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Germany’s most popular breakdance crew and four-time breakdancing world champions, The Flying Steps, will be bringing their first own production, Red Bull Flying Bach, to Singapore’s Esplanade Theatre for the first time this month!
[Image Credits to Red Bull Content Pool]

The internationally acclaimed show will leave you enraptured as the creative performance visualizes and revives Johann Sebastian Bach’s ‘Well-Tempered Clavier’ note by note, step by step with piano, harpsichord and electronic beats! Expect drama, intense passion, comedy and even love in this award-winning production!

The 70-minute show will trail the journey of six dancers and their teacher while the crew prepares for their big finals as tensions rise, like the ups and downs of the notes.

Contemporary dance meets breakdance when a woman enters the room, changing the dynamics and developments of the dancers, where desire meets refusal, arrogance meets curiosity and the clash of the two worlds are inevitable.

[Image Credits to Red Bull Content Pool]

Red Bull Flying Bach won the prestigious ECHO Klassik Sonderpreis, Germany’s major classical music awards, in 2010 and this January, the Red Bull Flying Bach will be staged at the Esplanade Singapore from 16 to 18 January 2014.

[Image Credits to Red Bull Content Pool]

If you are a fan of breakdancing or if you’re a breakdancer yourself, don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catch the Red Bull Flying Bach because they will only be here in Singapore for 2 days.

Tickets retail from $58 onwards and are currently available on sale at SISTIC Online.

For more information and updates about the Red Bull Flying Bach, you can visit the Red Bull Flying Bach Official Website or the Red Bull Flying Bach Facebook Event Page.

Now that Christmas is over, what’s next?
The New Year celebrations of course!

From now till 31 December 2013, Esplanade has lined up some really wonderful performances and workshops and they are absolutely FREE!

As a matter of fact, we are looking forward to visiting Esplanade this Saturday, 28 December 2013 and we would be spending half a day there from 4pm till 11pm.

Here are some event highlights that we are looking forward to at the various venues of Esplanade:

Doves & Ravens
Venue: Esplanade Concourse
Time: 6.15 – 6.45PM, 7.15 – 7.45PM, 8.15 – 8.45PM

Check out Doves & Ravens’ Song Cover of “Don’t You Worry Child” by the Swedish House Mafia

Doves & Ravens is a pop and rock group that has burst onto the scene with their infectious grooves and catchy melodies. With a modern-vintage sound reminiscent of the likes of Bruno Mars and the King of Pop, Michael Jackson; Doves & Ravens will play with all their heart and soul to bring audience a memorable show and we are definitely looking forward to hearing them jam it out at the Esplanade Concourse.

Sand Artist Lawrence Koh with Tze N Looking Glass Orchestra
Venue: Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
Time: 7.30 – 8.15PM, 8.45 – 9.30PM, 10 – 10.45PM

If you’re wondering what sand art is all about, check this out!

Inspired by their interest in Asian mythology and nature, the artists present a story of hope and celebration. Through their art forms of sand art and music, they bring audiences of all ages on a surreal and imaginative journey. Watch amazing images drawn in sand evolve before your eyes, with original music by composer-pianist Tze Toh, performed by soloists from the Tze n Looking Glass Orchestra.

Lawrence Koh is an international sand artist based in Singapore and he has performed widely across TV, theatre, film, and as well as at local and international corporate events. Enter into Lawrence’s surreal world of sand art where destruction is a way to creation and impermanence becomes a new language of storytelling.

Tze n Looking Glass Orchestra is Singapore’s unique fusion orchestra which plays original music inspired by science, nature, Asian mythology, and the simple beautiful stories in life. Described as the sound of contemporary Asia, the music combines film score, jazz, Chinese, Indian and European classical music.

Handmade Greeting Card Workshop by Pyus Chan
Venue: Craft Corner at Esplanade Upper Concourse
Time: 4 – 8 PM

Conducted by Pyus Chan whom graduated with a Bachelor Degree [Hons] in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore in 2012, you can learn how to make your own personal greeting cards and surprise your family and friends with a cute and unique handmade card! Basic materials will be provided for FREE and this workshop is open to all ages. However, children will need to be accompanied by an adult.

To find out more about other events that are happening at Esplanade from now till 31 December 2013, do check out the Celebrate December Festival Guide.

4 more days to Christmas and 11 more days to the start of a brand new year! Time really flies and while we are all busy doing our Christmas shopping, there is a group of people whom are working extremely hard to prepare the Marina Bay for the nation’s biggest countdown party of the year, the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2014.
If you have recently been to the Marina Bay, you would have noticed thousands of white spheres that are set afloat for the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2014 and on these white spheres are the wishes that individuals/groups of people have written for the coming New Year.

The wishing spheres project is an extensive one and a lot of coordination work has been done to consolidate the wishing spheres. To find out more about what goes on behind the scenes at the Wishing Stations, check out Hong Peng’s blogpost.

5 days ago, on a hot Monday morning, we were extremely privileged to have the opportunity to go behind the scenes and we learnt how the wishing spheres were installed and set afloat on the waters of Marina Bay.

Together with another Blogger, we boarded the boat and were given a brief tour around the Marina Bay where the wishing spheres were.

To install all the 20,000 wishing spheres, there is a grid system underneath the waters that guides where the wishing spheres are to be installed and there is a rope that would be attached to the wishing sphere to keep them in place.

To keep the wishing spheres in tip-top condition, maintenance is usually carried out after Christmas and because of environmental factors like heat and light, some of the wishing spheres would deflate or change in colour; hence, they would either be manually inflated or replaced with a new wishing sphere.

The installation of the wishing sphere is certainly not an easy feat. With a crew size of 4 persons and equipped with 2 boats, the crew will have to either brave the scorching hot sun or the unrelenting rain to get this gigantic task done by New Year’s Eve!

Now that you know what goes on behind the scenes, be ever grateful that there’s someone out there who will make your New Year celebration a joyous occasion! Just head down to the Marina Bay on New Year’s Eve to check out the spectacular light display of the wishing spheres and don’t forget to bring along your camera!

On this note, we would like to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas in advance! 🙂