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I have caught the movie, “New Year’s Eve” with Baby just now and the show is set to be released tomorrow, December the 8th. Out of a score of 5, I would give this show a 5 and I would strongly recommend it to you if you’re planning to catch a movie that’s heartwarming, funny, and romantic. So here’s to you guys out there, if you want to impress your date/girlfriend, bring her to this movie because it’s definitely her cup of tea. This movie although is more for couples, it is also suitable for families and a gathering of friends.

I shall not spoil the surprises in this movie which was acted by many popular celebrities and just in case you’re curious as to what this movie is all about, here’s the movie trailer and movie plot.

Movie Plot:

The film chronicles the lives of several individuals in New York on New Year’s Eve, including two people who become trapped in an elevator, a couple preparing to give birth and a man who enjoys his last New Year’s before dying.

Movie Trailer:

Credits goes out to M1 for the complimentary movie tickets~!


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