Flying has always been a childhood dream for many, even for me. Although I have yet to earn my airborne wings, the very thought of flying has always send my adrenaline pumping.
Just 3 days ago, an opportunity to fly was presented to both Jacqueline and I, and we found ourselves at the iFly Singapore for a Christmas Party that was full of unexpected thrills and excitement.

Christmas Party with iFly Singapore!

After registering ourselves, we took a short tour around iFly Singapore and saw professional skydivers honing their stunts in the wind tunnel. From the outside, flying looks rather easy but we found out much later that it wasn’t when we were in the wind tunnel ourselves.

Truly, iFly Singapore has painstakingly taken all measures to ensure that guests will get the closest experience to an actual outdoor skydive. The interior wall features coupled together with the visual and sound effects certainly make the whole flying experience a very exciting and immersive one.

As safety is of paramount importance at iFly Singapore, you can be rest assured that professional skydiving instructors will be onsite to guide you through your flight.

Apart from attempting an indoor skydiving experience for the very first time, we had the rarest of opportunity to watch home-grown local indoor skydivers whom attempted to break new Guinness World Records for the most number of backward somersaults and the most number of two-way verticals; both done while flying mid-air!

12 Year Old Kyra Poh Attempting to Break the Guinness World Records for the Most Number of Backward Somersaults

We were also quite heartened to hear from Mr Lawrence Koh, Founder and Managing Director of iFly Singapore, that iFly Singapore will be conducting education programmes for schools in Singapore. Students will have the opportunity to learn about science, physics, aerodynamics and the mechanics of how the wind tunnel works, with the practical component done by flying in the wind tunnel. Because of the unique edutainment and sports elements in indoor skydiving, indoor skydiving is indeed an exhilarating sport for flyers of all ages and skill levels, and students will get to experience the sensation of skydiving from 12,000ft without the high cost and risks of jumping out of an airplane, in a safe environment.

Team Firefly Putting Up A Splendid Indoor Skydiving Performance For the Audience During the Christmas Party at iFly Singapore

On top of the education program, iFly Singapore also plans to develop this internationally recognised sport in Singapore through the Sports Education Programme so that students can become technically proficient with the sport. In addition to providing students with an unconventional healthy and educational activity, the iFly Singapore Sports Education Programme is also designed to identify and groom students into professional indoor skydivers. Those that display exceptional performance and are adept with the different highly skilled manoeuvres would have the opportunity to participate in the Indoor Skydiving Championships including quarterly competitions in Singapore and the Indoor Skydiving World Championships around the world.

At the Christmas party, iFly Singapore also launched the proFLYER membership packages to offer both the young and old the opportunity to pick up indoor skydiving in a progressive manner. The proFLYER packages come in two tiers [Basic and Premium], each providing interested indoor skydivers with the opportunity to plan with an iFly Singapore instructor a training schedule to guide them and help them best optimise time spent in the wind tunnel. The iFly Singapore flight instructors, certified by the International Bodyflight Association [IBA], can also assist flyers in monitoring their performance and provide the necessary onsite coaching to help indoor skydivers turn from novices to pros.

Since opening in 2011, iFly Singapore has hosted over 120,000 visitors and held the world’s first Indoor Skydiving World Championships in 2012. We will definitely be visiting iFly Singapore again to fly and if we can fly, so can you!

Head down to iFly Singapore this Christmas season!

Even snowman enjoys indoor skydiving at iFly Singapore.

Tip: It is better for you to pre-book your first flight experience with iFly Singapore Online rather than walking-in as flight slots are limited.


Melvin is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner. He holds an EMBA and he is a passionate and engaging teacher, known for his unique combination of science, research, and spirituality.

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