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Cliché as it may sound but today is definitely the day for a celebration!

Because it is New Year’s Eve!

Yes, after 365 days of working hard and toiling away, you definitely deserve a good break to celebrate your successes and achievements in the last 12 months!

If you are still thinking of ideas about how you can celebrate and welcome the New Year at the Marina Bay, we have some suggestions for you:

Celebrate with the World Countdown Party @ The Promontory @ Marina Bay
From 6pm to 1.30am, Free admission

[Image Courtesy of Celebrate With The World]

Usher in 2014 in style at Celebrate with the World 2014 – A Countdown Extravaganza! Featuring local and international artistes, Celebrate with the World Countdown Party aims to make the world a smaller place and have every individual in Singapore, no matter what nationality, ring in the New Year together as one!

Dance the night away to over 7 hours of non-stop entertainment by Renowned German DJ Ronski Speed, Filipino rock band RiverMaya, Malaysian singer/songwriter Namewee and our homegrown Juz-B, Chriz Tong and Queen Inc. featuring Sylvester Sim!

The countdown party is free of charge to the public and will feature key areas for partygoers to purchase drinks from the bar. Look forward to 2014 with unrestricted views of Marina Bay Sands, ArtScience Museum and the Marina Bay Floating Platform as you enjoy various entertainment acts from around the world!

Marina Waterfront Bazaar @ Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade
From 4pm to 1am, Free admission

[Image Courtesy of Marina Bay Singapore]

Feel the soothing breeze and admire Singapore’s most spectacular skyline as you shop at the Marina Bay waterfront promenade. Offering a variety of good buys from fashion accessories and apparel to toys, books and souvenirs, this bazaar ensures that there will be something for everyone.

Downtown Bites by Marina Link Bay Mall @ Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade
From 6pm to 1am, Free admission

[Image Courtesy of Only William]

Planning to arrive at Marina Bay early in the evening to reserve your favourite spot to count down to 2014 and watch the majestic fireworks at midnight? Satisfy your hunger pangs and quench your thirst with gourmet food and beverages from Buzz, Eskimo, Four Seasons Gourmet Market, Fruit Frolic, Jollibean, Old Tea Hut, Smoothie King and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

And by the way, if you are an avid shutterbug, don’t miss out on the wonderful photography opportunities that are available for you to capture beautiful and happy moments of people celebrating and welcoming the New Year because your photos might probably win you some prizes that are proudly sponsored by OSIM! “Beautiful Life” is the theme for the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2014 Photography Competition and all entries submitted shall be based on this theme.

For more details about the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2014 Photography Competition, do check out the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2014 Website!

Oh, and less we forget about the most important point; you might want to take note of the road closures [if you’re driving], and the bus services that would be affected by the road closures [if you’re taking the public bus].

Road Closures

[Image Courtesy of Singapore Police via Marina Bay Singapore]

If you are driving, do note that parking lots are limited and you are strongly advised to leave your house early. Otherwise, it is wiser to take the public transport. The last trains toward Joo Koon, Pasir Ris, and Jurong East MRT stations will depart City Hall MRT station at 2.15am and the last train toward Marina Bay MRT station will depart City Hall MRT station at 2.01am. Last trains toward HarbourFront and Dhoby Ghaut MRT stations will depart the respective terminals at 1.38am.

Bus Services and Bus Stops that are Affected by the Road Closures

[Image Courtesy of SBS Transit via Marina Bay Singapore]

Last but not the least, while you enjoy and soak yourself in the happy occasion, don’t forget to keep Marina Bay clean for the community to enjoy by not leaving your thrash behind!

Have fun and Happy New Year everyone!

May all your wishes and dreams come true!

Papi Melvin told me that he wants to take a break from blogging and so, I [Foxy Mehmeh] am writing this blog post on his behalf. All pictures used in this blog post were taken by Mummy Jacqueline.
Last Saturday, Papi and Mummy brought me to The Promontory @ Marina Bay for the Ben & Jerry’s ChunkFest 2013, Singapore’s largest ice cream festival, and we had a fabulous time indulging in the yummy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream that were specially flown in for the occasion!

Despite the pretty bad weather at the beginning, a steady stream of visitors came to join in the muddy affair. As I didn’t want to get myself dirty, Papi carried me in his recyclable bag and we went to sight see. There were a couple of game booths set up and we could tell the little ones had loads of fun!

Yes, even adults older than Papi and Mummy had fun at the game booths too!

A father and son duo enjoying themselves at the game booths.

A group of children waiting to compete in a sack race.

With so much activities lined up for Ben & Jerry’s ChunkFest 2013, there was never a dull moment and everyone was smiling and so happy!

While sight-seeing with Papi and Mummy, fans of A Winsome Life came over to say “hi” and they received 5 pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream along with some Ben & Jerry’s merchandise from us. Here’s a photo of Papi with our fans!

The Ben & Jerry’s ChunkFest 2013 surprised us in many ways because for one, the Ben & Jerry’s merchandise were really affordable! We literally saw troops of people just rushing over for some shopping madness and we ourselves joined in the craze and Papi and Mummy bought a couple of Ben & Jerry’s tee-shirts that were going for 2 Fair Coins [equivalent to $2] each! Unfortunately, there weren’t tee-shirts my size and I guess I shall just stick to my foxy sweater.

Here are just some of the Ben & Jerry’s merchandise that were selling at Ben & Jerry’s ChunkFest 2013.

We also spotted a group of children that came for Ben & Jerry’s ChunkFest 2013 and boy, were they rich! Some of them were seen carrying $50 and $100 notes to buy ice cream!

Anyway, pets were allowed at the Ben & Jerry’s ChunkFest 2013 and I saw many friendly dogs. They smiled at me but I was too shy to approach them for photos so Mummy Jacqueline help me to take some photos of them for me to keep and remember them.

Papi and Me posing for a photo.

I was rather thirsty that day and the Korkor and Jiejie from Somersby were very generous to offer us some Apple Cider.

Papi and the Jiejie from Somersby posing for a photo.

When Papi gave me a cup of Somersby Apple Cider to finish by myself, Mummy was angry withPapi because she said I was too young to drink alcoholic drinks. So, after much discussion with Mummy, I got a tiny weeny cup of Somersby Apple Cider and it was simply refreshing!

We also went to checked out some of the Fairness Partners’ booths at the Ben & Jerry’s ChunkFest 2013 and we found Project Happy Feet quite meaningful.

When we visited Project Happy Feet’s booth, we found out that Project Happy Feet is a Singapore-based not-for-profit organisation set up to empower the lives of underprivileged youths and children in developing countries by supporting their education and training through fund-raising for education-related initiatives and programmes that positively impact them or their families. Papi found Project Happy Feet so meaningful that he is considering signing up to be a volunteer.

Another Fairness Partner booth that we visited was Kerbside Gourmet.

Kerbside Gourmet is Singapore’s first gourmet food truck with a social vision. “Kerby”, as the truck is affectionately nicknamed, hit the streets in the first quarter of 2013 with soul food, catering to the discerning individuals who seek an alternative, sublime dining experience. Papi and Mummy ordered some of their food to try and they were really tasty! To catch Kerby and try some of the awesome food, do check out Kerbside Gourmet’s Facebook Page for updates about where they will be located at!

One of the highlights of the Ben & Jerry’s ChunkFest 2013 was the Vermonster Challenge.

It was my first time witnessing such an eye-opening event. The teams that participated in the Vermonster Challenge were really big eaters and it was indeed a very messy affair! In case you’re wondering what is a Vermonster, the Vermonster is a large ice cream sundae served in a “Vermonster Bucket” at Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops. The Vermonster Bucket contains 20 scoops of ice cream, 4 bananas, 4 ladles of hot fudge, 3 chocolate chip cookies, 1 chocolate fudge brownie, 10 scoops of walnuts, 2 scoops each of 4 toppings of your choice, and whipped cream. The Vermonster contains a whopping 14,000 calories and 500 grams of fat!

Here are some photos of the teams that participated in the Vermonster Challenge:

Team Mon Mon Cheongster came in second place after Team Fair La Croquette Ben & Jerry beat them with a minute lesser.

Team We Are Monsters

Team Fair La Croquette Ben & Jerry won the Vermonster Challenge and they received a one year’s supply of Vermonsters!

And of course, how could we miss the yummy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream while watching others chomp down the Vermonster? Papi and Mummy gotten me three different flavours of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and they were oh-so-yummy! My favourite one has got to be the Candy Bar Pie and unfortunately, it is not available here in Singapore. I really do hope they will bring in this flavour next year!

When evening came, the lights from the surrounding buildings were very pretty and the atmosphere was so surreal.

For the very first time in the history of Ben & Jerry’s ChunkFest, there was a special movie screening under the night sky and the movie, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” was screened.

Well, I had a lovely and fun time at Ben & Jerry’s ChunkFest 2013 and I am definitely looking forward to next year’s Ben & Jerry’s ChunkFest 2014! Hopefully, Papi and Mummy will bring me out again!

As part of the Marina Bay Ambayssadors programme, we were invited to the Guinness Arthur’s Day that was held at The Promontory @ Marina Bay on Friday and we had a blast with the energetic crowd of Guinness fans!

I was participating in some mini activities at Guinness Arthur’s Day and one of them includes this one where I have to make a toast, “To Arthur!” as loudly as I could. Well, as you can see, I’m not so tall and had to stand on a platform to match up to the model’s height!

Jacqueline and I posing for more photos at Guinness Arthur’s Day! We were indeed partying like rockstars!

Guinness memorabilia over the years.

Thanks to Guinness, we had a complimentary chicken kebab wrap…

and also 5 pints of Guinness Stout!

Bringing together 1,759 fans for a celebration of its boldest fans, Guinness hosted Arthur’s Day celebrations for the second time in Singapore, with double platinum record artists, The Fray, headlining this year’s programme.

Partying in a specially constructed pint-shaped concert arena at The Promontory @ Marina Bay, guests at the concert enjoyed an epic set by The Fray, and were also entertained by local band, Ellipsis, whom were winners of the ‘Play on the Day’ competition.

Local Band Ellipsis

This was how the party looked like from an aerial point of view. The idea of a specially constructed pint-shaped concert arena is really indigenous.

To top it all off, as The Fray took their positions onstage and began their first song, the Guinness Arthur’s Day backdrop came down to reveal a transparent screen that allowed for views of the illuminated Marina Bay and the breath-taking Singapore skyline. Everyone, including us, were caught by surprise and it was really a sight to behold.

Can you spot the breath-taking Singapore skyline in the background?

Isaac Slade, the lead vocalist, main songwriter, pianist, and co-founder of The Fray.

Joe King, the guitarist, backing vocalist, songwriter and co-founder of The Fray.

Ben Wysocki on the drums.

Dave Welsh, the lead guitarist for The Fray.

In an intimate setting, The Fray led the the huge crowd of fans and invited guests in the signature toast, “To Arthur”; celebrating Guinness’ founder, Arthur Guinness, who was distinctive, bold and epitomizes the concept,”Made of More”.

Much to the audience’s delight, The Fray are in the mixing and editing stage of their fourth studio album and they even performed a sneak peek of their upcoming album that will be debuting for the first time outside of the United States!

“It has been amazing being part of our first Guinness Arthur’s Day here in Singapore, from leading the toast to Arthur, to the super cool stage with the city in the backdrop, and even having Ellipsis open for us today. Performing here is truly a special experience, with everyone singing not just to our tracks that air on the radio but also the album’s track songs. It’s honestly quite a pleasant surprise the lengths everyone has gone to, to be part of the experience tonight, and we hope we have given everyone as great a night as we have had,” said The Fray.

The Fray sends their love to Singapore!

Their new songs ‘Hold My Hand’ and ‘Wherever This Goes’, were thrown into the crowd-swaying mix, along with their award-winning tunes ‘How to Save a Life’, ‘Never Say Never’, ‘You Found Me’ and ‘Over my Head [Cable Car]’, amongst others.

“From the ‘Play on the Day’ competition which led to a local emerging band opening for The Fray today, to the bold activations and sharing of Guinness moments that have brought these 1,759 fans together in this special way, the second installment of Guinness Arthur’s Day in Singapore has indeed been an amazing success for the brand,” said Mr Rene de Monchy, Head of Marketing, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore. “Guinness has, and will continue to stay true to rewarding its fans with novel experiences such as Arthur’s Day, and continue being a passionate supporter of live music here in Singapore.”

Singapore joined over 55 countries and an estimated 1.7 million people across the world to celebrate the fifth year that Guinness Arthur’s Day has been celebrated globally.

Like we mentioned, we had a blast at Guinness Arthur’s Day and we would like to conclude this posting by saying a big “Thank You!” to Guinness for having us there at the event. It was indeed a night to remember and we’re pretty sure all of the bold fans whom were present share similar sentiments!

If you were there for the Guinness Arthur’s Day, don’t forget to visit the Guinness Singapore Facebook Page for post-event updates!

Looking back, one of the best moments in 2012 was when my relatives from London came over to Singapore for a short-stay. Honestly, I really miss them because they visit us like once every 6 years [which is extremely a long time]!. So, when I received news that they were going to come and visit us, I was extremely excited and planned their entire itinerary when they were in Singapore.
So well, I managed to dig out some photos that were taken in 2006 [more than 6 years ago] and man, time really flies because we have all grown up + I was so skinny back then!

From Relatives’ Trip to SG 2012
From Relatives’ Trip to SG 2012

Some people say that I am quite a sentimental person and that is true! Just look at this card that was given to me by my relatives from London on my birthday which I have kept since 2001!

From Relatives’ Trip to SG 2012

As there are really tons of photos that were taken during my relatives’ stay in Singapore, I am going to divide this Blog Post into three separate parts. In part 1 of this Blog Post, I will be sharing about Gardens By The Bay and the Sands SkyPark.

Since Gardens By The Bay and the Sands SkyPark are the newest and latest attractions in Singapore, I decided to bring my relatives to check them out since it would be their first time there. Moreover, both Gardens By The Bay and the Sands SkyPark are just within walking distance from each other and that makes it really convenient to complete two attractions in one single day.

To access the Sands SkyPark, it will cost SGD$20 [for adults], SGD$14 [for children aged 2-12], and SGD$17 [for senior citizens aged 65 and above] and tickets are available at the SkyPark Box Office which is situated at Tower 3, Basement 1. To avoid the hassle of queuing up, you can also purchase the admission tickets online as well.

From Relatives’ Trip to SG 2012

The cousins chatting away while queuing up to buy the tickets.

From Relatives’ Trip to SG 2012

Apparently, there are free guided tours that are conducted daily at 10am, 2pm, and 9pm and in order to participate in the free guided tour, guests will have to register at the SkyPark Box Office. Registration starts at 9.30am daily, on a first-come-first-served basis and no advance registration is permitted. Each tour is limited to 50 guests and it will last for approximately 15 minutes.

From Relatives’ Trip to SG 2012

Well, some of you might be wondering, “is Sands SkyPark worth checking out?”. To be really honest, you should visit the Sands SkyPark if it is something that you have never done before. What’s pretty disappointing is that
ticket holders only have access to the Sands SkyPark Observation Deck and its views but not the Infinity Pool which is reserved exclusively for Hotel guests staying at the Marina Bay Sands.

From Relatives’ Trip to SG 2012

Here are some photos of the stunning surrounding scenery that I took when we were at the Sands SkyPark Observation Deck. And yes, the Sands SkyPark offers plenty of opportunities for some nice photographs of Singapore’s city skyline so seize the chance and start snapping away.

From Relatives’ Trip to SG 2012
From Relatives’ Trip to SG 2012
From Relatives’ Trip to SG 2012

Cousins and Relatives Posing for Photos at the Sands SkyPark Observation Deck.

From Relatives’ Trip to SG 2012
From Relatives’ Trip to SG 2012

Well, if you’re planning a trip to Sands SkyPark Observation Deck, be sure that you check with the SkyParks Box Office that the Observation Deck is open and not closed for private events and/or commercial commitments. You could also call +65 6688 8826 to ensure that the Sands SkyPark is open during the time that you wish to visit.

After checking out the Sands SkyPark, we went inside Marina Bay Sands to cool down because it was extremely hot outside.

From Relatives’ Trip to SG 2012

The ceiling of Marina Bay Sands is extremely high and here’s where all the hotel rooms are situated.

From Relatives’ Trip to SG 2012

As we mentioned, Gardens By The Bay is within walking distance from Marina Bay Sands and to get to Gardens By The Bay, there is a bridge known as the Dragonfly Bridge which links Marina Bay Sands and Gardens By The Bay.

From Relatives’ Trip to SG 2012

My relatives posing for a group photo at the end of the Dragonfly Bridge.

From Relatives’ Trip to SG 2012

Judging by their happy faces, I’m really glad that my relatives enjoyed the two attractions which I brought them to.

From Relatives’ Trip to SG 2012

By the way, in case you’re wondering, access to Gardens By The Bay is FREE except for visits to certain conservatories. For more details, you can check out Gardens By The Bay Website.

Also, in part 2 of this Blog Post, we will be sharing about Yan Palace Restaurant and the Singapore Flyer. So, do stay tuned to more updates from us.

God Bless!