Continuing from where we left off about the LG Optimus G Smartphone Blogbuster Series, we are going to share with you some general information about the Quick Translator and Safety Care Apps that are available on the LG Optimus G Smartphone.
Quick Translator
The Quick Translator App on the LG Optimus G Smartphone allows you to translate texts from any language to another language that you are familiar with. This is especially useful when you travel overseas and there’s a need to look up the meaning of certain texts which are presented in a language that you are unable to comprehend.

Safety Care
The Safety Care App can be very useful in times of an emergency. For instance, should you dial an emergency number such as 999 or 995, an emergency contact which you have already pre-assigned would be automatically alerted of your location. Also, should you not use your phone over a duration of time that you have pre-assigned or if your phone is running low on battery, your pre-assigned emergency contact will also be informed of your location. Hence, your pre-assigned emergency contact would be able to keep track of your last known location and inform the relevant authorities accordingly.

For a better understanding of the Quick Translator and Safety Care App, here’s a short video demonstration that we have created.

In the final part of our LG Optimus G Smartphone Blogbuster Series, we will be concluding our review of the LG Optimus G Smartphone and what we feel you should know about the LG Optimus G Smartphone!

Stay tuned!


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