We have all, at some point, put off that maintenance inspection because we can’t get time off of work or we just have too much to do. However, it is a worthwhile investment of time to get an HVAC professional out to check up on the unit.

Here are 5 benefits of having an HVAC maintenance plan.

Benefit #1: Prevent Costly Repairs

Your HVAC professional will check for any problems with the unit’s mechanical workings, check the condenser drain, check for air leaks, and inspect the fan blades for wear damage among other things. You should schedule an appointment for your HVAC at least twice a year during spring and fall to prepare for the heating and cooling seasons. Preventative maintenance prevents larger problems from occurring, which may cause your unit to be entirely out of service due to a major breakdown.

Benefit #2: Longer Lifespan

With regular checkups and preventative maintenance, your HVAC unit will be able to last for up to 15 years and potentially longer. When your unit has to work harder due to a clogged filter, dirty ducts or wear damage, it reduces the lifespan of the parts. Preventative maintenance saves you money in the long run by maintaining your unit for its full lifespan.

Benefit #3: Energy Efficiency

When your unit is working optimally, it will consume the least amount of energy. Conversely, if the filter is clogged or parts are wearing out, it will consume much more energy to get the same job done. That adds up to a higher electricity bill and lower efficiency.

Benefit #4: Improved Air Quality

Changing the air filter is also extremely important to prevent a build-up of dust, allergens, mould spores and other contaminants in your home, inside the HVAC unit and in the ducts. Bacteria and moulds can grow on a clogged filter, spreading the contaminants throughout your home causing an even larger problem. Changing your filter every 1-3 months depends on how many people and pets are in the home. If your area is prone to mould or allergens, more frequent replacements may also be warranted. Good indoor air quality is extremely important to your continued health and well-being.

Benefit 5: Save Costs On Maintenance When You Can Do It Yourself

Check your HVAC unit monthly for excessive dust build up in and around the indoor blower unit. Inspect your filter for build-up and determine if it needs to be changed more frequently. Different seasons can bring more allergens, dust or mould into your home, increasing the build-up on your filter. Inspect the condenser pan and drain for any moisture that is not flowing out of the drain. If the pan allows for standing water, contact your HVAC technician to fix it to prevent mould or bacteria from growing inside your HVAC cabinet. Trim any vegetation at least 18 inches away from the outside unit to prevent it from being ingested into the unit or blocking airflow.

Preventative maintenance on any household appliance shouldn’t be ignored. Our HVAC is the workhorse of the home, keeping it comfortable year-round. Don’t put off scheduling regular maintenance and whenever you encounter any strange noises, smells or low airflow, contact an HVAC Technician who will be able to diagnose and troubleshoot issues with your HVAC.


Melvin is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner. He holds an EMBA and he is a passionate and engaging teacher, known for his unique combination of science, research, and spirituality.

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