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First and foremost, here’s both Jacqueline and I wishing all of you Winsomelifers a Happy New Year 2013!
As I was in Ipoh [my hometown] over the weekends since last Saturday, I wasn’t able to Blog and hence, that kinda explains the lack of Blog entries over the last few days. Nevertheless, because it is New Year’s Day today, I will not let this day slip by without Blogging a single entry.

Well, as much as I would love to Blog about my recent trip to Ipoh, I am currently unable to do so as I have tons of photos that have yet been edited. However, if you have been following me on Instagram and/or Twitter, you might have caught some snippets which I shot during my trip.

From this trip alone, I’ve learnt many things and one of them which really left a deep lasting impression on me is that no matter how tough the going can be, my pillar of strength, encouragement, and refuge, will always come from my own family members and loved ones. I will definitely dwell more on this topic in my coming blog entries because I really want people [especially the younger ones] to know that they should appreciate their family members more and not take them for granted.

Anyways, we have received more than 30 entries for the current giveaway that we are having and we also saw some pretty interesting and creative answers to our question, “Where would you want to paste the Sticky Ties should you win this contest?”. Well, if you haven’t submitted your entry and you would like to win yourself a set of 5 Sticky Ties, do hurry as the giveaway will end in 25 days time!

If you’re not sure what are Sticky Ties, do click the following link to find out more:

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Last but not the least, we really want to thank all of you Winsomelifers for being our awesome readers. In fact, we are really happy to announce that our Blog has gotten more than 100,000 views all-time and for the month of December, we had gotten 862 views a day! Besides that, we now have 50 Fans on our Facebook Page and our Winsomelifer’s Programme currently has 54 members! All these would not have been possible if not for the tremendous support from all of you and we really want to thank you all for your unwavering support and love. Also, all glory be unto the LORD because if not for Him, we wouldn’t have had the supernatural favour and abundance of blessings that kept pouring into our lives!

Stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!

It’s 23 more days to Christmas and we are feeling kinda generous. So, for this month, we have an exciting giveaway just for all of you Winsomelifers and all you have to do is just check out https://awinsomelife.org/current-blog-giveaway/ and you can participate in this giveaway by “Liking” our Facebook Page, “Tweeting” about our Giveaway, “Following” us on Twitter, or “Answering” our question, “Why do you want to win the bottle of Moscato D’Asti, G.D Vajra?”
The Bottle of Moscato D’Asti from G.D. Vajra that You Can Stand to Win

Now, this bottle of Moscato D’Asti from G.D. Vajra is our favourite and we really love it because it is really fruity and has a low alcohol content. In fact, we will always order this bottle of Moscato D’Asti from G.D. Vajra whenever we drop by The Straits Wine and honestly, this bottle of Moscato D’Asti from G.D. Vajra is extremely rare and is seldom found in Singapore. Having seeked high and low for this bottle of Moscato D’Asti from G.D. Vajra at various places in Singapore, The Straits Wine is by far the only company that we know is carrying this bottle of Moscato D’Asti from G.D. Vajra.

Wine Bottle Label of Moscato D’Asti G.D. Vajra

So, if you are interested in owning this bottle of Moscato D’Asti from G.D. Vajra, do submit your entry for the giveaway now! This giveaway is only open to those whom are 18 and above and proof of identity is required for verification. The winner will be contacted via Email or Facebook when the contest closes on 21 December 2012, 12PM.

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Some Background Information About G.D. Vajra that is extracted from The Straits Wine Website
[a winery in Italy that has a long-standing history of producing the finest wines]

The winery was established in 1972, but the Vaira family’s history dates back over two centuries from the Barolo. Aldo was a ‘city born guy’ from Torino and he returned as a young man to the farm. Thereafter, he fell in love with the life there and started a winery. To say it was a real challenge in those times to start a winery is an understatement; in fact, Aldo’s family and friends could not understand his decision to go back as most people were doing the exact opposite trying to get to the city and lead a better life.

The Vajra Family

Vajra wines are traditionally driven with longer macerations and they primarily use Slavonian casks for aging. However, Aldo does not use ‘traditional’ to describe his style. He is not conservative in the winery and he makes decisions based on the vintage and what the grapes that year deliver. Very high quality is his style. The wines as a whole are based on elegance and beauty are a benchmark for Barolo.

Today, Giuseppe whom is Aldo’s son, is the winemakers assistant to his father and he is full of the same passion and drive that Aldo has. G.D. Vajra is definitely in great hands for the future.

Stay tuned to more updates from us and God bless!