We were invited to the launch of the all-new LG G2 smartphone that took place last Thursday at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore and we were blown away with the innovative features that LG has packed into the LG G2 smartphone.

As the LG G2 is packed with tons of features that would make this blog post an extremely lengthy one, we will only be zooming in on the features that we found pretty awesome and worth mentioning about.

Born from LG’s consumer-centric innovation, the LG G2 is the ultimate premium brand in the G series and it provides the most advanced smartphone experience for a very distinctive purpose; that is, offering real-life benefits to users.


More often than not, smartphones with strong performance tend to be bulky, thick, and crude in design, and sometimes you probably might find yourself getting stuck in a situation where you either sacrifice performance for design or vice-versa when choosing a smartphone.

Now, who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? With the LG G2, there is absolutely no compromise in both performance and design because the LG G2 provides a comfortable grip feeling even with a wide screen and slim design. Also, what is extremely unique about the LG G2 is that there are no buttons by the side of the phone but instead, the Rear Key has been ergonomically-designed and placed at the back of the phone.

The refined Rear Key carries out a myriad of functions and it utilizes the natural and frequent use of the index finger to provide a new level of convenience. When a user wants to turn the volume up or down, he/she doesn’t have to change the grip of the device because the Rear Key is place on the back where the user’s index finger is naturally placed. With the Rear Key, users are able to operate a number of frequently used features conveniently such as QuickMemo or Camera.



LG G2’s Stunning and Uninterrupted Wide Viewing with 5.2-inch Full HD IPS Display provides superior graphics, accurate colors, sharp text, outdoor visibility and dazzling images without distortion. The Full HD IPS display of LG G2 outperforms current Full HD smartphone display panels.


There are other smartphone cameras in the market with Optical Image Stabilizer [OIS] technology but it has mostly been available on 4 MegaPixels or 8 MegaPixels smartphone cameras. As such, the LG G2 is the first smartphone with a 13 MegaPixels OIS camera without any boxy bumps or unsightly lens housings; hence maintaining its slim and sleek design.

With LG G2’s OIS camera, users are liberated from the concerns of taking blurred pictures because the OIS technology constantly makes micro-adjustment that helps to keep the image clear, even when presented with shaky movement. Therefore, users also no longer have to worry about blurry images taken under dim light conditions.

Don’t believe the wonders of the LG G2’s OIS Camera? Well, we actually shared similar sentiments until we saw for ourselves this video that was captured by the LG G2’s OIS Camera.

LG G2’s 3,000mAh high-density battery backed by the SiO+ technology provides the best-in-class energy capacity.


The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 800 processor redefines the smartphone experience through performance that no one can defeat. With Qualcomm, LG was able to deploy the chipset that is tightly integrated with the device in the LG G2 to offer a stable and striking performance. The LG G2 is the world’s first smartphone to be globally launched that incorporates this processor.


The LG G2 is the first Android smartphone featuring 24bit, 192kHz Hi-Fi sound playback. When users listen to 24bit, 192kHz Hi-Fi sound under an ideal condition, they can experience high quality ample sound that stands out compared to other sound sources such as CD.

Audio Zoom is a feature that allows you to focus on what you want to hear. It enables users to zoom in the sound, as they zoom in the images while video-recording. Not only is the image enlarged, the sound associated with the area is also amplified, thanks to LG G2’s multiple stereo mikes that amplify the sound from a specified area and de-emphasize the surrounding noise for video recording.

Here’s a video to illustrate the Audio Zoom feature.

Our Personal Take On The LG G2 smartphone?

The LG G2 smartphone is a worthy contender amongst the various Android smartphones that are currently available in the market. In terms of performance and specifications, the LG G2 is on the high side and coupled with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core 2.2GHz processor with 2GB RAM, the LG G2 is rather intuitive and responsive. What’s more, the LG G2 smartphone is also an entertainment powerhouse where you can take great pictures and play some awesome high-quality audio tracks!

While we have been iOS users for quite awhile now, temptations to switch over to the Android platforms are pretty much in our mind especially with all the really cool and innovative features that Android smartphones can do. If we have to choose between the latest iPhone 5C/5S and the LG G2, we will definitely go for the LG G2.

For the price of SGD$898, the LG G2 will be available at all telcos and authorized retailers from 21st September 2013.

Summary of Key Specifications for the LG G2:
Processor: 2.26GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 800 featuring quad Krait CPU
Display: 5.2-inch Full HD IPS (1080 x 1920 pixels / 423 ppi)
Memory: 32GB RAM: 2GB LPDDR3 800MHz
Camera: Rear 13.0MP with OIS / Front 2.1MP
Battery: 3,000mAh
Operating System: Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2
Size: 138.5 x 70.9 x 8.9mm
Colors: Black / White

For more information about the LG G2 smartphone, you can check out LG Mobile Singapore’s Facebook Page too! If you want to check out some pretty good reviews of the LG G2, you can either check out Hardware Zone’s Review of the LG G2 or the Asia Cnet’s Review of the LG G2; both of which are pretty credible and balanced.


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