Hello Everyone,
just a week after the Bosch Automotive Bloggers’ Amazing Race, I never did expected that I would need to call on the service of Ethoz Bukit Batok until yesterday at 11pm! Well, what happen was that Baby and I went to Johor Bahru, Malaysia for some shopping and eating and just when we were about to drive our car home, my car engine just wouldn’t start!

To make matters worst, my car alarm ran off and it just would not stop sounding. My central door locking system kept locking the doors automatically and I had to manually use my keys to open my car door. To find out what was causing all these problems, I checked every part of my car and realised that my car hazard’s light button was on for more than 10 hours! So, without a doubt, I knew that my car battery has died and a jump start was required. Ok, the fact is, I know how to jump start a car. But… I just did not have the resources to do so! Hence, I called Ethoz Bukit Batok for assistance and they despatched a rescue van to my location within half an hour.

Here’s the Mechanic in action!

From Bosch 2012
From Bosch 2012

And GreenGreen’s good to go after the jump start!

From Bosch 2012

All thanks to the lifesaver!

From Bosch 2012

The whole service cost me $60 and despite it being rather costly, I am at least glad and thankful that I was able to drive home after the whole ordeal. The whole service process and delivery was quite smooth and efficient. So, if you ever encounter any car-related issues and you require immediate assistance, you can always depend on Ethoz! For your information, their contact number is 66547777 and their lines are open 24 hours.

On a side note, now that the Bosch Automotive Bloggers’ Amazing Race is over, the best blog post contest is now up and I am trying really hard to garner enough votes! So if you are reading this blog entry right now, please vote for me at the following link –> https://apps.facebook.com/new-photo-comp/181521928566029/photos/

For those of you who have voted, thank you so much for your support! However, don’t forget that you can still vote for me everyday till the 16th of June 2012 (Saturday) as each voter is entitled to one vote a day!

From Bosch 2012

Stay tuned for more updates from us!

God bless!

Hello Everyone,
Baby and I participated in the Bosch Automotive Bloggers’ Amazing Race yesterday and altogether, there were 6 teams that competed in this event. Well, if you have missed out on the action yesterday on Facebook and Twitter, here’s a blog summary of the event!

To start the day on a refreshing note, we took Mini Uncle Bob for a swim at our swimming pool downstairs and after the energising swim, we took off in GreenGreen [the name we gave our Green Picanto] and arrived at Ethoz Tampines [our starting point for the race]. There, we had some light refreshments and a pre-briefing for the race. In addition, we were treated to an extremely useful and informative talk on the process of traffic accident claims. Honestly, even though I have been driving for almost 4 years, I didn’t really have a clue as to how the process for traffic accident claims are being carried out, but after attending this talk, I feel that I am more aware of what to look out for in the case of an accident.

So, let me share with you in a nutshell, 5 pointers that you ought to take note of when you encounter a road accident:

1) Do not panic and do not argue with the other driver on who is right or who is wrong.
2) Take as many photographs as you can of the car/s who collided with yours.
3) Note the date, time, and location of the road accident.
4) Make sure you have the particulars of the other driver such as his NRIC, Name, and Contact Number.
5) Ensure that you file an accident report within 24 hours with an approved accident reporting centre.

Also, here are 2 precautions to take note of during a road accident:

1) There will be unauthorised tow-trucks prowling along the expressway hunting for potential victims to earn some quick money. Make sure you never allow them to tow your vehicle. Only allow the authorised tow-trucks approved by your insurance company to tow your vehicle.

2) Do not be gullible when the other driver says that he/she will offer you money for repair costs. In most cases, drivers with integrity are a rare breed and it is always helpful to have witnesses whom are not passengers in your vehicle. Always be vigilant and ensure that you file an accident report within 24 hours. If there are injuries and damaged government properties involved, a police report has to be filed.

From Bosch 2012

Following the talk, Kevin conducted the pre-briefing for the race and off we went to the car workshop at Ethoz Tampines to find out exactly what goes on in the car workshop!

At the car workshop, we were introduced to what goes on behind the scenes when a car is sent for servicing. From diagnosing the problems of a car to general car maintenance and repair, Ethoz has it all! And to top it all, the workshops are all very well-equipped with the latest technology and the service staffs are all professionally trained! You can be very sure that your beloved car would be in the care of good hands.

From Bosch 2012

And so, after all the administration, we took flight for our amazing race and lo and behold, our first station was located in Bishan, a place that I am very familiar with as I am residing around the vicinity. For our first challenge, Baby had to draw out 15 words and I had to guess what the 15 words were. Well, we took a total of 15 minutes to complete this challenge and I reckoned that I should have played Draw Something more with Baby. Sigh!

From Bosch 2012

Our second station was situated at Bukit Batok and I was quite stunned as the distance was quite far! But thankfully, I was very familiar with Autobacs Bukit Batok as I frequented that place in the past when I was still studying at Shatec Institutes. The second challenge was also very tough because we were given a minute to memorise 50 pairs of items! I’m wondering why so many mind games ah?! Baby and I completed the challenge in about 3 minutes.

From Bosch 2012

Our third station was Autobacs at Ubi and yes, we had to travel from Bukit Batok to Ubi! Again, because Autobacs is a place that Baby and I frequent the most, we kind of knew our way around. When we arrived, we saw Cheryl and her team-mate and they were trying to complete the challenge. We must say. the challenge at the third station was the toughest of all! We had to memorise a jingle, throw and catch 5 mini Uncle Bobs [without dropping any of them], and assemble a battery packaging; all within 60 seconds!

From Bosch 2012

Finally, our last station was Ethoz Bukit Batok! So now, we have to make our way back to Bukit Batok from Ubi!

Well, when we arrived there, my car was sent for a complimentary comprehensive 18-point check and a complimentary car servicing. While that was taking place, Baby and I had to complete our last challenge and that was to locate the placard that indicated the optimum tyre pressure of the car, and then inflate the tires to the recommended air pressure. In addition, we had to locate the ABS fuse within the fuse box and insert a new fuse for it. This was something quite new to me as I had never done this before and really, this experience that I went through made me more aware of how I can rectify simple tasks instead of just bringing my car to the car workshop!

From Bosch 2012

So… the results were announced and Cheryl’s team emerged Champion for the amazing race. Kudos to Cheryl’s team because they really deserve it!

The Bosch Automotive Bloggers’ Amazing Race concluded with a surprise birthday celebration for all those whom were born in the month of June! We hereby would like to take this opportunity to thank Alvin from OMY.SG, Michael, Joanne, Kevin, the team at Bosch Automotive and the team at Ethoz for graciously hosting all of us bloggers and for inviting us to this really exciting, challenging, fun, and educational amazing race event. It was really a worthwhile experience!

Before we conclude this blog post, we have some awesome freebies for all you readers out there!

From Bosch 2012

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That’s all folks!

Stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!