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just a week after the Bosch Automotive Bloggers’ Amazing Race, I never did expected that I would need to call on the service of Ethoz Bukit Batok until yesterday at 11pm! Well, what happen was that Baby and I went to Johor Bahru, Malaysia for some shopping and eating and just when we were about to drive our car home, my car engine just wouldn’t start!

To make matters worst, my car alarm ran off and it just would not stop sounding. My central door locking system kept locking the doors automatically and I had to manually use my keys to open my car door. To find out what was causing all these problems, I checked every part of my car and realised that my car hazard’s light button was on for more than 10 hours! So, without a doubt, I knew that my car battery has died and a jump start was required. Ok, the fact is, I know how to jump start a car. But… I just did not have the resources to do so! Hence, I called Ethoz Bukit Batok for assistance and they despatched a rescue van to my location within half an hour.

Here’s the Mechanic in action!

From Bosch 2012
From Bosch 2012

And GreenGreen’s good to go after the jump start!

From Bosch 2012

All thanks to the lifesaver!

From Bosch 2012

The whole service cost me $60 and despite it being rather costly, I am at least glad and thankful that I was able to drive home after the whole ordeal. The whole service process and delivery was quite smooth and efficient. So, if you ever encounter any car-related issues and you require immediate assistance, you can always depend on Ethoz! For your information, their contact number is 66547777 and their lines are open 24 hours.

On a side note, now that the Bosch Automotive Bloggers’ Amazing Race is over, the best blog post contest is now up and I am trying really hard to garner enough votes! So if you are reading this blog entry right now, please vote for me at the following link –> https://apps.facebook.com/new-photo-comp/181521928566029/photos/

For those of you who have voted, thank you so much for your support! However, don’t forget that you can still vote for me everyday till the 16th of June 2012 (Saturday) as each voter is entitled to one vote a day!

From Bosch 2012

Stay tuned for more updates from us!

God bless!


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