Hello Everyone,
thanks to the organisers from OMY.SG and the Far East Organisation, I was really honoured to have been invited and chosen as one of the fifteen bloggers who participated in the GreenwichV Experience last Saturday!

So, prior to the commencement of the event, my team [the Urban team] decided to do a site recee and take a stroll there. And within 30 minutes, we practically combed through the entire place and were ready to rock the place.

Our starting point was the Empire State Restaurant and there, we were briefed by our game master a.k.a facilitator, Janet, on the rules of the game and following which, we were treated to a really extremely gigantic beef burger served with fries by the side. The name of this dish is known as the Empire State Burger Trust me, even though there were 5 of us in the team, we couldn’t even finish 3/4 of the entire dish. And well, after the burger came the Empire State Pizza and last but not the least, the Meatball Spaghetti! By the time the last dish came, we wondered if we would still have the stomach for the rest of the F&B Outlets that were part of our race.

The Empire State Burger

From The GreenwichV Experience 2012

The Empire State Pizza

From The GreenwichV Experience 2012

Meatball Spaghetti

From The GreenwichV Experience 2012

Our Second Stop- Chinta Manis [English translation would be Sweet Love]

Well, the Kuehs and Pastries here are just fabulous. In fact, we tried their Ondeh Ondeh and their Chocolate Hazelnut Cake and it was heavenly! The ingredients used were extremely fresh and the sweets were just balanced in taste. [not too sweet and not too plain]. If you are looking for some traditional handmade Nonya Kuehs for your party and events, this is the place to get them!

Our Third Stop- Hockhua Tonic

We were being tasked to find out the price of their most expensive and hot-selling birds’ nest here and had to also know which particular brands they were. It was to my surprise that after this particular visit, I realised that birds’ nest were not that expensive after all. A lesson learnt for me. Perhaps maybe I could get this as a gift for my mum during Mother’s Day! =P

Our Fourth Stop- Mai Thai Restaurant

Mai Thai Restaurant only has 3 outlets in Singapore, with GreenwichV being its latest. I particular like the ambience of the restaurant because it is quite chic, contemporary, and yet also has a traditional element to it. Here, we were served beverages, Tom Yum Soup, Prawn Cakes, Beef Stew, and Stir-Fried Basil Chicken. For myself, I had Lime Juice as my beverage while the ladies had Thai Iced Tea. Their Tom Yum Soup and Prawn Cakes were my favourite and if you are going to drop by, do give it a try as it is really worth it.

The Menu Cover

From The GreenwichV Experience 2012

Lime Juice

From The GreenwichV Experience 2012

Thai Ice-Tea

From The GreenwichV Experience 2012

Piping Hot Tom Yum Soup

From The GreenwichV Experience 2012

Thai Prawn Cakes! Absolutely must try!

From The GreenwichV Experience 2012

Our Fifth Stop- Paradise Inn

Gosh, its another food outlet again and this time, we were served Fried Rice, Fried Prawns Coated with Salted Egg, Sweet and Sour Pork, and Stir-Fried Vegetables. Here, I personally like the Fried Prawns Coated with Salted Egg because this dish is not only unique but it is also flavourful and fried till perfection. The prawns were very fresh and it was just awesome. Not just food alone, I also like the restaurants interior decoration because of its traditional features.

The Nice Interior Decorations and Ambience of the Restaurant

From The GreenwichV Experience 2012
From The GreenwichV Experience 2012
From The GreenwichV Experience 2012
From The GreenwichV Experience 2012

Fried Prawns Coated with Salted Egg. Must try!*

From The GreenwichV Experience 2012

Our Sixth Stop- Berrylite

Yet, another food stop! Hahas. We were all trying to stomach in all the delicious food that were served to us thus far but well, at least this was something really lite for our stomachs! I particularly like the store’s bright decorations and contemporary interior design. The service staff were extremely friendly and we were presented with various flavours of yoghurt and smoothies to try. For those of you who really know me, I don’t like yoghurt and I have never ever in my 24 years of living on planet earth, gulped down even a cup of yoghurt! But Berrylite was an exception for me. Here’s why, I was sampling their Red Velvet Yoghurt and seriously, it did not even tasted like yoghurt to me at all. In fact, it tasted like those MacDonald’s soft-serve ice-cream [not an insult here] and all I felt was as if I was eating a “Chocolate flavoured Ice-Cream”! So yes, tasted like ice-cream but minus all the extra calories! From now on, I will consider eating yoghurts from Berrylite and I don’t have a phobia for yoghurts anymore thanks to Berrylite! =D

The Nice Cafe Ambience!

From The GreenwichV Experience 2012
From The GreenwichV Experience 2012

Yeah! Feel free to indulge guilt-free because its 100% FAT FREE!

From The GreenwichV Experience 2012

Toppings available to top your yoghurt with!

From The GreenwichV Experience 2012
From The GreenwichV Experience 2012

Red Velvet Yoghurt! My favourite yoghurt from now on!

From The GreenwichV Experience 2012

Our Seventh Stop- VideoEzy

Do you know that VideoEzy was founded in Australia? Well, I didn’t knew that because all along, I thought that VideoEzy was a local enterprise. We always learn something new everyday don’t we? Here, we were tasked to find out what are the various rental price plans and what the prices are. Simple task indeed and well, here you see me trying to be Tintin!

Our Eighth Stop- Toastbox

Here, we were served a Peanut Butter Thick Toast and A Bowl of Chicken Curry! Honestly, I have been patronising ToastBox many times and I always am intrigued by their “mountain-shaped butter”. Not just that, I particular enjoy their thick toasts which are always made to perfection. In fact, I very much enjoy their breakfast sets as they have more varieties of food than Ya Kun.

Our Ninth Stop- Cedele

This was my virgin experience to Cedele and I was absolutely blown away by its concept! Healthy food, healthy living indeed. We were served with two beverages, one a yoghurt-like drink and the second, an ABC fruit juice. We were also treated to their Red Velvet Cake and also a plate of Steamed Fish served with Greens by the Side, and a plate of Mini Beef Burgers! We had a rather beefy affair the whole day indeed. =D So yes, I particular like their food because they were all made with natural/organic ingredients, prepared with healthy cooking methods where there’s no preservatives used! Oh, and Cedele’s most popular cake is their carrot cake! If you are looking for something healthy, try Cedele because I will soon find myself visiting Cedele more frequent than ever before.

Ambience of Cedele

From The GreenwichV Experience 2012
From The GreenwichV Experience 2012

The Two Most Healthy Beverage I Ever Had!

From The GreenwichV Experience 2012

Our Tenth Stop- Rosabelle Launderette

From its name, you can most probably guess that Rosabelle Laundrette is in the laundry business. Here, we were tasked to find out the costs of sending a suit and an evening gown for laundry cleaning services and well, it was an easy task indeed. What was extra special about this particular laundry shop is that it has laundry services for those expensive and posh handbags, like your typical Gucci, LV, Prada and etc.! I haven’t heard of anything like it but well, if you ever asked yourself where you can get your expensive handbags to be sent for cleaning, you might just want to check out this place.

Our Final Stop- Phoenix Medical Group

Here, one of us from the team is to try their facial wash product and yes, yours truly here was handpicked/arrowed to try out their facial wash product. It was my virgin experience doing a facial in a commercial setting by the way but after the experience, I can’t wait to try it again! After the facial wash, my face was extremely smooth and Baby can vouch for that. My face felt so clean that I can’t helped but to keep touching my face. Well, Phoenix Medical Group not just provides facial products but they do also provide other aesthetic products and you might just want to check them out. They also have health screening services available and personally, I felt that the price was pretty reasonable.

So after the long day of eating and walking and walking and eating, we finally headed back to our meeting point to upload all the photographs that we took for the day. And well, for the entire race, my team came in 3rd placing and we walked away with $100 GreenwichV Vouchers where we could use it at any of the shops at GreenwichV. If you’re staying around Yio Chu Kang/Seletar, be sure to check out this new food haven where you can expect to find lots of interesting eateries. Not only that, on the 18th and 19th of February which is this Saturday and Sunday, GreenwichV is also organising a weekend carnival where you can experience the wonderful and exciting treats they have installed for you. Oh yes, Baby particular like the Cold Stone Cream Ice-Cream giveaway! [yes it’s free!]

And one last thing before I end off this entry, if you enjoyed my team’s blog entry, do give us your vote and vote us as your favourite team! You might be asking me why you should vote right? Well, you should vote because 6 lucky voters will walk away with a $50 GreenwichV Shopping Voucher! To vote for us, simply check out and cast your votes! Voting begins from 16th March 2012!

Some Photos Taken Around Greenwich V!

From The GreenwichV Experience 2012
From The GreenwichV Experience 2012
From The GreenwichV Experience 2012

Some of the Stalls Selling their Handicrafts at the Carnival!

From The GreenwichV Experience 2012
From The GreenwichV Experience 2012

Just in case you’re driving and wondering how much it is to park there.

From The GreenwichV Experience 2012

And yes, you might get the chance to see Whisky, a really adorable dog of the owner of My Pets Culture, a dedicated pets saloon shop!

From The GreenwichV Experience 2012
From The GreenwichV Experience 2012

So head down to GreenwichV this weekend to find out more!

From The GreenwichV Experience 2012
From The GreenwichV Experience 2012

Stay tuned for more updates from us!

God Bless!

Hello Everyone,
I have received tons of emails with questions relating to the breeding of Triops and in this blog entry, I shall attempt to address some of the frequently asked questions.

If you have noticed, I haven’t put up any updates with regards to my Triops and that’s because my entire Triops have been wiped out by ammonia and harmful bacteria. Would I purchase another Triops kit again? Probably not, unless someone wants me to conduct an educational lesson on the breeding of Triops.

For now, here are some of the frequently asked questions about breeding Triops.

Question 1.

Will Triops be able to lay eggs?

Answer: yes, Triops are able to lay eggs and multiply given the right condition.

Question 2.

What kind of condition is suitable for Triops to breed and lay eggs in?

Answer: your tank set-up must have sand for it to dig into and lay eggs and the water used must be normal water free from any chlorine or other chemicals.

Question 3.

What kind of sand should I use and can I use bottled mineral water purchased from the various supermarkets and mini-marts?

Answer: you can use beach sand or sand purchased from the aquarium shop. Do not use decorative coloured sands as they contain chemicals which will be harmful for your Triops. Also, avoid using playground sand as they may contain harmful bacteria and cause a plague in your Triops tank. Yes, you can use bottled mineral water purchased from the supermarkets.

Question 4.

What should I feed my Triops?

Answer: should you run out of Triops food which comes with the experimental kit, you can actually purchase dried brine shrimp and grind it into power form to feed your Triops.

Question 5.

Should I introduce live food to my Triops?

Answer: you can choose to feed your Triops live food although it is generally not recommended as it will pollute your tank and cause a buildup of ammonia in the Triops tank.

Question 6.

How long can Triops live up to?

Answer: well, they can live up to a few weeks depending on how you take care of them. My longest living Triops was 3 weeks!

So the above are common questions that people have emailed me about and I hope that those of you who are intending to breed Triops would find it useful. Till then, there will not be any more updates about Triops unless someone wants me to document the process of breeding Triops! Cheers~!

Hello Everyone,
for those of you who have been keeping track of my blog entries on Triops, I have some really bad news to share.

Of the six Triops that hatched, I now only have one Triops left. 5 of them died and it was pretty saddening. From this experience, I learnt the following:

1) The more Triops you have, the bigger a tank you ought to have.

2) More Triops equals to more waste. In my case, the buildup of ammonia was so great that it wiped out most of my Triops.

3) Never try feeding live food to your Triops. I tried to experiment with the 2nd generation of Triops by feeding them live Daphnia. Although feeding the Triops with Daphnia made them grow pretty fast, the water condition was also getting quite intoxicated with the buildup of ammonia and Bacteria;  both of which are lethal to the Triops.

4) When the water gets really cloudy, you ought to do a 75-80% water change. 

*For now, I am just going to cross my fingers and pray that the one and only Triops I have left is a female so that she would be able to lay eggs and hatch a 3rd generation of Triops. I have seen it digging the sand recently so hopefully it will be good news.

Stay tuned for further updates on my Triops!

The One and Only Triops I have Left =(


Hello Everyone,
I have been keeping Betta splendens. (also more commonly known at Siamese Fighting Fishes) since June 2011 and I would like to share with you my experiences. In this blog entry, I will introduce you to this exotic-looking fish and how you can start keeping them as a pet.

Why Keep Fighting Fish?

If your parents or spouse dislike you keeping big pets like dogs or cats or even keeping furry pets like hamsters, then having fighting fishes as pets might be an excellent idea afterall. Fighting fish is easy to maintain and does not cost much. They are pretty hardy and can live for very long (around 2-5 years). Not only that, they can really entertain you for ages. The downside to keeping fighting fish is probably the fact that they are very aggressive, hence, there are not many compatible tank-mates if you wish to have a wide variety of aquarium pets in one tank.

What Are the More Common Types of Siamese Fighting Fishes Based On Their Tail Shapes?














How Long Can Siamese Fighting Fishes Live?

If properly kept and fed a correct diet, they can live approximately 2-5 years in captivity.

Where Can You Get Siamese Fighting Fish?

If you are starting out and would like to keep fighting fish as a hobby or pet, you can get a normal one which usually costs less than $5 at most aquarium pet stores.

  • There are many pet stores in Serangoon North and they have fighting fish that costs $1 to $3. “Better” ones are about $5.
  • There are also other premium pet stores such as those situated in upscale shopping centres like Plaza Singapura, The Central @ Clarke Quay, and etc, and they sell fighting fishes that cost around $15-$30.

However, if you are planning to breed fighting fish and go for show competitions, you might want to consider getting quality fighting fish from reputable breeders. One of the very reputable local breeders I know of is Kelson. He has a wealth of experience in breeding fighting fish and he has a store situated at Roxy Square. The fighting fish he has are top grade and some of them don’t come cheap. To find out more, you can visit his website <– here

What to Look Out for When Buying Fighting Fish?

  • While selecting a betta fish, look for one that shows energy and has its fins unharmed.
  • A healthy betta fish will show awareness during feeding times.
  • With sufficient space, betta fish will swim around energetically, flaring their gills and showing off their fin display in order to be a focus for mates.
  • An unhealthy fish will not swim around a lot and will not show awareness in food. The state of its fins may also get worse.
  • Do not purchase a fish that appears to be less healthy, even if all of the fish in the store that day appear lethargic and unwell.

What Do You Need to Keep Fighting Fish?

  • An aquarium or bowl (don’t really have to be a big one)
  • Water conditioner (anti-chlorine chemical to remove chlorine chemical in tap water)
  • A fish net (to scoop up your fighting fish when doing water change, I will generally recommend a Betta Scoop as it does not damage the fins of fighting fish)
  • A small plant (for your fighting fish to have some privacy but do select one where the edges are not sharp)
Some people do add some gravel stones or decorating stones to enhance the appearance of the tank. Generally, that is not recommended as it may tear the fins of your fighting fish. Also, tt is recommended to avoid metal decorations. Since metal reacts with water, it can pose serious threat to the health of your fighter fish.

What Do You Feed the Fighting Fish?

You can feed the fighting fish a variety of food and they are classified mainly into two categories. Live food and Non-Live Food.

Live food can be bloodworms, daphnia (also known as Ang Boon in Hokkien), or baby brine shrimps. However, live food are really expensive and are not able to last more than a few days. The worst thing about feeding live food to fighting fish is that diseases can be easily spread and once the fighting fish has gotten used to eating live food, they might reject non-live food.

Non-live food are food pellets that are made from brine shrimp meat or white fish meat. There are many brands out there but the one I strongly would recommend is the Atison’s Betta Pro which you can purchase from Petsmart at Serangoon North. The Atison’s Betta Pro can be considered the best food available in the market for fighting fishes.

My Fighting Fishes

My Yellow Black Plakad (Male)


My Red HalfMoon (Male)


My Red Halfmoon (Female)


My Red Crowntail Which Unfortunately Died After Mating


If I have garnered enough interests from you readers about these beautiful exotic fighting fishes, my future blog entries would include topics such as Breeding Fighting Fishes, Common Diseases for Fighting Fish and How to Tackle Them, Best Practices and Tips from Local Breeders.

Should you have any queries about keeping fighting fish, please do not hesitate to drop me an email or an sms.

ps. I have just bred some baby fries and there are about 20 of them which I intend to give away if you’re interested. These are bred from both my red halfmoons (pictures as above) and they were bought from Kelson, so you can be assured that its of a high quality breed. Let me know if you’re interested to keep them as a pet.

Also, if you are interested to breed fighting fish, check out my blog post about breeding fighting fishes.


Hello Everyone,
here is an update as to how my Triops are doing.

Just some background information, the 1st generation of Triops that I had was the one and only one I had. When it died, I didn’t know that it had laid eggs until I looked really closely at the water. From just 1 Triops (from the initial kit I bought from Pet Lover’s Centre), I now have 6 2nd Generation Triops. In case you are wondering how they are doing now, here are some photos and a video.

Pictures of My Triops: Day 7 Since They Hatched

2nd Generation of Triops

2nd Generation of Triops

A Short Video of My Triops


Some Additional Information That You Might Be Interested To Know About

  • I sometimes feed my Triops with Daphnia. Most of the time, I feed them with Brine Shrimp Pellets (similar to what I feed my Betta Fishes with)
  • When the water level of the tank is less than half, I would top it up with tap water (anti-chlorine chemical added)
  • Do not top up too much water or change the water entirely as Triops might not be able to adjust to the sudden drop in water temperature.
If you have any questions regarding the breeding of Triops or any other enquiries, please feel free to drop me an email at
Hello Everyone,

having raised Triops for almost more than 1 month now, I would like to share this exciting and fun experience with all of you.

How I Started Out?

Well, one day, when baby and I were heading to NeX to catch a movie, we passed by the Pet Lovers Centre to check out what new pets they had and lo and behold, we stumbled upon this UANTriops kit and I got really excited about it. Seeing the kiddish smile on my face, Baby bought the kit for me to experiment and explore despite me insisting that I should pay for it. I bet you must be having many questions right now and I shall attempt to be very detailed as I can in this blog entry.

What does the UANTriops kit comes with?
  • A clear plastic container to raise your Triops in
  • Triops Eggs for you to hatch Triops
  • Triops Food to feed your Triops
  • Thermometer Strip to measure the temperature of the water
  • Feeding Spoon to feed the Triops food to your Triops
  • Plastic Vacuum Tube to vacuum out all the unconsumed food  to prevent any waste and toxic buildup
  • Rectangular Plastic Microscope to view your baby Triops which I find not very useful
  • Instruction Sheet to guide you on setting up the container, how much to feed, and what to look out for
Day 1 (16 July 2011)

Alright, being a newbie at this whole new experience with no background at all, I followed every instructions on the box and modified some of it on my own.

This is how my setup actually look like.

Triops Day 1

Note: I decided to add some beach sand to my tank setup because I wanted to breed more Triops. For your information, Triops enjoy digging sand to lay their eggs in.

Precaution: Please do not use tap water for the tank setup as tap water contains chlorine. You should only use tap water if you have added anti-chlorine chemical into the water. For me, I used Evian Mineral Water. I am not entirely sure if distilled water is actually a good idea because the water is too pure and too clean.

General Advise: Do not be disheartened if you do not see the eggs hatched within 24 hours. Mine actually took longer than that. So don’t go do anything to it and don’t be too anxious. Just be patient and wait!

Day 3 (19 July 2011)

In a span of 3 days, this is how much my Triops have grown!

Triops Day 10

Note: Out of the supposedly 10 eggs, 3 actually hatched. One died while still a tiny baby and the other died when it was unable to shed its shell for some reason.

Day 5 (21 July 2011)

My Triops has reached maturity and is shedding its own shell. At this point in time, it enjoys digging the sand for some reason. Probably to lay eggs?

Triops Day 12

Day 28 (13 August 2011)

Triops Day 35

Today, I saw my Triops acting pretty weirdly. It wriggled on its back and was no longer as active as it was the day before. Sensing that it must be dying soon, I prepared for the worst and true enough, it died that day. I asked myself if I should get another kit to entertain myself but I decided against it as I have three other Betta fishes to take care off. However, just as I was about to dispose the entire kit, I saw about 5 small organisms in the water wriggling about. Looking closer, I realised that they were the offsprings of the Triops which died!

Feeling rejuvenated and excited once again, I crossed my fingers and dropped a little spoonful of Triops food around the tank.

Day 30 (15 August 2011)

Triops Day 37

I am proud to say that I am now the owner of 6 young Triops and they are now swimming as happily as they can be! If the conditions are right, I suppose I might be able to breed more Triops in the very near future! Stay tuned for more updates along the way. Should you have any queries about Triops and breeding them, feel free to drop me an email.

Some Frequently Asked Questions, extracted from UANTriops Distributor Website 

Reasons why you should keep Triops!

1) Triops are easy to care for and maintain, plus they only require a minimum of equipment, space and cost. Best of all, everything is in the UANTriops package!

2) Triops are truly instant-pets! They hatch within 24 hrs.

3) A great “beginner’s guide” to keeping an aquarium! Triops offer an easy-to-start aquarium experience, educating owners with the fundamental approach to caring for an aquarium.

4) Re-live History! It educates the young generation on the valuable life cycle. Many schools over the whole have used this package as an educational tool to educate kids.

5) Counter Mosquito! In some countries, Triops are a biological vector of mosquito control. The similar environment that both their young ones live in enables both to spawn but Triops grow much faster and thus, able to feed on the larves of Mosquito.

6) Triops are kinda like Sea-Monkeys but much bigger and a whole lot COOLER!