You may have heard from one of your friends about Egyptian cotton, and they guaranteed that these are the best out there. But before you hurry to the nearest store, it is essential to know more about these kinds of sheets.

If you wonder what Egyptian cotton is, it is a kind of fibre that comes from the species Gossypium Barbadense. This cotton plant is commonly known to grow well in countries such as Egypt where the cords are longer and the threads produced are extra delicate. They are then weaved into high-quality Egyptian cotton bed sheets that make for comfortable sleeping. Some people also prefer these types of cotton for their sofas and bed covers.

  1. Is the Quality of Fiber better than Others?

When it comes to quality linens, the defining features are the fibres. The fibres of Egyptian cotton are considered by many people to be the softest and strongest. The longer features of the fibres make for a good thread count as well. For the record, many regarded Egyptian cotton as being one of the best compared to bamboo or polyester.

  1. How Do You Take Care of the Cloth?

When you wash your sheets, it is better to avoid soap or powder detergents with bleach. This is because, bleach can break down the sheet’s natural fibres, causing them to wear out quickly. You need a gentle cleaning solution, cold water, and low temperature for drying if you want the cotton to last.

Another thing to avoid is fabric softener as they can damage the fibres. You can try drying your sheets with a dryer ball to achieve a similar softness.

  1. What are the things to Consider when Buying?

You need to look at the overall percentage of the Egyptian cotton threads. Most companies may claim that they have put plenty of the fibres on the covers but they might have mixed the sheet with other materials.

You may have a blended sheet, and this might come at a lower price so don’t be fooled by such offers. You should choose only the ones made from 100% quality Egyptian cotton sheets, and you should not settle for less.

Regular vs. Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian fibres are handpicked, which means that there’s lesser stress on them, and their components are intact and straight. The longer threads are used to create beautiful and soft yarns. This makes it possible to create high-quality wool without neglecting the length, which makes it a softer and stronger alternative to regular sheets. The regular ones almost always have splices because their threads are not as long as the Egyptian varieties. You can know more about their differences in this useful site here.

The fine threads of the Egyptian fibres are woven by the square inch, and the finish is consistent. The result is a more flexible and softer fabric which are resistant to stress.

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For many people, they find out in the long-term that they have made an excellent investment with the Egyptian fabric. This is because they have higher thread counts, which results in a smoother and softer experience. They can sleep better in a softer mattress or bed sheets and or wrap themselves into fluffy towels after a bath.

The cotton can guarantee a higher standard when it comes to purity. The fibres’ ability to absorb more liquid means that the overall look is brighter, deeper, and more colourful. This can add an extra pop of colour to the room. 

A luxurious bedsheet may help those who are always struggling to sleep, which may help them get into a restful state. The porous layers let the air pass through, which avoids stuffiness at night. Read more about how you can sleep more comfortably at night here:

The sheets are a kind of investment since they can outlast the regular ones. Considering their lifespans, they are worth splurging in since they can guarantee you a decade’s worth of comfortable sleeping. You are in for a treat when you experience sleeping in this sheet.

A Final Word

Your comfort should be a priority in your life. You need to make sure that you get high-quality and premium fabric for you and your family. The quality of cotton that you are using can make a difference between a night of restful sleep and a restless one, so you should invest whenever you have the opportunity.


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