The month of June has been an extremely busy month for us as there were so many media requests, reviews, and events for us to attend and even though there were so much things to do with so little time, I managed to squeeze some time to plan Jacqueline’s 26th birthday and it was indeed such a memorable occasion for the both of us.
The Chocolate Mousse Cake From Swee Heng 1989 Classic That Jacqueline Really Love

To begin with, I had a difficult time deciding what to get for Jacqueline. After much consideration, I decided to give her a dollhouse that fits the theme of our upcoming wedding. Just in case you are wondering, the theme for our upcoming wedding is, “Nautical” and it will be held next year at ONE°15 Marina Club.

In the past, there used to be a push-cart store at VivoCity that sells do-it-yourself [diy] dollhouse kits but after searching high and low, I was informed that the push-cart store was no longer in operation. As such, I began to search online for diy dollhouse kits and it took quite a while as I was not sure where to begin. Thankfully, I managed to find the diy dollhouse kit that I was looking for on Taobao and I got it shipped over to Singapore via a third-party shipper, 65daigou.

The entire process [including shipping] took less than 1 week and 65daigou provided me with many convenient options to collect my shipment. It cost me about SGD$120 [inclusive shipping] to get the diy dollhouse kit and I must say, it was well worth the money!

The diy dollhouse kit took me about 1 month to complete and I had to start building the dollhouse from scratch! Though it was difficult at first, I managed to figure my way around and the instruction manual was really helpful in aiding me to piece everything together.

Everything was literally built from scratch and a lot of cutting, pasting, and sewing was involved! The windows, bed, flower pots, sofa, and other minute details are all pieced together bit by bit.

Due to a mistake that I made at the very first step, I had to do some drilling on my own as well. After constructing all the various decorations and furnishings, the last thing I had to do was to fix the lighting using a parallel circuit.


Here’s a picture of the dollhouse that I made for Jacqueline and when she saw it, she was so happy that I felt a sense of satisfaction and achievement!

Apart from giving Jacqueline a dollhouse that I made from scratch, I also gave her an edible bouquet of fresh strawberries that are coated and decorated with white chocolate. The bouquet of fresh fruits also came with 3 stalks of beautiful roses and it was really pretty!

In the past, I have always given Jacqueline a bouquet of roses but she has never really fancied it because she felt that it was a waste of money. Giving Jacqueline an edible bouquet of fresh strawberries was really a fantastic idea as we could enjoy and savour the sweet and juicy strawberries together. The edible fruit bouquet was very practical and reasonably priced too!

If you are interested in giving an edible bouquet to your loved ones, do check out Rainbowly’s Official Website and like Rainbowly Facebook Page for more information and promotional updates! In fact, Rainbowly has a wide range of edible bouquets that you can choose from and we are sure you can find one that your partner adores!

On this note, both Jacqueline and I would also want to thank Rainbowly for coming onboard as one of our sponsors for our upcoming wedding! We are truly honoured and privileged!

Last but not the least, to celebrate Jacqueline’s birthday, we had a great dining experience at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, Resorts World Sentosa.

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, a two-time winner in the Best Dining Experience category at the Singapore Experience Awards (2012 and 2013), is a unique dining concept where chefs experiment and create; working on new ideas and fusing different concepts reflective of the locale.

This presentation immerses guests in a dining experience where guests are part of the action, separated by a counter between kitchen and main dining area. Mr Robuchon has likened L’Atelier to an artist’s studio, where diners can witness chefs create, prepare, and cook innovative dishes right before them, and chefs have the pleasure of watching diners enjoy their meal.

Here’s a picture of the servers whom served us really well!

At L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, we entered a whole new realm of fine dining. After shocking the culinary world with his retirement at 50 years of age, Mr Joël Robuchon returned to the kitchen with the idea to create L’Atelier. “This concept has convinced me that its informality and conviviality, where you can have just one dish or a whole dinner, is the way people want to eat today. In addition, you have the theatrical aspect, of being able to watch the food prepared.” – Joël Robuchon on L’Atelier.

The L’Atelier interior décor lies in the hands of world-renowned designer Pierre-Yves Rochon who designed the first L’Atelier in Paris in 2003. Kitted out entirely in black and red furnishings to streamline the signature dramatic sleek look for the Atelier concept, the restaurant also dresses its servers in black.

This was the 3-course meal that we had at L’Atelier.

My Appetizer: Cod Brandade Served With Condiments

Jacqueline’s Appetizer: Piquillo With Smoke Eggplant & Tuna Belly Confit

Our Main Course: Salmon With Lacquered Maple Sap & Endive Salad

Jacqueline’s Dessert: Mango Lightness, Passionata Sorbet With Exotic Coulis

My Dessert: Crunchy Chocolate With Coffee Chantilly & Fresh Orange

The 3-course meal that we had at L’Atelier was fabulous and they are lovingly made by the chefs whom were working really hard to whip up such a sumptuous meal. Jacqueline and I will definitely be back to try their other dishes!

Here are the promotions that L’Atelier has in the meantime:

Early Evening Dining
Daily, 5.30pm – 6.30pm
3-course Meal at $40++

Ladies’ Night (Every Thursday)
$88++ per person
Inclusive of 4-course set menu with free-flow of Sparkling wine or Bellini Cocktail

If you like to spend some romantic time with your loved ones over dinner, we will highly recommend L’Atelier. Though the menu is slightly on the expensive side, you will definitely enjoy the immersive and highly-personalised dining experience. Be sure to call and make your reservations as the restaurant is often packed with diners.

A Picture With The Chef De Cuisine & Sous Chef To Complete The Dining Experience

So this was how I planned and celebrated Jacqueline’s 26th birthday! I hope that by sharing my experience, the husbands/boyfriends would be able to get some tips and ideas here to thrill and surprise your other half!

Hello Everyone,
I have caught the movie, “New Year’s Eve” with Baby just now and the show is set to be released tomorrow, December the 8th. Out of a score of 5, I would give this show a 5 and I would strongly recommend it to you if you’re planning to catch a movie that’s heartwarming, funny, and romantic. So here’s to you guys out there, if you want to impress your date/girlfriend, bring her to this movie because it’s definitely her cup of tea. This movie although is more for couples, it is also suitable for families and a gathering of friends.

I shall not spoil the surprises in this movie which was acted by many popular celebrities and just in case you’re curious as to what this movie is all about, here’s the movie trailer and movie plot.

Movie Plot:

The film chronicles the lives of several individuals in New York on New Year’s Eve, including two people who become trapped in an elevator, a couple preparing to give birth and a man who enjoys his last New Year’s before dying.

Movie Trailer:

Credits goes out to M1 for the complimentary movie tickets~!

Hello Everyone,
although I know I’m supposed to blog about my trip to Taiwan (Part 3 of 6), I am going to blog about this movie that I have just caught with Baby at Serangoon NeX. Either way, it’s still going to be about Taiwan because this movie was shot in Taiwan and the setting is also in Taiwan.

You’re the Apple of My Eye in English is a Chinese romance/comedy movie with English subtitles.

Duration: 110 Minutes

Director: Jiubadao

Cast: Ko Chen-tung, Michelle Chen, Steven Hao, Ao-Chuan, Yen Sheng-yu, Tsai Chang-hsien, Hu Chia-wei

Rating: NC 16 [due to Coarse Language and Sexual References]

Story Plot:

Adolescence is like a heavy rain. Even though you catch a cold from it, you still look forward to experiencing it once again.

Ko-Teng has several close friends who had a crush on Shen Chia-Yi. Those friends of Ko’s thus moved in unison from Ching Cheng’s junior high school straight into the senior high school division in pursuit of her.

Naughty in nature, Ko was ordered by their homeroom teacher to sit in front of honor student Shen for her to keep close tabs on him. The two hadn’t hit it off at first but Ko gradually fell for Shen, who was always pressuring him to study hard. On the other hand, Shen became impressed by the contrasting values Ko represented. Ko started pursuing Shen but Shen remained hesitant.

After graduation from senior high, Ko and Shen almost became a couple but the deal was spoilt by a dukeout competition organized by Ko.

Growing up together to witness their beloved Shen walking down the aisle to become someone else’s wife, these boys have learned their coming-of-age lessons and continue to pursue each’s happiness.

The above-mentioned information were obtained from [Incinemas.sg] at http://incinemas.sg/movie/435/You%20Are%20The%20Apple%20Of%20My%20Eye.aspx

My Review of the Movie:

As I watched the movie, it really reminded me of the fond memories I had way back in Primary 6 all the way to Secondary School, Junior College, Polytechnic and Shatec. Memories like playing pranks on fellow classmates and teachers, writing love letters and passing them around during lessons, vandalising school property [oops], and many others are pretty much etched in the back of my mind. I guess those times were perhaps the best time of our lives and we appeared to be rather “innocent” and definitely playful/mischievous. However, the ending of the movie is pretty sad if you were to ask me. Somehow, the movie speaks to us that in life, no matter what we hoped for, we may never get what we want, but yet, one way or another, we will still be satisfied with our lives and move on eventually.

Oh, and did I mentioned? This movie was inspired out of a semi-biography of the director and portions of the movie are true-story. In fact, the novel was written by the director, Giddens himself and if you decide to become a fan of Giddens and his works, the good news is that he would be coming to Singapore for a Sharing and Book Autography Session on 19 November 2011, Saturday, 1900 hours, @ Suntec Convention Hall 601-603.

To avoid spoiling any further surprise, here’s some sneak treats for your enjoyment and (psst, I think its a good movie for you to watch with your girlfriend or if you’re single, gather all your high school friends for a reunion and catch the movie together). Credit goes to Bobby Sim Si Han [my fellow platoon mate cum colleague] for bringing my attention to this movie and to my Baby for accompanying me to watch this heartwarming movie. Also, don’t forget to stay till the end of the credits as there are some additional footage =)

I miss Taiwan very much and Baby and I might consider going there for a Student Exchange Programme to study for a week. =P