIM Inspiring Life]

[Image Credits to OSIM Inspiring Life]

People’s Choice Award
uSlender + uPixie (worth S$506)

[Image Credits to OSIM Inspiring Life]

[Image Credits to OSIM Inspiring Life]

5 x Lucky Voters for People’s Choice Award
uKimono Mini (worth S$138 each)

As the Official Blogger for the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2014, we were very privileged to have the opportunity to review one of OSIM’s highly talk-about product; the OSIM uPhoria Warm!

The OSIM uPhoria Warm is essentially a leg massager and it features a Tui-Na massage technology that stimulates key meridian points to promote positive flow of energy; relieving aches and strains at the calves.

With the Calf-Gliding massage system of the OSIM uPhoria Warm, the firm strokes of the Tui-Na provides enjoyable deep tissue massage to relieve aches and improve circulation to the legs to keep them healthy.

The OSIM uPhoria Warm features 8 lifestyle massage programmes for your well-being and they are, Relax; Energise; High-Heels; Toning; Reflexology; Sleep; Sports Recovery and Senior.

Having tried the OSIM uPhoria Warm for about a month now, the OSIM uPhoria Warm is definitely a gift you can consider getting for your parents or spouse. Personally, we really like the OSIM uPhoria Warm because it really helps to relieve our tired feet after a long day at work. The massage technology of the OSIM uPhoria Warm is pretty accurate as it was able to massage the points which needed the most attention. On top of that, the massage felt firm and wasn’t too painful. Compared to a traditional foot reflexology done by a therapist, the OSIM uPhoria Warm is a very good alternative and provides the most comfortable experience. Having tried all 8 different lifestyle massage programmes that are available on the OSIM uPhoria Warm, each serves its own purpose and caters to different needs. As a matter of fact, with the 8 different lifestyle massage programmes, anyone and everyone can use it; whether you’re a lady, an elderly, an active sports person, or a workaholic!

Seriously, once is never enough with the OSIM uPhoria Warm. The foot massage experience can get pretty addictive after the first round and every night, I find myself spending at least half an hour just to get my legs massaged before heading to bed and trust me, I found sleep to be more enjoyable than before.

For the usual price of SGD $798, you can now get the OSIM uPhoria Warm at just SGD $698! Though the OSIM uPhoria Warm is quite a pricey gift but if you put things into perspective, a traditional foot reflexology outside would probably cost about SGD $28 for a half an hour session and if you decide to purchase the OSIM uPhoria Warm, you only need to use it for about 25 times to break even! Hence, it would be be even more value-for-money if you were to co-pay and co-share the OSIM uPhoria Warm with your family members.

The next time you experience a mental block when it comes to buying gifts for your family members, you might just want to check out what OSIM has to offer! 🙂


Melvin is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner. He holds an EMBA and he is a passionate and engaging teacher, known for his unique combination of science, research, and spirituality.

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