top mobile entertainment apps


The Smartphone; it is an amazing piece of tech that does a lot for us, but without applications, it is just a normal bog standard phone. Apps are amazing little things that open up a unique door of possibilities every single time they are used. From blasting music with Deezer, to binging a TV series on Netflix, there is a lot that you can do in terms of entertainment with a smartphone loaded up with some good apps and a big memory card.

With commutes, traveling and breaks – we need entertainment more than ever – thankfully, with a smartphone, we can get more entertainment than ever before, but only with the right apps.

First up, the entertainment app that everyone needs to have on their smartphone is of course Netflix. We are in a period now where better television content is being created than ever before and it really is Netflix who lead that movement. Some of the Netflix Original’s are the best films and TV shows around. With House of Cards, Arrested Development and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt as well as a whole bunch of Marvel shows; Netflix is the only place to get some amazing programming from. Of course, it is limited by borders and content differs between countries, but you can easily work around that with tools like www.flixusa.com.au which allows you bypass regional blocks so you can access the best content that Netflix has to offer. This might be the best entertainment app going.

But we can’t forget music. Music might be the thing that makes the world go round. Spotify and Deezer are amazing apps that allow us to listen to new music as well as classic tunes. It isn’t just that though; these apps tailor playlists for us based on the music we like, so they do all the hard work of selecting songs for us. The apps also allow us to download music for offline listening, which is crucial!   

Music isn’t the only thing your ears need. Podcasts and radio exist as some of the best free entertainment on offer today. From the gruesome Last Podcast On The Left, to WTF with Marc Maron; podcasts are not afraid to tackle the areas everyone else avoids and ask the questions people are scared of asking. If you have an interest, it is likely that there is a podcast, or four, out there, just for you. To take advantage of podcasts, download an app that can catch them for you – Apple Podcasts if you’re on iPhone or Podcast Addict if you are on Android will suffice. Radio is a great way to listen to the voices you want to, while hearing new music and TuneIn Radio combines that with a podcast tool to ensure you are always hooked up with audio.

There are also plenty of games on offer – so you can keep your thumbs just as busy as your eyes and ears. Just search around, there are far too much to talk about!