Modern technology has played a crucial role in the development of our society. It has made our lives easier and better for everybody in the world. Cellphones, computers and the internet has become ubiquitous in our culture. They have even been considered more of a need than a want these days and people can’t have enough of them.

However, there are also other items that have been developed that would potentially help mankind in his and her various activities all throughout the day.

One of the modern world’s products that have been very useful in many places is spray foam. It is very important to many households since it can be used in sealing off places. It is made primarily out of two materials, Isocyanate and Polyol. Due to its foam-like texture which makes it very useful for insulation, there are a lot of places that you can use it around the house.

However, it is also rather light, making it easy to use on other surfaces as well. Do note that there are many kinds of spray foam in New York alone, so you will need to read the labels first before buying them.

What Can Spray Foam Be Used for?

Air Insulation
One of its most common uses is sealing off any kind of holes in the walls and doors. If you have a heating, ventilation or air conditioning system, these holes can mean lost energy for yourself. These will also drive up the energy expenses that you may have. As this would leak to the outside environment, you will not have any use for it. Sealing them off using the substance can really help you mitigate these losses. You don’t have to worry about them anymore since the seal will also last for a long time.  Learn more on how you can save with HVAC systems here.

Sound Proofing
As these holes can also leak sound, you can close them using spray foam. You can also line all the walls with it before you construct the entire house. This will ensure that each room is soundproof and not a single sound will leak outside or to other rooms. Places like bed and breakfasts, inns and hotels can really make use of spray foam so that their guests will not be disturbed by others. Also, you can use this in your own home so that any disturbance to your sleep will be minimised.

Water Lining and Protection
One of the best places you can use spray foam as well is in your homemade ponds and fountains. As water corrodes stone and other materials, it can be quite tricky to build these fixtures. It helps by creating a barrier which protects the stone fixtures so that it will not be destroyed by the water. Also, this inhibits algae growth which keeps the area relatively moisture free and easier to clean. However, you do need to choose a special kind of foam that can handle surfaces that are constantly exposed to water.

Another way of using spray foam is when packaging brittle or delicate materials. This can act as a bubble wrap and it can cover the entire surface of your packaged item. You don’t need to buy an entire roll of bubble wrap as you can use this instead. You can wrap the said item directly with it or you can just put it in between the said packaging. Just remember that you don’t have to use a lot of it or it can be quite difficult to remove. Read more about it here:

DIY Projects
One of the more creative outlets that you can use spray foam for is DIY projects. Once sprayed on a surface, it will need some time to dry off. However, once it dries, it does look like Styrofoam which you can use to carve a lot of items. Kids love this stuff, although you need to be very careful as the little ones can accidentally ingest it. The foam can be really dangerous because it is toxic to us humans.


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