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Have the love and passion for some rocking good music? Missed out on the chance to get the early birds’ tickets to Sundown Festival 2013?
[Image Credits to Sundown Festival 2013]

Well, fret not because we have a wonderful piece of news for all of you and that is; in collaboration with Jabra Singapore, the Official Headphones Sponsor for Sundown Festival 2013, we will be giving away 1 Pair of Category 2 Tickets to Sundown Festival 2013 [worth SGD$196].

If you’re new to Sundown Festival and you’re wondering what the hype is all about, Sundown Festival is an annual event that celebrates Asian music and culture, with the aims of not only showing the best and most vibrant of Asian entertainment, but also to unite and bridge the cultural diversity of Asia.

Each year, a new Asian country will be added to the list of performers, creating a snowball effect to the festival in order to generate hype, anticipation, and captivate audience.


The line up for this year’s Sundown Festival 2013 is as follows:


Adonia Shao

[Image Credits to Sundown Festival 2013]

Adonia Shao made her public singing debut in the talent show, “Super Girl” in 2005. Six years after her win on Guangzhou’s popular singing contest, Adonia Shao had the opportunity to work with China’s top DJ, Wang Yi Long, who helped her create a new electronic music single, “Want To Love”. The 27-year-old has made multiple appearance overseas including a new year’s day concert in Italy in 2008. Sundown Festival 2013 is Adonia’s first foray into Singapore.

Hong Kong

Bosco Wong

[Image Credits to Sundown Festival 2013]

Bosco Wong is a Hong Kong TVB actor as well as a singer managed by record company, East Asia Music. Other than earning himself exposure and recognition as a rising actor, Bosco also morphed comfortably into a singer where he further honed his skills when he was signed by East Asia Music in 2008. Bosco released his debut EP in December 2008 and an EP titled, “Bravo” two years later. The highly sought after actor is also famed for lending his voices to several TVB series theme songs, including “Wars of In-Laws” and “Devil’s Disciples” and movie soundtrack of “Love In Time”.



[Image Credits to Sundown Festival 2013]

One of the region’s fastest growing bands, NIDJI [meaning ‘rainbow’ in Japanese] is a six-men ensemble that is all about bringing colour and authenticity to their brand of pop alternative music. The meteoric rise of Nidji has established the 11-year-old troupe as a tour de force in the Indonesian music industry. Since their first album, “Breakthru”, in 2006, the group has played more than 350 gigs to sell-out audience who swoon over their original hits like “Child”, “Biarlah”, and “Sang Mantan”.



[Image Credits to Sundown Festival 2013]

D=Out is a Japanese visual kei rock band which was formed in 2006. A mere five days after the announcement of D=Out’s formation, the five members played their first concert on December 29 and followed quickly with several concerts at Ikebukuro Cyber and Holiday Shinjuku after that. They also released their first two albums in Europe through CLJ Records and had two tours in Europe, first in 2009, then in 2010. The five-man band recently released “Kabuki Disco” in February 2013, making it the group’s 7th album.


[Image Credits to Sundown Festival 2013]

Screw is a five-member Japanese rock and visual-kei band founded in 2006. Screw has experimented boldly with their visual and music styles since their debut, producing a diverse musical portfolio of tracks ranging from rock and heavy metal to dance, pop and even ballads. Screw’s fifth studio album was released on 15 February 2012 and it immediately earned third spot on the Indies chart. The band’s domestic tour for 2013 was titled, “Screw 7th Anniversary Never-ending Breath” which began its run in Osaka this year on April 13th and concluded at Shibuya-AX on April 20th.



[Image Credits to Sundown Festival 2013]

AOA [Ace of Angels] is a South Korean girl band comprising five members and an idol group consisting of seven members. The group broke into the K-pop scene on 30 July 2012 with their single album, “Angel’s Story”. Managed by FNC Entertainment, AOA made its debut on the 30th of July last year. Three months after their official debut, the group released its second single album, “Wanna Be”. AOA recently completed a showcase in Japan in July 2013, which followed shortly after the launch of their third single album, “Moya”.


Rico Blanco

[Image Credits to Sundown Festival 2013]

Filipino rock icon. Prolific songwriter. Album producer. Thespian. Performer. These are but five of a myriad of reasons why Rico Blanco is extolled as one of the key pillars of modern Filipino music scene. One of his most famous works was the United Nations MDG theme song titled, “Tayo Tayo Rin”. Rico’s most recent album release in the region is “Galactik Fiestamatik”, which scored the number one spot on iTunes worldwide upon its reveal and won critics over in Singapore and Hong Kong. The single, “Neon Lights” even debuted at number one on Hong Kong’s top radio charts, beating other international artistes such as Justin Bieber and Avril Lavigne.


[Image Credits to Sundown Festival 2013]

A trio of Christian rockers and fellow church members form Philippines alternative rock act, Rocksteddy. Founded in March 2003 by singer Teddy Corpuz, drummer Jeff Cucullo, and rhythm guitar Howie Ramos, the band formerly known as Acoustic Faith decided to drop the Christian lyricism and acoustic style and turned to alternative rock two years later.


Yoga Lin

[Image Credits to Sundown Festival 2013]

Yoga Lin’s claim to fame was as the winner of the first season of Taiwan’s reality TV singing competition, “One Million Star”. In the competition, Lin impressed the judges with his vivid interpretation of “Steel Rope Walker”, originally by James Li. After beginning his 2012 to 2013 concert tour, “FUGUE”, his latest Jazz-inspired live performance compilation album, “Jazz Channel”, was released on 5 February 2013.


No More Tear

[Image Credits to Sundown Festival 2013]

No More Tear is a female-fronted pop-rock band from Thailand and it is currently made up of FukFang the vocalist, Chay the guitarist, Ice the drummer, and Tae the bassist. Not quite a band that wants to be pigeon-holed into a particular music genre, band leader FukFang hence defined one for her band, Power Pop. According to the pint-sized dynamo, it is a kind of rock that is super energetic, upbeat, and one that just wants to make everyone get up and dance.


Apart from music, Sundown Festival also showcases some of the best cultural acts and fab street food from the region year after year.

Sundown Festival’s Asian Food Village was created to highlight and honour the rich cultural diversity of this part of our world.

This time round, the Asian Food Village  is having another tongue-tickling line up of Asian cuisines and desserts from countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and many more.

At the very same festival grounds, you can also look forward to fringe performances with the likes of muaythai, traditional Philippines bamboo dance known as tinikling, and the mystical and time-honoured Indonesian “barong”.

To win 1 Pair of Category 2 Tickets to Sundown Festival 2013 [worth SGD$196], all you have to do is the following:

1. Like Jabra Singapore’s Facebook Page & A Winsome Life’s Facebook Page.

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3. The lucky winner will be selected by a random number generator and will be informed via Email or Facebook Message.

Terms & Conditions For The Giveaway

1. The closing date and time for submissions is 10 November 2013 [Sunday], 2359 hours.

2. Your Facebook Profile has to be set to public so that we can verify that you have shared the photo.

3. All decisions made are final and no disputes will be entertained.

As mentioned in our previous blog post about ciNE65 II, we will be giving away 5 Pairs of Golden Village Movie Tickets that are kindly sponsored by ciNE65 and Golden Village.
[Image Courtesy of Insing.com]

If you haven’t read our previous blog post about ciNE65 II or if you’re new to what ciNE65 is all about, do click the following link before participating in this contest:

[ciNE65 II]- I’ll Be There For You, Singapore

To win yourself those pairs of tickets, all you have to do is simply follow the instructions as indicated in this blog post:

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Closing date for this giveaway will be on 18 July 2013, before 2359 hours. Winners will be selected by a random number generator and an email will be sent out to all the lucky winners. Names of the winners will also be announced on our blog after the closing date.

Do spread the word around and good luck!

First and foremost, we really want to thank those of you whom have participated in our very recent Blog Giveaway. We were absolutely blown away by the number of entries submitted and we have already found our 3 Winners.
[Credits to Bella Books for the Image]

The 3 Winners are:

1). Cincin Chong
2). Nina Yeo
3). Carol Lim

A hearty congratulations to the 3 of them. All 3 Winners have already been contacted via Facebook Message and if you haven’t won anything despite participating, fret not because we are going to launch a few more Blog Giveaways in the month of April and May!

Meanwhile, it will be a really great help if all of you readers could aid us in creating a new addition for our Winsomelifers’ Programme. If you’re on our Winsomelifers’ Programme, you would know that you can use the points you earned to redeem for a Golden Village Gift Card, a Popular Bookstore Voucher, and a Starbucks Gift Card. Now, we would like to add a new additional item that you can redeem with your points and we have created a poll to find out what you would like to be added. Would it be Shopping Vouchers, Hotel Stays, Dining Vouchers, or Electronic Gadgets? That, we’ll leave it up to all of you to decide.

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Here’s where you can find the embedded poll on our Blog.

From Screen Captures

Have a Winsome Day ahead everyone!~

It is the first day of the March Holidays and I believe that many people would be bringing their children for a well-deserved mini-vacation before the Mid Year Examination kicks in. Personally, this 1 week break would be an extremely good opportunity for me to catch up with my loved ones and friends.
Since we’re 2 weeks away from the end of the first quarter for the year, we hereby present you the “Report Card” for our Blog’s performance thus far:

No. of Pageviews
January 2013: 22,702
February 2013: 17,987
March 2013 [up till 18 March 2013]: 11,785
Total [from January 2013 to 18 March 2013]: 52,474
Monthly Average: 17,491

No. of Visitors
January 2013: 9,921
February 2013: 7,802
March 2013 [up till 18 March 2013]: 5,040
Total [from January 2013 to 18 March 2013]: 22,763
Monthly Average: 7,588

From Screen Captures

The statistics shown above are extracted from Google Analytics and truly, we are really glad that we started the year pretty well.

In the last 3 months or so, we have organised 3 separate Blog Giveaways and we have seen more than 100 entries submitted for these giveaways.

From Screen Captures

Also, our Winsomelifers’ Programme [also known as our Blog Loyalty Programme] currently has a record of 128 Winsomelifers [also known as our Loyal Readers]. Looking at the Leaderboard for our Winsomelifers’ Programme, we are happy to announce the top 3 Winsomelifers and they are, See Xinyi with 6000 points, Koh Jason with 5200 points, and William Foong with 2800 points! With these points, Winsomelifers can use them to redeem for movie vouchers, shopping vouchers, and dining vouchers! Currently, we’re conducting a poll to find out what new addition our Winsomelifers would like to redeem with the points that they’ve earned through our Winsomelifers’ Programme.

From Screen Captures

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Last but not the least, do stay tuned to our upcoming Blog entries as we will be sharing with you some information about the new electronic gadgets by Logitech!

In our most recent giveaway of 2X ToastBox Vouchers worth SGD$5 each, we are happy to announce the two following readers whom have won the contest; they are:
1). Jason Koh


2). Ong Ruixiong

A hearty Congratulations to the both of them!

Well, if you haven’t won any prizes in any of our previous Blog Giveaways, don’t lose heart ok! The trick to winning prizes in our Blog Giveaways is to submit as many entries as you can by either Tweeting about our Giveaway, Liking our Facebook Page, or Answering the Question required. By doing so, you will be given multiple chances of being selected to win a prize.

Anyways, in this Blog Entry, we are extremely happy to announce that we will be giving away 3X SGD$10 worth of ePhoenix Credits that are proudly sponsored by Phoenix Comms! At this juncture, we believe many of you must be scratching your heads right now and questioning what exactly is ePhoenix Credits.

Before we begin, we’re pretty sure many of you have heard of the Phoenix Card. If you don’t know or you have never heard of the Phoenix Card, Phoenix Card is one of the top selling International/IDD Calling Cards in Singapore.

[Image Courtesy of Phoenix Comms]

Well, Phoenix Comms [owner of Phoenix Card] recently launched one of the first cardless International Calling Card/IDD Solution known as ‘ePhoenix’ and it is essentially a PIN free, prepaid International/IDD Calling Card service that offers one of the most competitive rates in Singapore; thus allowing users to enjoy meaningful and precious conversations with loved ones overseas. The awesome thing about using ePhoenix is that you can save the hassle of purchasing physical calling cards which usually has a short expiration date and with ePhoenix, users can now take advantage of the 9 months validity period for each top-up.

[Image Courtesy of Phoenix Comms]

By using ePhoenix, you can:

1). Go card-less. No physical card purchase is required and therefore, you need not worry about losing your card.

2). Top up your calling credits online anywhere, at anytime. As long as you’re connected to the Internet, it is easy and convenient for you to top up your calling credits!

3). Get reliable and quality calls at one of the lowest rates you can ever get in Singapore. For SGD $10 worth of ePhoenix Credits, talktime is 333mins for calls to China, 597 mins for calls to India, 453 mins for calls to Malaysia, 399 mins for calls to the US, 333 mins for calls to Australia, 399 mins for calls to the UK and 349 mins for calls to Taiwan! This is definitely way cheaper than using the International/IDD Calling Service that is provided by SingTel, StarHub, or even M1.

[Image Courtesy of Phoenix Comms]

Many people have the misconception that International/IDD Calling Card is only for foreigners whom are studying/working/living in Singapore. However, this is not true because we locals may sometimes find ourselves making International Phone Calls to our loved ones whom are living/studying abroad or even to arrange for accommodations and transportation prior to our overseas travel.

Let me give you an example.During our most recent trip to Taiwan, we made tons of International Calls to the various Accommodations and Transportation Companies in Taiwan to enquire about their services and rates. As writing in Chinese isn’t our forte and Google Translation may sometimes be rather inaccurate, we liaised with the various Accommodations and Transportation Companies in Taiwan via phone conversations as a follow-up to our Email exchanges. This has helped to clear any doubts between us and the various Accommodations and Transportation Companies in Taiwan, and it also facilitated our bookings much smoothly.

[Image Courtesy of Phoenix Comms]

Whether you’re making an International Call to your loved ones or to make some travel arrangements prior to your visit to another country, ePhoenix will definitely come in handy.

With ePhoenix, you can bid farewell to:

•Searching for kiosks selling phone cards when you need to make calls
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If you’re wondering how you can sign up for ePhoenix Service or how to dial overseas using ePhoenix, read on!

To Sign Up for ePhoenix Service:
1) Visit Phoenix Comms webpage (http://www.phoenixcomms.com.sg/)
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To Dial Overseas Using ePhoenix:
1) Dial 6347 4088 with registered phone number
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3) Start talking

We hope that by now, you would have a better idea of what ePhoenix is and how you can avoid expensive International Calls by using ePhoenix. As mentioned, we will be giving away 3X SGD $10 worth of ePhoenix Credits! In order to participate, all you have to do is click on the following link and follow all the necessary steps as indicated : https://awinsomelife.org/current-blog-giveaway/

We will be accepting entries for the giveaway from now till 10 March 2013!

Stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!

About Phoenix Communications:

Formed in 1996 as a CallBack operator, Phoenix Communications Pte Ltd (Phoenix Comms) has progressively advanced in the telecommunications industry with their offer of quality International Direct Dialling services and other telecom innovations.

Positioned as a service provider to connect you to your destinations easily, effectively, and at a competitive rate; Phoenix Comms was also the first newly licensed IDD operator in Singapore to launch the Phoenix 1516 IDD in July 2000. Featuring the lovable Phoebie as their mascot, their reliable services not only connect you to more than 200 countries around the world, they also include the very popular PhoenixCard, the Phoenix CallBack Card, SmartDial, SmartRoam, SmartPin and World Connect.

Today, Phoenix Comms enjoys the distinction of being a market leader in delivering cost-effective high-quality IDD services that meet any requirement. Driven by a vision to offer first-class IDD services, the company is constantly perfecting its robust and reliable network. From the expansion of their switching networks to their constant delivery of quality services, we are sure you will find one that most fit your needs.

First and foremost, here’s both Jacqueline and I wishing all of you Winsomelifers a Happy New Year 2013!
As I was in Ipoh [my hometown] over the weekends since last Saturday, I wasn’t able to Blog and hence, that kinda explains the lack of Blog entries over the last few days. Nevertheless, because it is New Year’s Day today, I will not let this day slip by without Blogging a single entry.

Well, as much as I would love to Blog about my recent trip to Ipoh, I am currently unable to do so as I have tons of photos that have yet been edited. However, if you have been following me on Instagram and/or Twitter, you might have caught some snippets which I shot during my trip.

From this trip alone, I’ve learnt many things and one of them which really left a deep lasting impression on me is that no matter how tough the going can be, my pillar of strength, encouragement, and refuge, will always come from my own family members and loved ones. I will definitely dwell more on this topic in my coming blog entries because I really want people [especially the younger ones] to know that they should appreciate their family members more and not take them for granted.

Anyways, we have received more than 30 entries for the current giveaway that we are having and we also saw some pretty interesting and creative answers to our question, “Where would you want to paste the Sticky Ties should you win this contest?”. Well, if you haven’t submitted your entry and you would like to win yourself a set of 5 Sticky Ties, do hurry as the giveaway will end in 25 days time!

If you’re not sure what are Sticky Ties, do click the following link to find out more:

Also, do share about the giveaway that we’re having with your friends because the more people you share with, the more chances you will get to win the set of 5 Sticky Ties!

Last but not the least, we really want to thank all of you Winsomelifers for being our awesome readers. In fact, we are really happy to announce that our Blog has gotten more than 100,000 views all-time and for the month of December, we had gotten 862 views a day! Besides that, we now have 50 Fans on our Facebook Page and our Winsomelifer’s Programme currently has 54 members! All these would not have been possible if not for the tremendous support from all of you and we really want to thank you all for your unwavering support and love. Also, all glory be unto the LORD because if not for Him, we wouldn’t have had the supernatural favour and abundance of blessings that kept pouring into our lives!

Stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!

It has been more than 2 days since we last blogged and we have been really busy over the last few days as we were hosting our relatives whom came all the way from England to Singapore for a short holiday. Therefore, in our few upcoming blog entries, we will be sharing about the itinerary that we planned for our relatives and also the activities that we have planned for them. And yes, thank God we’re still alive and kicking and that 21st of December wasn’t the end of the world [EOTW].
Also, we would like to offer our heartfelt congratulations to Saralyn and Jason as they have won a Frezfruta Hello Kitty Promotional Pack and a Bottle of Moscato D’ Asti by G.D Vajra, Italy, in the giveaways that we recently conducted respectively.

Anyways, the recent scandal about Zoey Raymond that we blogged about has drawn quite a lot of attention and Zoey Raymond has temporarily disabled her blog at www.zoeyraymond.com. As of now, only Zoey Raymond’s Twitter, Facebook Page, and Youtube Channel are available and she has not given her side of the story till date. Well, slowly but surly, the buzz about the scandal is slowly dying out and it is pretty heartening to know that Yuki Ng has moved on and is slowly on the road to recovery. With that being said, it is pretty odd that the limelight has been thrown entirely on Zoey Raymond and not Alvin Yang. After all, he should give everyone a clear explanation of his position right?

Anyhows, that is besides the point. Our blog entry today is about the movie [Jack Reacher] that we recently caught with our relatives at Golden Village [GV Plaza Singapura] and before we share about what we think of the movie, we do have some feedback about the theatre at GV Plaza Singapura, specifically Hall 6, and we hope that GV Plaza Singapura would take note of them:

While we do understand that GV Plaza Singapura screens multiple movies and the turnaround time for the theatres are pretty tight, cinema-goers like me would really appreciate that basic hygiene expectations are met i.e. the floors and seats are free from popcorns and litter and the seats are wiped and sanitised. In addition, for some reason, the atmosphere/air of Hall 6 has a pretty bad musky and damp smell and I really hope that GV Plaza Singapura would look into this matter and resolve the issues promptly.

Alright, so here’s the plot of Jack Reacher [as extracted from GV‘s Website]:

When a gunman takes five lives with six shots, all evidence points to the suspect in custody. On interrogation, the suspect offers up a single note: “Get Jack Reacher!” So begins an extraordinary chase for the truth, pitting Jack Reacher against an unexpected enemy, with a skill for violence and a secret to keep.

Our Review of the Movie:

The movie is pretty exhilarating and I would say that its genre is more of thriller than action because of its mind-boggling storyline. In fact, we are still quite baffled over certain scenes of the movie and by the way, the movie is an adaptation of Lee Child’s 2005 novel One Shot.

As certain scenes are quite repetitive, the movie can be quite draggy at times. If you have caught Wreck-It Ralph already, you might want to catch Jack Reacher if you haven’t got any other plans. And well, if you’re a fan of Tom Cruise and you like movies that keep you in suspense, catching Jack Reacher might be a good choice.

Here’s the Movie Trailer:

Also, it’s Christmas Eve today and we hope all you Winsomelifers will have a fabulous Christmas week ahead! Do grab the opportunity to spend some time with your loved ones and here’s wishing all of you a Merry Christmas in advance!

Stay tuned to more updates from us and God bless!

It’s 4 more days to the supposedly “End of The World” [EOTW], 8 more days to Christmas, 15 days to the New Year, and 16 days to my 1st day of work in the new year. On a side note, our current giveaway of a bottle of Moscato D’Asti by G.D. Vajra, Italy is ending in 3 days time and we’re happy to announce that Jason Koh is currently in the lead for the giveaway. +Claps Claps+.
I [Melvin] just came back from a really tiring but fruitful sponsored trip with the Nuffies at Awana Genting and I will be blogging about it soon; so do keep a lookout for that blog entry because you will discover another different side of Genting apart from the usual casino, food, and accommodation!

Anyways, we’re not sure if anyone remembered about the Gold Kili & Frezfruta Challenge that we previously embarked on but if you don’t know, worry not because you can check out our Blog entry about it via the following link: https://awinsomelife.org/2012/11/15/lion-citys-bloggers-challenge-medzs-millenia-walk/

Since the Bloggers’ Challenge has officially ended, Lion City Distributions hosted an appreciation dinner at J.K Don Cafe & Bar for all the Bloggers whom were involved and it was a fabulous evening indeed.

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

J.K Don currently has two outlets in Singapore, one at Shaw Tower and the other one at Telok Kurau. Both their outlets serve Japanese and Korean cuisine.

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

J.K Don Cafe & Bar at Telok Kurau has a cosy alfresco dining area where you can just chill and catch up with your colleagues/friends over some drinks and snacks. They even screen live soccer matches too!

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

If you’re not into soccer, you can also have some fun with the in-house board games that J.K Don Cafe & Bar provides.

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

A picture of the prizes and souvenirs that Lion City Distributions generously gave away to all the Bloggers.

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

Baby took a photo of me interacting with Mr. Tan [Director of Lion City Distributions] before the dinner.

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

Here are photos of the sumptuous & awesome food that we had for the evening!

Salmon Sashimi with California Maki and Unagi Sushi

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

Chawanmushi [my favourite!]

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

Tempura Prawns

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

Spicy Egg Soup with Straw Mushrooms

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

Chicken and Beef Bulgogi Set with Rice and Salad

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

After the extremely filling dinner, Ms. Audrey Ho [General Manager of Lion City Distributions] announced the results of the Bloggers’ Challenge.

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

and the Grand Winner of the Bloggers’ Challenge is none other than Celestial Delish! +Claps Claps+. The gentleman whom presented the prize was the owner of Sin Sin [remember the Sin Sin Kaya that comes in a metal tin that we always eat for breakfast?]

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

The dinner ended with a blast and we really want to thank Lion City Distributions for the fantastic dinner that we had and the kind invitation to participate in their Blogger’s Challenge. Celestial Delish really deserves the grand prize because she came out with quite a number of recipes using Gold Kili‘s Coffee and Frezfruta Jams as ingredients!

Just check out one of Celestia Delish‘s creation using Frezfruta’s Apple Blueberry Jam via the following link:

Also, I guess that by now almost everyone would have heard of the Gold Kili and Frezfruta’s Hello Kitty Promotional Packs that are selling at all NTUC FairPrice, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra, Sheng Shiong and Prime. If you haven’t heard, check out the following link: https://awinsomelife.org/2012/12/12/shoutout-to-all-you-hello-kitty-fans-out-there/

Now that you know about the Hello Kitty Promotional Packs, we have a piece of good news to share with you all. We currently have one Hello Kitty Promotional Pack to be given away to one very lucky winner.

From Gold Kili & Frezfruta HK Promo Pack 2012

All you have to do is just follow the instructions via the following link: https://awinsomelife.org/current-blog-giveaway/

Stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!

Hello Everyone,
thank you so much for your support and choosing to read A Winsome LifeOur current readership stands at 617 and we are expecting to have more and more readers coming to visit our blog in the time to come.Within a short span of 15 days, we have expanded and we have grown a lot, thanks to all you readers out there.

Our Promise To You

We will continually update our articles on A Winsome Life and bring to your attention the most talked about topics in town! Do send us your feedbacks/opinions/suggestions if you have any, to awinsomelife@gmail.com and we will accommodate your requests to the best of our abilities.

We are now giving away 2 Starbucks Card with a value of $10 each to 2 lucky winners! These 2 lucky winners will be drawn from a random pool of people who follows our blog by clicking the “+” sign under the “Follow Blog” column and whom answers the following 3 questions correctly.

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1) Name the Core Values that Melvin believes in.

2) Who is Melvin’s Girlfriend and When did They Started Their Relationship?

3) What is 1 Pet that Melvin Keeps? 

How To Participate?

1). Simply click the “+” sign under the “Follow Blog” column, type in your email address and click “Sign me up!” and send an email to awinsomelife@gmail.com with your answers to the above 3 questions.

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Terms & Conditions:

1). Only those who follows A Winsome Life and answers the 3 questions correctly are eligible to participate.

2). Prize Winners will be informed via email/mobile phone. Prizes will be sent to prize winners via registered mail to the designated address.

3). Decision made is final and all prize winners will be required to submit a photograph of themselves with the prize upon receiving it in their mailbox.

5). Closing date for all submissions will be 30 September 2011 before 2359 hours.

Some Starbucks Card FAQs from the Starbucks Singapore Website

Which are the participating Starbucks Stores in Singapore? 

All Starbuck stores in Singapore, with the exception of our stores located at Changi Airport, are participating in the Starbucks Card program.

What can I purchase using my Starbucks Card?

The Starbucks Card can be used to purchase anything in our store, from your favorite beverage to the latest merchandise.

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The Starbucks Card offers you greater convenience when making your purchases. With the ease of one quick swipe, you can use it to purchase anything from your favorite beverage to the latest Starbucks merchandise.

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All complimentary items are valid for one month from the date of issue and are valid from your next purchase.

Upon registration of your Card on-line:

  • Enjoy a one-time# complimentary handcrafted beverage on us (any size) when you register your card on-line at www.starbucks.com.sg to protect the balance on your Card.
  • Enjoy a one-time complimentary slice of cake on your birthday month* with any handcrafted beverage purchased

# Registration benefits are only credited to the first Card registered. Multiple Cards registered to the same account are not eligible for the complimentary items, however, your balance is still protected.

* Birthday privilege is valid during your birthday month only.
The above privileges will be activated on your card on your next visit to your favorite Starbucks store.

Information & Pictures are obtained from the Starbucks Singapore Website at https://card.starbucks.com.sg/sbux/card.jsp