Last week, we were at the Singapore launch of the UE BOOM at the Commune Cafe, Millenia Walk and we were extremely impressed with the wireless Bluetooth speaker.

The UE BOOM is the first-ever social music player that’s packed with a specific set of features that sets a new standard for listening to music. The first to offer a 360-degree sound for a battery-powered device, the UE BOOM also boasts a rechargeable battery that can last for 15 hours. Unless you can party hard for over 15 hours, we’re pretty sure the UE BOOM would cater to the lifestyle of most people. On top of that, the UE BOOM can pair up to eight Bluetooth-enabled devices and connect up to two devices at the same time. This hence allows you to switch from one device to the next device with just a touch of the button.

The UE BOOM’s versatile go-anywhere shape is wrapped in a specially developed acoustic skin that is both water and stain resistant, and it allows you to enjoy your music practically anywhere you go. With a rubber sports-grip, the UE BOOM is definitely sporty and able to withstand hard knocks and shocks.

You can hook the UE BOOM with a Carabiner or Keychain and attach it together with your bag and anywhere you prefer.

The UE BOOM is definitely ultra-portable and a pleasure to bring around. Whether you’re heading to the beach for some suntanning, a BBQ/chalet party for a gathering with your friends, or to your dance studio for practising your dance routines, the UE BOOM will definitely be the life of the party.

To prove the point that the UE BOOM is a really tough and hardy speaker, we had a hands-on demonstration and we tried “killing” the UE BOOM like pouring water over it and throwing/dropping it on the ground from a height of 1 metre.

The UE BOOM is made for connecting with others and if more friends crash the party, you can wirelessly connect two UE BOOMs together through the free UE BOOM App [available for iOS™ and Android™] to play them in either stereo-to-stereo mode or traditional left/right stereo mode.

We were so engrossed in fiddling and pairing our mobile phones to the UE BOOM that we were oblivious to our surroundings.

How about toning that biceps with the UE BOOM? Well, probably not because it’s way too light; which probably is a plus point for ladies to own the UE BOOM.

Wouldn’t you agree with me that the UE BOOM really does look like a tumbler!

Well, so much for fooling around with the UE BOOM but if you’re curious to find out what the whole package contains, here you go!

In the package, you will find the charger [both two-pins and three-pins]…

and the USB cable!

The UE BOOM doesn’t looks too shabby even for the most contemporary and stylish modern home.

The Old vs The New? Truly, the UE BOOM has revolutionised the way music is shared! No wonder it is called the social music player!

UE BOOM is designed to bring music into the world and we really enjoyed fiddling with it. It is truly designed for people whom wants to share their passion for music and we highly recommend it for all your social gatherings. If you’re interested, the UE BOOM is available at all major electronic stores and it is selling for SGD$299.

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Melvin is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner. He holds an EMBA and he is a passionate and engaging teacher, known for his unique combination of science, research, and spirituality.

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