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One of the most effective ways to improve your indoor air quality is to introduce a whole-home air cleaner system in addition to your HVAC filtration. Indoor air quality is incredibly important considering we spend about 90% of our time inside a building, according to the EPA. Other factors like local allergens and owning pets can also affect indoor air quality. Luckily, adding a whole-home air purifier is an easy installation by an HVAC professional.

Health Benefits

We want our homes and HVAC ductwork to be airtight to keep a comfortable, consistent temperature. However, this means that whatever particulate is inside must be filtered by the HVAC system. A whole-home air cleaning system will assist your HVAC unit in filtering even finer particulate from the air, including smoke from fireplaces and cigarettes. Electrostatic and activated carbon filters pull more allergens, mould, dust, dander, and other particulates from the home environment. These can cause headaches and flu-like symptoms in healthy individuals and severely aggravate existing breathing problems in others.

HVAC Life Span

By installing an air cleaning system, you’ll reduce the number of contaminants being caught by the HVAC filter. Consequently, this will reduce the buildup of particulate in your ductwork and HVAC cabinet. Your HVAC unit will run at optimal efficiency when the filter isn’t being overloaded by dust, allergens, mould, and lint. Additionally, the blower on the HVAC unit will be relieved of a lot of work when the air being brought in is cleaner. Ultimately, this results in fewer repairs and less wear and tear, prolonging the life span of your unit.

Less Cleaning


Your whole-home air cleaning system will be able to pull much more particulates from the air than an HVAC filter alone. It can even trap smoke particulates. It also helps to trap odours that may linger in the air even after cleaning. This results in overall cleaner smelling air with less dust to settle onto surfaces. For instance, HEPA-style media filters can remove 99.9% of particulate matter from the air above a certain particle size, according to Time Magazine.


The modularity of whole-home air cleaners makes them truly wonderful. This factor gives you many options for features and placement. A standalone unit can be installed in a ceiling or wall and looks like an air-supply vent. These devices use a two-layer filter. The first is an electrostatic filter to attract contaminants and trap them on the filter and return clean air. The second is a polarized activated-carbon filter that can trap unpleasant odours. A standalone unit is not connected to your HVAC and can be placed in any room. However, a standalone can be attached to your HVAC system at the air return vent, cleaning the entire air supply system.

Whole-home air cleaners can dramatically improve the indoor air quality of your home, which is a huge boon for your overall health, well-being, and comfort. It takes a load off of your HVAC unit’s filter, prolongs its life span and keeps your home cleaner overall.