As part of the Marina Bay Ambayssadors programme, we were invited to the Guinness Arthur’s Day that was held at The Promontory @ Marina Bay on Friday and we had a blast with the energetic crowd of Guinness fans!

I was participating in some mini activities at Guinness Arthur’s Day and one of them includes this one where I have to make a toast, “To Arthur!” as loudly as I could. Well, as you can see, I’m not so tall and had to stand on a platform to match up to the model’s height!

Jacqueline and I posing for more photos at Guinness Arthur’s Day! We were indeed partying like rockstars!

Guinness memorabilia over the years.

Thanks to Guinness, we had a complimentary chicken kebab wrap…

and also 5 pints of Guinness Stout!

Bringing together 1,759 fans for a celebration of its boldest fans, Guinness hosted Arthur’s Day celebrations for the second time in Singapore, with double platinum record artists, The Fray, headlining this year’s programme.

Partying in a specially constructed pint-shaped concert arena at The Promontory @ Marina Bay, guests at the concert enjoyed an epic set by The Fray, and were also entertained by local band, Ellipsis, whom were winners of the ‘Play on the Day’ competition.

Local Band Ellipsis

This was how the party looked like from an aerial point of view. The idea of a specially constructed pint-shaped concert arena is really indigenous.

To top it all off, as The Fray took their positions onstage and began their first song, the Guinness Arthur’s Day backdrop came down to reveal a transparent screen that allowed for views of the illuminated Marina Bay and the breath-taking Singapore skyline. Everyone, including us, were caught by surprise and it was really a sight to behold.

Can you spot the breath-taking Singapore skyline in the background?

Isaac Slade, the lead vocalist, main songwriter, pianist, and co-founder of The Fray.

Joe King, the guitarist, backing vocalist, songwriter and co-founder of The Fray.

Ben Wysocki on the drums.

Dave Welsh, the lead guitarist for The Fray.

In an intimate setting, The Fray led the the huge crowd of fans and invited guests in the signature toast, “To Arthur”; celebrating Guinness’ founder, Arthur Guinness, who was distinctive, bold and epitomizes the concept,”Made of More”.

Much to the audience’s delight, The Fray are in the mixing and editing stage of their fourth studio album and they even performed a sneak peek of their upcoming album that will be debuting for the first time outside of the United States!

“It has been amazing being part of our first Guinness Arthur’s Day here in Singapore, from leading the toast to Arthur, to the super cool stage with the city in the backdrop, and even having Ellipsis open for us today. Performing here is truly a special experience, with everyone singing not just to our tracks that air on the radio but also the album’s track songs. It’s honestly quite a pleasant surprise the lengths everyone has gone to, to be part of the experience tonight, and we hope we have given everyone as great a night as we have had,” said The Fray.

The Fray sends their love to Singapore!

Their new songs ‘Hold My Hand’ and ‘Wherever This Goes’, were thrown into the crowd-swaying mix, along with their award-winning tunes ‘How to Save a Life’, ‘Never Say Never’, ‘You Found Me’ and ‘Over my Head [Cable Car]’, amongst others.

“From the ‘Play on the Day’ competition which led to a local emerging band opening for The Fray today, to the bold activations and sharing of Guinness moments that have brought these 1,759 fans together in this special way, the second installment of Guinness Arthur’s Day in Singapore has indeed been an amazing success for the brand,” said Mr Rene de Monchy, Head of Marketing, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore. “Guinness has, and will continue to stay true to rewarding its fans with novel experiences such as Arthur’s Day, and continue being a passionate supporter of live music here in Singapore.”

Singapore joined over 55 countries and an estimated 1.7 million people across the world to celebrate the fifth year that Guinness Arthur’s Day has been celebrated globally.

Like we mentioned, we had a blast at Guinness Arthur’s Day and we would like to conclude this posting by saying a big “Thank You!” to Guinness for having us there at the event. It was indeed a night to remember and we’re pretty sure all of the bold fans whom were present share similar sentiments!

If you were there for the Guinness Arthur’s Day, don’t forget to visit the Guinness Singapore Facebook Page for post-event updates!


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