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Having just shifted to my new humble abode, we’re still in the midst of settling down and also troubleshooting all the nitty-gritty issues like the television not being able to receive our local tv channels and also other issues like settling the renovation defects we uncovered.
Meanwhile, since my bedroom is super spacious, I have decided to allocate an area in my bedroom just for my personal quiet-time/chilling-out.

To begin with, we envisioned my cosy corner to be warmth and comfortable. So, we’ll definitely need to shop around for things like table, carpet, chairs, and some decorations. In this blog entry, we will share with you a very good carpet deal that we found on Qoo10 [previously known as GMarket].

While searching around for suitable carpets for my cosy corner, we scouted all over Singapore and honestly, we had difficulty finding one that matched our taste and price. In fact, most of the carpets that we found were either attractive but too pricey or cheap but too unattractive. Since we couldn’t find one on foot, we decided to source for it online and lo and behold, we found the right one on Qoo10.

There were two reasons why we chose the carpet that we found on Qoo10. First, the carpet was selling at a very good price of SGD $99 and secondly, the carpet was of the right texture, colour, and size.

Here’s a picture of my cosy corner before the carpet arrived.

From Qoo10.SG 2012

& here’s a picture of my cosy corner after laying the carpet.

From Qoo10.SG 2012

A more closed-up shot of the carpet.

From Qoo10.SG 2012

The carpet is beige in colour and the texture of the carpet is outstanding. Made of superfine microfiber, the carpet that we bought on Qoo10 was made in Korea and shipped all the way to Singapore. What’s more, we were pleasantly surprised that the seller [Home Art] gave us a complimentary floor mat too!

From Qoo10.SG 2012

By the way, we paid an additional amount of SGD $5.00 for our carpet to be shipped via Express Mail Service [EMS] and our carpet was delivered to us within a span of 1 week. The seller [Home Art] was also extremely prompt in responding to our queries and honestly, if you’re looking for carpets to beautify your home/room/office, you should really check them out. Home Art has a wide assortment of carpets that can be customised to your needs and they come in different colours, textures, sizes, and even designs too!

To check out the affordable carpets that Home Art has to offer, you can click on the following link:

Stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!