In our most recent giveaway of 2X ToastBox Vouchers worth SGD$5 each, we are happy to announce the two following readers whom have won the contest; they are:
1). Jason Koh


2). Ong Ruixiong

A hearty Congratulations to the both of them!

Well, if you haven’t won any prizes in any of our previous Blog Giveaways, don’t lose heart ok! The trick to winning prizes in our Blog Giveaways is to submit as many entries as you can by either Tweeting about our Giveaway, Liking our Facebook Page, or Answering the Question required. By doing so, you will be given multiple chances of being selected to win a prize.

Anyways, in this Blog Entry, we are extremely happy to announce that we will be giving away 3X SGD$10 worth of ePhoenix Credits that are proudly sponsored by Phoenix Comms! At this juncture, we believe many of you must be scratching your heads right now and questioning what exactly is ePhoenix Credits.

Before we begin, we’re pretty sure many of you have heard of the Phoenix Card. If you don’t know or you have never heard of the Phoenix Card, Phoenix Card is one of the top selling International/IDD Calling Cards in Singapore.

[Image Courtesy of Phoenix Comms]

Well, Phoenix Comms [owner of Phoenix Card] recently launched one of the first cardless International Calling Card/IDD Solution known as ‘ePhoenix’ and it is essentially a PIN free, prepaid International/IDD Calling Card service that offers one of the most competitive rates in Singapore; thus allowing users to enjoy meaningful and precious conversations with loved ones overseas. The awesome thing about using ePhoenix is that you can save the hassle of purchasing physical calling cards which usually has a short expiration date and with ePhoenix, users can now take advantage of the 9 months validity period for each top-up.

[Image Courtesy of Phoenix Comms]

By using ePhoenix, you can:

1). Go card-less. No physical card purchase is required and therefore, you need not worry about losing your card.

2). Top up your calling credits online anywhere, at anytime. As long as you’re connected to the Internet, it is easy and convenient for you to top up your calling credits!

3). Get reliable and quality calls at one of the lowest rates you can ever get in Singapore. For SGD $10 worth of ePhoenix Credits, talktime is 333mins for calls to China, 597 mins for calls to India, 453 mins for calls to Malaysia, 399 mins for calls to the US, 333 mins for calls to Australia, 399 mins for calls to the UK and 349 mins for calls to Taiwan! This is definitely way cheaper than using the International/IDD Calling Service that is provided by SingTel, StarHub, or even M1.

[Image Courtesy of Phoenix Comms]

Many people have the misconception that International/IDD Calling Card is only for foreigners whom are studying/working/living in Singapore. However, this is not true because we locals may sometimes find ourselves making International Phone Calls to our loved ones whom are living/studying abroad or even to arrange for accommodations and transportation prior to our overseas travel.

Let me give you an example.During our most recent trip to Taiwan, we made tons of International Calls to the various Accommodations and Transportation Companies in Taiwan to enquire about their services and rates. As writing in Chinese isn’t our forte and Google Translation may sometimes be rather inaccurate, we liaised with the various Accommodations and Transportation Companies in Taiwan via phone conversations as a follow-up to our Email exchanges. This has helped to clear any doubts between us and the various Accommodations and Transportation Companies in Taiwan, and it also facilitated our bookings much smoothly.

[Image Courtesy of Phoenix Comms]

Whether you’re making an International Call to your loved ones or to make some travel arrangements prior to your visit to another country, ePhoenix will definitely come in handy.

With ePhoenix, you can bid farewell to:

•Searching for kiosks selling phone cards when you need to make calls
•Having to buy new or top up phone cards when the current card expires/runs out of credit
•Keying in a long string of pin numbers when doing top-up

If you’re wondering how you can sign up for ePhoenix Service or how to dial overseas using ePhoenix, read on!

To Sign Up for ePhoenix Service:
1) Visit Phoenix Comms webpage (
2) Register the relevant phone number, and purchase top up value
3) Once the purchase is confirmed, you will receive an online transaction confirmation

To Dial Overseas Using ePhoenix:
1) Dial 6347 4088 with registered phone number
2) Follow operator’s instructions and dial overseas recipient’s number (Country Code + Area Code + Telephone Number)
3) Start talking

We hope that by now, you would have a better idea of what ePhoenix is and how you can avoid expensive International Calls by using ePhoenix. As mentioned, we will be giving away 3X SGD $10 worth of ePhoenix Credits! In order to participate, all you have to do is click on the following link and follow all the necessary steps as indicated :

We will be accepting entries for the giveaway from now till 10 March 2013!

Stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!

About Phoenix Communications:

Formed in 1996 as a CallBack operator, Phoenix Communications Pte Ltd (Phoenix Comms) has progressively advanced in the telecommunications industry with their offer of quality International Direct Dialling services and other telecom innovations.

Positioned as a service provider to connect you to your destinations easily, effectively, and at a competitive rate; Phoenix Comms was also the first newly licensed IDD operator in Singapore to launch the Phoenix 1516 IDD in July 2000. Featuring the lovable Phoebie as their mascot, their reliable services not only connect you to more than 200 countries around the world, they also include the very popular PhoenixCard, the Phoenix CallBack Card, SmartDial, SmartRoam, SmartPin and World Connect.

Today, Phoenix Comms enjoys the distinction of being a market leader in delivering cost-effective high-quality IDD services that meet any requirement. Driven by a vision to offer first-class IDD services, the company is constantly perfecting its robust and reliable network. From the expansion of their switching networks to their constant delivery of quality services, we are sure you will find one that most fit your needs.


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