24 hour clinics


You may have a severe cough or an injury that takes place during the wee hours and if so, the first thing that you may probably think about is to visit the emergency rooms in hospitals so that you can get the treatment that you need. However, historically, you may have to wait for hours even if you only require a few stitches.

The current times contribute to the expensive costs of healthcare, and even a quick visit to the ER may require you to pay costly bills in one day. If you have a non-life-threatening emergency, what you can do is to give prompt care clinics a call in Augusta. Doctors are running these facilities, and you can get urgent care speedily.

About the Clinics

If you want to get blood tests, x-rays, laboratory results, stitches, and other medical care, then the healthcare providers in urgent care clinics can help you. They have lots of medical assistants, nurses, and doctors that are all qualified to deal with medical issues regardless if it’s a walk-in or the visit was made by appointments. There are also senior care and pediatrics available to cater to patients of all ages.

It’s essential to remember that these facilities are specializing in the treatments of non-life-threatening conditions. They will do the necessary check-up and tests but if they see that you require more profound medical intervention because of cancer, arthritis, and other diseases; they will refer you to a specialist in this area.

If you have asthma, bronchitis, gastrointestinal problems, allergies, and flu symptoms, urgent care clinics can cater to your needs and give you some prescribed medications to improve your conditions. Some also handle sprains, back pain, bug bites, and other issues with muscles and bones. Read more on when to go to an urgent care clinic or an ER on this site here.

Some clinics would work with you to know more about your condition. If you need a comprehensive diagnostic test for work or school, they can provide you with drug tests, blood tests, and x-rays for your convenience. The staff can consist of technicians who will analyze the samples you’ve given to get a full report within the day.

They are Ideal for One’s Lifestyle Today

Many people have hectic lifestyles, and some don’t even want to go to the hospitals because of the fear of getting infected with many diseases. With that being said, clinics can help patients to recover by giving them the medicines that they need quickly.

They diagnose, check, and treat the conditions that are sometimes beyond what a typical doctor’s office can do. One of the serious advantages that they can offer for children who go to school and working parents is their availability after hours. 

Many people won’t have to miss their jobs or their recitals because they can always go to a clinic during the weekends or holidays if they want to have a check-up. Other facilities have pharmacies in place, so you won’t need to make several trips to buy medication.

Spend Less

Many people would appreciate the fact that they are going to spend lesser in clinics than in hospitals. The facilities often partner with several insurance providers so that they can get more clients. There are also financing options for people who are not covered with insurance or any healthcare plans. Know more about insurance here: https://www.policygenius.com/health-insurance/learn/health-insurance-basics-and-guide/

It’s sometimes a fact that many ER bills could add up to thousands of dollars even if you have just stayed inside for two days. The good thing about the urgent care clinics is that you can get the same services without too much waiting and only a fraction of the costs. They sometimes even offer concierge options and memberships that allows you to co-pay lesser than the traditional family insurance package you currently have.

As many patients find out, they can rely on these centers to treat their medical conditions in the shortest time possible. While they are not in the industry to replace the primary care given by physicians, they are still excellent alternatives if your doctor is not available. If you need a non-life-threatening medical service, visit a clinic in Augusta and see their website for the available services that they can do for you.