Friends who know me well enough will know that I dislike places with large crowds and while this is especially true, attending the New Year’s Eve Countdown last Tuesday at the One Fullerton Rooftop and The Promontory @ Marina Bay has somehow changed my mind and I have been somewhat convinced to attend the yearly New Year countdown celebrations from now on.

Both Jacqueline and I were at The Promontory @ Marina Bay to catch the Celebrate With The World Concert and the venue was swarming with people. As the concert was FREE and opened to members of the public, there was actually a long line of people queuing up to get into the concert grounds, even when we left at about 10pm.

The performances put up by the various artistes at the Celebrate With The World Concert were splendid and we liked the acts by Juz-B, a local a cappella group formed in 1995 and Ronski Speed, a German DJ and producer.


[Image Credits to Juz-B]

Rose to fame on the first season of televised Channel U Superband competition in 2006, Juz-B was well received as an All-Malay a cappella group that sang in Mandarin. Breaking the language barrier, Juz-B touched the hearts of both Chinese and Malay viewers with their passionate yet intercultural voice. Known for their soulful performances and on-stage flair, Juz-B bagged awards at the 2nd Asian A cappella Festival. Other notable performances include the 4th Starry Starry Night on Beijing CCTV as well as the STAR concert at Gardens by the Bay in 2012.

Ronski Speed

Best known for tracks like ‘The Space We Are’, ‘E.O.S. Satellite’ with Above & Beyond, ‘Lasting Light’ with Emma Hewitt and ‘Rise Again’ with Lucy Saunders; Ronski Speed has played DJ-sets in over 80 countries including world-renowned festivals such as Gatecrasher, Love Parade, Nature One and Mayday in Germany. He has also spun in globally recognised club establishments such as Ministry of Sound London, Avalon Hollywood, Zouk Singapore and Pacha New York.

We also happened to get upclose and personal with Namewee, a multi-talented artiste from Malaysia!

Namewee is a multi-talented artiste from Malaysia under the label Prodigee Media. Being a controversial figure through his rap songs depicting social issues in his country, he is becoming one of the most influential voices of his generation. His directorial movie debut ‘Nasi Lemak 2.0’ which he also starred in, became the highest box office movie in Malaysia in 2011 and earned him ‘Asia’s Best New Director Award’ at the Osaka Asian Film Festival. His latest album, ‘Asia Most Wanted’, launched in Taiwan this year introduced his talent to a bigger regional audience. With an official Facebook page of 950,000 fans and Youtube channel of 300,000 subscribers, he is now one of the most popular online figures in the region. ‘Celebrate with the World’ was Namewee’s first ever public performance in Singapore.

With awesome music at a location where people can also view the stunning fireworks display, the Celebrate With The World concert was too good to be missed.

After listening to some songs by Rivermaya, Jacqueline and I headed to the One Fullerton Rooftop where we spent some quiet moments just admiring the scenic view and await the highly anticipated fireworks display to start.

To be honest, we were rather privileged to be given this rare opportunity to access the One Fullerton Rooftop as it was only opened to the guests whom were staying at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore. All thanks to the special arrangements by both Urban Redevelopment Authority and The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, this was made possible and we are really grateful.

Canapés, soft drinks, wines, and champagnes were served to the guests at the One Fullerton Rooftop and when the countdown to 2014 began, everyone were just bustling with excitement. The 8-minute long fireworks display was truly amazing and it was our first time witnessing such a grandeur display of fireworks that beautifully coloured the sky.

[Video Credits to Marina Bay Singapore]

It sure was the best countdown we’ve ever had and we’re quite sure that as the year progresses, more new and exciting stuffs will be coming soon!

Let us all work towards our New Year Resolutions and may all of you experience new hopes and dreams towards a greater future.

Happy New Year! 🙂


Melvin is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner. He holds an EMBA and he is a passionate and engaging teacher, known for his unique combination of science, research, and spirituality.

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