Inspecting homes for sale in Colorado can be a very difficult task. While you are admiring home features such as built-in bookshelves and breakfast nook, it is very important to observe the house closely so that you can discover any potential shortcomings. 

On the side of the buyer, a home inspection checklist gives you a complete overview of the building, detailing if the home requires major repairs or it is well-maintained. If the building is not up to the required standard, ask the seller to repair the damaged areas or set out some amount of money that the repair work will cost.

As a seller, the report provides you with detailed information on things that buyers will likely notice in your house so that you can fix them before they arrive at your doorstep. This will help you to get a good offer for your home. 

Home Inspection Checklist for Buyers 

When you are doing the initial inspection of the house you want to buy, you might be confused about what to examine and the areas that need to be checked properly. The following are some areas that you must scrutinize while searching for a house you intend to buy: 


Be on the lookout for any moss, dark spots, or even stains. This will help you to find out if any parts of the roof need urgent attention, especially leaking parts. You can also check the tiles or shingles. Do also ask the owner about the last time the roof was replaced. Make sure there is a proper gutter drainage system in place that also has gutter guards to reduce gutter cleaning time.


Search for big cracks in the foundation because this can affect the integrity of the house. Find out if there are trees that are threatening the foundation of the building. Examine the land that surrounds the building and see if there are parts that are sunken, soggy, and squishy. If you are not sure of how to run proper checks on the foundation, you can watch this video to see the signs to look out for.

Doors and windows 

Find out if the doors and windows can be opened and closed without difficulty. Check to see if there are parts that are misaligned. You can also search for indications of moisture around the panes or close to the frames.  

Cooling and Heating systems 

Find out the condition of the cooling and heating systems that are installed in the house to know if they are functioning well. You can also check the date of production and the serial number so that you will know how long they have been in use and the kind of maintenance they require. The knowledge of all these should guide you in taking decisions that will be favorable for you. 


Do you perceive any strange smell around or in the building? Check to see if the smell indicates the presence of mildew or mould. If this is the case, call the attention of the homeowner to it and listen to what he has to say. Note this down too as you might want to bring it up when it’s time for payment.

Basement and Attic 

While checking the building, you have to look out for signs of water intrusion or moisture in the basement and attic. Check to see if they are in good condition, otherwise, you can take a decision to move on.


Make sure that the water pressure is adequate. Examine all the fittings in the building to find out if they are working. Also, search for indications of leaks in the cabinets. Check the water heater to find out the year it was manufactured. This will help you to know its life span and how much longer you are likely able to use them.

Electrical Fittings

Check the electric switches and ensure that the entire outlets are grounded. You have to check the house wiring to know if they are recent or outdated. This is because outdated wiring can be very difficult to upgrade to the latest wiring which enables the use of circuit breakers. It is also a huge risk to have faulty or broken electric fittings. Ensure that you ask the home seller cogent questions about this aspect of the house especially when you notice something that is not right.

You can always hire a professional Chandler Home Inspector to make sure that the home you are planning to buy or sell is in top condition.

Major Appliances 

If the seller includes washer, oven dryer, and refrigerator in the sale package, you have to examine them and find out their condition before you make any payment.         

Home Inspection Checklist for Sellers

The following are some provisions on the seller’s home inspection checklist:

Wash and Declutter Access Points 

Wash the furnace filter, oven, and stove. Empty the storage room from the attic. Arrange all the closets that lead to your space or attic. Also, clear more than four inches of the house perimeter. 

Inspect the Functionality of the House Appliances and Items 

Close and open all the windows, check the seals and locks. Make sure you flush the toilets and examine the faucets. Test run all the bathroom and ceiling fans.  Examine the electrical switches in the building; close and open garage doors with your remote and also do it manually. Make sure that the weather stripping located at the door is still there. Check the downspouts and ensure that they are still diverting water. Check the heating and fan ducts and see if they are in good condition. 

Take Simple Security and Safety Precautions 

Change the batteries of the smoke detectors. Test the carbon monoxide detector and make sure that there is a fire extinguisher in the building. Clear the entry points and cap the gas lines. Exterminate rodents or bugs.

Repair Damaged Areas in the Building  

Start by changing the light bulbs and re-caulk around sinks and bathtubs. Identify water damages in the bathrooms and repair them. Eliminate drain clogs and change dingy grout. Replace cracked windows and torn screens. Additionally, you have to fix any part of the roof that is missing. Doing this will not only increase the value but will also give the buyer a reassuring feeling that they won’t start fixing things in the home from the first month.

Improve the Home Exterior 

Remove the debris found on the roof. Clean the gutters and cut the trees located on the roofline. Clean the debris in the foundation vents, downspout drainage, and A/C compressor. Doing all these will give the home a facelift.


If you are inspecting a house to either buy or sell it, taking out time to check for all the home fittings and appliances should be a top priority. We have outlined some tips that may help you out with the process so feel free to check them out.


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