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Travelling solo as a woman can be rather daunting. But the reality is, there are many women who travel solo and are more independent and confident because of it!

Courtesy of YOTEL Singapore, here are the top 5 must-dos for ladies who are embracing solo travelling for the first time:

1.  Stay In Touch & Connected

When you’re travelling alone, it’s always important to keep your loved ones updated on your whereabouts. Dealing with a bad connectivity or limited internet access can be frustrating, especially during talk time, so be sure to check your lodging’s internet capabilities. YOTEL Singapore, for instance, offers unlimited and super-strength WIFI for all guests – so, you won’t have to worry about the internet being patchy when you on a video call with mum.

(Image by Bruce Mars)

2.  Location! Location! Location!

We all know that picking a good location to stay is important, but even more so when you’re travelling alone for the first time. Staying in a city centre can definitely help you feel more secure, and it’s a great spot that’s typically walking distance from public transport. Take YOTEL Singapore for example, it’s situated in the heart of Singapore’s shopping district and just minutes away from buses and trains – easy peasy!

(Image by Kaique Rocha)

3.  Be A Smart Packer & Pack Light

Packing light doesn’t mean looking like a hobo, you can still take your cute outfits along, but striking a balance is key! Pack a good mix of clothes and shoes suitable for activities that you’re planning to do – adventures, nightlife or a trip to the museum – and bring pieces that you can mix and match to wear them in more than one way. Rolling your clothes instead of folding them is also another great way to save on baggage space. And of course, apart from a girl’s beauty essentials, skip the shampoo, soap and conditioner which hotels like, YOTEL, readily provide.

(Image by naina.co)

4.  Always Have A Plan B

Ask any seasoned traveller and they’ll tell you that nothing ever goes to plan. Be it getting lost or going to a museum that happens to be closed, it’s always important to be prepared and have a Plan B so that you don’t waste time researching during your trip. Also remember to always keep important names, addresses and numbers on hand – grabbing the hotel’s business card at the reception is a quick way to do this and it certainly comes in super handy if you don’t speak the local language.

(Image by @theoccasionaltraveller)

5.  Embrace Meeting New People!

Travelling solo doesn’t have to be lonely. There are always plenty of opportunities to make new friends while you’re exploring a new city. The best place to start could even be in your hotel lobby! Have a chat with them and who knows, maybe you’ll end up exploring the city together. You could also join a tour to mingle with other tourists or join online travel communities like Meetup or Facebook groups to see if they organise events in the area that you’re travelling to. By the end of your trip, you’d have met a whole new bunch of people!

(Image of Mission Control, by YOTEL Singapore)

Last but not least, always trust your gut. If you’ve got a sinking feeling that something isn’t right, then it probably isn’t, so always be on your guard!  

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