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To be really honest, I ain’t a fan of Hello Kitty and last year, when McDonald’s launched their McDonaldland Hello Kitty Plushies, the campaign did not really cause as much stir as this year’s Hello Kitty Fairy Tales.

Just how big was the hoo-hah yesterday and today?

It’s really big!

Yesterday, Jacqueline and I were in our car driving from one end of Singapore to the other end and all over the island, there were long queues of people waiting to lay their hands on the Hello Kitty Plushies. When we were at the King Albert Park McDonald’s Outlet; two Police Patrol Cars, 1 Traffic Police [TP] Bike, and 1 Land Transport Authority [LTA] Officer Bike were deployed to manage the chaotic traffic conditions at the drive-thru and this wasn’t the only isolated case that happened. In fact, it occurred at other McDonald’s drive-thru at Kallang, East Coast Park, Ang Mo Kio Park, and many more. The Police were even called in to manage disputes by the customers and that’s only one part of the problem. What happens then if there are emergencies that needs immediate attention and most of the resources have been used to attend to these minor cases?

The other problem is, why did McDonald’s allow customers to purchase 4 Hello Kitty Plushies instead of limiting it to just 1 per person? If the Singing Bone Hello Kitty Plushie is indeed a limited edition, then shouldn’t McDonald’s restrict it to 1 plushie per person so that more people could have the chance of owning it? What exactly is the rationale for allowing customers to purchase 4 Hello Kitty Plushies if it is a limited edition? While I do understand that there will be people buying on behalf of their family members and friends, it would have been better if they could just limit it to 2 plushies per person or even just limit it to 1 plushie per person so that there won’t be people taking advantage of this situation and reselling the plushies.

To McDonald’s Singapore:

All across the island, there were many people queueing up to get the Singing Bone Hello Kitty Plushies and the motives of the people were aplenty. Some of those people queuing up are genuine Hello Kitty fans and some of them could be fathers queueing up to get the plushies for their children; brothers queueing up to get the plushies for their sisters; boyfriends queueing up to get the plushies for their girlfriends; husbands queueing up to get the plushies for their wives; and whatever the motives were, I am very sure that they were doing it just to put a smile on the faces of their children, sisters, girlfriends, wives, or loved ones.

However, it is really saddening to see and hear that there are quite a number of people out there whom are trying to take advantage of the Hello Kitty Fairy Tales Promotion and gain some quick profits from it. Resellers are now selling the Hello Kitty Plushies for an exorbitant price and it is really disgusting how some people try to make a profit out of this seemingly harmless Hello Kitty campaign that you have rolled out. I really believe more could have been done to minimise the damage and it would have been better if you could increase your supplies of the Singing Bone Hello Kitty Plushies. Even though you may have brought in 40% more plushies this year as compared to previous years, the fact that you allowed each customer to purchase 4 plushies per transaction doesn’t help to alleviate the situation.

Together with other genuine Hello Kitty collectors, I am crossing my fingers and hoping that you will have a re-launch of the Singing Bone Hello Kitty plushies so that those who did not have the opportunity to own it will be able to make their collections complete. I sincerely hope that you will look into this matter and consider to re-launch the Singing Bone Hello Kitty Plushies so that it will both be a win-win situation for McDonald’s and genuine Hello Kitty collectors. Afterall, I’m pretty sure Ronald McDonald would want to put a smile on everyone’s face.

To Hello Kitty Fans:

I am not a Hello Kitty Fan but I’m an avid collector of plushies. Like you, my aim was to have a complete set of Hello Kitty Plushies so that I could display it at home but now, it looks like I have to buy it from other sources instead of sitting down at McDonald’s to enjoy a satisfying meal.

I’m hoping that McDonald’s will re-launch the Singing Bone Hello Kitty Plushies so that the rest of us could own it and make our collections complete. While I know how disappointed and upset some of you might be, please don’t be a fool and let those resellers rip you off your hard earned money. Rather, let the craze and buzz die down first and then the price will eventually normalise. From what I see, there are definitely more supplies of the Singing Bone Hello Kitty Plushies than genuine Hello Kitty collectors so if let’s say McDonald’s does indeed have a re-launch, the supplies that the resellers are hoarding onto will definitely drop in value.

Also, if you see resellers selling you the Singing Bone Hello Kitty Plushies for more than $20, please let it go. Right now, what all of us really need is a time-out so that we don’t let our minds be clouded. When the dust has more or less settled down, things will become clearer and you will be able to act rationally and not impulsively.

To add on, some of you might see that the Singing Bone Hello Kitty Plushies have been put up on bidding sites and in case you’re wondering why would anyone bid for the the Singing Bone Hello Kitty Plushies at such a high price, there are people actually rigging the system by having their own friends bidding for it. Hence, please don’t bid or buy the Singing Bone Hello Kitty Plushies for such an exorbitant price.

On a lighter note, there are sources selling the Singing Bone Hello Kitty Plushies for less than $10 but it will take some time for it to arrive in Singapore. Since we are genuine Hello Kitty collectors, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t mind waiting as good stuffs are definitely worth waiting for. So, once you get your Singing Bone Hello Kitty Plushies, all those resellers will have no place to sell the Singing Bone Hello Kitty Plushies and they would have wasted their time, money, energy, and effort for being so greedy and kiasu. When that day comes, its your turn to stand there and laugh at the resellers.

It’s 4 more days to the supposedly “End of The World” [EOTW], 8 more days to Christmas, 15 days to the New Year, and 16 days to my 1st day of work in the new year. On a side note, our current giveaway of a bottle of Moscato D’Asti by G.D. Vajra, Italy is ending in 3 days time and we’re happy to announce that Jason Koh is currently in the lead for the giveaway. +Claps Claps+.
I [Melvin] just came back from a really tiring but fruitful sponsored trip with the Nuffies at Awana Genting and I will be blogging about it soon; so do keep a lookout for that blog entry because you will discover another different side of Genting apart from the usual casino, food, and accommodation!

Anyways, we’re not sure if anyone remembered about the Gold Kili & Frezfruta Challenge that we previously embarked on but if you don’t know, worry not because you can check out our Blog entry about it via the following link: https://awinsomelife.org/2012/11/15/lion-citys-bloggers-challenge-medzs-millenia-walk/

Since the Bloggers’ Challenge has officially ended, Lion City Distributions hosted an appreciation dinner at J.K Don Cafe & Bar for all the Bloggers whom were involved and it was a fabulous evening indeed.

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

J.K Don currently has two outlets in Singapore, one at Shaw Tower and the other one at Telok Kurau. Both their outlets serve Japanese and Korean cuisine.

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

J.K Don Cafe & Bar at Telok Kurau has a cosy alfresco dining area where you can just chill and catch up with your colleagues/friends over some drinks and snacks. They even screen live soccer matches too!

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

If you’re not into soccer, you can also have some fun with the in-house board games that J.K Don Cafe & Bar provides.

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

A picture of the prizes and souvenirs that Lion City Distributions generously gave away to all the Bloggers.

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

Baby took a photo of me interacting with Mr. Tan [Director of Lion City Distributions] before the dinner.

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

Here are photos of the sumptuous & awesome food that we had for the evening!

Salmon Sashimi with California Maki and Unagi Sushi

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

Chawanmushi [my favourite!]

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

Tempura Prawns

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

Spicy Egg Soup with Straw Mushrooms

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

Chicken and Beef Bulgogi Set with Rice and Salad

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

After the extremely filling dinner, Ms. Audrey Ho [General Manager of Lion City Distributions] announced the results of the Bloggers’ Challenge.

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

and the Grand Winner of the Bloggers’ Challenge is none other than Celestial Delish! +Claps Claps+. The gentleman whom presented the prize was the owner of Sin Sin [remember the Sin Sin Kaya that comes in a metal tin that we always eat for breakfast?]

From LionCity Appreciation Dinner 2012

The dinner ended with a blast and we really want to thank Lion City Distributions for the fantastic dinner that we had and the kind invitation to participate in their Blogger’s Challenge. Celestial Delish really deserves the grand prize because she came out with quite a number of recipes using Gold Kili‘s Coffee and Frezfruta Jams as ingredients!

Just check out one of Celestia Delish‘s creation using Frezfruta’s Apple Blueberry Jam via the following link:

Also, I guess that by now almost everyone would have heard of the Gold Kili and Frezfruta’s Hello Kitty Promotional Packs that are selling at all NTUC FairPrice, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra, Sheng Shiong and Prime. If you haven’t heard, check out the following link: https://awinsomelife.org/2012/12/12/shoutout-to-all-you-hello-kitty-fans-out-there/

Now that you know about the Hello Kitty Promotional Packs, we have a piece of good news to share with you all. We currently have one Hello Kitty Promotional Pack to be given away to one very lucky winner.

From Gold Kili & Frezfruta HK Promo Pack 2012

All you have to do is just follow the instructions via the following link: https://awinsomelife.org/current-blog-giveaway/

Stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!

Hello Everyone,
yesterday was the day where Singaporeans whom have pre-ordered the iPhone 5 can finally lay their hands on one. Within the first 24 hours of its launch, two million iPhones have been ordered and the 3 telcos in Singapore have all since announced that the iPhone 5 were out of stock. Even Apple Premium Resellers like Nubox, Istudio, EpiCentre, and Juzz1 had reported that the iPhone 5 were completely sold out at all of their store locations.

I’m really wondering to myself; why is it that other mobile phone brands aren’t able to achieve the likes of Apple; considering the fact that every mobile phone brand has its own unique selling propositions? Personally, I have tried phones belonging to Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, LG, Samsung, HTC, and Apple; and I found that each of these mobile phone brands have their own unique pros and cons.

Now, let us sit down and consider for a moment, the current top three operating systems for smartphones are Windows by Microsoft, iOS by Apple, and Android by Google. All 3 operating system have its own pros and cons and out of these 3 operating systems, there is no way we can say which is the better one out of the 3!

Hence, I really feel that consumers ought to really consider why they are bent on getting an iPhone. Is it because of the hype? Is it because of the phone design and features? Or is it because of peer pressure? Or worst still, is it because of our Singaporean “kiasu” [also known as “scared lose”] attitude? Whatever the reason may be, I hope that consumers will understand that all these anticipation are all due to the marketing tactics that Apple employ. Remember how hyped people were during the iPhone4S launch last year where Siri was like the best feature a smartphone could ever have on earth? Now, let me ask an honest question, “How many of us whom owns the iPhone4S actually uses Siri everyday or even frequently?” You don’t even have to tell me the answer because I probably can guess it.

The Over-Hyped iPhone4S Siri.

The Over-Hyped Iphone 5?

Well, for those of you who queued up but did not get the iPhone 5, fret not because it is not the end of the world yet and there will definitely be stocks coming in. Its not as if the iPhone 5 is a limited edition phone and even if you do get the phone yesterday, what could you do with it other than showing it off and sharing photos of you with it on your Facebook Wall? As what Mr. Brown said on Twitter, you do realise that after you get the phone, you still need to visit the Telco to change your SIM card to a Nano SIM card right? I’m sorry if this seems offensive but I’m not being a party-spoiler here because I do hope that we as consumers can be rational in our purchasing decisions and not indulge in impulsive buying behaviour. With that being said, I feel sorry for those of you whom queued up and waited really long at the stores of various Apple Premium Resellers only to find out that they were carrying only 20 sets of the iPhone 5. This is actually a similar marketing tactic that McDonald employs too; remember the Hello Kitty craze in 2000?

Long Lines of Queue for the iPhone 5?

Remember the McDonald’s Hello Kitty Craze in 2000?

Anyways, on a separate note, if you were to ask me what are the upcoming mobile phones that I am looking out for, it would be the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the Nokia Lumia 920. If I ever do get the chance to do a product review on it, I would gladly love to.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The Nokia Lumia 920

Meanwhile, have a great weekend ahead and stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!

From the title of this blog entry, you most probably would be able to guess what I would be ranting about; and yes, its the grossly-overpriced mooncakes that are being sold in Singapore! After checking out a few mid-autumn festival fairs where mooncakes are being sold by top hotels and popular restaurants, I can only conclude this; that suppliers/vendors are overcharging their mooncakes! I know I would definitely be flamed/grilled by the various local merchants for putting up this blog entry but seriously, I really would like to share with you readers how you could get better quality mooncakes at just half the price and why you should avoid buying mooncakes that are grossly-overpriced.
The ingredients used to make mooncakes are really cheap and no matter how “premium” a mooncake may be, its not exactly as premium as it may seem. As a matter of fact, what people are really paying for is the branding/reputation of where the mooncakes are coming from and the extravagant packaging that complements the mooncakes. Yes, I do agree that mooncakes make perfect gifts for this special occasion but surly these packaging and branding do not cost that much.

In my own personal opinion, there are only 2 types of mooncakes even though others may argue that there are more; one that is the traditional kind, and the other that is the snowskin kind. Much of today’s traditional mooncakes are still rather traditional except that there may be certain variations such as the alteration/substitution/addition of certain ingredients that somehow give vendors/suppliers the “right” to tout their mooncakes as being a healthier choice/low in sugar content, and etc.

However, for the snowskin mooncakes, there are indeed lots of variations and they come in a myriad of fascinating and interesting colours. In fact, some of the snowskin mooncakes now have added ingredients such as liqueur and chocolate truffles! Not only that, the snowskin mooncakes come in a variety of designs and in one of the mid-autumn festival fairs that I visited, I chanced upon a box of snowskin mooncakes that come in the design of Angry Birds and they were selling it at SGD$80 a box for 4 pieces of mooncakes! And just in case you’re wondering, a box of traditional mooncakes from these popular restaurants or hotels are selling at a minimum price of SGD$50 and above!

While I do understand that mid-autumn festival is a once in a year affair, I do not see the reason why suppliers/vendors ought to commercialise this historical/traditional event just like Valentine’s Day! In fact, I really do believe that we ought to revisit the reason for celebrating mid-autumn festival and understand the origins of mooncakes.

Anyways, if you still have the urge to splurge on mooncakes, may I beseech you to make your money worth by purchasing high-quality and good-tasting mooncakes just across the causeway! During one of my usual weekend trips to Johor Bahru, Baby and I checked out the mid-autumn festival fairs there and we found that their mooncakes are reasonably priced. In addition, given the favourable exchange rate, I believe you will definitely get your money worth!

Anyhows, if I don’t practise what I preach, then I suppose nobody is going to be convinced that buying mooncakes across the causeway is cheaper right? So, Baby and I decided to purchase 3 boxes of mooncakes [1 for my mum, 1 for my aunt, and 1 for ourselves] across the causeway and we’re going to introduce them to you here on our blog!

For the 2 boxes of mooncakes which we gotten for my mum and aunt, we got them from The Bakers Cottage. In each box, there are 4 mooncakes, so in total, we ordered 8 mooncakes and they only cost us a total of RM 100.16 [after 20% discount] which is about SGD$40.39 for 2 boxes of 8 mooncakes! Not only that, it comes with a rather presentable packaging too! Having garnered feedbacks from my dad and mum about the quality of the mooncakes, both of them said that they were rather tasty and that the taste was just right for them. In fact, my mum liked it so much that she requested us to purchase a few more boxes for her when we visit Johor. Well, if you don’t want to travel all the way there, The Bakers Cottage has set up their booths here in Singapore [so far I have seen them in Junction 8 and Bugis Junction] and you might want to check them out and sample their mooncakes.

Here is the packaging for the box of mooncakes that we gotten from The Bakers Cottage

From Doraemon Mooncakes 2012

As for Baby and I, we ordered a rather special box of mooncakes for ourselves and these mooncakes are only available in Malaysia. If you have been checking our Facebook wall, you would have more or less heard of the Hello Kitty mooncakes and the Doraemon mooncakes; and yes, we ordered the Doraemon mooncakes to try and see for ourselves how the mooncakes fared in terms of taste.

We ordered the Tiramisu, Mango Tango, Nanyang XO Jing-Sa, and Chocolate Lotus Almond Biscuit Doraemon mooncakes and so far, we have tried the Tiramisu and Nanyang XO Jing-Sa mooncakes. If you were to ask us how we felt about the mooncakes, we would definitely give it two thumbs up! Not only do the mooncakes look cute, special, and unique; the mooncakes tasted fabulous too! You got to really try it for yourselves in order to believe what we say. In fact, Baby and I are planning to buy a few more boxes of the Doraemon and Hello Kitty mooncakes so that we can bring over to Taiwan, since we are going to spend mid-autumn festival there at CingJing Farm. In case you’re wondering how much our box of Doraemon mooncakes cost, it cost us only RM 67 which is about SGD$27.02 [3X cheaper than the Singapore Angry Birds mooncake].

As we ordered 4 pieces of Doraemon mooncakes, we were entitled to choose a bag that we fancied and so we chose this particular cooler-bag.

From Doraemon Mooncakes 2012

These were the 4 Doraemon mooncakes that we ordered.

From Doraemon Mooncakes 2012

Here’s the Tiramisu Doraemon mooncake that we tried. We found the mooncake to be rather flavourful as it has quite a strong hint of coffee flavour when we bite into it. It wasn’t too sweet and the taste was perfect.

From Doraemon Mooncakes 2012

How the inside of the Tiramisu Doraemon mooncake looks like.

From Doraemon Mooncakes 2012
From Doraemon Mooncakes 2012

This is the Nanyang XO Jing-Sa Doraemon mooncake that we tried. We found the mooncake to be extremely tasty because the chicken floss really complemented the fried bean paste rather perfectly and it has a balanced taste of sweet and salty.

From Doraemon Mooncakes 2012

This is how the inside looks like.

From Doraemon Mooncakes 2012

So, having shared my opinions and thoughts about overpriced mooncakes in Singapore, what are your own personal opinions and thoughts? Well, I certainly hope that this post would have kinda enlightened you and hence, you would have found out how to make your money worth especially if you have to splurge on mooncakes. Have a blessed mid-autumn festival in advance!

Stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!

Hello Everyone,
3 weeks ago, I put up a blog entry about the launch of McDonald’s Hello Kitty plush toys and since then, I have been receiving tons of queries asking if I have extra Hello Kitty plush toys.

Well, I’m sorry to say this but I absolutely do not have any extra Hello Kitty plush toys because the ones that I have are for my own personal collection.

As mentioned in my previous blog post, the McDonald Land Hello Kitty plush toys are expected to sell out really fast and hence the reason why I encouraged everyone to get them on the day of the launch. Well, for this particular week, the Ronald Hello Kitty will be available on Thursday [that is in 2 days time!] and it is the last of the Hello Kitty plush toy that you can collect to make it a complete set [provided that you have collected the Hamburglar Hello Kitty, the Grimace Hello Kitty, and the Birdie Hello Kitty“!

Here are 4 tips for you to secure your Ronald Hello Kitty this Thursday before it is sold out:

1). Go for a McDonald’s breakfast early in the morning on Thursday!
2). Dine at a McDonald’s restaurant that is not so crowded!
3). Go for a midnight McDonald’s supper on Wednesday!
4). Call for McDelivery lunch on Thursday if you ain’t free to dine at the restaurant!

From McDonald Hello Kitty 2012

Here’s my personal collection thus far. 3 down, 1 more to go! And yes, it is a perfect gift for any girl who loves Hello Kitty plush toys!

From McDonald Hello Kitty 2012

Hope this helps!

Stay tuned for more updates from us.

God bless!